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    Default Looking for a campaign notebook

    Heya! Starting to develop a new campaign and am looking for something to keep notes/ideas/maps in. Moleskine grid notebooks work well, especially for mapping of course, but I was wondering if anybody knows of a notebook that has paper with grid on one side and lines on the other? Or even blank one one side. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Looking for a campaign notebook

    i'm really not sure this is what you're looking for, but my group uses the PBworks to keep info about our campaign. it is mostly updated by me and the DM, but you can get something more collaborative done.

    just google it. it's free, and quite excellent.
    note: there is no grids available, but you can easely scan maps and load them there.

    if you want me to link you to see the site, just IM me with your email.

    again, not really sure if this helps

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    Default Re: Looking for a campaign notebook

    Yeah, it's not a notebook but I was going to recommend Obsidian Portal for storing your campaign details.

    When it comes to actually writing stuff down, I just use a pad of 5mm squared paper for everything.
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