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    Default CR and LA adjustments on the Pits of Io Rach

    In the Book of Vile Darkness, there is a location for adventure called the Goblin Pits of Io Rach. It causes, in a nutshell, goblins to become medium size and gain a +4 to Str and Con, and a -4 to Int, Wis and Cha. What CR adjustment would be fair to apply to this change on goblins?

    Also, could the change be expanded out to other creatures that get put in the pit. In that, if an orc was put in the pit, it would become large and gain the same adjustments to stats? In that case, would the CR adjustment be the same? and what would the LA for a Pits-dipped character be?
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    Default Re: CR and LA adjustments on the Pits of Io Rach

    After looking into other templates, some of which are over-powered to the point of near insanity (mineral warrior anyone?) I have to say +1 LA/ +1 CR.
    If you're looking at the standards for core races then it should be closer to LA +2, but more recent races and templates seem to make anything over +1 LA unjust in comparison.
    I would imagine it would have to be the same for any races that entered the pits. Could you imagine a Troll or Ogre that took a dip in there? Could be fun, albeit terrifying.

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    Default Re: CR and LA adjustments on the Pits of Io Rach

    Yuck. Inherent bonus. So its a low LA+1

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