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    Default more magic items for range users (PEACH!!)

    Hiding arrow
    You can hit me with thirty arrows. I can hit you thirty times with one.
    --Borcha'an, ranged rouge
    A Hiding arrow weapon contains a small slot in it's thickest area, large enough to hold a single unit of ammunition. only a ranged weapon may have the Hiding arrow property. it is always a free action to draw the projectile hidden inside, even when using a crossbow or similar. when fired, a projectile that was previously hidden inside reapears inside the hiding place. a projectile may be removed and replaced, but only the most recently hidden projectile will reapear after firing it.

    The effect will not work with a projectile enchanted with above a +3 bonus. the cost of the weapon may be increased by a further +1 bonus to increase the hidden projectile's maximum bonus by +2.

    If an ability specificly states that the projectile is destroyed when the ability is used, it does not reapear. if it would be destroyed through any other means, it reapears normally.

    Moderate conjuration; CL 10th; Craft magic arms and armor, telekinesis, launch bolt; cost +2 bonus

    Only a projectile may be given the piercing ability. a piercing projectile may deal half damage to be able to stike multiple targets in a straight line. if the projectile gets a critical hit against someone, it deals full damage instead. it deals the same damage with the same bonuses to hit and damage to all targets in the line. further targets can still be hit if the arrow is dodged, but if it is blocked with a shield, or hits and does no damage, it does not attack further targets.

    moderate evocovation; CL 8th; Craft magic arms and armor; cost +1 bonus

    the Bringing ability may only be applied to thrown weapons or projectiles. an attack can be made against an empty space, while a command word is spoken. the weapon or projectile is destroyed when it lands, and the person who spoke the command word is teleported to the location were it landed.

    alternatively, it can bring an opponent adjacent to the attacker, dealling no damage during the attack. the item is still destroyed in the procces, however.

    strong conjuration; CL 12th; Craft magic arms and armor, teleport; cost +3 bonus

    The repelling ability may be applied to any weapon or projectile. on a successfull hit, the deffender must make a reflex save of 15+the attacker's strength bonus or be moved 10 feet away from the attacker. you do not get attacks of oppertunity from this.

    medium evocovation; CL 7th;Craft magic arms and armor gust of wind; cost +2 bonus

    Almost made the mistake of letting Bringing be used several times via Hiding Arrow... but I added text to Hiding arrow to prevent that.
    Please PEACH, even if it's flaming (I'm desperate!).
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