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    Default The most narcissistic dragon I've ever met.

    The story of Zepth'thar'alax the the most narcissistic dragon ever, begins as a simple background story for my Lizardfolk Fighter Zorr.

    "My Tribe used to worship a dragon named Zepth'Thar'alax as our deity, until we ate him"
    That is how the back story started with that one liner, eventually I expanded on it and Zorr explained how his tribe went about it.[he being a hatchling when they had the great feast of Zepth]
    The Razorback Tribe[Zorr's tribe] worshiped Zepth'Thar'alax for centuries, most people don't want to mess with the 'servants' of a dragon less they invoke the master's wraith. So for a while it was of mutual benefit.

    Eventually though Zepth'Thar'alax grew to big, demanding and stopped benefiting the tribe, well the Razorbacks decided to retire their deity.

    Now as a hatchling Zepth'thar'alax was gifted with a necklace, which seemingly enchanted his natural attacks. In truth it was a necklace of Strangulation that was activated by command word instead of simply being worn.

    The command word is spoken, and given it takes at least a limited wish to remove the necklace. (and verbal components are difficult when your being strangled). Zepth'thar'alax died.

    But that was not the end what was once simply background revealed during gameplay turned into an adventure all its own.

    Recently Zorr returned home, and found trouble, there was increased tension between the swamp tribes of Lizardfolk and the city-state of Sternhaven.

    A new chieftain being responsible, one of the elders of the tribe brought Zorr and company to clearing in the swamp where the bones of Zepth'thar'alax.

    There the spirit of Zepth'Thar'alax spoke to Zorr, he warned me of the impending danger, gave the clues to the chieftains true nature and the destruction upon "MY people" he would wrought [the dragon used the words my people].
    This dragon was so narcissistic that despite being dead, killed and eaten by the tribe. He refused to let this new usurper step in. The dragon still considered himself to be 'god'
    "Your people worshiped me for centuries!"
    "Yeah as an entree"

    Now the Razorback tribe had actually had seven dragon gods before Zepth'Thar'alax, all of which they eventually ate.

    But the narcissism of this dragon ran so deep he wanted to be the one true revered dragon god of the tribe, and if Zorr is successful in defeating the usurper[who is actually the portion of a dracolich spirit that escaped its prison and took on lizardfolk form.]
    Zepth'Thar'alax may get his wish.

    But really how narcissistic does one have to be to still consider themselves a god after their worshipers killed and devoured him.

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    Default Re: The most narcissistic dragon I've ever met.

    sounds like what was going to happen to Captain Jack Sparrow
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow_archmagi View Post

    DM says: WHY!? WHY!? WHY?!
    DM means: NO! NO! NO!!!

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