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    Default Question about D&D. (3.5 and 4e)

    1. (4e) if somebody would roll natural twenty but takes a penalty to the roll, such as -2 from concealement, is it still a natural 20 and the total attack is just decreased or does it count as an 18?

    2. (3.5) In the DMG of 3.5 it says that a mount should never be more than 3 CR below its rider's level or 4 if it can fly. However, the highest CR dragon you can get in Draconomicon is a young gold. Now, I'm aware that Dragons are said to be under-CRed. But I highly doubt they're that Under CRed. SO, which books is wrong? DMG or Draconomicon? Or are Young gold dragons actually that effective at level 20 with the boosts from being a Paladin's mount?

    3. (4e) Is there any way to increase my minimum damage in 4e short of stat boosts or wielding a Mordenkrad? I just don't like Hammers that much. Even if it would give me the equivalent of Brutal 3. So far I have Goliath greatweapon prowess, a +2 bloodclaw Execution axe, +2 Iron armbands of power and a strength score of 19 making my minimum damage 13. Or 19 if I use the bloodclaw ability, which I will.

    4. (3.5) If mounts really aren't supposed to be 3 or 4 CR under their rider's level Does anybody have any suggestions that won't make my DM cringe?(sorry, no purple worm half dragons) I might switch my mount out at level 10. (currently level 8, about to be level 9 and I currently have a Drakkensteed)

    5. anybody know where my copy of Final fantasy crystal chronicles went?
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    Default Re: Question about D&D. (3.5 and 4e)

    (1) it's still a natural 20; you look at that before applying any modifiers.

    (2) that's not a question.

    (3) plenty of items boost your damage, as do numerous feats.

    (4) a fleshraker, I suppose.

    (5) your sister hid it under the couch.
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    Default Re: Question about D&D. (3.5 and 4e)

    1) So long as you still hit with the penalties (remember that bonuses offset penalties, so you usually have 20 + whatever your attack bonus is - 2) it's still a crit, with all the goodies that implies for damage.

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    Default Re: Question about D&D. (3.5 and 4e)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kurald Galain View Post

    (2) that's not a question.
    apologies. adding question in. twelve gods I'm tired. I'm taking a nap.

    EDIT: could you elaborate on what things I can use to increase my base damage? I should mention that I'm level 7 and a Warden. Also, Fleshrakers are medium size so I can't use them. I'm a human Paladin.
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