Hi guys. So, my Half-Dragon Warlock/Sorcerer and his gang just took over Amn. It's pretty spiffy, and he is now filthy rich.
My DM assumes intimate knowledge of the MiC, and heavily encourages optimizing when you get the chance.

What toys should I get for my character? He's very focused on staying alive and exploring the depths of Arcane Magic, and I need items fitting that.

My character has pretty much unlimited founds. I share a budget of approx. 100 million gold with 15 others, and I've enough Knowledge: Economy to shave money off the budget without anyone noticing.

The character's ECL 7, casts as a level 4 Sorcerer and level 4 Warlock. He is dual progressing the two classes, ending up at Sorcerer 18/Warlock 16 at level 20.

Base statline is currently: Str 12, Dex 10, Con 23, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 21

Relevant houserules:
- A person can only carry 10 magical effects at any time. Magical effects include buffs and magical items. A Necklace of Charisma would be 1 aura, a Belt of Magnificence would be 6. This applies to all magical items, Bags of Holding ect. as well.

- Carrying more than 10 makes the items volatile and prone to exploding. It's a bad idea, m'kay?

- Tomes are out. A permanent stat-increase is 5000 for +1, or 300.000 for +5. Also requires you to find casters who can cast Wish.