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    Default A Ghost With stitched Flesh

    I'm playing a Dread Necromancer heading for the Undead Army Strategy, i'm currently level 5 and will with absolute certainty hit level 6 in our next session. I'm planning on taking a Ghostly Visage as my Familliar on level 7 but a thought struck me earlier today when i was looking through Libris Mortis.

    Stitched Flesh Familiar. a Decent feat for someone heading the ndead army route i would think, But can it be applied to a Ghostly Visage? There's nothing RAW that says it can't but it seems to go against the spirit of the feat.

    I guess you could fluff it as just investing additional Negative energy in the Ghostly Visage or something like that but i would like the Playgrounds Oppinion.
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    Default Re: A Ghost With stitched Flesh

    A stitched flesh familiar appears similar to any of the standard familiars available in the Player's Handbook,
    This is what the internet says about the feat, which seems to strongly preclude a Stitched Flesh Ghostly Visage.

    However, if Ghostly Visages operate like Ghosts, you can go to the Ethereal plane and stitch them.

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