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    Default Vision/Legend Lore

    I'm curious what kind of information this spell should give. I have never really used it before and I want to know what people think we should get for it.

    It seems extremely weak for the level spell it is.
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    Default Re: Vision/Legend Lore

    It's the Bardic Knowledge Supreme. I can think of a number of fun applications.

    Let's say you're old, very old, and want to find your old adventuring buddy, who's also very old. It's been years since you've seen eachother. Casting time should be 1d4x10 minutes, and should tell you pretty much exactly where he is.

    Granted, it's not powerful, but it's a fun spell.

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    Default Re: Vision/Legend Lore

    It's actually very weak by virtue of being too powerful. Effectively, it's Knowledge (plot), but most DMs won't like that you have a spell to do that, and won't give you everything the spell should tell you.
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