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    Default Cunning Brilliance Query

    Cunning Brilliance was made Ex. only to stop factotums from mimicing spellcasting, right?

    Is there anything stopping it from mimicing martial manueveurs and stances? (not the useless 1/day feat kind, but the actual, rechargable, thing)

    Also, I'm aware that some maneuvers are Su, but most schools are Su-free

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    Default Re: Cunning Brilliance Query

    Martial maneuvers and stances are not class features of any standard (base) character class. The ability to learn such maneuvers is a feature of some classes, but in all such cases it's a natural class ability rather than Extraordinary.
    Quote Originally Posted by Player's Handbook, page 180
    Natural abilities are those not otherwise designated as extraordinary, supernatural, or spell-like.
    So yes, there are a couple of reasons why Cunning Brilliance won't help you with martial maneuvers.

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