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    Default Eldritch Disciple....Abjurant Champion?

    Ok guys, I come to you with a conundrum. Im rolling up a new character for my current campaign. We're at 12th level. I'm really likin the eldritch disciple PRC, seems like a fun combo of good cleric ability and some nice invcations and eldritch blastiness. (Eberron BTW)

    But lately I've been lookin around more and I restumbled across the Abjurant Champion PRC. I'm really interested in trying to find a way to work this in, but my GM is very against any kind of homebrew changes to the RAW. I know invocations can count as spells for some abilities if they mirror a given arcane spell, but Abj-Champ also requires 1st level arcane casting...

    Is there anyway for me to get the two together? I really like the idea of buffing my clerics abjuration spells, since the class features of Abj Champ dont specify only arcane abjurations, and I feel like its "advance an arcane casting class of your choice...could be read to advance warlock casting. I would have a great time swift actioning my warlocks dispells at will and other fun gimmicks.

    So gents, is there anyway to make this work reasonably? Than ks for any help you can give...

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    Default Re: Eldritch Disciple....Abjurant Champion?

    First of all, Invocations have no spell school, so none of them are ever considered Abjurations and they will never benefit from Swift Abjuration, even if they mimic the effects of an Abjuration spell.

    Second, you'd be best off focusing primarily on your Cleric spellcasting ability and making your invocations and eldritch blast secondary to that. Abjurant Champion cannot advance your Cleric spellcasting, so it only delays its progression, which should be avoided at all costs.

    That said, if you still want to combine these into a build, I would use Divine Metamagic: Persistent Divine Power, Power Attack, and the Eldritch Glaive essence from Dragon Magic. Remember that Swift Abjuration will work on divine abjuration spells. I would use Ur-Priest so you can still get the higher level divine spells. You can get around the must-worship-a-deity special requirement of Eldritch Disciple by worshiping a dead god, as per the Ur-Priest's adaptation section.

    Warlock gets all the necessary class skills to qualify for Ur-Priest, but it's lacking in the Fort save department. I'd take Fey Heritage and Fey Power to go Warlock 4/ Mindbender 1/ Ur-Priest 2/ Eldritch Disciple 9/ Abjurant Champion 4. You'll need to have racial proficiency in at least one martial weapon to qualify for Abjurant Champion, so either Wood Elf or Wild Elf will be your best choice. You'll need to take two flaws to also have Power Attack, Extend, Persistent, and DMM: Persist starting at level 12. You won't need much gear, I'd get a +1 Animated Mithral Buckler, a Lesser Rod of Extend, Masterwork Mithral Breastplate, and as many Night Sticks as you can afford. Use the Rod of Extend to put Magic Vestment on your armor and shield each day, and use as many Persistent buffs as possible. Your next feat will have to be Combat Casting to get into Abjurant Champion, but after that definitely get Practiced Spellcaster for Ur-Priest.

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    Default Re: Eldritch Disciple....Abjurant Champion?

    I'm going to echo the pulling it in too many different directions sentiment. Abjurant Champion rocks, but not really for your purposes.
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