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    Default contingency meta stacking

    Can you abuse metamagic stacking witch a contingency? make a contingecy of a spell (cast it when I say codeword), stack metamagic via external sources unto that contingencied spell. For example, rod of maximize/empower, and if I remember right, there are some class abilities that spontanously convert prepared spells into a metamagic feat to be added to another spell you are casting.

    so, can this be done? and if yes, what are the best ways to wrangle the most out of it?
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    Default Re: contingency meta stacking

    You cast the contingencied spell at the time you cast contingency. So, metamagic applications via rod or otherwise can be applied at time of casting.

    However, I don't know that you can actually target the spell between when it was cast and when it goes off. At that point, it's controlled by the contingency.

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