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Thread: Character Help

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    Default Character Help

    So I wanted to build a Swashbuckler or multiclassed swashbuckler/??? (Halfling) which concentrates on taking advantage of his size and/or avoiding a multitude of foes at the same time. Level 4. Any ideas? I'v enever played a swashbuckler b4, so I have no idea what to do. Help?
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    Default Re: Character Help

    Have you considered building a daring outlaw? it is a feat that let's your Swasbuckler level stack with your rogue levels for Sneak attack damage, grace and dodge bonus, it is in either Complete Warrior or Complete Scoundrel IIRC.

    As for taking advantage from bigger enemies, there is also a feat called confound the big folk, IIRC it lets you enter a larger enemy space without provoking AoO, then you can treat your enemy as flat footed. I dont know where is that feat

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    Default Re: Character Help

    Keep your Dexterity score high and wear light armor, as a swashbuckler's abilities do not work while carrying a medium or heavy load or wearing medium or light armor.

    You could also attempt to boost the tumble skill. Also try getting combat expertise as a feat, as your idea suggest little to no attacking.
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    Default Re: Character Help

    I think confound the big folk is in RotW, but there's also Underfoot combat from the same book and Titan Fighting from RoS. And yes, With that kind of build, I would recommend Swashbuckler/Rogue w/ Daring Outlaw as well. It's not great, but as far as fighters go it's sound.


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