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    Default trouble finding monsters

    I have made a game with tons of intricate plot. it takes place in the forest. The characters are Level one. I have a palidan, a swashbuckler, a ninja, a fighter, a palidan, and a warlock receiving his power from the fey.

    I have set up one encounter, but I can't get anything else. the plaidan won't kill anything non-evil, and the warlock won't kill anything naturey.

    Help please!
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    Default Re: trouble finding monsters

    A bear. A HUNGRY bear. Either fight it or die, their choice.

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    Default Re: trouble finding monsters

    Bandits, Undead, Evil cultists, Rabid Bears (They need to be put down for their own good), Demons, Devils, Steve (Sorry Steve), constructs, oozes, plants, Flaming Bears, ect.

    Also, what is a Plaidan, do they get "Smite Stripes"?
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    Default Re: trouble finding monsters

    Undead have infested a part of the forest.

    Bandits are preying on travelers.

    Goblins are stealing the druids sacred mushrooms. Stop them.

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    Default Re: trouble finding monsters

    A blighter. You'll have to retool it a little if you want it appropriate for the party at low level. Maybe make it a base class instead of a prestige class.
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