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    Default Gear of monsters with class levels [3.5]

    Hi playground,

    I have a couple of questions regarding advanced monster loot.

    By RAW what kind of magical gear is a monster (with normally crap equipment) with a few NPC levels added on supposed to have to be an appropriate challenge to the party for its adjusted CR? NPC WBL equivalent to monster CR? Equivalent to number of NPC levels? The same crap gear? If you need an example, take a look at the Ogre Barbarian 4. Does he follow the standard mold of CR-appropriate gear? What CR would he be with different levels of gear?

    Disregarding RAW for a moment, what are your experiences both as a player and a DM regarding monsters advanced in such a fashion with/without major loot? How much does giving or taking away loot change the difficulty of the encounter?

    Thanks a bunch.
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    Default Re: Gear of monsters with class levels

    You get more money to put to gear as the CR increases and the NPC wealth increases based on CR and the monster could take Ancestral Relic (Book of Not Poison) to get a cheaper weapon.

    The ogre barbarian does have more than he should (4000 in magic alone instead of 2600)

    I'd recomend just spending the tresure the monster has on gear instead of fine artwork to calculate gear, while the gems and paintings are the leftovers.
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