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I don't think that's any more unreasonable than a Level 1 wizard being able to completely block a level 20 wizard's attempt to dominate someone with the first level spell Protection From Evil.
Well, the important difference is that Protection from Evil is still a limited resource; you only have a couple of castings per day and it doesn't last very long. It can also be dispelled.

Iron Heart Surge, on the other hand, will usually always be available once you've learned it and there isn't much one can do to prevent or counter it. Further, warblades already have access to Moment of Perfect Mind which reilably blocks mental control by auto-succeeding on the save.

Finally, Iron Heart is a physical discipline so I think it is fitting to limit Iron Heart Surge to physical conditions. Oh, and do something about "natural" fatigue or exhaustion. Shaking of Ray of Exhaustion is fine; never ever needing to rest or sleep hardly seems appropriate for a maneuver.

Just my two Euro-cents;