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    Default how does retraning work?

    how does retraning work?

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    Default Re: how does retraning work?

    Exactly how it says it works in the PHB2, beginning on page 191.
    Quote Originally Posted by sonofzeal View Post
    Lower levels arcane spells are usually a drag, but lower level psionic powers are often just higher ones waiting to be augmented.

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    Default Re: how does retraning work?

    Free excerpt from Wizards website.

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    Default Re: how does retraning work?

    Quote Originally Posted by jokey665 View Post
    Exactly how it says it works in the PHB2, beginning on page 191.
    That section of the book was the biggest waste of space that I've ever seen in a published rulebook. Here, I'll briefly paraphrase the entire 6-page section in one concise sentence:

    "If your DM says it's cool, you can switch out things on your character sheet for things of equal or lesser value."

    There. That's the whole thing. It's the same crap that DM's have been doing since 1st Edition, but now I can read all about the power that I, as a DM, always had before. Only now, it's enumerated in 6 pages of dense, turgid mechanics that are implicitly encapsulated by Rule 0. What a damnable waste of paper.
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