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    Default Monk Progression [PEACH]

    So, there's not enough PRCs out there that accommodate the standard progressive flavor of the monk.

    Standard monk needs to be something like 16th level or higher to acquire of all his 'truly monk' abilities like diamond body, and the ability to 'transcend' (become an outsider native to material plane, etc.).

    Seeing as there's not enough PRCs out there to accommodate this...

    Emulated abilities:

    - Diamond Body
    - Wholeness of Body
    - Purity of Body
    - Timeless Body
    - Tongue of sun and moon
    - Diamond Soul
    - Empty Body
    - Perfect Self

    All rather useless and quite fluffy. Short of spell resistance from diamond soul, most of this is easily disregarded.

    I'll fix that with some feats.

    Wanderer of the Path
    Prerequisite: Purity of Body, Wis 15

    On the monk's path to perfection of body, mind and soul, you have discovered that the dogmatic ways of the monk need not be practiced in the exact manner that they are preached. After all, wisdom teaches tolerance of all methods to enlightenment, does it not?

    You may take levels in classes other than monk without ruining monk progression, but only as long as you retain your lawful alignment. Additionally, the total sum of your class levels (not including monster HD or LA) is considered to be levels in monk for determining whether or not you are entitled to the monk class features wholeness of body, diamond soul, tongue of sun and moon, timeless body, empty body, diamond body, and perfect self. You are also considered to have all these class features for purposes of being eligible for other feats, etc.

    Improved Diamond Soul
    Prerequisite: Walker of the Path, Diamond Soul

    Your mind and body have been strengthened to resist more than just magic.

    Your spell resistance granted by diamond soul also counts as resistance against maneuvers (strikes and counters) initiated against you. Initiator must make an initiator level check (1d20 + BAB or initiator level) in order to bypass this.

    Spell resistance also counts as resistance versus powers manifested against you. Manifester must make a manifester level check (1d20 + manifester level).

    Finally, you have +4 permanent bonus to all resistances (which stacks with any other kind of resistance) and any further spell resistance you acquire outside of diamond soul also counts as psionic and maneuver resistance. The same applies for psionic and maneuver resistance. Unlike how the rules normally apply for SR/PR/MR, this special resistance stacks.

    Lawful Recoil
    Prerequisite: Improved Diamond Soul

    Anything manifested, initiated or cast upon you, that fails its level check versus your resistance is considered to be deflected upon the initiator, manifester or caster. If enemy is chaotic aligned, then they must make a will save versus your total resistance or be stunned for 1d4 rounds as well.
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