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Thread: Please help.

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    Default Please help.

    So I just got Mage the ascension and changeling the dreaming. Up until now we've been playing l5r and D&D, and I'm not sure what adventures are good with these game types. My friend said that mage is fun because it's essentially "scary people with big guns fighting werewolves," but I'm still a little lost on what meshes well with changeling. Any adventure idea come to mind?

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    confused Re: Please help.

    Changeling is sorta like being in the witness protection program, on the run from the mob except that the mob is the True Fae and they will do much worse than break your kneecaps or kill you...
    But seriously, just look at faerie tales for ideas
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    Default Re: Please help.

    Changeling games tend to deal with you keeping your head low when someone new and suspicious looking arrives in the area or your sense of wanderlust calls you back to the realm you were dragged to in the first place. Typical adventures may be

    -One of the guys in your court is a traitor and a spy. That guy happens to be a family member's husband/boyfriend.
    -Someone in the court is using their powers for their own selfish gain which is attracting unwanted attention.
    -A true fae that's a rival of your original keeper offers you a word of power or other item that could destroy him but of course all favors come at a price.
    -A younger member of your court needs help doing away with his fetch.
    -A homeless man who's also a werewolf moves into the local park. When people start turning up dead, it attracts attention and all changelings know unwanted attention is worse than trouble itself.
    -Children disappear after school. An entrance to the hedge is found in their playground and you're obligated to venture in and rescue them before they get hurt or worse: a true fae stumbles upon them and the same thing happens to them that happened to you.
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