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    Default Entropic energy powers

    For my game, I want to create a cult that worships entropy. As a completely atheistic cult, they obviously don't use divine magic, and I want to use psionics rather than arcane magic.

    Most "priests" of the cult are kineticists who have the ability to manifest powers with entropic energy, which they gain through a feat.

    Entropic Manifesting
    Prerequisite: Psicraft 4 ranks.
    Benefit: When manifesting a psychokinesis power that allows you to chose the type of energy damage it deals, you can chose to use entropic energy.

    My idea is, that entropic energy appears like completely black flames or a spray of liquid, and everything it touches errodes away like having experienced months or years of natural errosion. It turns living tissue necrotic and causes solid materials to crack or crumble to dust.
    To translate it into game terms, I think an entropic power should be hard to resists. The effect of electricity (+2 to save DCs and to overcome power resistance) seems a good start, with the added benefit, that no creatures have natural Entropic resistance and spells like resist energy do not protect against it.
    How good is this, so far? Does the inability to protect against it (except for resist entropy and protection from entropy) justify spending an entire feat on it?

    I think maybe adding the effect of sonic damage as well, which causes the power to ignore an items hardness. But now I am unsure if this might possibly be too good for just one feat.

    Please share your thoughts.
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    Default Re: Entropic energy powers

    EDIT:I think adding sonic traits fits thematically, but calls more for specific higher-level-than-their-basic-counterparts entropic energy powers than it does a feat. If this is a feat, make it NPC only, it sounds too powerful to put into PC hands without some big prerequisites.

    Edit Edit: As a side note, Disintegrate. They should know it. They should use it. They shoul... Hmm... lesser disentigrate... Can someone make this while I'm out? I have to go somewhere.
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