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    Default Content from other campaign settings

    So I need some input. I'm running a 3.5 D&D game and one of the limitations I stated at the beginning was the players could not use content from other campaign settings (Eberron, Forgotten Realms, ect). Now, since these campaign settings' creation, we've seen some seepage of their material crossing over into non-campaign specific source material, such as Complete Arcane, or Spells Compendium. An example is that one of the Monster Manuals (3 I think) has warforged, shifters, and changelings in it, when those races were previously only from Eberron. With that being said, he is my specific problem. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Repair spells (Repair Light Damage, etc) originated from the Eberron Campaign Setting, designed to repair damage to constructs (a useful spell for healing your warforged). However, now they also show up in Complete Arcane, and Spells Compendium. One of my players has a golem and wants to use those spells to repair his damage so he doesn't have to pay money to repair it himself with the craft skill. He argues that it is in the Complete Arcane and Spell Compendium books and should be able to take the spell. How should I handled this? Should I stick to my guns and say that since it's in the ECS book that he can't use it, or give up my argument because it appears in a main source book? Suggestions, thoughts, comments?

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    Default Re: Content from other campaign settings

    Golems have the special ability of Magic Immunity. Meaning that they can't be healed by those spells. So the point is irrelavent.
    I've already tried that idea out.

    If the golem doesn't have that ability, then it is significantly weaker and being healed by those spells is a lot less destructive to your plot.

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    Default Re: Content from other campaign settings

    You are the DM you choose which spells are in your world.
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    Default Re: Content from other campaign settings

    Here is the question. Why do you want to ban campaign specific things? The only logical answer for this ban is that "they do not have a place in the setting." Do Repair spells have a place in the setting? Has no one in Fae'run ever tried to repair a golem? That would be straight silly. I see absolutely no problem at all with allowing the spell and I'd be frustrated at a DM who banned them.

    And you know, newer sources trump older sources anyways.

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