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    Default [MTG] So I've got a playset of High Tides

    Yesterday I bought a pack of cards for some bucks. Now I can consider myself a proud owner of a playset of High Tides. I want to use them, but Im actually not a very experienced deckbuilder. Normaly I build extremely causal multiplayer decks far from any true-and-tried deck types (like 5-color Bringer - with basic lands; it works, dont ask).

    So, I've no clue what to do with the High Tides. My goal would be a causal deck that is fit for duells.
    Any ideas? Opt for Eldrazis (meh, I've got an Ulamog, but hes part of another deck, as well as a bunch of the crapier ones)? Fireball? And what other cards would I need?

    I'm open for anything

    Well, that was a lie. I have a very low budget for magic cards, so any suggestions involving tournament cards like Duals, Force or anything else for 10+ Euros is right out. Also, I'm a firm believer that cards like that dont belong into causal decks (but Im probably just jealous )

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    Default Re: [MTG] So I've got a playset of High Tides

    You'll probably have more luck posting this in The existing M:tG Thread.

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