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    Default Building a Gestalt with (possibly) Swiftblade

    Hi! I'm applying for a game on these boards (Flames of the Pheonix). The special requirement of the game doesn't allow me to multiclass after choosing my base classes so I'm planning on add a full caster on one side of the progression to balance things out. For the other side, I was thinking of either: Fencer OR Myrmidon. The starting level is ECL 6.

    The concept behind the character is a sword wielding gish who focuses on using only single handed weapons. I remembered that the online PrC Swiftblade that might be right for this concept. But I'm not sure what full caster class would be best for swiftblade and if swiftblade was actually worth losing so much caster levels for. Also, should I even take swiftblade to be a good gish? Or are there other classes that would fit my concept better?

    Also, how effective would simply going Fencer//Myrmidon be compared to going Fencer or Myrmidon//Sorc?

    And just to note: I'm planning for this character to be a 'glass cannon' type of combatant. And I'm not much of an optimizer; I would rather make decisions on flavor rather than only for number's sake.

    EDIT: Nevermind! The DM is only allowing Mymirdom so what full caster class would be best to get into Swiftblade PrC? Or should I aim for something else?
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    Default Re: Building a Gestalt with (possibly) Swiftblade

    Wizard would probably be best. Int is, imo, a better stat than cha, and getting access to a lot of spells breaks the monotony of doing the same thing repeatedly.

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