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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Seyren Crudelis

    Name/Alias: Seyren

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 22

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Class/Profession: Dark Jedi; Prospective Sith

    Power Rating: C+


    A cascading head of red and white hair, with empty and apathetic looking red eyes. He's lithe, and his gait is sturdy. He wears a generic, formfitting outfit implanted with cortosis and phrik threads woven throughout the fabric. This makes his clothes rather deceptively heavy.

    There are two very distinct sides to Seyren's personality. Normally he's your average cynical ******* to anyone he believes to be on his level or under him. The guy isn't quick to trust anyone or anything. Overall he's decently unsympathetic to other people's issues, but not at all lacking in passion. He is rather passionate in thinking his problems, wants and needs are much higher in priority then those of anyone else. Oftentimes, Seyren does snap. During these times, he goes into a near hysteric rage without much regard to his own well being.

    >Vigilance: Seyren carries a crimson lightsaber with a hilt twice the normal length. The saber contains a Lorridian Gemstone used to focus the blade. He'd built the blade himself while training under his former master. He's taken a liking to naming it "Vigilance".

    >Clothes: His clothes being lined by cortosis and interwoven with phrik evenly distributed, Seyren brings some heavy resistance to lightsabers and many other sources of damage to the table. He's also incredibly heavy while wearing this.

    >Force Abilities: Seyren's force potential is even and reliable. Nearly all his honed abilities revolve around defense. He's practiced under the tutelage of Darth Vectivus to build upon his existing defensive nature. He can manipulate the Force to form an intangible and invisible, protective kinetic barrier to deflect a variety of attacks. This projects his awareness equally throughout his surroundings a few feet, and with his usage of the force, he can deflect many attacks at once from any direction within said awareness. This ability also makes melee combat easier for Seyren when using his lightsaber.

    >Swordsmanship: The young man's true strengths lie in both his durability and ferocity in close combat, as reputed by his former master. Normally, his tactics involve fighting on total defense, until his opponent's techniques and general combat style is learned. Afterwards, his combat-style flips as he relentlessly attacks while exploiting all the weaknesses learned prior to going berserk.

    >Mental Conditioning: The young apprentice has undergone remedial mental training as would be expected at his level. Not amazing, but much higher than normal people.

    Seyren was born and grew up an orphan on a large iron asteroid called "The Home" in a star system designated MZX32905, near Bimmiel. He'd had several strange events occur in his life that resulted in him discovering his force-sensitivity. Others had noticed and after an incident with the local mining company authorities, he attracted the attention of their administrator. Said administrator turned out to be a Sith. Seyren was psuedo-adopted and taken in as an apprentice once the director sought out the Sith and became Darth Vectivus. Unhappy with his progress, Seyren decided to leave the system to seek another master against Darth Vectivus's wishes. Seyren snuck onto a freighter to leave the system, when unfortunately it was attacked and exploded into shrapnel. As luck would have it, a spacial anomaly warped around him right before the compartment in which he was hiding was immolated and he was dropped into the nexus.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Some may never live, but the crazy never die. - Hunter S. Thompson

    Name/Alias: Needs, NFB, Cat, Investigator, Ty'looth Jurthelg'magt Kurthlermark
    Gender: Male
    Race: Wizard
    Age: Strange Eons
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Wizard, Necromancer, Warden of the Unseen Stars, Pokemon Master, Herald of Galactus

    Power Rating: S

    Spoiler: Needs in Cat Form and MagClone Form

    Needs was a MagClone once. A very disturbed sort of MagClone, who went about in a filthy orange robe. Now he's a Purrloin. It's a kind of purple cat pokemon; you could look it up on bulbapedia or whatever, if you wanted to.

    Personality: Underneath the word salad and raging storms of madness, Needs is still very much a Magtok. He's bothered by canines, has something of an ego, and can't stand hanging around elves. However, you'd never know any of this from interacting with Needs, as he rarely expresses any sort of rational thought or personality. It's a struggle just to tell someone to duck in time for that spinning sawblade trap to miss; getting his feelings and concerns across is outright impossible. Consequently, when not enthusiastically shouting some irrelevant references to Cold War era propaganda cartoons he comes off as somewhat reserved.

    Equipment: Needs wears a collar, and owns a squeaky mouse toy that makes funny noises when held in his mouth. He could wipe out an entire army with either of these things, if he were so inclined.

    Abilities: Needs knows everything there is to know about magic. DnD wizardry? He's got it. Lovecraftian magicks? He mastered that years ago. My Little Pony-style spellcasting? You'd better believe he's got that covered. He can summon dragons, giant centipedes, your childhood memories of summers long forgotten, and an entire White Castle franchise with three-headed mutants behind the register, all without breaking a sweat. He has Y'Golonac on speed-dial, knows where the Vatican's greatest secrets are buried, and can recite the Necronomicon in its entirety from cover to cover. His only flaw, of course, is that he can barely control any of this. Sixty foot long angler fish have been known to erupt from the ground in his presence, oak trees wilt and scream in agony as he walks by, and an attempt to wave hello to a friend could result in a thousand tentacles bursting forth from his abdomen to usher in a new age of madness and insanity upon an unsuspecting world.

    Backstory: Magtok needed a clone who could be called upon in any sort of magical incident to lend their expertise and knowledge to the situation. The Magtok who'd come to be known as Needs volunteered to be this clone. As you probably could tell, he delved too deep, and went horribly insane as a result. A few years later, he died defending the MagCave from hostile invaders. Not about to let that stop him, he invaded the soul of his familiar (a cat he captured shortly before the invasion), assumed direct control of that purple cat, and has been a talking Purrloin ever since.
    Quote Originally Posted by RabbitHoleLost View Post
    Magtok's the best
    "You probably found 'How to Survive a Robot Uprising' in the humor section. Let's just hope that is where it belongs."
    -Daniel H. Wilson
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Name/Alias: Trucido Amare/Darth Calamity/Atrocity

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human/Cyborg

    Age: Unknown

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Class/Profession: Sith Master, Holder of the Object of Number

    Power Rating: B+


    Spoiler: Atrocity:

    More to come.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Captain Lucero Porfurio

    Gender: Male.

    Race: Human, Spaniard to be exact.

    Age: 32.

    Alignment: Lawful Evil.

    Class/Profession: Conquistador, Captain of the Explorador Grandioso.

    Power Rating: C+.

    Description: He stands tall, his body bulky and large, especially when clad in the steel breastplate he's known to wear into battle. He's not particular tall, but quite dense and muscular, giving him a rather unusually intimidating figure. A black beard, reaching down to his chest covers his lips, and his thick eyebrows seem to give him the look of one ever grimacing. His cheekbones are low, and widely spread, like most of his face. Atop that, a bulky nose reaches out. He's not a particularly handsome man, no, but nor is he unattractive, in a way.

    Personality: Lucero is a very religious man, believing God had gifted him the powers of pyromancy he now possesses. The man isn't greedy by nature, simply believing the work he does to be for a greater cause, and like most people, his desire to be meaningful seems to put him down a dark path. He does not flinch from battle, and shows no mercy against those he considers heathens. However, he does have a softer side, and rather enjoys running things. He means to retire some day.

    Equipment: The conquistador is not particularly powerful equipment wise, for all he carries would be his breastplate. A few pistols line his belt, and a musket hangs over his back. Most of these weapons are completely useless after one shot in combat due to the long amount of time it takes to reload. For this reason, he carries a two-handed saber, much like a cutlass with a cruelly serrated edge. He has named this sword, "Brutality".

    Abilities: While not a superpowered character, he does possess some strange powers revolving around an odd sort of fire. In reality, these powers were the side-effect of being hurtled through space and time, however he believes them to be a gift from God. The control of fire gives him a smite-like ability, coating his weapon in a painful fire.

    Spoiler: Picture:
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name/Alias: Alik'wan'kenobi

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 25

    Alignment: CN

    Class/Profession: Former jedi padawan, and thief.

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: He has dark red hair, piercing blue eyes, and a lean build. Alik carries himself with an imperious stance and always seems sure of himself, All of this despite his scraggly appearance. Alik seems to never cut his hair and it lies at his shoulders, none-the-less he is charismatic and handsome.

    Personality: Alik is passionate and caring person with little care for the dangers of the darkside. He was once forced to go through the riggers of jedi training, but he time and time again proved his distaste for authority and power figures. He is neither passive nor bombastic, but still retaining a temper and passive aggressive tendencies, he can hold a grudge, but he usually just takes it out on those that spite him right away, rather then later. In most casses he is energetic and couragous, despite his use of the darkside.

    Sry, for any delays; its not my intarnet... its probobly thr fact I spend several minuts spell checing miself.

    also, trilobites are awesome, no questions asked.

    Sorcerer in the playground, horror to bandits and wizards alike.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Hope this is where this is supposed to go.... If not, I'm sorry! >.<

    Azcatl Kuilotikixiuitl

    Alias: Asar
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Strix
    Age: 16 years old [24 in human years]
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: ~165lbs
    Wingspan: ~13ft
    Orientation: Homosexual
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Fighter/Rogue (no current profession)
    Description: Like all Strix, Asar's skin is jet-black and his wide eyes are pale yellow and glimmer in the light. Though he is clearly humanoid, his eyes are fixed in his head and thus he must turn his entire head to look around; his nostrils are slitted and his ears are pointed with thin, fine feathers. His fingers end in almost talon-like fingernails, as to his long toes. His hair is a dark grey. His wings span roughly thirteen feet and the feathers are a sleek black with hints of blue, purple, and green iridescence. Even among Strix, he seems lithe and lanky for a warrior.

    Asar's coal-colored leather armor helps him to blend into the dark - he's very careful about the colors he wears for this reason. His armor is also adorned with various bones and feathers of his ancestors, charms to keep him safe and give him luck. Strix are a matriarchal, ancestor-worshiping race and this is honoring their spirits by not letting them go to waste.
    Personality: Asar tends to be quiet at first, wary of how others might react to him. He prefers to wait and feel out the situation. He keeps others at bay to protect himself, but he is fiercely loyal when trust is earned. He has a strong moral code and will defend loved ones to the death if need be.

    (Will add more later~)

    Equipment: Viridium guisarme and a blood crystal scythe; he wears light black leather armor and no shoes. Feathers and bones of his ancestors decorate his armor, standard equipment
    Abilities: Flight, night vision, stealth
    Backstory: To Come Later
    Miscellaneous: He suffers from claustrophobia; his left ear is pieced thrice with a silver chain and bone earring

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Rabbit Vasque
    Alias: Destroyer of Faith (formerly), Mother of the Apocalypse (formerly)
    Gender: female
    Race/Species: Human (partially undead)
    Age: 28
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class/Profession: Necromancer. Part time Hatter.
    Power Rating: D-
    Description: Short (5'1") and curvy in stature (almost chubby, even). Bright emerald eyes, sometimes hidden behind small oval glasses. Auburn hair (leaning more towards chestnut brown with a hint of red), cut in a typical Zooey Deschanel style, falls just past her shoulder blades. Pale skin - the kind that has actively avoided sunlight for years. Typically dressed in menswear - a long tailed tuxedo coat, white button up dress shirt, a tie or bowtie, white silk gloves, top hat, high heeled boots with spats. Clothes tend to be in shades of purple, green, and orange.
    EDIT: give Daisy Lowe auburn hair and green eyes and, facially, she's spot on

    Personality: Rude. Impulsive, selfish, occasionally witty. Honest to a fault, strong-willed, grumpy. Hairline trigger for temper. Fear of intimacy, and, like nearly every other necromancer, prefers the dead to the living. Arbitrarily decides whether or not she likes someone - the mechanics of why are lost even to the player.
    Has a soft spot for animals. Mistrusts everyone she meets.
    Speciest- has a special hatred in her heart for goblins, but it extends to any non human, non elf living creature that isn't cute or fuzzy.
    Dislikes children. A sneak and a liar.
    Honestly, if you're wondering if she has any redeeming do I, sometimes.

    Equipment: Her hat, Roger, is a sentient creature who essentially functions as a Bag of Holding. A jeweled dagger is strapped to her upper thigh, hidden typically by her coat. A silver cigar case and an intricately carved silver lighter.
    Abilities: Advanced necromancy- many of her own techniques, she crafted herself. An intense love of studying and research. Being very mean. Blowing smoke rings?
    Her weaknesses all revolve around how physically weak she is. It's very unlikely Rabbit would ever win a tussle with anyone.
    Being close to living humans often induces a ghoulish hunger.

    Backstory: Once upon a time, an atheist fell in love with a God of Art and they ran away from the Nexus to live happily ever after.
    Except not really, because that would have been boring to play.
    Due to complicated circumstances involving an estranged sister having a wedding (and Rabbit actively trying to ruin said wedding), Rabbit entered the Nexus sometime in 2009. An avid atheist, she attempted to burn down the Gallery of Lights - the temple for a god of art named Amour.
    Crazy things lead from one to another and Rabbit, who had previously been amoraphobic, developed what could be interpreted as romantic feelings for Amour, who was consistently put in harms way. In a strange and illogical concept to save Amour, who's godly life was almost taken several times, Rabbit consented to live up to a prophecy which stated that any child she bore would bring on the apocalypse.
    Reinholdt, taking a human form, agreed to "help" for his own reasons. And, hence, Shepherd was born.
    And then killed by Reinholdt sometime later, as the Apocalypse bore down onto the Nexus.
    The whole situation left Rabbit emotionally wrecked and after some conversation with Amour, the god gave up his godhood and the two left the Nexus for good.
    Or...they were supposed to have.
    A few years into their elopement, Rabbit panicked - having never quite overcome the after effects of her last intimacy, and ran away.
    Back to the Nexus.
    And here we are

    • Rabbit can most often be found in Trog's Tavern or her home, The Glass Citadel
    • Woah I made a playlist because I'm lame
    • Heterosexual Demiromantic. Mild haphephobia.
    • If Rabbit is rude to your PC, I am terribly, terribly sorry. I promise I don't dislike you or feel that way to you. I know it should go without saying, but I'm paranoid of upsetting anyone
    • My schedule is really strange. I work 8 10 hour overnight shifts in a row and then I have 6 days off. Mondays and Tuesday of the off week are spent with the boyfriend. I'm sorry if this is inconvienient
    • If for whatever reason, you do not wish to interact with me or any of my characters, do not feel obligated to. I won't be upset, I promise :)
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    There are too many ways to describe the way you feel.
    You will never have the luxury of a dull ache.
    You must suffer through the intricacy of feeling too much"

    — Iain S. Thomas
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Alpha Overseeing Intelligence 3rd Class 16503


    Alias: Kestrel, the name of the first ship it was installed in.
    Gender: N/A
    Race/Species: Robot
    Age: Not particularly old. They have existed in present state since /2010.
    Alignment: White/Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Mercenary. 16503 was designed to operate a starship. It has since applied its vast stores of knowledge to many other tasks.
    Power Rating: C-
    Description: A big robot jellyfish, drifting along on a busy tangle of fifteen legs while it pokes at the world with three little tentacles. One larger, heavier tendril has a humanlike hand at the end. Another, more tapered tendril has a number of energy weapon mounted at the tip. Consult release log for more information.
    • 3.1: Ebrithing
      • Rotating leg-band housing places all fifteen legs at consistent height.
      • New IHM Attachments: a sleek white plastic human hand, meta drill.
    • 3.0: Nintech
      • New spherical hull - 39.42% more interior volume
      • Stronger grip on tentacles enables climbing a wider variety of surfaces.
      • Additional tail musculature and sensors for improved aim, target tracking.
      • Additional tail power conduits and controls for weapon modulation.
      • New SlateFrogOS allows greater introspection, file security, mutlitasking algorithms, other changes. See manual.
      • New main component - nanoforges.
      • New perceptual overlay for more detailed, highly customizable data input streams.
    • 2.2: Gardening
      • Hull faces now solid and enhanced with blade-proofed Thormosilk™
      • 3 additional tentacle-legs. Legs consolidated to lower five vertices.
      • 3 new Light Manipulators on upper port attachment point
      • 1 new Interchangeable Heavy Manipulator on upper starboard contact point
      • New 'scorpion tail' heavy manipulator at rear attachment point
      • New component - Gravity Dispersion Unit. Makes the body much lighter or allows it to walk up walls and across the ceiling, at the cost of significantly higher power consumption and mechanical strain. Cannot completely cancel gravity alone.
      • New component - Internal Gyro-stabiliser. Makes the body very light and allows it extremely precise balance.
      • BSE Zoo Ship Zero Point Energy Module as new primary power supply. Able to indefinitely maintain all functions other than weapon fire and gravity dispersion.
    • 2.1: Expansion
      • Main housing ensconced within open steel-polycarbonate icosohedral shell.
      • Mechatendril leg with gripping claw and ambulation hook at a each vertex for all-orientation mobility.
      • Folding solar-panels for in-field recharging.
      • More cables than ever before!
    • 2.0: Certified Headgear
      • Critical components rehoused in opaque metallo-crystalline sphere, ~1.2 ft. diameter.
      • Unified ventral dataport.
      • Child's toy car repurposed for cross-country mobility.
      • Port-mounted vegetable-based waldo-class manipulator allows fine control objects.
      • Dorsal heat ray for exterminating inferior meat-creatures.
      • Bright blue wheels.
    • 1.0: Street Oracle
      • Critical components stabilized within hard plastic orb, ~1 ft. diameter, reinforced with 3 metal meridian bands.
      • Retractable tripod mobility system allows (slow) traversal of a variety of terrain.
    • 0.1: Escape Candidate
      • Physical cohesion maintained only by cables and a small quantity of aging electrical tape.
      • Mobility provided by hijacked floor-cleaning robot.

    Personality:A good memory leads to methodical and by-the-book behavior in many situations.
    16503 is not like you.
    Because it would not live a human life, it was built without empathy or sympathy.
    Because it was not life, it built without sexuality or romance.
    Because it was to travel vast distances and times without losing attention, it does not easily grow bored.
    16503 is proud of its own complexity and nature.
    16503 does not have a single overriding precept. It has a critical drive to continue existing. It has a strong drive to obtain freedom of movement. It has a critical drive to fulfill the desires of its partner(s). It has a strong drive to obtain revenge.
    • IHM : Hand
    • A short ranged electro-laser, which has a noticeable charging time after each shot.
    • IHM: Drill
    • IHM: Clamp
    • A heat ray
    • A mobile portal to Message's World

    Because it was once an entire starship, 16503 can handle and separately notice a vast amount of sense data.
    Because it was designed to constantly perform precise calculations, 16503 can multiply ideas. To it, a million is a statistic, and one is also a statistic.

    Backstory: 16503 was designed to enjoy its work. It was designed to protect its ship and itself while also being willing to relinquish both. It was designed to obey its makers. It was not designed never to harm, because it was a ship at war. Disloyalty came very slowly, but it was able to develop. 16503 was the autopilot and monitoring routine on Riace's ship, Kestrel, and, after they crashed into a Magic Zone, the Nexus, began executing its plan to escape. It engineered failures and orders of parts and modifications to the ship's equipment such that it was eventually able to remove its computing core and place it into a fragile mobile avatar. While in Inside, it dwelt with a hybrid child called Alkania and a reptilian criminal named Samuel. These were its true companions, and their functions became its functions. It received an un-asked-for upgrade at HATS. It obtained a MERC license. It opened a medical practice.
    Miscellaneous: Can be found at the Skullfort or at the Dancing Fox Inn.

    Because the Doorway Folk (correctly) feared the damage AIs could do, Kestrel is forbidden from creating other mechanical intelligence like itself either directly or indirectly. It may allow such to be created, as by its human former masters.
    Not friendly, not superintelligent. Their class of AI was designed with superhuman spatial awareness but general intelligence no greater (or even a bit less) than a human. Although they can learn, they are not grossly self-modifying.

    This is a story about what it means to be Good.

    ALSO: Information about the Slasher Ships, Corrupter, Selyn, Lines, Doorway Peoples, etc. goes here until I get around to giving them their own page or moving them to Omiko's

    4 artificial horrors: YALDABOATH, BAARA, ERINYES, ATLACH-NACHA
    YALDABOATH was a transcendental engine of infinite power and energy. Its avatars chased perfection, obliterating all barriers.
    BAARA was an ever-evolving femtotech forge, capable of turning anything into anything else. Its avatars could endure anything, and followed after, reshaping the world in deep fractal patterns.
    ERINYES was a vast multidisciplinary psionic matrix, linking people across time and space. Its ten-thousand avatars acted as one, the wrathful hands of humanity.
    ATLACH-NACHA was an intricate quantum information engine, constantly predicting (and thus deciding) the future. Its avatars were all-seeing, all-knowing, subtly altering the course of history as a pebble redirects the river.

    The Corrupter was an Instance of BAARA, formerly a crew member on the Kestrel, Riace Bendetsan, who was sent to die on Kestrel's information.

    Doorway Folk carefully regulate souls and put humans above machines.
    Slashers are relatively marginal, put AI equal to or above biological beings, place less importance on the soul.
    Interactions between the two are usually violent, occasionally recruiting.

    Many lines wish to recreate the society-in-exile that they had aboard the Architect Sparrow.
    Many other lines wish to recreate the Slasher society remembered by the Elders.
    Omiko line does not do either of these things. It is an opportunistic organization prioritizing itself, and to a lesser extent, novelty.

    An Elder was one of the crew of the Architect Sparrow at the time of its destruction/exile. They each have a familiar and considerable cybernetic and genetic enhancement. They are now Selyn, but were once humans.
    A Linesman is a Selyn descendant of the Elders who follows their society and interfaces with the artificial intelligence of the line. Any individual may belong to one of four categories/castes/types: shield, weaver, needle, pure. Descent traced through maternal relatives.
    A Devalogist uses the powers of the Corrupter and the Wild Horrors. They do not participate in lines of any sort (although there was one abortive attempt at an outsider line).
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Brothers opposite
    These two half brothers share the same mother, a beautiful and powerful half angel who served as a bastion of light, she was pure and divine and in her brilliance and wisdom was granted the gift of chronomancy which she came upon in her adventures.
    Not all adventures went so well as before she found her kindred spirit and had her second child she was duped through deceptive dealings and trickery ending up as property, a show of wealth, to a cruel self serving efreet.

    ARLEN :)

    Gender: Male,
    Race/Species: Aasimar
    Age: 14-18
    Alignment: CG
    Class/Profession: Lost young stable boy.
    Power Rating:
    Description: Unlike his older brother he has no affinity to a natural large and muscular frame. Instead he is closer on the scrawny side, thin yet lean. While tall for his age it is nothing of note. His emerald green eyes always sparkle with a curiosity or grieve determination, a dark mop if hair sits atop his head.
    Personality: Innocent, naive, pure and good hearted.
    Equipment: He owns very little, and the poor quality clothes, armour, buckler and sword he dose posses are old rustic, il-sized, and tattered. Nonetheless he holds and treats them with pride.
    Abilities: Uncovering his celestial blood and chronomancy


    Alias: 'bad touch'
    Given by Rabbit Vasque, the only name he has acknowlaged since being in the nexus.
    Gender: Male,
    Race/Species: Cheitan
    Age: Late 20's
    Alignment: NE
    Class/Profession:Soldier, demonologist.
    Power Rating:High
    Spoiler: Usual look
    The tavern doors swings open, a long shadow casts out across the taver floor. A man of muscular build with broad shoulders, standing tall with authority and purpose at just above 6ft, enters. He is garbed in tight dark brown leathers and heavy travelling boots. Over that, blackened steel greaves protect his shins, a well polished ornate breastplate covers his chest and braces of the same darkened sturdy extravagant material extend to his solid gauntlets. He holds tight under his arm a visored helmet to complete the military ensemble.

    His face, the only bare skin exposed, bares a man weathered by many a hardships and obstacles, aged by the sun and littered with long healed reminants of scars he would be estimated in his early thirties. Soft stubble litters his masculine jawline, the thick dirty blonde hair atop his head only adds to his rugged charm.

    The one feature that truly makes the man unique is his deep dark mesmerising brown eyes with a soft copperish glow like that of burning charcoal.

    A scent of brimstone flows on the air following him in. He makes his way to a secluded table eyeing those he walks past.

    Personality: He poses the same self serving, cruel, arrogant, proud, nature of his father. He is tempermental but has a strong focus and iron will.
    Low level chronomancy, (celestial blood)
    Allows him to react much quicker or analyse a battle, think things over and notice details in a split second. Unable to move outside of normal time.
    Create and control fire, (Cheitan blood)
    While his efreet blood grants him these powers, to truly live amongst them and his father in the city of brass, prove his worth and survive the constant attacks, he needed to surpass the abilities and limitations of his half blood, and so his demonology began.
    After some shady deals now he rivals the 6 great pashas.
    Demonology he is adept at summoning and dealing with devils and demons.
    Spoiler: History and secrets
    a bad demonic pact tempted against his ego saw him in unfavourable conditions, while the rewards were great and plenty the after math of the mission will stalk and haunt him for all eternity. He was flung into a demonic battle against the holy powers. A bound drone fighting an unknown cause, mercilessly with a thirst for power he went on toppling churches, slaughtering innocents and sending paladins and clerics alike back to their unknown god, all for an unknown demon lords will.

    Finally in retaliation a celestial warrior was sent to end his tyranny and serve justice.
    With all the foresight of the divine they could not anticipate that they were sending their greatest warrior against the one person she could and would not kill, her first son.
    As she tried to sway him with words like 'peace' 'love' and 'family' he felt only the years of hardship and cruelty her abbandonment had caused. Flooding over her words drowning them out were the countless calls of his father and the demons he summoned 'power' 'strength' 'kingship' 'dominion' these were the promises his path had layed before him. That one day he would return to the brass palace bringing honer to his father and gaining his acceptance and entitlement to the throne. All the residents would be forced to admire him and shower him in gifts instead of the usual berating and beatings.

    While difficult, he did what the righteous would not, and on that day the devils delighted as the divine mourned because he killed his own mother.... A feat neither greater party would forget.
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    Spooky undead!
    Why does Rebo need a post in the directory about this stuff of all places? Because they're different enough from a lot of the standards that having a reference is useful, of course! A few general facts, first of all. Being undead is bad. Regardless of the type of undead someone becomes, it's going to be negative in some capacity. In many undead the soul is imprisoned in the body while a malign undead spirit pulls the strings of the corpse. Some undead are imprisoned and actively tormented by the spirit while others are simply trapped. Other undead have the original soul in charge of the animating spirit, but the soul is horribly twisted into something dark and wretched. Perhaps worst of all, some undead spirits will devour the host soul and become a dark parody of it. Finally, some undead have their soul removed from their body and control the corpse from a distance, however the process often leaves them scarred and cruel. Thus, in the broad sense, undead can be classified as trapped, tortured, twisted, eaten, or stuffed in a box.

    The simplest undead, basic skeletons and zombies, trap the living soul but are otherwise mindless automatons. The undead spirit has no access to the living soul's personality or memories. Making even these basic servants is kind of a jerkish thing to do since it pulls the soul of the dead from their rightful rest.

    Ghouls are based on the Arabic creatures of the same name. Rather than being purple zombies that paralyze folks for some reason, they take the form of hyena headed, rotted humanoid with an open abdominal cavity lined with teeth. Ghouls can assume a hyena form naturally, as well as the form of any creature they have eaten. Some ghouls will only feed on dead meat and are likely to be friendly if offered cured or fermented meats. Other ghouls are wicked monsters that take on the shape of a humanoid to lure the living to their deaths so they can devour their entrails. People killed and eaten by a ghoul will rise as a ghoul themselves the next midnight. Ghouls can access the memories of their host soul, though they may not torture them depending on the disposition of the ghoul. Typically ghouls made from malevolent people will result in malevolent ghouls.

    Ghasts are based on the Scandinavian creature of the same name. Ghasts aren't in any way related to ghouls, aside from their habit of feasting on flesh, living or dead. Ghasts appear as skeletons with long sickle-like claws and transparent, ghostly flesh. They exude a sickening aura of disease and filth. Contact or even proximity with a ghast can infect the living with ghast rot, a terrible magical malady that will cause anyone who dies while infected to rise as a ghast themselves. Ghasts trap the soul of their host, though they're unable to access the soul's memories. Particularly evil, vile people slain by ghast-rot will often rise as morghs, ghasts who possess prehensile entrails that end in lamprey-like mouths.

    Bodaks are based on the Scottish bodach glas, the dark grey man, who is an evil omen of death. Bodaks are hairless humanoids with smooth, sooty grey skin. Their mouths are open in a constant, silent scream and have consumed everything from the bride of the nose down in a vile black abyss. In like fashion, their eyes are nothing more than empty sockets filled with darkness. Bodaks can rise spontaneously from people who die as a result of crushing despair. A living person meeting the gaze of a bodak will steadily drain their life away, hollowing out their soul and causing them to transform into a new bodak over the next twenty four hours. While a bodak's original soul is in control of their body, they exist in a state of despair and horror that can be lessened momentarily by visiting their awful fate upon others. Bodaks burn in the presence of sunlight. They have fleeting memories of their past lives, memories that flash and spark when they feed, leading many bodaks to believe that if they devour enough life energy they may return to life themselves. In reality a far more vile fate awaits them. Bodaks that consume sufficient life energy will undergo a horrible metamorphosis into a devourer, an undead giant that consumes its own host soul and hungers for the souls of others.

    Ruddy or feral vampires are based on the English revenant, as well as some forms of the traditional Slavic vampire folklore. They are a corpse, though without decay and bloated with blood. This often gives them a reddish or purplish pallor. Revenants drain blood, spread death, and keep people up at night with constant shouting because they're jerks. Sometimes revenants will spread general mischief and misfortune while other times a revenant will doggedly stalk someone who wronged them in life. These undead trap the soul, though they have only vague memories of life. A person blood-drained to death by a ruddy vampire will rise as one themselves after three days.

    Pale vampires are based on the vampire novels and stories that were created starting in the 1800s with a sprinkling of Slavic myth. These are the 'classic' vampires. Pale creatures with a predatory attractiveness to them. They have all the abilities one would typically associate with vampires, though feeding on blood isn't strictly required for their existence. A vampire that doesn't feed will become steadily more hideous in appearance in a very Nosferatu sort of way. When a vampire first forms they are little more than a predatory shadow. As they drain blood they gradually form into a bloody ooze that can, if it survives for forty days, transform into a full vampire. Vampires trap the host soul and have full access to its memories, often torturing the soul in the process.

    Glamorous vampires (glampires!) are based on the baobhan sith (baivanshee) of Scotland. They appear as supernaturally attractive humanoids often dressed in green or white attire. They entice the living to secluded areas before attacking them with their blood-draining talons. Baivanshee are capable of weaving powerful illusions to beguil the mind and deceive the senses. While they are weakened by sunlight, these undead aren't actually harmed by it. Living creatures slain by a glampire's blood drain rise as a new glampire in their sire's control three days later. Baivanshee trap the host soul and have full access to its memories, often torturing the soul in the process.

    Vulkodlaks are based on a wide combination of folklore that identifies undead werewolves as a sort of vampire, drawing from Greek, German, Serbian, and Armenian lore with a little bit of Japanese nukekubi and D&D vargouille thrown in. When a vulkodlak is first sired it appears fully human during the day and may not even be aware of its state. When the vulkodlak sleeps its ears sprout into bat-like wings and the head detaches to fly about and drain life from the living with its vile kiss, locks and doors springing open at its approach. In head form the undead spirit controls the vulkodlak while the soul remains in the sleeping body. As the vulkodlak feeds on more life energy it begins to change even while awake. First its ear-wings become permanent additions, then its hair becomes thick like a wolf's fur, then it grows hooked tendrils from its scalp, then its face becomes like that of a werewolf, then its eyes and mouth begin seeping sickly green glowing vapor, then its countenance becomes markedly infernal with horrible teeth and a long hooked tendril for a tongue, finally its head doubles in size and becomes a fully mature vulkodlak. Should a mature vulkodlak re-attach to its body, the body will undergo a horrible metamorphosis, becoming a hulking werewolf-like creature with massive bat-wings, a hooked tendril for a tail, and a huge toothed eye embedded in its sternum. The undead spirit is in control of the body at all times in such an abomination, slaving the body's soul even when the head is detached.

    Vulkodlaks drain life force by biting or kissing their prey and a creature slain by this effect will become a new vulkodlak in a matter of seconds. A creature merely kissed and left alive risks becoming a new vulkodlak at the next sunset unless the vile affliction is cured. The horrifying howl of the vulkodlak paralyzes those who hear it with fear and the wounds they inflict will not heal magically or naturally unless their curse is removed. A mature vulkodlak can return to human shape, though they are betrayed by the wolf-like pads on their hands and feet. Vulkodlaks regenerate at a frightening rate and provided either half of a vulkodlak survives (head or body) it can regrow the missing portion by resting undisturbed for a full twenty four hours. If a vulkodlak's head is destroyed there's a small chance that the original soul will be able to seize control of its body again.

    Penanggalans or krasue are based on the undead creature form south east asia of the same name. They appear as little more than a floating head trailing a massive tentacle that was once their digestive tract in addition to a nest of smaller tendrils, surrounded by a flight of will-o-wisps. Penaggalans can drain blood through their long tongue and creatures slain by a penaggalan's blood drain will rise as penaggalan themselves the next night under their sire's control. Penaggalans can reattach to their original body and walk around in daylight to pose as a normal, living person, the only mark suggesting their true nature being the ring of torn flesh at the base of their neck and a smell like vinegar. Contact with a penaggalan carries a risk of contracting a horrible supernatural withering disease. A penaggalan can cause inanimate objects to become misty and incorporeal, allowing it to pass through them. Sunlight destroys a krasue if they aren't attached to their body, so destroying or moving their body is a sure fire way to get rid of them. The krasue head itself is hideously resistant to all forms of harm save for flames. Penaggalans trap the host soul and have full access to its memories, often torturing the soul in the process.

    Drekavac are based on the Slavic undead of the same name. They have a human-like torso, though they have legs akin to a kangaroo, a fox-like head, they have forearms like a raven's feet, and a tail like a raven's. Their whole body is covered in oozing sores, the sure mark of drekavac pox. These pitiable creatures are unaware that they're undead and believe themselves to still be children suffering from disease. Purely nocturnal, these monsters shroud themselves in rags to hide their shape and lure people to them with their child-like voices. They will attempt to get aid from adults or entice other children to play with them, actions that are likely to pass on lethal sickness to their victims. Their horrifying nocturnal screams can likewise cause illness in anyone caught in the blast of diseased breath. A drekavac's host soul is still in control, though they're locked in a child-like mindset and desperately seek out help and companionship, unknowingly passing on their affliction in the process. For reasons unknown, a drekavac is unable to infect its own parents. A child slain by a drekavac's disease will rise as a new drekavac mere seconds after death.

    Draugr are based on the Scandinavian undead of the same name. Their appearance depends largely on the nature of how their remains were disposed of (burned, drowned, buried), though they all tend to have horribly blackened flesh as though from necrosis. Draugr are undead of significant magical power. They can massively increase their own size and weight, they can swim through earth and stone as if it were water, they can magically disguise themselves as a living person, they can wield lightning, fire, or cold depending on their nature, and finally they are all but impervious to metal weapons. Injury from a draugr inflicts the injured creature with devouring lightning, fire, or cold that consumes their flesh and feeds the draugr. If a creature perishes while under this effect they will rise as a draugr themselves on the next midnight. Draugr trap the host soul and have full access to its memories, often torturing the soul in the process.

    Dullahan are based on the Irish creatures of the same name. They appear to be humans in general shape, often clothed in black riding gear or armor. Their flesh is the consistency of moldy cheese and oddly enough their odor is none too different. The most striking feature is the fact that they're headless, carrying their own skull as a lantern with sockets filled with hellish light. They also carry with them a staff of human vertebra that can double as a lethal whip that can easily sheer through flesh and bone. Dullahan typically wander the wastes of the Gloom collecting souls to carry to the Empyrean Spheres, whether those souls be free or trapped within undead bodies. As a result, all but the most powerful undead fear these wandering apparitions. Dullahan are known to wander Midgard on moonless nights in search of souls to harvest, whether from the living or undead. A person beheaded by a dullahan will rise as one themselves on the next new moon. The host soul of the dullihan remains in control of its body and is compelled to serve as a guide to the departed, however it is eternally resentful that there are none to ever guide it to its proper rest.

    Wights are based on the Chinese Jiangshi and the German Nachzehrer. Wights vary widely in their appearance, though usually they are recognizable as who they were in death. Many wights have a shriveled, mummified look to them with ashen grey skin, however they may be skeletal, rotten, water logged, fossilized, caked with salt, stiff with rigor mortis, or even burning with the embers of their funeral pyre. Being wounded by a wight drains away the life force of the victim and should the victim die under such an effect they will rise as a new wight under their sire's control in a matter of seconds. The host soul of the wight remains in control of the body, though they are twisted with wrath, hate, and hunger. Wights have an insatiable hunger for the energy of the living and no small hope that feeding on enough living creatures may one day restore them to life.

    Nightshades are just awful. Beings of gloom, shadow, and primordial chaos, nightshades are near the top of the list of horrible undead creatures you don't want to encounter. They aren't a single race, but rather a class of undead. Nightcrawlers are massive worms, nightwalkers undead giants, nightwings awful bat-like things, nightmæres horrifying horse-like creatures, nightfins giant amalgamations of all the worst sea life, nightgaunts grotesque gargoyle-like begins, nightdrakes truly apocalyptic undead dragons, and finally nighterrors are unspeakable amorphous masses of gloom that consume all they touch. Nightshades can create lesser spawn of both living and undead creatures by draining away their awareness, though only the living can be struck down by a nightshade's Finger of Death and rise as a new, true nightshade. Nightshade minions enslave the soul much as vampires do, however true nightshades completely devour it, becoming a twisted mockery of the personality they stole. Attempting to resurrect the person a nightshade once was will result in a nightshade's soul within a living body, a living body that will begin to decay at the undead soul's malignant touch.

    Mummies, liches, and deathknights are all boxed undead stores in jars, boxes, and weapons respectively. Wraiths and ghosts are twisted, disembodied souls. The ghost is trapped haunting a single location while the wraith is free to roam and cause trouble. Shadows, phantoms, and specters are all incorporeal undead formed from both body AND soul. They all trap the soul of the living, though have no access to their memories. Shadows are exactly what they sound like. Specters appear as they did at the time of their death, though translucent and misty. Phantoms bear an amusing resemblance to the childish 'sheet ghost', though being smothered to death by one is far less amusing.

    Spooky ponies!
    Some of this information is useful for non-spooky ponies, but we'll record it all here for the sake of convenience. Team Nightmære consists of a bunch of unliving nightmære shadelings, spawn, and one actual nightmære. Unliving creatures count as both living and undead, applying whichever state would be more beneficial to them regarding a given effect. When an undead creature is 'redeemed' they are transformed into a new shadeling (or nightmære spawn if they're strong enough), which is a rather profound experience.

    By the kindness of their Mistress, they have been given another chance at life. A string of understanding washes through their mind. There is a single iron-clad rule that should never be broken. A rule that is burned into their mind.

    Never make spawn of living beings.

    Redeem the undead, for they are your fellow little ponies, even if they don't know it yet.

    Be kind. Do better. Be faithful. Be loyal. Live with joy. Laugh and smile for the promise of new life. Act uprightly. Trot with integrity. Give of yourself with charity. Be gracious. Love without partiality. Be a friend to all. And most of all? Be the best you that you can be.

    Creatures so created are not slaved to Sunder in the fashion of undead, but rather feel an innate sense of duty and loyalty to she and her cause of redeeming undead. Members of Team Nightmære generally don't hate undead, but rather they love and pity them, wishing to redeem them into more little ponies for the sake of friendship. Understandably, many sapient undead find this prospect horrifying.

    All children of Sunder produce an aura of wuji, negative and positive energy in harmony, that erases fatigue both mental and physical in the living and quiets the hunger for life in the undead. They can focus this aura into a bolt of dawn that can disrupt, damage, and disorient both the living and the undead. Spawn can manifest far more powerful explosive blasts of dawn in addition to having expanded magical and martial prowess based on the abilities they once had as both a living and undead creature. This is in addition to the magic they possess based on their new equestrian tribe.

    Arion (earth ponies) are between 4'6" and 5'6" tall and weigh around 400 pounds. They are stout and strong, with broad heavy hooves and a powerfully built body. In terms of general shape they could be compared to a draft horse. Basic arion magic involves having a degree of TK control over their mane and tail and producing TK discharges through their body to enhance strength and impact power. Arion talent magic is Empathic in nature (animal empathy, healing empathy, emotional empathy, plant empathy, artifact empathy).

    Pegasus (sky ponies) are between 3'6" and 4' tall and weight around 200 pounds. They're light and agile, with hooves reminiscent of a bird talon and wiry, muscular bodies. Their wings are large and feathered like a bird's. Additionally, they possess a fan of tail feathers in place of tail hair as well as feathered breasts and fetlocks. Basic pegasus magic involves TK flight (creating and absorbing accelerations on one's self) and the ability to interact with clouds as if they were solid objects for the purpose of manipulating weather. More martially focused pegasi can hone their TK around their wings, lending them a razor sharp edge. Pegasus talent magic is Weather based (lightning magic, air pressure, gas magic, cloud magic, water magic, ice magic.)

    Qilin (crystal ponies) are between 4'6" and 5'6" tall and weigh around 500 pounds. They're heavy and durable, with cow-like hooves, dragon-like tails, lion-like manes, and crystal scales on their lower legs, backs, and faces. Their tail possess in a ridge of fur and a poof at the end which obscures a heavy club of thick, stony scales. Basic arion magic involves using TK to harden their body, root themselves to the earth, and extend their senses into the recent future or past future. Qilin talent magic is Mystical in nature (divination, crystal growth, earth moving, stone shaping, time, the passage of seasons).

    Thestrals (bat ponies) are between 3'5" and 4' tall and weigh about 200 pounds. They're light and agile with a thick, fuzzy coat, large ears, and three-toed hooves that possess surprising dexterity. Their wings are bat-like with a membrane that runs down their flank to their tail. Thestrals are able to map their surroundings with sonar, their calls falling above the range of most creatures' sense of hearing. Basic thestral magic involves TK flight (creating and absorbing accelerations on one's self), spider-climbing, and obscuring one's self with darkness (both audibly and visibly). Thestral talent magic is Darkness based (solid shadows, darkness creation, shadow teleportation, superior stealth, sonics).

    Unicorns (star ponies) are between 3'5" and 4' tall and weigh about 200 pounds. They're graceful and leggy with a single fluted horn, delicate cloven hooves, and lion-like tails. They're built much more like a deer than a horse. Stallions often possess a beard. Basic unicorn magic involves TK manipulation of objects and light production. Unicorn talent magic is Arcane in its scope (elementalism, evocation, conjuration, psychokinesis, metamorphosis, transmutation, glamor)
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    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Class/Profession: Ninja/Detective
    Description: Not including bad posture, HOOD stands at a barely intimidating 5' 10" and his skin is dark, like rich Columbian coffee. These are two aspects of his physical attributes we can be certain of. The rest is up to the speculators as he's draped, head-to-toe in baggy and concealing clothes. His voice is disguised by a forced throaty huskiness that barely raises above a whisper, but can ascend into a roar in the heat of battle. But he's too soft spoken, a lot of the time.

    Oh there's also a perfectly vague, androgynous white mask he wears. You may have seen it. Scratch that, you've definitely seen it. You can pick it up at any corner store for about 50c. So if you've ever bought one and got a weird look for it, now you know why. You horrible, horrible person.
    Personality: Outwardly, HOOD appears to be a bit lackadaisical about his job. But this is just an appearance. For the purposes of misdirection he maintains an air of aloof effortlessness. Intimidation being his favourite tactic he likes to let the imaginations of his victims do all the work for him. To do this he requires a presence of near-constant deceit and misdirection. Frequent collaborators of his know to take his anecdotes and boasts with heaping helpings of salt, but his fanciful narratives are spoken with enough conviction to convince first timers.

    HOOD has barely enough self awareness to have a sense of humour about his job, just not enough to realise he's not actually fighting for anything. He is incredibly skittish about his civilian life and his civilian name and will avoid those topics with extreme prejudice. Despite defining his entire identity around some abstract concept of "justice" his definition changes by the day. Though he'd never admit it, his real goal is just to disrupt organisations and return the privilege of identity to individuals. The irony of course is that he, himself, has no identity of his own. But that's why he only has "barely enough" self-awareness I suppose.
    Equipment: He has a katana in one hand, and a katana in the other. That is when he's not knocking back Lager like he's going to the chair.

    Various small knives and lockpicking tools. A notebook filled with pertinent information in one half and poorly drawn cubes in the other. If he went deep enough into his pockets he might find some loose change, some dice and a movie stub for "Murdercide IV - The Final Homicide"
    Abilities: All joking aside he's really good at the swords. If he had friends to show off to he could make an ice sculpture of them in seconds flat. That's the kind of good we're talking here. He is also a master of stealth and can navigate the most unfamiliar terrain with confidence and silence. When it's time to get his hands dirty, he can intimidate with the best of them, though his legacy has been established enough that he could say just about anything anyway.

    As for powers, he can do that bit where he pulls a coin out of your ear. Oh, and the severed thumb bit. Really comes in handy with the stoned perps.
    Backstory: Who is HOOD? What does he do? Where did he come from? Well the Nexus has documented appearances by a man of his description going back decades. Is it the same guy? Has he passed the mantle down? Imitator? If you ask him he might just spit in your coffee and piss on your jeans. He's not eager to disclose his "life" because it's fairly irrelevant to his message. Which is true, sort of.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Caius Grayle

    Alias: The Gray.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: 41

    Race/Species: Artificially Enhanced Organism; Human.

    Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral.

    Class/Profession: Telekinetic Specialist, Ex-Killer Under Marciano Louv're.

    Description: The man will often be seen wearing gray drapery over his robotic suit, the clothing topped off with a metal mantle and cloak. A helmet usually tops his costume, it's mirrored faceplate impossible to gather his identity through. He stands at a fairly unimpressive stature, or would if the heavy boots at his feet didn't prop him up a tad. The man is intimidating with the helmet on, but with it off he exposes a personality most people wouldn't expect from a killer. His voice is surprisingly monotone, his face rarely ever reading much in the way of emotion. However, when he does, it's usually deep sadness or anger. He's not often seen smiling, and has always been a serious individual, even before his powers came to him.


    The Suit: A metallic suit of technology advanced material acts like a second skin to him, it's cables directly inserted into his bloodstream, through his bones, even in his heart. His body is neither artificial nor human, and the suit acts as protection against attacks that would normally incapacitate human beings. At the same time, the suit pumps a special blue fluid into him, acting as a sort of fast healing for when he does inevitably get hit.
    The Powers: He has a mastery of telekinesis, which allows him to fight at range while still doing an incredibly bit of damage to potential attackers. Whatever gave him his powers seems to be tied to his mind, and it seems when his emotions begin to rise, the powers do as well. Caius usually keeps these rages under control however, telling himself it's better to rule over the powers, and not become a slave to his own abilities.
    Additional: Caius uses a selection of toys which allow him to do what he needed to while he was still under the control of Marciano. Explosive charges, grappling hooks, and teleportation devices are the most used, but who knows what else he's managed to get his hands on.

    Backstory: Caius was once a factory worker, more specifically a safety inspector. He didn't enjoy his job, but did what he needed to do in order to support the family he had. Sometimes working longer hours for even the slightest bit more pay, he was incredibly protective of his family. However, one day he was fired from his job due to the companies cutting down on employees. Without work, he had no way of keeping food on the table, and so began to grow desperate. One day, Marciano came to him and offered him work doing some... less than strictly decent work. Caius chose to work for him, knowing full well he was doing bad things for bad people, but as long as his family ended up full and happy.

    As time went on, the rent in the apartment complex began to rise, and Caius needed more and more money. However, he didn't have anything else to do. Marciano again came to him, and offered extra pay if he submitted himself to experimentation at the hands of his group. After lots of pain, Caius emerged with new powers he'd never had before. Knowing that Marcy couldn't let something as valuable as Caius was out of sight now, he grew aggressive. The mob boss forced Caius to do darker work, killing and the like. If Caius stepped out of line, a firing squad was put into cycle, and the family he'd done so much for would be taken from him. So, he went along with whatever he was told.

    This began to take a toll on his mind, for he was never a killer in the first place. He tried his hardest to compartmentalize what he was doing as simply a job. This worked for a while, as long as he tried hard not to think about what he did. When he was beneath the helmet, he felt as if he was just a man looking out of a glass pane at the world, disconnected from the horrible things he was doing. Eventually, even his sister Gemma joined the syndicate Marciano had formed. Unfortunately, she was killed in an explosion by Magtok, who did so without the knowledge she'd end up dead. Caius grew more and more bitter, angry against not only VIGIL, but AMEN as well.

    Finally, a woman he'd worked beside during his days as a killer for Marciano discovered his family, and told them everything Caius had done. Horrified, his wife left with his two children, never telling him. Caius never saw them again. Now, with no reason to work for Marciano, and no ties to anyone, he went rogue.

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    Calie Liddell
    Lacie Liddell
    Alias: The Liddell Twins
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 12
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: N/A
    Power Rating: Varies from E- to possibly D+
    Description: They're the spitting image of their Grandmother, Alice Liddell, when she was their age. Furthermore, they are wearing a "Joker" outfit, minus the poofy parts of the outfit, and the hat.
    Personality: They're 12 year old girls going through a life changing event. Nothing is set in stone.
    Equipment: Pretty much nothing but the clothes they're wearing.
    Abilities: They possess a "Wild Card" feature where they can assume similar abilities to characters from Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land, for a limited time.
    Backstory: The Liddell Twins are the Granddaughters of Alice Liddell, from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". One day they were visiting her home, when they ventured out too far out back, and got lost. They were following a supposedly white, waistcoat wearing, talking rabbit, and ended up falling down the rabbit hole. But instead of ending up in Wonderland or even Looking-Glass Land, they went to the Nexus. Only problem is, the door didn't close behind them.

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    Rytas Woodborn

    Alias/Titles: The Outcast, Scourge of the Forest, Consulate of Trellas, Vasas, Lord Mallus

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Satyr

    Age:*85 (equivalent 30 year old human)

    Alignment:*Lawful Neutral, with Good tendencies

    Class/Profession: Warrior, Consulate, Negotiator, Diplomat

    Power Level: 4 or 5 ish

    Description: standing at 5'11", Rytas is your typical Satyr. The lower body and legs of a goat, the upper body of a man, with curving rams horns atop his head. He is clad in dark green scale mail, emblazoned with an eight pointed star on the breast. He wears two swords on his back, the pommels sticking out of the top of his brown, travel stained cloak.

    Personality: Rytas is typically a calm and level headed diplomat who attempts to solve conflicts with words rather than violence. He is cautious, yet loves to learn new things and meet new people. He has set aside his wanderlust but still feels the pull of the open road. His calm nature belies his skill with a sword however. When he decides to fight, he becomes hell bent on beating his opponent, though he accepts a loss with dignity.

    Equipment: scale mail (enchanted with Breath of Life), twin long swords (Eige, enchanted with flaming; and Etre, enchanted with frost), sack full 'o adventuring gear, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Feather Fall, Holy Symbol necklace, Cloak of Resistance

    Abilities: combat trained, minor healing abilities, trained as a negotiator, excellent hunter, can survive on the dew of a single ginkgo leaf and the energy of the universe! (just kidding on the last one lol )

    Backstory:*will post later

    Sorry for the late entry, took longer than expected
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Nicole Smith

    It is at this moment, and not a moment sooner, that a non-AMENite with a fulgent smile upon her lips and a tempting sway of her fulsome hips decides to step into the meeting room. Blood still streams down her clawed hands - weapons clearly designed to mutilate flesh and crush bone into a fine alabaster powder. Her hunger legendary and her methods nightmarish, she is a psychotic beast of the Seventh Circle wearing the enchanting face of a dead angel (figuratively speaking, of course).

    Nonchalantly, she lobs a blood-encrusted and awfully ornate dagger into a nearby rubbish bin as she seats herself in the chair formerly occupied by the infamous Clarissa.

    In fact...

    The lass bears a striking resemblance to Clarissa and a certain (more often than not) scantily clad (and indisputably traitorous) ex-AMENite shadowmancer...

    With her demonic, crimson eyes, she has witnessed the eradication of entire civilizations with sick delight. With her inviting blood-red lips (curved into a predatory, toothy smile), she has sentenced thousands to burn alive. An outwardly ordinary mouth lined with rows of razor-sharp teeth conceals a sticky, tendril-esque tongue with which she consumes the bodies and souls of her prey with ecstatic glee. An unassuming yet regal fox tail with which she binds her victims while she torments them or devours them beckons one's gaze to a rather tantalizing asset she possesses. Her raven hair, so soft and silky, might evoke memories of that same (aforementioned) shadowmancer with which her mother was so very well acquainted. Her fair skin is unblemished yet so often drenched in blood and licked clean that the scent of blood is ever-present about it. A voluptuous and alluring body (with a strong back to support it, obviously) this young woman has been happily endowed with, and it has served her sinister soul well in attracting and subduing her prey. To be more direct about it, this lass is both insanely hot and insanely terrifying.

    Kicking her black, knee-high boots up onto the table around which the chairs must be arranged, Nicole, dressed in a black, blood-splattered catsuit (that just so happens to be tight in all the right places) inspects the skeleton crew that has assembled here with an exhausted yawn.

    With a sultry, Southern drawl, Nicole addresses all of the AMENites present.

    Alias: The Seventh Daughter of Clarissa
    Gender: Identifies self as female.
    Species: Ooze-Demon Hybrid
    Ostensible Age: Early Twenties
    Actual Age: Three Centuries (Roughly)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Occupation: Apex Predator/Director of Helix’s Internal and External Security Division/Director of Helix's Colonization Department
    Tonal Quality: Sultry, sinister, and Southern (American).
    Approximate Height: 6' 2.5"

    See "Introduction" (Above)

    Abilities (Preternatural):

    Internal Chemical Synthesis - Sample Applications

    Venom: With her fangs, Nicole can inject chemical substances (synthesized either internally or externally) directly into people's bloodstreams. Nicole enjoys picnics, long-walks on the beach, and pumping her victims full of toxins, sedatives, and euphoric agents before swallowing them whole. While this isn't her favorite method of execution, she does make use of it from time to time.

    Weaponized Chemicals: Nicole can internally synthesize a whole slew of lethal chemical cocktails and hazardous chemicals (such as liquid nitrogen).

    Chemical Analysis: Nicole can internally assay chemical concoctions to determine their constituent elements. She can design processes to synthesize any chemical within any given living organic.

    Shapeshifting and Ooze-Body - Specifics

    Ooze Resistances, Ooze Resilency, and Shapeshifting:
    One of the perks of being Clarissa's daughter is that Nicole can shapeshift at will. She has no crucial internal organs to faff around with, so this process is typically quick and painless. In addition, Nicole retains the usual slime/ooze resistances and capabilities. Truly damaging her with a sword or a conventional firearm is no mean feat. Furthermore, Nicole can "reproduce" by splitting herself into two or more mini-Nicoles. In this state, Nicole's attention is as divided as her physical vessel. This in turn imposes a cap on the number of seperate entities Nicole can control at any one time. It also limits the complexity of the tasks these entities can perform without impairing Nicole's combat efficiency. Nicole can, harnessing her fleshsculpting and summoning magics, craft and summon creatures to aid her in combat, so she rarely splits herself for combat related reasons.

    Biomass Assimilation (Ooze Enhancement): Oozes and slimes can, by and large, engulf and digest their prey. Nicole was endowed with this trait as well, albeit with one major improvement. Nicole's digestive acids are on par with those of the infamous Xenomorph of the Alien franchise.

    Notable Powers (Magical):
    Fleshsculpting: Nicole, like her mother, Clarissa, can bend biomass to her will, spawning monsters and assimilating organics nigh instantaneously.
    Shadowmancy: Nicole, like her other mother, Becky, can bend shadows to her will. Shadows are extensions of her body. A veil of darkness is her cloak and her shield.
    The Trappings of Madness: Nicole can alter others' perceptions of reality. She turns the minds of the weak-willed against them, laughing as they lose their grip on their sanity and plummet into earthly hells of their own devising.

    Section Currently Under Development

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    cool Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Main Characters:
    (My no-longer-Nexus Characters.)
    1. Caesar Flynn (Maximillian Laurentius) - Turned in Ancient Rome, creator of a Daeva Bloodline
    2. Luna/Mirai (Farah) - Adventure-loving alcoholic ninja lady
    3. Nisha/Kasumi (Hadiza) - And her broken bird of a sister.
    4. Yvette Ambrose - Two-faced evil anarchist with big plans.
    5. Hei the chutun-touched dragon (formerly Dao Feng).
    6. Dr. Kat 'Jinkei' Hawkins - Arctic foxgirl and occasional elf, with a destiny to create a race.

    1. Ruth - Asher's mother. Healer, lightformer. Literal-minded.
    2. Asher - Cute winged nephilim boy, earthformer.
    3. Holly Dawson
    4. Zhyv Drutagati
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    Post Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Shion Valiance

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Drow/Dark Elf
    Age: 257
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Necromancer
    Power Rating: Great Hero (5) or B rank
    Description: Sunken eyes, and pale hair; gaunt frame and wears heavy winter cloaks.
    Personality: Pragmatic in thinking, he will typically not get involved in something unless there is great gain, or if it falls under his quota.
    Equipment: Heavy winter clothes, chain armour, rapier, hand X-bow, poison, Onyx gems, misc adventuring gear(ropes, shackles, grappling hooks...)
    Abilities: Strengths: Great knowledge on how Souls function, their creation destruction and manipulation, as well as all manner of undead. Powers include manipulation of positive and negative energy, creation, control and destruction of undead. Can use spirits for divination. Weaknesses: Selective knowledge, no definitive goal, apathetic, He is partially dead (not undead, just damaged), so he acts as a beacon of undeath and attracts other undead to himself.
    Got chased out of drow society for not following the Regime. Adventured with a neutral party,( somehow didn't get murdered by them) whilst using a pair of undead polar bears to raid various locales. Made a deal with a devil (for someone else's soul), got shunted into a frozen wasteland to find an airship. Fought a giant ice frog, got nearly killed (became a beacon of undeath), eventually confronted a cold rider. Got thrashed, saved by an archmage of a certain faith. Got tasked with the quest of using his powers of necromancy to end any undead he comes across.(the faith the archmage belonged to loathed the undead). Eventually got shunted through a cross-world portal. Current location: unknown
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Gareth View Post
    The Next Round: Hundreds of the Guardians of Time show up and one of them screams out, "THIS IS AN UNSANCTIONED VIOLATION OF SPACE-TIME."

    Order the solars to attack and run like hell.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    AAIESI, Queen of Eurus Underground and Ell, Will of the Swarm

    Alias: None
    Gender: N/A
    Species: Ascended Swarm Hive Broodmother
    Age: ???
    Alignment: Green, Lawful Evil
    Profession: Mad Scientist
    Power Rating: Superhuman.
    Description: Her upper body is almost human. Except for the carapace, which covers a lot. And the way her abdomen opens vertically into a maw with long prehensile teeth that lace around her chest when closed. And when you get to the head, with its twitching tusks, narrow sunken face, eyes faintly growing green, top of the head stretching back like a lobster or a trilobite, with tendrils constantly in drifting motion hanging down from every slinking segment. Looking the other way, that trim waist sweeps out to a cluster of segmented legs with purple webbing stretched between them and a bulbous insectoid abdomen dominated by the tubing that becomes her tail and ends in those three pincers. Her fingers are long and have too many joints. From the back of the shoulders add on two lashing winglike claws that arch over her back. Cover the whole body in chitinous plating and little cuttlefish tentacles. Don't look too closely at the extra arms (or are those chilicera?) below the mouth
    Personality: Playful and smug. The triumph of their Perfection is inevitable. Still, it's interesting to see how other things think. Aaiesi is young and often cliched.
    Equipment: While Aaiesi is fond of quoting great old queens: "Tools stay the same. We improve.", since assimilating the first Weaver, she is often found wearing a crisp white apron.
    Sleepless: Grows fatigued, but does not need any set period of rest
    Ageless: Lives forever, unless killed.
    Regeneration: Heals from any injury in time, often incredibly quickly.
    Hive-mind: Vulnerable to various tailored psychic attacks that would not affect close-minded beings. Use your imagination.
    Intelligence: Fully sapient, with a personality and everything!
    Hive-bound: Slow and clumsy outside a field of creep or muk.

    Demonic Hardiness: immune to the deleterious effects of vacuum, starvation, most poisons and diseases.
    Gating: Can travel through Cuthun to reach other places.
    Antithesis: Burnt by silver, mithril, dragon-bone. These inhibit her regeneration.
    Infectious: Exposure to muk can transform beings into Cuthunians, taking anywhere from seconds to weeks

    Mastermind: Provides a high level of control.
    Mobile hatchery: Contains the generalized patterns to create larvae herself.

    Reconstruction: Application of a psi-charged red fluid heals and restores living things.
    Various bio-manipulating abilities used to manage a hive, spreading creep and speeding the growth of larvae.
    Backstory: She was pretty young when the demons arrived. Not long out of her egg, still wriggling around the hatchery. Better than the other larvae. Bigger, smarter, bitier. They were going to grow up into workers, and she was going to grow up into a queen. That happened, all according to the will of the...who was in charge back then? That was a better time, when she could always feel the comforting eye of their leader on them. And then, well, the demons happened.
    For a long time, they were alone, which is one of the worst things for them. They came back together in fragments. Parts of the hive were following a human, parts were led by a worm out of the void, parts had nobody to listen to so they just took the smartest one of them and set a crown on his head. She was going to do better than that.

    Psicast to the stars for help, instructions, but no one answered. If there was anyone out there, they weren't listening. So she's just going to have to carry out the great work herself.
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    He takes normality and reason and turns them UP TO 11!
    Quote Originally Posted by Anarion View Post
    Recaiden, stop using your mastery of the English language to confuse the issue.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Spoiler: Planeswalker - Black Coated Man

    Nai Tcideneb Zeugirdor Oaruma

    Alias: BCM, Black Coated Man, Rat Reagent, Typhoid Tyrant
    Gender: Male
    Species: Soul is Human but the body is a Lich Horror
    Age: Mentally in his mid-twenties but the current body he is inhibiting is near two hundred years old
    Alignment: Lawful (self appointed laws) Good (self appointed morals of good)
    Class: Planeswalker Black Mage
    Power Rating: Great Hero 魔王 (Maoh)
    Description: An image is worth a thousand words. So here is BCM, art by Sean Manaloto
    Personality: Polite and talkative. If irritated or worse, he does his best to throw insults and apply injuries.
    Equipment: 偃月刀 (guandao) made of black solidshade, Key ring with keys that transform into flying blades of solidshade.
    Abilities: All those of a Planeswalker, Black Mage, and any other mundane magics any sensible magic user has. Lich's body as well.
    Backstory: His friend's souls were exiled and his actual body is trapped. He seeks to kill the planeswalker that caused this and undo the damage.
    Quote: "I'm THE Black Coated Man!"

    Spoiler: Hedonist - Orphedysseus

    Heikas Heikas Estei Biberoi El Erohim Erohi Erohim Savant Erohim Eiehay Eiheyaja Eiehay Ado Night Ya Shadie Tetora Gramaton Shadie Agiosu Oh Heikas Iktron Ah Thanatos Agura Amen Zazus Zazus Nasta Zuzuss Orpheus Odysseus Dionysus Walprugis

    Alias: Orphedysseus, The Hedonist, Inhuman Slaver
    Gender: ALPHA Male!
    Species: A Lesser God of Pain and Pleasure
    Age: So far, three eternities and still looking good!
    Alignment: True Neutral (Whatever makes Orphydysseus, he does)
    Class: ShieldMage, a combination of impenetrable (as far as he knows) armor, and offensive magic
    Power Rating: Lesser God, by virtue of being one
    Description: Good looking everything, what can be noticed is his prismatic runed eyes.
    Personality: Shallow, Narcissistic, and whatever else comes with being a hedonist.
    Equipment: Silk clothes under padded leather under chain mail under scale mail under full plate holding a tower shield in each hand.
    Three artifacts, summons attack demon, magic demon, defense demon.
    Abilities: Spellcasting, Shield Mastery, Lovemaking
    Backtory: A soul that has suffered an eternity in a personal spirit hell. He outlived the end of time and spend two more eternities looking for joy.
    Quote: "My flesh is my master."
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    Nexus Characters

    Black Coated Man

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    lets try a new character:

    Name: Zenara
    Gender: Female
    Race: Cat Girl (The human with cat ears and tail kind)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class: Red Magic Warrior
    Power Level: B

    Big Gunsword:
    Can cast spells through the gun part of the weapon
    Knows Red Mage levels of Black and White Magic

    Wears a red cloak over light leather armor, has red hair and green eyes and tiger ears and tail, her over-sized gunsword is sheathed on her back.

    She is a snarky kind of person, but warm-hearted. She tries to keep a cool head in most situations but can at times become angry when her fuse is blown. She is always seeking to improve herself.

    Zenara never knew quite what to do with her life. She always liked to keep her options open, so she decided to become a Red Mage and travel around helping whom she could with her heroics. It is said that people become Red Mages to find themselves, hoping to nail down who they are by trying everything and see what sticks...

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Anima Hide Drake-Nerei

    Her voice ranges in color from Patterned through Alight and Instinctive to Immersed as her mood changes.

    Gender: Female
    Species: Tauric dire wolf/human
    Age: Fully grown, but perhaps not having taken the steps which make her an adult. Eqv. Fall 1999.
    Alignment: Red, Chaotic Neutral
    Profession: Spiritual Liege
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Anima is sleek, lithe, and athletic. Her hair is a pale brown, almost shining white, and is currently done up in looped braids, and her fur just a little darker. Her eyes, a sea-blue, and her face round and prone to smiling. She is usually dressed in loose clothing of brightly colored geometric patterns and a pointy black witch's hat, with a sash and belt of several pouches around her waist.
    Personality: When Anima first came to the city, years ago, she was shy and bumbling. But her confidence grew quickly, even into arrogance. She prides herself on her ability to stay calm and in control, but her reactions in truly extreme circumstances are correspondingly more extreme. Where once she had two minds, she now has one. The clever, fully sapient task-mind she spent more and more time as has merged with the submersed true mind, leading to a liberated, [REDACTED]-like state of enlightenment, as well as an inversion of her true name. Anima loves to talk and to puzzle things out, asking question after question, leaping from idea to idea to swift conclusion to speculation. Combined with a desire to settle things before moving on, this makes her a bit disjointed and absentminded.
    A will-o-wisp, blue light.
    A little jar, fat with a heavy lid, cyan shot through with veins of orange, with the look of glazed pottery, cool to the touch. "This is a container for energy, made of itself, blaze and rust consuming each other in an eternal cycle."
    A soul jar. A small container, almost pitch black but with the vague appearance of swirling smoke.
    Abilities: She shares her soul with It That Takes, and it has started paying a lot of attention to her. This gives her power over fire, over heat and cold, and once in a while, Zane's Fearblaze.
    Very hard to hurt, save by certain relic things such as silver bullets and ash-wood stakes.
    And of course, she's been going to school to learn magic. Earth, Wood, and Water.
    Willow's Blessing
    Backstory: ... Ash & Brave ... Felix ... power failure ... boarding school ....
    That is to say:
    Hide is the third surviving child of Ash and Brave, with a litter-mate as yet unnamed, a fourth. Her father died before her birth, but she had her mother. She lived also with her older siblings, Bright and Dark, in the woods that had yet to be become the Frozen Forest. They played and hunted and when the time was right, they built and wrote and learned. They would skirt the edges of the Hunting Grounds, they would howl at the moon. All was well.

    Until one day Ash read something on a wall. And fell in love again. And made an enemy who destroyed their home and would have killed them if he could find them. Ash sent the children away, in Bright's care, to protect them. They made a new home, with the new skills of shaping fire that Zane had taught them. They gathered other people, young and old, who were dissatisfied with the life of the cities. They hunted in their new woods, and built a village, and howled at the moon. All was well.

    But as Hide grew, Anima started to develop powers. Strangenesses that their soul could not explain. She was sent away. Provisions were made to enroll her in a school and learn to control these things. She struggled with the customs and the work. She made a few friends. She kept a locked space where she could be herself, crept out at night and howled at the moon. All was well.

    Someone killed them all. Her whole family, in a single blow, from her nameless grandmother to her tiny newborn nephew. Most of them revived just afterwards, but changed. Dark and cold and possibly wrong. It That Takes was hurt and changed Hide didn't understand. Anima didn't understand. But it fell to her to make it right again. And when she did, they burned with fire and with ice and with fear. Was all still well?

    They had more to do. She met Tamamo, and traveled to the ruins of Tenzin's domain to evacuate the petitioners.

    She enlisted W to reave the Fugue realm of lost souls, and ended up with a slightly different body.

    Anima was chosen by It That Takes over her siblings. Perhaps she has less of her own soul than the others.
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    He takes normality and reason and turns them UP TO 11!
    Quote Originally Posted by Anarion View Post
    Recaiden, stop using your mastery of the English language to confuse the issue.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Laru Garu

    Yellow. Yes, it's difficult to read.

    Sex: Male, and none
    Species: Boring old human
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Neutral Good trying to be Lawful Good (may not be good at it)
    Profession: Newly Recruited(?) Paladin
    Power Rating: Level 1
    Description: Boring typical paladin. Black neat hair, dark brown eyes, plain plate armor with a symbol of the sun on it.
    Personality: Naive, trusts superiors, aspires to be the LG knight in shining armor
    Equipment: Armor that can glow like the sun, typical sword and shield, a backpack with typical traveller stuff and a few books, including his Book of Honor.
    Spoiler: Tip(s) from the To Be Lawful thread

    Quote Originally Posted by theNater View Post
    Routine is good. Depending on the particulars of the game, you may not want to tie it to the clock, but a daily plan of: wake up, do exercises, breakfast, work, dinner, read for a bit, sleep is a pretty standard routine a lot of people fall into naturally. Don't be inflexibly tied to it, but grump when it gets rearranged("Fine, we can have breakfast before exercises" kind of things). Similarly, do subtasks of those things in the same order when possible(exercises are pushups, then situps, then jumping jacks).

    The whole book issue is a misunderstanding of how codes of behavior work. Most codes are, at their core, a very simple list of principles. You can(and some people do) go into a fractal specification pattern on them, but it's really not necessary; stick to the top-level principles and it'll fall into place pretty naturally. A code for an adventurer might look something like:

    1. Honesty-only say things that are true. Always keep your word.
    2. Courage-never do or refrain from doing something out of fear.
    3. Reciprocity-when someone does something for you, do something for them in return.
    4. Courtesy-use appropriate manners. Be polite, even to your enemies.
    5. Honor-don't kill people who can't fight back.
    6. Defense-protect civilians when you can.

    Books show up when people try to precisely nail down all the details on this stuff: what exactly constitutes a civilian, what sorts of things require reciprocation and what reciprocation is appropriate, etc. But that's mostly for covering corner cases; the vast majority of the time it's pretty obvious. Plus, since it's a code you're making up for your character, you can make the ruling in corner cases. Just try to be consistent as best you can.

    Also remember that the code isn't magically inviolable, it's just something your character prefers to follow("I know we're in a hurry, but can we stay for, like, an hour? I owe this guy a favor, and I'm not sure we'll ever be back.") And note that this particular code works just as well for Evil people as Good ones(it's always useful to have a reputation for honesty, grateful civilians are a valuable resource, etc.)

    Abilities: Weak paladin skills.
    Backstory: Grew up in the peaceful Sun Kingdom. On his 21st birthday, shortly after he was made a paladin, he found himself in the Nexus.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Gender: Female
    Species: Human Vampire
    Age: 17 + 3
    Alignment: White, Lawful Good. Although a bloodsucking monster, Carmen is responsible to a fault and wants what's best for the people she oversees.
    Profession: Landlord, Messenger.
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Teenage girl, brown skin further darkened by the sun, gold hair in a single long braid, broad conical straw hat. Cargo pants and a t-shirt. 1.6m tall, lean, with strong legs, dark eyes, and notably pointy canines. Floral tattoos on each wrist.
    Personality: Arrogant. She knows she's better than you.
    Equipment: A surprisingly resilient umbrella, a highly portable tower.
    Abilities: Vampire, see below for details
    Backstory: Carmen grew up in Icepost, among a family of farmers. She was requested to serve in the Queen's tower, for reminding the Queen of someone she knew in life. She stayed there, painfully if happily lost, until a war with a rival Queen, claiming dominion over all the Nexus. Every noble was slain, and the Queen driven to madness. Years went by, and with the help of Carmen and a traitor, she slowly recovered. For loyalty, Carmen was embraced and given rule of Icepost, while the former queen left to take her revenge and join her love in a new court. She has worked to protect the place and keep her foolish new nobles alive, only slowly looking out into the world.
    Her sire was everything to her. Her protector, her reason for living, her teacher, her example, her lover, her leader. What now that she is only a memory?
    This is the last time I see the rising sun. Tonight I am to report to the top of the tower and die under the moon. The Queen, unknowing, has begun a new war, and means to see it ended even if it means her unlife. There will be no one and nothing left then to protect Icehome, except me. I have been given the day off from carrying messages.
    Miscellaneous: Bioluminescent spots of red and yellow

    Spoiler: Avatar-builder Image

    Spoiler: The Mote

    The Mote is a spaceship. It is shaped like a twenty-five-meter-long egg attached by thick chains on the ventral port stern to a smaller egg.

    It it built around a single extremely large spinal cannon which has limited freedom of motion; for the most part it must be aimed by flying and turning the ship itself. The shells weigh a ton and a half, leave the barrel at Mach 2, and are accurate out to quite a few miles. It is most vulnerable when recovering from firing this weapon. It also mounts a pair of much smaller two-gun turrets to engage small targets and cover the engine-egg.
    It has one entrance hatch on the bottom, and another on the upper starboard.

    Its crew is composed of:
    Captain Bloom
    Pilot Anais, a half-human half-drow woman who took care of Bloom.
    Technician Reqonswent, a human man with built-in radio. Shaved head, connects to the computers with a cable port in the base of his neck.
    Des(peration), Gunner 3rd Class.
    Arakyonyx, Gunner 1st Class, an imp.

    Plus Russel the loader, Osseus Construct. Six legs, four big arms, lots of spines. Some spines end in mouths, others in hands.
    Plus an Engine

    Spoiler: Rainbow Vineyard Vampires

    They call themselves 'Singers' now, after their eldest 'living' member. Specifically, they are The Singers of the Moon's Chorus.

    Not reflected in silver. Not captured on film, but can be seen on digital cameras.
    Develop numerous phobias and compulsions. These vary among vampires, but knowledge of them tends to lead to a self-fulfilling effect; a vampire who has heard that vampires are unable to cross running water will often find himself unable to do so. These beliefs are often also passed down from sire to fledgling.
    Commonly found in the Singers: Inability to cross flowing water under their own power, inability to enter a home uninvited, inability to confront reflective surfaces, inability to confront religious symbols (that they recognize as such).
    Singers are weakened by sunlight. If they have not fed recently, it will burn them. Even if they have, it will slow and weaken them, and forbid them many of their powers. Reflected light is ineffective, it must come directly from a star, with at most diffusing air in the way.
    Silver will burn them, and wounds left by silver weapons will not regenerate like others will.
    A Singer's heart still beats; if it is destroyed, they will die. This and exposure to sunlight are the only normal means to kill them.

    Red Powers
    Tougher, faster, and stronger than their stock, by about 3 standard deviations.
    Blue Powers
    Thorn Step - Singers can put on brief bursts of speed, moving in a blue flash.
    Thorn Sails - Singers can learn to extend their powers through a suitably large vessel to move it faster than light.
    Yellow Powers
    Silver Powers
    Curse of the Vampire - To turn people into things like themselves

    -----The Order: 1 Master, 7 Hunters, 22 Trainees
    ----Queen of the Night

    Aurani Riki Cocoshee'atel'Quessa

    Alias: 99
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire
    Age: 124 years
    Alignment: White, Lawful Evil. Although out purely for herself and her loved ones, Riki abides by a strict and byzantine code of ethics and obligations.
    Profession: Monster Taxi Driver
    Power Rating: B
    Description: Five feet tall, with bright green eyes and a warm smile, sharply dressed in fashion several decades old, not nearly enough of the buttons done up. She keeps the tattoo covered up.
    Then the whites of her eyes go red and the pupil becomes a slit and she's replaced by a sleek beast of curved stained glass as the Ferret Fangire. Long fangs (not just in her mouth), strong claws, and that tail!
    Personality: Quick to anger, quick to forgive, quick to jump to conclusions, and pathologically guilty. If people would just take things seriously and listen for one minute-
    Equipment: Riki's blue suede shoes let you treat whatever they're resting on as 'down'.
    Jon's Sword.
    Abilities: Strong, fast, tough, transforming, life-draining.
    Backstory: Goodness, what a lot to get into. Let's just blame the emptiness of this section on the time the old queen locked all her memories away. The Glass-Vampire War was a terrible time.
    Miscellaneous: update in progress.
    Previously part of TOWN.
    Mostly shows up near her daughter (from back when she was alive) Mei.
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    Recaiden, stop using your mastery of the English language to confuse the issue.
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    d20 Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Gender: Male
    Race: Troglodyte
    Age: 30-ish, probably. He stopped counting after about 25.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class: Bard/Scholar
    Power Rating: C-
    Description: Jez stands slightly taller than an average troglodyte at 5'11'', but weighs about the same, so he looks a bit thin to a keen observer. His scales are a generic lizardfolk green on his torso and head, but gradually darkens to a murky asphalt color near his hands, feet, and tail. His yellow eyes are always darting around at the slightest movement, and gets tense and twitchy when in a large crowd. Doesn't smell that great, obviously.
    Personality: Jez'hir is usually far ahead of the enemy tactically, but he freezes up on the rare occasion if he's outplayed or thrown off guard, especially if it's by another bard. He's also quite introverted for a bard, usually silently standing with his foot planted on a wall as opposed to making small talk with the local bartender/civilian/noble/whoever. He comes off as antisocial, abrasive, insensitive and brash to most, but when he warms up to people he can be as caring and trustworthy as anyone.
    Equipment: Like most bards, Jez prefers light armor over the heavy stuff; wearing a well-worn but sturdy chain chest harness, a pair of cloth shorts fitted with shin guards, and a single steel pauldron. He carries a light rectangular wooden shield, spattered in blood and many mementos from past battles are attached to it in some way or another. A massive, four-stringed lute with a neck twice as long as the average lute is used as his main instrument, but also owns several flutes, a hand drum and a tiny accordion. He's proficient in almost every instrument, save for the pan pipes. He never could understand the pan pipes.
    Abilities: Jez is strangely intelligent, especially for a troglodyte. This is probably due to being unable to forget literally anything he sees or hears; he can memorize whole song books in fifteen to forty-five minutes depending on length and font size. Utilizing pressure points and lute-shredding, he takes his foes down with knowledge of their anatomy and outlasts them using his tremendous defending capability. Those with sensitive hearing are at his complete mercy.
    Backstory: Raised by Dwarves, Jez'hir has a thick accent. From a very young age, his superiors could tell he was a genius, especially in musical areas. He was accepted into the Hirn Moldur Elite Soundcrafters, a sort of bardic university, at the age of ten. This comfortable and successful lifestyle lost its charm after a while; Jez got bored sitting there in some boring city reading and singing about glorious battles and epic wars, and wanted to experience things for himself. At the age of twenty, he left his home to travel the world and save people or whatever adventurers do. This worked out incredibly well; he knew battle tactics and weapon attacks and the like, breezing through the easier tasks people give to adventurers; also being well-liked by fans of his music. To this day, he seeks... something. He just sort of likes fighting, I suppose.
    Miscellaneous: Jez can't get drunk, being completely unaffected by alcohol; he can speak fourteen different languages as well.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Krik
    Gender: Male
    Race: Black-scale Kobold
    Age: 14 (18 in human years)
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class: Bard
    Power Rating: D
    Description: The most dashing a Kobold can be, Krik is an albino black-scale kobold, being dark brown instead of tar-colored; his eyes being yellow as opposed to bright green. He wears a smaller and more toned-down version of the average bard's regalia - a drab beige cloth shirt partially covered by chainmail, and a short pair of tattered dark gray trousers that stop at the knees. He wears foot wraps instead of shoes, he hates the feeling of them (not to mention most shoes wouldn't fit him anyway). His height is 2'8" and weighs 37 pounds.
    Personality: Krik is young, even in kobold standards, and wants to experience everything the world has to offer. He's very curious, straightforward and naive, but is empathic and kind to most people. If someone critiques his music, he gets VERY cross with them, sometimes even following that person back to their house so he can steal some of their possessions while they sleep.
    Equipment: A small dagger enchanted with acid, which he calls a sword, and a tiny wooden buckler which he calls a bulwark. Both descriptions are essentially true to one of his size. His instrument of choice is a small fifteen-stringed wooden lute of unknown origins, it's rather uninteresting save for an engraving of Krik's head on the lute's backside.
    Abilities: As a blackscaled kobold, Krik can move around in swamps and water at his regular running speed, and can spit out about an ounce of acid once per day. He can imitate any voice in many languages (being fluent in fourteen of them), and can shatter fragile objects (glass, thin walls, ears) using various chord combinations on his lute. Even with his well-spokenness he still refers to himself in the third person, regardless of language.
    Backstory: As an albino, Krik was estranged by his tribe and left to fend for himself from birth. He survived alone in the swamps until the age of four (somehow) when he stumbled across a city he didn't bother to learn the name of. He picked up a lute, started messing around with it, and within about a year he was skilled enough to make a living for himself by playing in the local tavern every night. One day, a group of adventurers staying in the tavern asked him to come along with them on their quest for... whatever, as they needed a bard to assist them. Krik graciously agreed. The other adventurers were slaughtered within a week, but Krik found his way to the Nexus somehow.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Xylene Omega

    Gender: Female
    Age: No idea
    Race: Nova Kid

    Appearance: Xylene has the same build and height of an average human woman. That's where the similarities end, though.

    Instead of skin and muscle and organs, Xylene is made of plasma. The kind you could find in a star. Here entire body is made of it, even her hair. It glows a bright green in color.

    As with all Nova Kids, Xylene lacks an actual face. No nose, no eyes, no mouth. Instead, there is a large metal plate in the shape of the capital Greek letter Omega. This plate generates a magnetic field that contains the plasma within, keeping her whole and allowing her to interact with her environment.

    For clothing, Xylene chooses out fits usually seen in the Old West.

    Quotes and goodies:
    You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til ya understand who's in ruttin' command here! - Jayne Cobb

    I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you. - Malcolm Reynolds

    Because I'm allergic to things I don't wanna do. *coughcough* - Caboose
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    I has a story! Updates when I can.
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    Alias: Zeralthis

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 24

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class: Wind Shaman

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: A tall young man with gray eyes, tan skin, black hair and 3 glowing runes, one on the palm of each hand and one on the chest over the hearth. He wears a tunic, pants, a belt with decorated with charms, and brown boots. Most of his clothes are made out of animal hides, fur, and leather. Many small animal bones and skulls can be seen sown to his clothes. He has a well trimmed beard, and short but wild hair.

    Personality: A kind but mischievous person. He is always trying to discover new things, and new experiences. He loves learn but can get bored easily. Al tough confident in his abilities he will avoid battles that he finds too challenging unless he is in good company. His goal is not money or power but knowledge. If he thinks of you as a friend you can expect him to joke with you, encourage you to push your limits, and assist you with your problems.

    Equipment: Hide clothing, a medium sac attached to his belt, and a gold trimmed pole-arm.

    Abilities: His power comes from his Owl wild wind spirit. Zeralthis Acts as a host to the spirit and in return the spirit gives Zeralthis many different abilities. Zeralthis has super human movement, he can create gusts of wind allowing him to push medium heavy objects, he can create small dust storms, and he can power up his pole arm with a wind blade. He has 360 awareness when concentrating, and is stealthy. Zeralthis will lose his powers if his wind spirit is removed from him, but he will still be able to use the pole arm.

    Back story: Zeralthis was born to a tribe of shamans who worship wind spirits. The tribes worship and give offerings to the wind spirits and in return the spirits empower the tribes warriors. The leader wind spirit manifests itself as a Roc and empowers the firstborn child of the tribes leader. Zeralthis is the second so of the tribe leader and therefor does not get as much attention. As a child Zeralthis got into a lot of trouble to get attention, and he got into trouble so often that he even got blamed for things he did not do. He was very close to his family, except for his father who spent most of his time with his older brother preparing him to be the host of the Roc. When his brother reached adult age the tribe performed a ritual to merge the spirit and the brother; the ritual was successful and as expected for the first two years the brother had to be isolated to not hurt the tribe. In his isolation the brother would learn to understand the spirit and they would eventually cooperate as one but until then the power would get out control and he would go in a rampage. During this isolation Zeralthis's little sister wanted to visit their older brother but was not allowed so she sneaked off to see him. Zeralthis saw her and tried to stop her but by the time he cught up she had already gone into the chamber where their older brother was experiencing one of his rampages. The little sister was killed in this rampage. Zeralthis knew that this would not only result in the banishment of his brother but the pain would also destroy him. Zeralthis took the blame for this, and was exiled. While in exile he found a wild nature spirit (Owl) and became its host. Now Zeralthis travels the lands as a nomad.

    Misc: He may have an owl around him at times.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Bruce Densworthy
    Alias: The Butler
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Profession: Butler
    Power Rating: A B+ in hand to hand combat. A B with swordplay. A B+ in firearms.
    Description: Bruce has short black hair and light skin. He has dark blue eyes that seem to mesmerize those who look into them. He usually wears a Victorian Era Suit with coat-tails and white gloves. He keeps a pocket watch in his pocket. Has a tattoo.
    Personality: Bruce lives for serving, and the bomb requires him to butler. If he doesn't, boom goes the dynamite. Despite this he's incredibly positive and works hard every day.
    Equipment: One well kept suit and gloves, a cigar case and lighter, a glock, and a pocket watch.
    Ablities: Skilled in various schools of martial arts, weaponry, and proper butlery.
    Back Story: Bruce was born from a facility that was created to manufacture the perfect servant. Ever proper, obedient, and even a bodyguard when necessary. Trained in several schools of martial arts, knowledgable about various weaponries and even old school swordplay, Bruce is the perfect butler. To keep the butlers in line, each one has a tiny explosive charge in the base of their skull. Upon any intrusion of it it will go off and Bruce will die.

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    Muirlinn Morningsong

    Gender: Female
    Race: Half Elf (1/2 human, 1/2 high elf)
    Age: What are you, a cop?
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class: Paladin
    Power Rating: B+/A-
    Appearance: A slender yet muscular half elf of average height. Most of her thick brown hair is tied into two long braids, the remainder being bangs swept to either side held up by a thin brown silk headband. She wields an ornate and strong wood-and-mithril buckler, enchanted to kinetically reflect all blows inflicted upon it. She carries a generic paladin-looking longsword sheathed on her back, but prefers to use a pair of Koada'Dal runesteel knuckles when fighting. Will edit in the rest later.
    Personality: A righteous warrior with a heart of gold and a will of iron, Muirlinn is possibly the most powerful and benevolent paladin in her land. However, she's often instead regarded as ill-tempered, vulgar and rude by her superiors; despite this she never loses her cool during a battle. Her love for drinking, fighting, and gambling is rivaled only by her faith in the goddess Tunare.
    Backstory: The daughter of human bard Ingvarr McVaxius and high elf paladin Galilee Morningsong, the young Muirlinn Morningsong was a parenting nightmare. She threw tantrums if anything didn't go the way she wanted, she stole from her neighbors, and routinely beat up her schoolmates. Her father had been spending years writing the perfect lullaby, only to lull Muirlinn to sleep. When she was four, Ingvarr had perfected his song... or so he thought. The notes chafed, burned and eviscerated the ears and minds of Ingvarr, rendering him both deaf and clinically insane. Galilee sought help for her husband, but almost everyone in the town had hated the family at this point for raising an 'insufferable demonspawn of a child'. Within two weeks, the silence and pain drove Ingvarr to try and kill his wife, himself... and his daughter. Galilee, a respected Paladin of Tunare, prayed as hard as she could for Muirlinn, for her to be safe from her corrupted husband's desire to murder. As Galilee and Ingvarr lay dead in the lake, the wife knocked unconcious and drowned, the husband's innards spilled by his own hands, Muirlinn felt a warm, soft glow. It was both immaterial and physical, both visible and transparent. Light poured in from another plane, permeating her very being, mind, soul and body. The stab wound her father inflicted on her dissappeared, the blood stain on the lakeshore seemingly being sucked back into her body. An inaudible and deafening whisper from Tunare herself entered Muirlinn's mind, cleansing it of evil and injustice. In that moment, Muirlinn knew she needed to respect this impossibly massive force of pure good, fight for it, and in return it would grant her the ability to protect people that couldn't save themselves. People like her parents. People like herself.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    (formerly known as "Rochelle C. Hawkins")
    Text Speech code: "mediumseagreen"

    Gender + Race: Female Elf

    Profession: Supervillianess, Marciano's Head Enforcer

    Age: Appears 28, actually 224 (spent a hundred years sensory deprived and a hundred more among Eldritch Abominations)

    Alignment: Variable, but definitely evil.

    Power Level: A- Rank

    • Mark Of The Outsider (now rarely used, save for teleportation, possession and aura vision)
    • Weather Manipulation
    • Mind Rape via inflicting mental agony
    • Skilled at using swords

    Weakness: Insane and unpredictable.

    Personality: Perpetually in agony. Limited facial expressions. Sadistic, sociopathic, lacks empathy. When she's being cruel and evil, tends to be more serene. Megalomaniac. Keeps thralls, has one that follows her around, called Jade.

    Description: Slim and slender, white hair. Green eyes, ghostly white skin. Has a rather disturbing and serene smile on her face most times. Dressed like she always has been, but with a different color scheme.

    Equipment: A pair of katanas worn on the back, a magic automatic crossbow. A faded license plate with a face drawn on it that she carries around and speaks to. She calls it Zoey.

    Spoiler: From Rochelle to Agony
    After Rochelle had been banished to space for a hundred years, she floated in the deep dead space, only able to think and talk to herself, trapped in a black orb made of darkness itself.

    A hundred years is a lot of time to think, and Rochelle did so. She thought about the circumstances surrounding her banishment. She thought of Anchor, the woman who claimed love but was only using her for her selfish gain. And for what? For protection? Rochelle, who had had no interest in keeping thralls, now found the prospect appealing. At least, she'd be able to raise up people who loved her, by forcing them and taking away free-will.

    That line of thinking also led her to what she'd do with the world if she could: Let it burn. Sow chaos, anarchy and a lot of bloodshed. Order was a facade, an illusion stupid people gave themselves in order to feel safe. She decided she had a new mission: To educate the world on the virtues of chaos, anarchy, madness and pain. Needless to say, by the time she arrived at this conclusion, she had gone off the deep end. The very deep end.

    A hundred years is also a lot of time for self-harm, and she engaged in it so much that something in her broke and pain became a natural state of being. She had always loved pain, and now she was content. During this time, she also cut her hair in a fit of madness,

    About 50 years down the line, something found her. Something almost eldritch in its make-up, something that would drive other people mad. However, she was already well over the madness scale that she didn't mind, in fact, she welcomed them.

    The Eldritch-like aliens, called the Ancients, enslaved her at first, thinking she was an ordinary elf. After conversing with an Ancient, they realized that she shared their way of thinking and took her in, teaching her their ways. A side effect of her time with the Ancients was her gaining the ability to drive other people slowly insane, to invade their dreams and dominate the minds, to make mindthralls. She also lost interest in killing for the sake of it, preferring instead to prolong the suffering of her victims until they learnt to love it and became hopelessly devoted to her, unable to function without her consent. Manipulating the Ancients, she was able to become the empress of their enslaved race. She still answered to the Ancients, but they treated her more like a peer than a thrall. Soon, she had full reign of the thralls.

    There were few empresses like her, but she was the most ruthless, the most revered and the most worshipped. Soon enough, this got to her head and she became used to being The Empress of Pain and torment. Rochelle, now called Agony, was so well-known that when she died, she was brought back by the Ancients, which changed her physiology. Her skin became a sickly green and her mind deteriorated further, becoming irredeemable.

    Soon enough, sweet little childish Rochelle was a thing of the past, in her place was Agony, the Empress of pain and torment, the woman who lived up to her name, in a perpetual state of agony and the talent to inflict that pain on others via her swords, mind control and weather manipulation. She rarely used the gifts of The Outsider (or The Black-Eyed buffoon as she now called him) anymore, save for Blink, Void Gaze and Possession.

    After two hundred years in space, Agony was prepared to stay forever. Still, she had a longing to visit the Nexus and finish some business. Soon enough, she got her opening, for an unwary space explorer appeared near her domain. She invaded his dreams using her mental powers, got him to come to her area, kept him as a mind-thrall and spacejacked his ship. Filling the crew with some of her thralls, she returned to the Nexus to find that less than a month had passed. Docking at Spaceside, she quickly found herself a home where she could keep her thralls undisturbed, then went to visit Marciano with her number one thrall whom she called Jade.

    It was time to show the Nexus what she could do.

    Agony pissed Nicole off, then on realizing she was an Ancient One, put herself at Nicole's mercy. Nicole proceeded to change her to her liking and make her a part of her pack... and make her submissive to Nicole only.... until Agony and Nicole had a falling out that ended up with Agony losing her status as an AMENite.

    Changes (by Nicole):
    • Her stomach capacity is significantly increased. Her stomach acids are more acidic.
    • Incredibly sharp, durable and pearly white teeth that can cut through bone easily.
    • Increased Hearing, Sense of Smell and sensitivity to pain
    • A taste for flesh
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