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    Default (3.5) Poisons with unusual effects. (PEACH)

    Posted these on the Prime20 thread, though I would try to broadcast them a bit more. While I was at it I figured I would throw in a previous selection of poisons I came up with, just to keep everything in one place.

    Costs are shots in the dark, Craft DCs even more so. The point here was the effects... balancing by getting the right numbers can come later.
    {Table=Head]Name|Vector|DC| Initial |Secondary|Cost|Craft DC
    Troglodyte Musk |Inhaled|13|Sickened 10 rounds| None |50 |
    Vomit Gas |Inhaled|15 |Sickened 10 rounds|Nauseated 1d4 minutes|100 |
    Lemure Brain Juice|Injected|12|Shaken 1d3 minutes|Frightened 2d6 minutes|100 |
    Nightmare Draught|Injested|20|Frightened 1d4 minutes|Panicked 2d4 minutes|200 |
    Morale Slayer |Injested|20|None|Panicked 2d6 hours|500 |
    Vertigo |Injected|15|Shaken if more than 5' feet off the ground, 1d6 minutes|None| |
    Duck Bane |Contact|17|Fear of bodies of water larger than self for 1d6x10 minutes| | |
    Eye Mist |Inhaled|14|-5 to spot and search checks, and ranged attack rolls for 2d6 minutes|-5 to spot and search checks, and ranged attack rolls for 2d3 days (stacks with previous)| |
    Earwax Hormone|Contact|18|None|-1 to listen checks, repeat this save every hour for 2d8 hours, effects are cumulative, and last 2d6 days, or until a DC 18+penalty to listen checks from this effect Heal check is achieved on character. Failure makes half of penalty perminant from eardrum damage, failure by more than 10 results in perminant deafness until Regeneration or equivalent spell applied.| |
    Unless another source is implied, for all fear effects the source of the fear is assumed to be the most dangerous object around, down to and including loved ones armed with so much as a kitchen knife.

    Ok, crunch first, then justification/origins/fluff. Feedback appreciated on the costs especially.

    {Table]Poison |DC|Initial Damage|Secondary Damage|Cost
    Hunter's Friend |Injection DC 14|0 |1d4 INT(1)|10 gp
    Bullafo Hunter's Friend |Injection DC 20|1 INT(1) |1d4 INT(1)|20 gp
    Mad Elephant Dropper |Injection DC 25|1d2 INT(1) |1d4 INT(1)|75 gp
    Mad Triceritops Dropper|Injection DC 30|1d3 INT(1)|2d2 INT(1)|450 gp
    (1) Ability recovery in this case is by the hour, rather than by the day, with all other rules being the same. (To further nerf this from use against wizards etc., thus justifying the low price. Noting that an hour should be plenty of time to track down and slit the throat of an animal that only had 1 minute to run before it dropped.)

    Got motivated to actually post this in its own thread, and to make up the 3 later versions by this thread.

    This poison is most commonly used for hunting, especially in areas where materials to make good arrow or spear tips is in very short supply. Alternatively called "Mage Bane"... the intention was something that was good for KOing food animals, not so useful for combat. The bushman poison in "The God's Must be Crazy" is probably part of the inspiration for this, and the original version has existed and been carried by the party (although rarely if ever USED) in at least 2 campaigns. The Cost and DC varied though. Intellegence damage of a rather mild nature is the to creating something that fits the niche pretty exactly... since one of the distiguishing features of animals is their 1 or 2 intellegence, also, making it secondary (or mostly secondary for the improved versions I have sketched out here) means it isn't much good in a straight up fight since the fight will probably be over by the 10th round. These have to be cheap enough that it can AT LEAST be stockpiled for when hunting gets really hard... depending on setting the first two versions maybe may be as cheap as 1 sp and 1 gp per dose respectively. The DCs have to be decent since for hunting reliability is the name of the game and animals generally have good Fortitude saves and HD for their size compared to humanoids etc.

    Points of reference to consider:
    Id Moss - Effect similar, but stronger, delivery by Injestion
    Oil of Taggit - Delay and end result similar, delivery by Contact (which should be better than Injury in most cases).
    Drow Poison- End result similar, but broader applications and faster
    Dragon Bile - Highest DC in SRD
    Lich dust/Large Scorpion Venom/Purple Worm Poison - Compare the first to the second to to get an idea of the jump from Injested to Injury to apply the same to Id Moss.

    Here is the poison table from the SRD (may have to scroll down)
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