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    Default Oversized weapon help

    I am going to be playing a person who is large who can wield huge weaponry in a future campaign but I don't know the cost of it. Say I wield a greatsword which costs 50g or 350g for masterwork. How much would it cost me to purchase a huge version of it?
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    Default Re: Oversized weapon help

    The SRD says a large weapon costs twice the price listed for medium characters. Since "twice" is a multiplier, we can assume the multiplication rules come into play. Cost is a "real world" value (as opposed to an abstraction like damage or chance to hit), so it would increase by another true multiplier for the next size category.


    This is merely an extrapolation and not RAW. Checking books.

    Edit: Savage Species has this to say, though it is 3.0 material and may have been overridden elsewhere:
    Size, Weight, and Cost:
    When a weapon increases in size, its weight increases by 50% for each category... Price increases by the same amount, so a Large throwing axe would cost 18 gp (instead of 8 gp for the Small version).
    8gp (Small) x 1.5 = 12gp (Medium) x 1.5 = 18gp (Large)

    Obviously this clashes with the 3.5 SRD which says a Large weapon costs twice what a medium weapon costs (and that small and medium weapons cost the same amount), but unless prices are given elsewhere for larger weapons, the Savage Species rule is still in effect for weapon sizes larger than Large.

    Edit2: It looks as though my original post may have been correct. From the Rules Compendium:
    This value is the weapon’s cost in coins... This cost is the same for a Small or Medium version of the weapon. A larger version costs twice the noted price per size category larger than Medium. A smaller version costs half the price per two size categories smaller than Medium (round up).
    Huge Masterwork Greatsword (500gp)
    50gp (Medium) x2 = 100gp (Large) x2 = 200gp (Huge) + 300gp (Masterwork) = 500gp

    Note that the masterwork cost is not multiplied according to the DMG. (Though I got the answer from our very own Q&A thread).

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