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    Default Melee build questions

    Is it possible to do nasty damage as a melee class without resorting to Leap Attack and Shock Trooper? what do those builds look like? I've only ever played Warblades but what can Swordsages do

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    Default Re: Melee build questions

    uberchargers do decent damage

    a mounted character with a lance + spirited charge= probably the rare thing that a paladin can do as well if not better than a fighter (since smite evil gets tripled and paladin gets a mount that survives fights)

    flanking sneak attack builds , usually rogue 3/swashbuckler x + a few feats from ToB (Island of blades to flank from anywhere with a buddy and shadow blade to get Dex to damage)

    usually go the 2 weapon fighting route with those

    weirdly enough, a monk can do significant damage if he gets pounce somehow (also recommend shadow blade to lessen MAD, a good source for pounce is catfolk with +4 to dex, but only worth it if you're allowed to buy off the LA)

    finally a chain tripper /AoO build

    you lockdown your enemies in a tripping routine (they fall every turn, you hit them multiple times every turn) on top of doing your normal iteratives

    often enough (with decent positioning) you will outdamage a barbarian (not on a single enemy but on multiple ones) and you will be more useful to a group

    again, shadow blade is great for spike chain builds (the more Dex you have the more AoO you get, lets you ignore Str)
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    Default Re: Melee build questions

    I was going to list some stuff, but then I remembered that Person Man did already.

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