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    Default [D&D 3.5] Elite Opponents

    Alright, so I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Elite Opponents article series on WoTC. Idea being to use the DM's tools for advancing monsters to create various, deceptively powerful and interesting, special versions of stock opponents.

    I figured the article series was actually pretty amusing so I figured might as well open a thread for having some fun of our own with various monsters. That or I just wanted to build this Arrow Demon:
    Arrow Demon Fighter 2/Warblade 8/Cloistered Cleric 1/Cragtop Archer 1/Warblade 2

    Attributes (Elite Array):
    Str: 13+10 Racial+1 Level (12) = 24 Str
    Dex: 15+8 Racial+3 Levels (16, 20, 24) = 26 Dex
    Con: 10+18 Racial = 28 Con
    Int: 14+4 Racial = 18 Int
    Wis: 12+6 Racial = 18 Wis
    Cha: 8+2 Racial = 10 Cha

    HD: 8d8+2d10+1d6+1d8+10d12 + 9*24 = 336

    Base Saves (by Fractionals):
    Fort: 7 HD + 1 Fighter + 4 Warblade + 2 Epic = +14
    Ref: 7 HD + .66 Fighter + 1.33 Warblade + 2 Epic = +11
    Will: 7 HD + .66 Fighter + 1.33 Warblade + 2 Epic = +11

    BAB (by Fractionals):
    20 + 2 Epic = +22

    Skill Points:
    Level 1: (8+4)*4 = 48
    HD: (8+4)*9 = 108
    Fighter: (2+4)*2 = 12
    Warblade: (4+4)*10 = 160
    Cloistered Cleric: (6+4)*1 = 10
    Cragtop Archer (4+4)*1 = 8

    Total: 342

    Hide 13
    Move Silently 13
    Spot 13
    Listen 13
    Tumble 13
    Concentration 13
    Knowledge (local) 13
    Knowledge (the planes) 13
    Knowledge (arcane) 13
    Knowledge (nature) 13
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) 13
    Knowledge (religion) 13

    Spot 2
    Listen 2
    Hide 2
    Move Silently 2
    Tumble 2
    Concentration 2

    Spot 10
    Listen 10
    Hide 10
    Move Silently 10
    Tumble 10
    Concentration 10
    Knowledge (the planes) 2
    Knowledge (arcane) 2
    Knowledge (nature) 2
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) 2
    Knowledge (religion) 2

    Cloistered Cleric:
    Spot 1
    Listen 1
    Hide 1
    Move Silently 1
    Tumble 1
    Concentration 1
    Knowledge (local) 2
    Knowledge (the planes) 2

    Cragtop Archer:
    Spot 1
    Listen 1
    Hide 1
    Move Silently 1
    Tumble 1
    Concentration 1
    Collector of Stories (2)

    Spot 27
    Listen 27
    Hide 27
    Move Silently 27
    Tumble 27
    Concentration 27
    Knowledge (local) 15
    Knowledge (the planes) 15
    Knowledge (arcane) 15
    Knowledge (nature) 15
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) 15
    Knowledge (religion) 15

    Collector of Stories


    1. Point Blank Shot, F. Able Learner (racial prerequisites handwaved to all hell)
    3. Precise Shot
    6. WF: Longbow
    9. Rapid Shot
    F. Mountain Warrior
    F. Woodland Archer
    12. Mindsight
    15. Far Shot
    W. Improved Initiative
    18. Weapon Specialization
    21. Ranged Weapon Mastery
    Clr. Knowledge Devotion, Chaos Devotion, Trickery Devotion
    W. Quick Draw
    24. Quicken SLA: Dimension Door

    Arrow Demon Hunter CR 22
    CE Medium Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar, Tanar'ri)
    Init: +14; Senses: Spot +31, Listen +31, Darkvision 60', Mindsight 100'
    Languages: Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Undercommon, Infernal
    AC 23, Touch 18, Flat-Footed 15
    (+8 Dex, +5 Natural Armor)
    hp 331 (24 HD); DR 5/cold iron and good
    Immune poison, electricity
    Resist SR 32, 10 acid, 10 cold, 10 fire
    Fort +23; Ref +23; Will +15
    Speed 40ft.
    Melee claw +27 (1d6+7) or
    4 claw +27 (1d6+7) and +22 bite (1d6+7)
    Ranged 2 Large +1 seeking splitting force elvencraft dragonbone composite longbows (+7 Str) +32/+32/+32/+32 (2d6+12/x3) or
    2 Large +1 seeking splitting force elvencraft dragonbone composite longbows (+7 Str) Rapid Shot +30/+30/+30/+30/+30/+30/+25/+25/+20/+20/+15/+15 (2d6+12/x3)
    Space/Reach 5'/5'
    BAB +22; Grapple +29
    Attack Options Close combat shot, symmetrical archery, Rapid Shot, far shot, oversized weapons, spell-like abilities, summon tanar'ri, maneuvers, hit & run fighter, Trickery Devotion
    SQ telepathy 100', farsight, hit & run fighter, collector of stories
    Abilities Str 24, Dex 26, Con 28, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 10
    Flaw Noncombatant
    Feats Able Learner, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Far Shot, Mountain Warrior, Weapon Focus: Longbow, Weapon Specialization: Longbow, Ranged Weapon Mastery: Longbow, Chaos Devotion, Knowledge Devotion, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Quicken SLA: Dimension Door
    Skills Spot +31, Listen +31, Hide +35, Move Silently +35, Tumble +35, Concentration +36, Knowledge (local) +19, Knowledge (the planes) +19, Knowledge (arcane) +19, Knowledge (nature) +19, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +19, Knowledge (religion) +19

    Quick explanation on the abilities:
    Close combat shot: No AoOs for firing
    Symmetrical Archery: Attacks with two bows instead of one
    Oversized Weapons: Uses bows of one category larger than normal without penalty
    Spell-like abilities: Dimension Door At Will (50 pounds + self), Quickened 3/day; CL 24

    Raging Mongoose
    Sudden Leap
    Mind over Body
    Wall of Blades
    Moment of Perfect Mind
    Quicksilver Motion
    Time Stands Still
    White Raven Tactics (prereqs for WRT and Sudden Leap retrained)

    Stance of Clarity
    Press the Advantage

    Possessions: 2 Large +1 seeking splitting force elvencraft dragonbone composite longbows (+7 Str)
    Fanged Mask
    +1 Bane arrows of various metals
    +1 Phasing arrows
    Lots of Swiftwing Arrows [RotW]
    Maybe Wand of Greater Magic Weapon +5 or some such (to use while hunting)
    Smokesticks or generic bothersome, easily droppable things that generate concealment
    Optimally, of course, some crafted contingencies.

    At Double Standard CR 22 treasure, that's all affordable enough.

    So, quick explanation:
    Knowledge Devotion and Chaos Devotion buff To Hit (and damage) respectably, Time Stands Still + Raging Mongoose allow for a truly outrageous number of attacks, Seeking and Woodland Archer ensures the attacks will start hitting soon enough. Average Knowledge Devotion against any type is +4.

    Mindsight + Quickened Dimension Door enables close-range skirmishing, especially with the Simulacrum acting as spotter and WRTing the Arrow Demon. Obviously this guy better try and stay on the offensive, but with spot radius of ~800', he's pretty well off, with his first Increment being over 200' and each granting only -1 to hit. Fanged Mask enables recovering maneuvers while full attacking (do a secondary natural attack and follow that up with recovery).

    So, while the attack run may look a tad weak for level 20, what it really should look like is around (assuming GMWd items; Chaos Devotion may grant hefty buffs too):
    +39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+39/+34/+34/+34/+34/+34/+34/+34/+34/+29/+29/+29/+29/+29/+29/+29/+29/+24/+24/+24/+24/+24/+24/+24/+24 (2d6+20/x3)

    With each miss giving +4 to subsequent attacks. The number of attacks is (4 BAB + 1 Rapid Shot + 2 Raging Mongoose)*2 Symmetric*2 Splitting*2 Time Stands Still = 56. Next round will only contain 20 attacks and recovery, but the one after will be a repeat.

    As a spinoff, you could make it Dark to make locating it a bit harder. And of course, giving it real equipment would make it truly a force to reckon with.

    I just really like Arrow Demon chassis for a Warblade Archer. Anyways, let's see some fun monsters.
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    Default Re: [D&D 3.5] Elite Opponents

    Choker (advanced if need be, abberation HD are ridiculously cheap) with lvs in crusader or warblade. Granted, this is less about making memorable choker encounters, and more about abusing their quickness ability.

    The idea is to spam maneuvers by taking advantage of the choker's extra standard action. With crusader+extra granted maneuver, you get them back every 3rd lv, so you can afford to use 2 every round. With warblade, you can alternate between refreshing them (attack+swift) and attacking.

    This assumes racial HD counts towards initiator lv, but works just as well without.

    Example1: choker warblade1. Cr3, with steel wind, stone bones, charging minotaur. Tactic: move/charge into melee (wield a reach weapon for a sick 20ft reach), initiate either stone bones for dr or steel wind to hit 2 players. Next round, use your 3rd maneuver, then attack to get them back. Rinse/repeat in subsequent rounds.

    Example2: 2 choker warblade5 with white raven tactics and adaptive style. Each takes turn using WRT on the other, refresh it with adaptive style, and attacking with its remaining standard action. This means they both effectively get infinite attacks!

    Example3: choker crusaderX. Synergy between stone power, delayed damage pool, furious counterattack, various healing maneuvers and martial spirit. Contingent on being able to hit the players consistently for healing, but can make for an extremely resilient tank capable of soaking up huge amounts of punishment before going down. Quite vulnerable to debuffs, so best used at lower lvs (against 6th lv parties or lower).

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