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    Default help with recording games.

    i just thought i should come here and ask people for their advice on recording games while on the pc, any good (preferebly free) software or somesuch that is easy to use with atleast decent quality.

    next is about editing. can i crop the video to show what happened in only one part of the screen easily? for example if i had a game of minesweeper or some such, that doesnt take up the whole screen, is it easily edited so the video only shows minesweeper? i also want to do this to start some basic editing
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    Default Re: help with recording games.

    Camstudio is free, but I got poor FPS. Could have been because my computer isn't that good and because I tried recording on too high resolution.

    Camtasia has a 30-day trial.

    If you're uploading it into Youtube, check their guide for optimizing the videos. Just keep in mind that even 1024x??? with good FPS will look much better than 1600x??? video with poor FPS.

    Both the above recording softwares allow you to only record a part of the screen. You should also be able to do that in your preferred video editing software.

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    Default Re: help with recording games.

    There's Screen Recorder for free, look it up on the web. IIRC, it can be set to record the whole screen, or a particular section of the screen - the cropping that you want.

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    Default Re: help with recording games.

    You could also try the (free) Debut Video Capture. (Which can save to many formats, not just AVI) Just make sure you are recording in a window, as it doesn't do fullscreen overlays.

    FPS are heavily influenced by what codec you use. Handily enough you can use the CamStudio codec for some good speed/quality in AVI. Lagarith is also pretty good, but makes pretty big files.

    For editing you can use VirtualDub, which is also free.

    In general you should record at twice the size you want to upload, at best. That way you don't waste too much resources during recording.
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    Default Re: help with recording games.

    The IM program X-Fire has a good video capture feature, I've used it a bunch to capture video for Dragon Age and other games.

    Not sure about the editing stuff.

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