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    Default Romp in Heshirol (IRC Campaign Log)

    NOTE: Unfortunately, I couldn't find part 1. It would explain how the story went.


    The party met a crowd of bugbears and a hooded dude harassing a merchant named Karson Uhlman on Iris Street in Roheime (the starting point). They fought them. The bugbears tried to escape by cutting a bloody swathe through a crowd of commoners. About 4 or 5 did including the hooded guy. The party slaughtered the rest of the bugbears (about 6 or so) and kidnapped who they believed to be the leader (which had a different description - 'red tinged/rimmed hair'). They were then questioned by guards, who let them off, after telling them to speak with a sentry about the origin of the 'foreigners' (the bug bears and hooded guy).

    Roheime in general is a city of stone in a desert nation (Heshirol). Heshirol itself is a rough comparison to the middle east of the 15th century. The rich are fanciful and accommodate themselves with decadence wherever they go (even places of business). Heshirol prides itself on trade, wealth and progress. Roheime, while small for a city in Heshirol (even though it has excellent walls, a decent guard, the works), is a prime example of this.

    Manners and politeness aren't foremost for those of Roheime (a customer wanting business is never wooed into trade... they're expected to know what they are looking for), however the authority is usually quite reasonable and well informed. The rule of law is required to deal with things efficiently. Guards are as wise and meticulous as they are skilled with a blade (in fact, they may be less skilled with a blade... they've got the numbers and siege to meet any serious threat, regardless). The leaders however are mostly neutral aligned paladins, skilled in combat, inspiring morale and smiting the disturbers of the peace.

    Alright, I have to apologize. Some of the logs are so long that I had to upload to a host rather than put them on the forums here.

    Also, everything is a wall of text (there's no convenient html method of fixing that that I know of) - if you can stand reading that (and it all depends, whether or not you can stand to read IRC at all), be my guest.


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