Occupying at least three city-blocks, the Great Vivarium stands as a monument to learning and the acquisition of knowledge.

Sculpted by magic and with the distinct architecture prevalent to Eon (gothic and thick iron spikes), the structure is duplicitously medium-sized; while its facade sprawls across three city-blocks, its interior is prodigiously immense, the extradimensional spaces used in its construction allowing for its true scale to reach an area the size of a major metropolis.

Within, every aspect of its edifice has been wholly given over to recreating, in exacting detail, the environments wherein freshwater, saltwater and brackish creatures live; some scholars maintain that "Great Vivarium" does not adequately eloquent its true purpose, citing that were it really a Great Vivarium more kinds of animals would be present.

Each exhibit is filled with natural wonders; no inhabitants within any exhibit is an introduced species, all exist naturally and naturally exist within the environment the space seeks to simulate. Waters within each exhibit are alternately murky, clear, brackish or any other derivation or variation thereof to accommodate the plethora of species.

Panes of specially treated walls of force act as glass and a unique form of barrier; for adventurers so inclined, these permeable walls of force can be crossed to allow for personal exploration of each environ.
The only stipulation is that any directly damaging spell, ability et al should remain unused; anyone so guilty of casting spells or the like within an exhibit is automatically shunted out of it.

A popular exhibit within the building is that of Cerulean Dreaming, a simulation of the oceanworld of Hydros. It is so incredibly massive that it makes the pod of max HD sperm whales that swim within its waters look like a drop in the, well, ocean.

Not all habitats feature the singular expanse of water; many habitats, although dominated by its water feature, also include the surrounding environs, to the extent of recreating a slice of an entire rainforest. Coupled with ingenious planning and design, this allows explorers and seekers of knowledge to view any exhibit from different perspectives; that of above water and underwater, above and below ground.

As a concession to druids, no animals within any exhibits are overly constrained or restricted, each is free to truly live within and experience its habitat. Similarly, absconding with any inhabitant, be it flora or fauna, is strictly forbidden.

Given its immensity and sheer scale, portals exist at popular thoroughfares and key junctions for convenience and expedience; due to the likelihood of undesirables portal-hopping into the building, forbiddance magic and Her Serenity's own hand have ensured that no dangers can ever arise from inadvertent breaches.

The price of admission is a single gp for commoners and the poor, while the entry fee is proportionate to the wealth of affluent individuals. Alternatively, the admission price can be negotiated to be that of knowledge learned; the individual can pay in the form of presenting what knowledge they may have learned after their exploration.

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