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    Rupert O'Reilly

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Lizardfolk

    Age: Late 20s (exact DOB is unknown)

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Gunslinger/Bard

    Power Rating: Dangerously Cheesy

    Description: Like most adult lizard men Rupert is tall, thin and gangly. Standing perfectly upright he clocks at seven feet, but a subtle stoop natural to his race brings him down to a 6' 9". Because of his comparatively more comfortable life he's less well toned and bulked than many of his kind, though, and his face is long and slender. Where he walks he carries a long, slender tail that lazily moves of its own conscience. His scales are a smoothed, sheen and immaculately groomed emerald green.

    Personality: Rupert's charisma is one of near terminal good cheer. His doggedly uncomplicated philosophy of "Don't worry about it" means he's always at the ready with mirth and merriment. Those with a more professional outlook may find him to be chatty and needlessly esoteric in his verbosity, but he's a fairly popular staple amongst many bars and taverns.

    He is, however, too scatterbrained to a truly talented musician or gunslinger and as such is only mediocre at both. Perhaps most frustratingly, he's perfectly content in his mediocrity. He's a proud and open hedonist and utterly lacking in motivation for anything lasting or substantial. He's intelligent in many areas, especially regarding the arts and philosophy, but his understanding of the sciences is severely lacking.

    • 2x Colt 45 peacemaker (affectionately dubbed Sonny and Cher)
    • Acoustic guitar (cheap, replacable, utilitarian)
    • Assorted ammunition and gunpowder
    • "Birds of the Steppes" by Candace Washington (Dragonspeak translation by Y'vril Tempest)

    Additionally he tends to be clad in outfits even the most charitable would call "gaudy". Impractical for combat and excessive for every other occasion, he describes his sense of style as "glam rock meets Rawhide". He is particularly fond of a stark white Stetson he feels goes with everything.

    Abilities: Rupert possesses a perfectly competent understanding of firearms. At closer range he's audacious enough to attempt to fire two handed, though he has little confidence in the aim of his left. Pistols are his proficiency and, as of now, he has no plans to branch out any time soon.

    Backstory: Working on it.

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    Sorcerer-Captain Feng Bo, or just "Bo."

    Alignment: Conservative Ė the rules matter. Neutral in the way that most people are Ė some good tendencies, depending on how the observer sees things like serving the Empire loyally and diligently; and some bad tendencies, depending on how you feel about invading and conquering other planets that were just minding their own business.

    Class/Profession: Battlemage, a/k/a military sorcerer; intelligence officer, direct-action specialist.

    Power Rating: 4-to-4.5 or B-to-B+

    Description: A human male who looks a physically-fit 30 years of age, with a round, open face, usually smiling, brown eyes, clean-shaved jaw and skull, light color skin, just under 2 m. tall and 90 kg. Black stubble grows in on his face and head if he lets them go for more than a day or two without shaving. He wears a long, quilted jacket in grey with a red and black pattern (long sleeved, high collared and knee length like a greatcoat) over a dark red shirt, tucked into black breeches over heavy black boots. It all looks worn, but well cared for. He carries no obvious weapons, not even a blade at his wide black leather belt, which might seem strange as the overall effect is that of a uniform with all insignia removed.

    Personality: Friendly, polite, but dignified and a bit formal. Careful Ė wants to know the rules and relationships before taking action. Balanced - does not easily get too up, too down or too angry. Generally good humored and will go out of his way to be decent company. Kind to pets, children and people in need. Independent and strong-willed. Careless with money; likes to gamble. In conflict situations his smile disappears and his expression turns blank as training puts aside emotion. Prone to writing overly long after-action reports, getting lost in the technical details of surveillance matrix networks, and other weaknesses. Has a sense of humor underneath.

    1. The greatcoat he wears is enchanted to act as the equivalent of a chain hauberk or kevlar.
    2. A sword called Spider. Normally worn on Boís right hand in the form of a ring, it transforms to sword form in his hand when called for. Itís not a major arcana, but it is enchanted. "Few are those fortunate enough to escape the steel web."
    3. Rucksack. A bag of holding. Can levitate along the ground following its owner, or be carried on his back, or shrunk to wallet size and pocketed when half full.

    Bo has trained since childhood in martial arts using hands, feet, and a variety of weapons. In soldiers of the Empire this kind of training, and the strength and conditioning to march all day and then fight, are taken for granted. Itís also the foundation of his sorcery. He practices both every day.

    Boís magic is largely oriented towards military applications of the destructive kind and intelligence gathering. He is good at blasting, burning, freezing, electrocuting, and generally tearing things down; shielding or suppressing similar effects of magic and weapons; but also surveillance, scrying and long distance communications. Physical buffs such as strength, speed and toughness, of course. He can manage flight, basic illusions such as invisibility and disguise. He can spend magic to re-create the effects of grenades, automatic weapons and other equipment using pre-programmed spells, if he's not equipped with the physical items when needed.

    What Bo is not good at: Excessively complicated magic, like healing, shape-changing, mind-affecting spells, weather systems, summoning demonic and/or angelic entities, enchanting items -- Such things take plenty of time and preparation, if they work at all. Magic becomes more difficult and takes longer as it becomes more subtle and technical. Maybe with another 100 years of constant practice...

    Secondarily, Bo has some experience in constructing fortifications as well as penetrating them. He is trained to pilot several kinds of aircraft and orbit-capable ships, as well as a flying creature or three. He can cook for himself -- also for others if theyíre not too picky. Heís not familiar with most tech, be it electronic or ICE, but can often reproduce their effects with magic.

    Backstory: Space opera! Bo is, or was, a low-ranking military officer of a galaxy-spanning Empire. Though the Empire is human in origin, alien races are commonly citizens of the Empire with the same rights as humanity, provided they follow the Imperial Principle: One Galaxy, One Emperor. In recent times a weak Emperor has led to civil war. Itís planet against planet, one regiment against another. Bo Ė like many of his class, the military sorcerers Ė wanted nothing to do with internal rebellion or local warlords. His purpose is to serve the Empire by conquering star systems and ruling them in benevolent fashion, not squabbling with his own kind over politics of all things.

    Magic has attained great heights of sophistication in the Empire. It takes the place of most technological devices. Anything that tech can do, magic can do better, cheaper and faster. Travel is mostly by teleportation portal, or enchanted airship, as well as local orbital and inter-planetary spaceflight with spell-powered ships. The lives of ordinary citizens are often quite comfortable due to the pervasive presence of magic, but the Empireís machines of war can be endlessly inventive and destructive.

    The Empire knows of the existence of the Nexus. Even though itís an expansionist, conquering kind of Empire, it leaves the Nexus alone because of the presence of chaotic, god-like powers (and actual gods!) that nobody fully understands. In other words, the Nexus is a place the Empire doesnít go. Bo, knowing this, somehow gained the use of a portal that could access the Nexus. He walked out on the civil war entirely, leaving behind almost all possessions and any connection to friends, family, allies and other resources. Without documentation or ready coin, he survived. He does look over his shoulder sometimes.
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    The Fey

    Created With Great Influence And Aid From Gulaghar

    The Fey are beings of the world, their spirit exemplifying the vivacious and diverse nature of environment. Full of energy, ranging in type from flaming figures to verdant treewomen, from anthropomorphic beings of personification to humanoids with varying styles of animal spirit and form, the Fey are as myriad in type as the biomes of the multiverse, and as exemplifying as the beings of mythology and story.

    Origin: The Sparks

    At their core, the beings of Fey are little more that semi-sentient energy referred to as "Sparks", drifting across the cosmos in unconscious search of metaphorical DNA to build upon. When these dormant wanderers finally come into contact with something, their sleeping energy wakes and forms a fey, a being of raw lifeforce and nature. What triggers this sudden generation of Fey vary greatly, but is always natural, ranging from the four elements to natural phenomena such as oil, rain and lava, and in some cases even living beings.

    The new form these Sparks obtain are always greatly influenced by the natural object that they have contacted, humanoid bodies taking on traits and personality influenced by the object's properties, as well as the characteristics cultures have identified with the object. For example, contact with water results in fey with shifting form and mercurial nature, while contact with iron forms fey beings of hardy bodies and industrious personality. It is important to note that these fey are not one-dimensional in personality, just like other sapient beings.

    Primora, or Nymphs: Fey of The Five Elements
    The Primora, commonly known as Nymphs, are Fey formed from the "classic" elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, as well as Plant Life. These fey fall into five different categories: the Salamanders, Naiads, Oreads, Dryads. and Sylphs.

    Salamanders are elemental beings of fire, formed from contact with flame, ash, and lava.

    Mercuria: Fey of Weather and Seasons

    Anima: Fey of Spirit

    Filia: The Spark-Touched
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    Hei Shen
    (Formerly known as Dao Feng, pre-draconification)

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Demonic Black Dragon
    Age: N/A
    Class/Profession: Former Hitman.
    Alignment: Somewhere between Neutral and Chaotic Evil

    Power Rating: High

    Description: A large pitch-black serpentine dragon with otherworldly white eyes, feathery wings and antler horns.

    Personality: Cruel, manipulative, power-hungry.

    Equipment: A black orb which serves as his heart. If he is killed, he will regenerate inside it.

    • Poison Breath: Two variants. One is a line of highly poisonous and corrosive acid, and the other is a line of mentally poisonous muk.
    • His black scales adapts to dark environments, rendering him invisible in the absence of light, save for his white eyes.
    • Ability to control the inner concept spirits (kami) of all things, save those that are loyal to owners (owned items like bodies or equipment).
    • Ability to manipulate the world to some degree.

    Weakness: At this point, he cannot be changed back to good. Also, destroying his ball will kill him. It's very difficult to harm, though.

    Backstory: Just as he's about to die, Dao exerts a lot of energy trying to turn the area into something soft. He fails and gets killed. He wakes up in ghost form as a white tiger haunting the ruins of VIGIL, until he is found by fellow VIGILites. There, he instinctively manifests his ability to amplify or diminish the powers of others with his esoteric wind powers.

    This doesn't last for long, as he falls in with a Cuthun demon scientist which teleports him to a realm filled with muk that turns him into a black dragon, seeking to corrupt and imbalance the world at large, one place at a time.
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    Post Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Full Name: Nobody Knows!
    Alias: Shifter, for obvious reasons.
    Gender: Unknown, but prefers male forms
    Race/Species: Unknown
    Age: Unknown, but some may estimate to ~900 years
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Chameleon
    Description: Doesn't have a permanent form, but favors the form of an elf.
    Personality: He acts however his instinct tells him to. He doesn't like restrictions, and is only guided by what's inside him. His gut feeling is usually correct.
    Equipment: Changes with form, but usually something that lets him have flexibility.
    Abilities: He can change to the form of anything he has seen or has been described to him accurately. If he sees another use a special ability, (spellcasting, class abilities, etc.), he can spend an hour to learn to use that ability, but only in the form of the character who he saw use it, and only as well as the character he saw use it. If he sees a stronger opponent use the same ability, it only takes him 15 minutes to learn it.
    Backstory: To Come Later
    Miscellaneous: n/a
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Jordan McKenzie
    (Formerly known as 'Fixer')

    Spoiler: Jordan's Details
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Nanoaugmented Human
    Age: 45
    Class/Profession: Assassin, Baker

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: At first glance: A muscular black man with a bald head and purple eyes with circuitry-like patterns around the pupils. He looks to be in his late 30s, and there are faint glowing lines around his eyes.
    He's usually dressed in black track pants and a sky blue body-hugging T-shirt, showing off his well-defined muscles. He looks a little too perfect, though.

    Personality: Calm-voiced, more willing to smile around Bliss. Changes due to being off-Nexus will be added as time goes on.

    Equipment: Honey Badger Assault Rifle with a 3D-Printer for a reload mechanism, an array of gadgets courtesy of Mirai, Magic-resisting force-field armor, his nanosuit body.

    • Enhanced Strength, Agility and Reaction Time
    • Healing Factor
    • Invisibility Cloak, for a limited time.
    • Sonar vision
    • Digiconstruction technology, allowing him to digiconstruct clothes coverings.
    • Limited Shapeshifting of body parts (a-la Inspector Gadget), allowing him to digiconstruct armor and weapons from his hands and feet.

    Weakness: Nanosuit Body requires organic matter and UV radiation to keep his energy storage levels up, if his internal energy storage levels are low, his body will trigger a state of 'frenzy', causing him to singlemindedly chase down sources of sustenance.

    Bliss McKenzie
    (Formerly known as Felicity)

    Spoiler: Bliss' Details
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Nanoaugmented Human
    Age: 13 as an AI, countless years as a faery before that
    Class/Profession: Tour Guide

    Power Rating: C

    Description: A winged 17-year-old looking lady with light-blue skin and dark-blue hair. Her eyes are the color of her hair, and she's usually dressed in a white top and grey skirt, regardless of size.

    Personality: Talkative, fun-loving, against wanton violence.

    Equipment: -

    • Size-change: Between 'big-mode' and 'pixie mode'.
    • Flight, via wings.
    • Ability to phase through thin objects
    • Mental-Link to Jordan

    If something were to put Jordan out of commission, she'd be unable to act. Also, she has limited ability to interact with objects that are not Jordan.

    Backstory:13 years ago, Solomon Pearce died and got turned into a new type of nanosoldier by a crazed nanoscientist. Hating his existence and questioning his humanity, he wandered the world, doing odd jobs as a merc-for-hire.

    After coming to the Nexus, he found love in the most unlikely place: a sapient AI construct called Felicity that was installed as part of his nano-augs to provide support, recon and company. Their bond increased, and they became an item.

    Soon after, they left the Nexus to pursue other avenues. During that time, the two visited a myriad of worlds and did missions, before settling on the Nanopunk world (Luna's Homeworld) and living together as a couple for a few years, changing their names to reflect that fact. Fixer became Jordan, Felicity changed her name to Bliss to reflect her happiness at being with her love finally, and they chose the surname McKenzie in honor of Jordan's old commanding officer, who's now dead.

    His Nanosuit has completely fused with his human form, giving him a human-seeming body with nanosuit abilities.
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    Professor Cadmium / Iteration L457-Y348/ Peter McGuire

    (All answers given are those of the current host, Pete, unless otherwise noted)


    Race: Human (corrupted)

    Age: 46. Professor Cadmium was 246 when he transferred consciousness, Iteration L457-Y348 has experienced several millennia of real-time.

    Class: Cadmium is usually a wizard of some description, be it arcane or technical. Iteration LY has a modicum of psionic abilities, as all others are lost during transfer. Pete is more or less useless.

    Power Rating: Cadium is B rank, LY cannot usually have any effect on this version of reality (but would be A or above if it could, which it can't), Pete is E to E-.

    Description: Pete is having a really rough day. Due to a botched transfer, his DNA has been somewhat corrupted. His flesh is a fix of peeling off or scarred, and is greyish-green in colour. His head is completely bald, with massive ridges of scar tissue leading from his eyes across his head. He has no eyelids, completely black eyes with bright green pupils.

    Equipment: He is currently wearing a rough cloak, apparently made of a hessian sack.

    Abilities: Cadmium had a decent level of magical ability in his previous life, who knows how much of it transferred over. None of it should have, but the Nexus is rather inimical to delicate dimensional constructs. Iteration LY could probably cobble a mind-blast together if pressed, but it would much prefer to let the physicals to deal with those kinds of issues. Pete can hit things with... not much force.

    Backstory: Peter McGuire was most likely blind drunk when the emergency transfer initiated. If everything had gone right, the memories of Prof. Cadmium, the previous cycle, should have been filtered and stored while Iteration L457-Y348 searched for a new host. Normally, a one or two month human-analogue child would have been chosen, and slowly had it's budding conciousness overwritten by the Iteration's standard operating mindsystem. LY would have gone into orbit until the chosen child reached adulthood, then impart the appropriate memory cores.

    It didn't go right.

    Iteration LY was caught by a freak dimensional surge generated by the Nexus, and had to abort the standard process and find a sub-optimal host. Any host. Now, Peter McGuire has three-quarters of Prof. Cadmium, the entirety of Iteration LY and a splitting headache all vying for his attention. Also, the energy surge gave cancer, set him on fire, and exploded his heart.

    It really, really isn't his day.

    Miscellaneous: Just to be clear, Prof. Cadmium was the name of the body Iteration L457-Y348 previously "possessed". Pete is the new body, but also has most of the memories of Cadmium, so their may be some humorous (if confusing) situations involving Pete trying to combat the infinitely wiser and stronger Prof. Cadmium and the techno-ghost of Iteration LY. Question: Should I give each speaker a different colour?
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Aurani Meirhindaniacolanmastarania

    You should be calling me 'Lady Aurani', or 'Rhin'

    Being a child of (House) Aura, Mei, daughter of Rhi, daughter of Da, son of Cola, daughter of Mastara, son of the Iron Line.

    Gender: Female
    Species: Dragon (ilelŠnden-daoin'tel'quessir, Electrum (harp) variant)
    Age: ~1200 years experienced
    Alignment: Neutral Good, Blue
    Profession: Worldcrafter. Mei designs and builds solar systems for sale (at an appropriately astronomical price) to gods and other cosmic entities.
    Power Rating: S- or 7 (Demi-god)
    Description: A sleek reptilian dragon of arbitrary size, shiny scales the color of electrum covering a silvery skin, horns like an ibex, four legs, each with four claws, two long wings like the fin of a sailfish that extend all the way down her tail, which ends in a tuft of feathers, the only spot of another color on her, a vivid red. She might be as small as Aki, or as much as three kilometers long. Head shape #25 or #50.
    Personality: Arrogant and vain (having an accurate perception of what being a dragon is like), intensely curious, prone to jumping into things without thinking and brazen denial of unpleasant truths.
    Equipment: Business cards. A plain gold ring.
    Abilities: Flying: In defiance of physics, despite lack of air.
    Weather Control: Pretty much limitless.
    Lightning Breath: Like breathing fire, but making a bit less sense.
    Perfection: Mei simply doesn't do really badly at anything, ever, and couldn't be clumsy if she tried.
    Healthy: Never suffers from mundane diseases. Doesn't mind most toxins. Can endure any voltage or current, moderately extreme temperatures (nothing above 'corona of the sun', please, although freezing would be a little more successful), hard vacuum, bottom of the ocean pressures, brief immersion in acids and bases, cosmic radiation, etc. No particular natural resistance to harmful vibrations.
    Immortality: Now that she's fully grown, will never get older.
    Mantle: Mei maintains the integrity of the universe in her local area and can't be affected by anything that warps reality or alters the physical or magical laws she believes in.
    Conduit: Mei could give people who believe in her the power to do minor miracles, if she wanted. So far, she doesn't want that.
    Dragon Magic: All those other impossible things they do. Fast and slow, light and dark, here to there, climbing up walls, healing, seeing through illusions, etc.
    Backstory: Long and complicated. Mei was the secret background character tying together everything that's happened with Recaiden's characters from her world. From Majauril, left on the refugee ship back as a little hatchling, holed up at the Asylum, was involved in firefighting and crossing between town and ACRO, took the Mantle of the Sun after it passed from her mother, who, having been turned into a vampire, couldn't hold it any longer. Fulfilled an old promise. Found the way back to her home after life had stopped, but before the oceans froze solid. Went back well in advance of Vaan, who didn't leave till after the Glass/Vampire war, and raised her descendants at the first melted-point, Spark's Hollow. Undid her old promise in order to keep people safe. Centuries of slow thawing and defrosting halted when Vaan arrived and ended up technically dying with the Mantle of Earth and Ocean, after which a truce was called between the remaining gods and Mei left to make other worlds suitable for life. Now that Vaan has remanifested herself, Mei has returned again to her homeworld and the Nexus.
    Somewhat unusually, (and owing to Rhi's relative youth at the time) Mei was an only child. Perhaps there would have been other hatchlings if there had been time. But for years she grew up alone more often than not, and surrounded by humanoids rather than dragons when she wasn't.
    Her main purpose in returning to the Nexus is simple curiosity. It is such a varied, vibrant world. But she also aids the unusual colonies of pos'shallar who live here, bringing them updated modules and information from their skipping-ahead homeworld. Since meeting with the Stormguard, she also looks after the kobolds that arose when her blood was spilled upon a stone outcropping while in pursuit of a flame tyrant.
    Spoiler: Mantles
    Whatsoever holds a Mantle is a God of Majauril. They may be combined and split apart, and take on any physical form whatsoever.
    The Mantle of the Sun is light, moon and sun, storm and wind and rain, good dragons, shapechangers and electromagnetism.
    The Mantle of War is violence and conquest, strategy, tyranny and tactics. It is dangerous and painful to wear. It was sunk into the sea outside of Majauril.
    The Mantle of Earth is volcanic activity, plants, life and death.
    The Mantle of Ice is all things not encompassed above. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Wood, Metal. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Stasis and chaos, demise and renewal, darkness and undeath, love and hate, desire and denial, pain and peace, loss and giving, faith, magic, civilization, theft, justice, etc. The current mantle-holder, bored with near-omnipotence, has magnanimously allowed a few others to continue to exist and interact with its world.

    Spoiler: Majauril, the Frozen World

    These were the survivors. Five of them only were still together when the Freedom landed at the Asylum. Outcasts and exiles, from church and hive and dimension.
    Arlem joined HALO. He would be a hero. He would remove the stain that his mother had put on their family's name with her cowardice.
    His sister Shaneir followed one who was not to be named. Better to worship despair. She died during his attack on Inside, but that wasn't the end.
    Riki, who passed into darkness. Her rune-blood creatures, the birds and cats and gazelles, passed to her sister...
    Lady Vaan, who knew one could do anything if they willed, and she did. The last flower of her starlit home, she cast seeds and petals all through Icehome. She returned, much later, and perished fighting. Of course, the line between life and death is flexible for such a person. She claimed to know every language on Majauril, and ate only meat. A hundred and a thousand, plus fifty, each.
    Meirhin didn't much mind the cataclysm. She took the last life of their families and returned to claim the sky.

    The world is covered in ice miles thick. The sun is a burnt out red husk, and both moons lie shattered. Some say that survivors creep and climb the vines that once held the young moon, living in a web of magical deception. Most hold them to be part of the illusions. There are only two remaining locations of much interest to the living; the Ice Queen's palace, and the Spark's Hollow, where Meirhin's descendants live and scrape existence from the thawed earth.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    I have been waiting to join this rp till i came up with a good character idea, and i finally settled on one.

    Annabelle T. Zoravich

    Alias: Raggedy Anny (nickname

    Gender: female

    species: human undead

    actual age: ??? (she doesn't know)

    age appearance: 26

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Profession: Police detective

    Power rating: 6 (Lengendary hero)

    Personality: Depressing, emotionless, and just in general doesn't care about anything.

    Description: Anny looks like a walking, rotten corpse with long straight black hair, dull black eyes that of course look dead. She wears a long black dress, black coat, and combat boots. She often has an umbrella to keep the sun off her.

    Abilities: Anny can't die no matter what and she is an extremely powerful Occultist who focus's on Necromancy. Anny summon's the souls of the dead to attack her enemies and creates powerful undead without the use of bodies. Since she is dead, she has no need to eat, sleep, or breath and things that would affect a living creatures don't work on her.

    Weakness: While she can't die, Anny's body parts can be separated. Being a rotten corpse means body parts fall off pretty easily, though Anny's limbs can't be destroyed. If her head is disconnected from her body she becomes pretty defensless as her body from the neck down doesn't move without it.

    Equipment: A pair magic guns that don't do physical damage but instead hurt one's life force.

    Backstory: Anny woke up on a morgue operating table in the nexus with no memory of her previous life. After a while she found out what her name was and that she was a detective in the police force, she decided to simply get back to work. While she does wonder how she died and why nothing can kill her, she doesn't think its that important.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    I have another character i came up with. This one is made of jelly! :3

    Lennox R. Garrison

    Gender: none (used to be male)

    Race/Species: Fleshwarped Human

    Age: 23

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class/Profession: No job

    Power Rating: 4 Hero

    Personality: Very shy around other people and is often afraid someone will kill him. However Lennox will

    open up if to people who can convince him that they mean no harm. When he does he proves to be very

    nice and friendly.

    Description: Lennox is a fairly large pile of clear, green, mildly acidic ooze, but is not acidic enough to

    actually hurt someone. His vital organs are clear as day at the center of the ooze, however they are protected by the ooze he is made of. He can, for the sake of giving people a face to talk to, shape some of his slime to form a human

    shaped upper body.

    Equipment: Carries an orb inside him that helps him focus his magic.

    Abilities: Lennox is a fairly powerful wizard but isnít quite a master. He also can talk through telepathy and engulf people in an attempt keep them from fighting.

    Backstory: Lennox was once a student at the arcane university Maximus and was the top of his class.

    Being extremely smart he was able to comprehend each school of magic equally and made a lot of his

    peers jealous. One day his friend Boris had asked him for help in a summoning ritual and Lennox gladly

    accepted. What Boris left out which turned out to be pretty important was the fact that he wanted to

    summon a Balor. Boris didnít even know what a Balor was and summoned it just it sounded cool. So

    Lennox helped him finish the ritual and when it was done the Balor came and pretty much did what they

    do bestÖkill every mortal in sight. The head of the university had to come down and kill the thing but a

    fair amount of students had been killed. Lennox was blamed for the incident and sentenced to be put

    through the flesh forges, which through an extremely painful process turned him into a pile of living

    ooze. They kept Lennox in a large container and occasionally tossed in trash for him to dissolve. While

    he was given the capability to speak, he never dared to for the time he was there. However one person

    did take pity on him, his master Morkarth. He had found out about Borisís foolishness in trying to

    summon a Balor and helped Lennox escape, putting an actual ooze into the container and teleporting

    Lennox somewhere safe. However the only cure for the fleshwarping was pretty much death, so all

    Morkarth could do was help Lennox get as far away as possible from the academy. Morkarth gave

    Lennox his orb and wished him luck as Lennox now travels aimlessly from place to place in the nexus.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Dr. Godrick "Patchīt up" of the Copperbend Clan (Usually called Dr. Patch)
    Gender, Race and Age: Male, one-quarter dwarf (rest is human), 76 Years old (51 in human years)
    Aligment: Lawful Good
    Profession: feldsher, vet and street doc
    Powerlevel: D+

    Description: Dr. Patch is a 1, 56m (thatīs about 5 foot I guess) "tall", bold man with a strong face, marked by weather and clumsy assistants. He looks almost entirely human, exept for his underwhelming size and an enourmus, bronce mustache. (both of them relate to his dwarven grandmother). He has skilled hands and -despite his missing high- a well trained body. Most remarkable is a long scar on his left arm, left behind by a panicing lizardmen patient. He usually wears durable cloth which used to be white years ago (now they are light brown with a few crimson stains) and a stud, brown lether coat por rain and bite-protection. If at duty, he wears a brass monocle on the right eye, which is slightly damaged. (the eye, as well as the monocle). His voice is deep but calming, as long as he keeps up his patience... You never see him without his bondages or his trusty bonesaw "Lobothomy".

    Personality: Dr. Patch is harsh at a first glance, but caring and trustful after a short while. He also gives everyone a second chance, which might be one of his greatest weaknesses. In his lifetime he developed a great disrespect to the gods. He believes, hell he knows that they exist, but he just canīt stand them, and everyone who serves or is related to a diety will feel his strong, passive agression.

    Equipment: "Lobothomy", his trusty bonesaw. Forged out of dwarven steel and coated in a permanent layer of painkilling alchemistry.
    A backpag filled with medicin, bondages, healing salves and a bottle of narcotics.
    slightly damaged monocle for precise sight.

    Abilities: Minor spell resistance, and greater spell resistance against divine forces
    Highly skilled medic
    Immunity to mundane poison and illnesses
    Trained in close combat

    Backstory: He wanted to be a cleric, but due to his disrespect to all kinds of gods, he got kicked out of the Dwarven Sanctium of the Ancients. So he moved out to a more progressive part of the land, until he settled in a small habourtown called Wyk and became a doctor. He then signed up as a mercenary to restore some humanity (or dwarvenity... oder whatsoevernity) on the battlefield. He just got his payload and is looking for a job.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Elshar Gorgons

    The plane of Elshar have three types of gorgons born out of the three half-sisters Halsa, Nudra and Perala. Fathered by the great serpent Acaetus of three, a primordial sea deity.
    Anyone that gaze upon a gorgons eyes will quickly turn into a type of stone which differs from gorgon to gorgon. Gorgons may extend this effect to their entire visage for a short while by focusing. They also have, with the exception of the Halsaites, snake hair which bite can carry a deadly dosage of poison for anyone foolish enough to get too close. In addition, the snakes grant them a vague 360 degree vision around them as they can see what the snakes see.
    All gorgons are female and with the exception of the three original ones, they're also all infertile.

    Spoiler: Halsaite Gorgons
    All born through Halsa, the mother of despair. Like their mother these creatures are completely hairless and have the lower body of snakes and squid-like heads but with snakes instead of tentacles that drapes over their malformed mouths like a twisted beard. While the rest of their bodies could be called "humanoid" they are considered pure monsters by all who look upon them. The halsaite can besides turning people into stone with their gaze also cause eardrums to burst and ears to bleed with their high-pitched screams, generally causing deafness wherever they go. They also have extremely sharp nails and teeth and moves far faster than their lower bodies suggest, causing many to fall easy prey.

    Spoiler: Nudraite Gorgons
    Gorgons born by Nudra, the matron of disgust. These twisted creatures are larger than both Halsaite and Peralite gorgons. More than twice the size of a human they stand above even the mighty nephilim in height. But their bloated grey skin, plate-sized eyes, tusks and last but not least their snake hair cause them to look repulsive in the eyes of most beings. They are adapted at running at all four as much as they are walking on two and are thus often hunched over so they can switch between the two modes quickly. With their superior strength and speed, these massive creatures usually charge into combat on all fours and forces anyone who resist to either look away or be turned into stone with their petrifying gaze.

    Spoiler: Peralaite Gorgons
    An odd type of gorgon born by Perala, the mistress of desire. These beings could easily be mistaken for humanoid women if not for their hair of snakes that they like are gorgons have. But besides their deadly hair and petrifying gaze the peralite gorgons are usually considered beautiful by all who dare gaze upon them. While they don't have any natural weapons like their cousins the peralites have a mesmerizing gaze that few willingly can look away from, often leading to their death. In stark opposition to their Halsaite sisters, these gorgons voices and sink into a low seductive hiss that enthralls all those who hear it. Of all their kin they are generally the least aggressive as they can mask their true nature with some effort.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    I have been kind of lazy about making a sheet for this character, i will do it now. I might not finish it right away

    Tina Bluescale

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Kobold

    Age: 10 (in kobold years she is an adult)

    Class/Profession: Expert trapmaker and professional bodyguard

    Power Rating: 5 great hero

    Description: Tina is a blue scaled kobold and is about 2 foot 10 inches tall and weighs about 43 pounds. She normally wears a red dress with a white apron that looks like it was made for a small child. For a more vivid idea of what she looks appearance wise, see spoiler below.
    Spoiler: Tina bluescale (found off google)

    Personality: Excitable, good natured, tries to emphasize she is a girl (because its kind of hard to tell with kobolds), and is more civilized than her kobold kin.

    Equipment: Tina favored weapons are her two pistols, which are effectively +5 holy, ghost touch, endless ammo guns, , 2 handy haversacks, a male steeder named biter who is her animal companion, and twin rapiers that are +5 and haste, ghost touch

    Abilities: Is effectively a level 20 ranger from 5th edition with some aspects from pathfinder.

    Weakness: Spells equivalent to a daylight spell blind her as it would other kobolds.

    Backstory:Tina was never actually raised in a kobold tribe as her egg was found on the side of a forest trail by a ranger. The ranger's name was Morkarth Bluescale, a drow who had been banished from his homeland as a heretic.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    So I have been charged with coming up slavers for the VIGIL rp and I have come up with a total of 4 sheets.
    The first 2 are about the leader and his second in command. The second 2 are two groups of soldiers that make up the bulk of their group. The slaver's in question are called the Blacklight Slavers, a small army of dark elves that make quick grab and run raids on small settlements. They have speeders and cruisers to make these runs and their tactics generally are all about "speed, speed and more speed" and are normally gone before the town can even defend itself properly.

    I may not complete this all in one day since I have a busy week ahead. I will post what I can when I can

    Spoiler: Vallanas Nallan

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Dark Elf
    Age: 269
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class/Profession: Leader of the Blacklight Slavers
    Power rating: 5 Great hero
    Personality: Ruthless, tricky, loves inflicting pain on other's and sometimes himself, often makes morbid jokes and comments.
    Description: Pale white skin, White long hair, pitch black eyes, and has a long scar across his face. He is often seen in his armor which is built to absorb blasts from energy weapons and bullets, similar but stronger than bullet proof vest.
    Abilities: Is a void warlock a substantial power. Void warlocks are casters that specialize in illusion, necromancy, and evocation based magic. They use this power to kill, weaken or trick their enemies with ease.
    Equipment: Vorpal katana that radiates evil and a void pistol (fires forces rounds) and gravity armor.
    Backstory: Leader of the blacklight Slavers, Valanas has caused more than a fair share of heart ache and misery in the nexus. He has always been fascinated by pain, often experimenting with slaves and himself to find different ways of causing it. Currently Valas and his slavers have been working for two very well paying customers, Bean and Bacon. Valanas has no clue what they do with the people they take, but it pays well so who cares.

    Spoiler: Sarana Zealot

    Gender: Female
    Race: Dark elf
    Age: 267
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class/Profession: Second in command of the Blacklight Slavers.
    Power Rating: 4 hero
    Personality: Cold, emotionless, calculating, and is forever loyal to Vallanas
    Description: Bald, piercing yellow eyes and looks generally depressed. She is also rarely seen without her armor.
    Abilities: none but is a strong soldier
    Equipment: A void rifle, chameleon suit (armor with cloaking), twin laser swords, and hidden blades on her wrists.
    Backstory: Sarana is Vallanas's right hand woman and second in command. He trained her, taught her everything she knows and because of that she has become rather attached to him. She is rarely seen away from him and loves him deeply, but it is unknown whether Vallanas shares those feelings.

    Spoiler: Void warlocks

    Race: Dark elfs
    Alignment: generally one for the evil alignments.
    Class/profession: the blacklight slavers elite members.
    Power rating: 4 hero's
    Personality: varies slightly but all of them are cold hearted, merciless jerks. They often feel entitled to do what they want but always obey Vallanas as he is their teacher.
    Description: They all have pitch black eyes and white hair. They are lightly armored and all are signified by their white badges.
    Equipment: they all wear gravity suits that allow them flight on the battle field, void pistols and void katana.
    Backstory: the elite casters of the Blacklight slavers, void warlords are a menace on the field. They often create a zone of darkness during combat so their enemies can't see and use their magic to cause chaos. There are 15 warlocks in total not including Vallanas.

    Spoiler: Blacklight Slavers' Vehicles
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    The Black Herd

    Sun-and-Moon Black
    Alias: It's just Alice.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Centaur
    Age: Adult
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral or White/Black
    Profession: Assassin
    Power Rating: C- or 3
    Description: The lower body of a wide dark draft horse, the upper body of a limber, angular woman. Big round glasses whose lenses don't really do anything.
    Personality: Alice doesn't trust anyone except herself, her mechanic, and her god. She'll take risks to help people, and can be a little friendly, but she focuses on the matter at hand uncomfortably much. Most feelings remain deeply buried.
    Equipment: Cyborg implants and augmentations, the clothes on her back.
    "We put in little shield generators in her hands, and big ones on her flanks. Armor around her organs. Radio in her teeth, little computers in her skull and, ah, elsewhere. Nanoforges in her bones, plates outside them, a cardial impeller, muscle amps, a copied conductor-imperial power core. Whatever little improvements Kess could come up with."

    A pair of wrought iron rings with runic engravings have the power of deception. If a wearer of one of them touches it with the other hand while speaking, only the person wearing the other one will understand them.

    Finally, there's a plain-looking linen shirt. Upon examination, though, it turns out to have a strange thread woven into it. The wearer of this shirt can alter their weight and momentum to a degree. They can become lighter or heavier, resist something that would knock them down or knock them back, or move more quickly. The thread becomes frayed with use, and eventually one needs to wait before using it again.

    The horn.

    Abilities: Currently, Alice can project reshapeable forcefields for offense and defense, as well as manage mildly implausible feats of computing.
    Besides the peaceflowers in her garden, Alice maintains her mind through faith. Regular meditation and prayers many-time-a-day provide the necessary structure.
    Backstory: Formerly a slave, rescued and brought to the Bronze Keep. After being briefly turned into a plant-creature by Mist, took up a life of violence. She had been a farmer and a gardener besides, enamored of plants. A peaceful girl who sought to leave the horrors of the past behind. She was transformed into something like a Kalimdoran dryad, part woman, part hoofed-beast, part plant, and ... it was horrible. Peace was its nature, and so was the very essence of helplessness. All the abuse that had been heaped on her came back. She rejected both the transformation and what she had believed before.
    Joined VIGIL.
    Fought undead/sea monsters in a resort town by the seaside.
    Helped Anika fix the jotun Quiriax by restoring access to an old wellspring that was surrounded by albino lizardmen. Joining her song to the water's let it rise and break through the cavern roof.
    "She stepped up asking to join raids, help rescue people. Wanting to police the place. Anything to stamp out wrongdoing with her own feet."
    Fought against demons at the Riverside invasion.
    Repeatedly met up with Mia.
    Attended Breakthrough Day.

    Misc: Spying on VIGIL for Alkania, who considers them a potential threat to the Nexus. And if they aren't, it's a good place for Alice to be helping.
    Always sucking on a lollipop or perhaps chewing gum.
    Speaks in IndianRed
    Syn is casual and thinks aloud.
    Ral is precise and does not use contractions in speech.
    Alice has wholly embraced her electronic and mechanical components. The world of computers and circuits makes sense to her and she makes an effort to learn more about them and how they might be used.
    Somewhat ambitious. She hopes to one day equal Kestrel in mechanical and software skills and works carefully to improve and expand her own augments. Wants to prove herself to Alkania, although nothing would actually satisfy Alice that she's done enough. It is a constant task. In time, she's intended to become more involved in and useful to VIGIL.

    Secrets? Secrets.
    Was rather protective towards her brother Saranan, but thy don't see each other too often anymore. Secretly, she's a little scornful of his peaceful agrarian life, and think he should do more to help people.

    Lives in VIGIL's Lower Village, where she keeps a small garden. Among other things, it contains a bed of peaceflowers.

    Saranan Black

    Gender: Male
    Species: Miniature Centaur
    Age: Couple minutes older than his sister Alice.
    Alignment: Lawful Good, White
    Profession: Farmer
    Power Rating: E or 0
    Description: The lower body of a little black-furred pony, the upper body of a tough halfling with flaxen hair.
    Personality: Easygoing, accepting, grateful and appreciative.
    Equipment: A whittling knife and a tobacco pipe
    Abilities: Nothing in particular.
    Saranan maintains his mind through contact with the people of Leah's town, epecially The Striped One and other centaurs. The constant exposure to peaceflowers at the edges of his fields can't hurt.
    Backstory: Formerly a slave working on a plantation, now a farmer who owns some fields to work upon. Shrunk and rescaled by Mist.

    Sazack Black

    Gender: Male
    Species: Centaur
    Age: Just become an adult, an a knight!
    Alignment: Chaotic Good / Red
    Profession: Knight
    Power Rating: E+ or 1
    Description: Zack is a big guy, towering over people both because he's really tall and because he's a larger sort of creature. He wears a shirt without any sleeves that would get in the way of showing off his arms. His white-golden hair is worn up in spikes.
    Personality: Prickly. Zack will easily get defensive and frustrated. He means well, honest. Other people are just so dense!
    Equipment: Nothing much, but he has this cordovan jacket he wears.
    Abilities: Nothing in particular.
    Sazack maintains his mind through regular exposure to peaceflowers and and his knightly vows.
    Backstory: Formerly a slave working on a plantation, now getting an education while helping out on his family's farm and itching to grow up and do something that matters. May have been a knight in the Constellation of the Hunting Hounds.
    Misc: Starfish > Kelp.

    Nova - Welcoming slightly older mare with terrible scars on the left of her face.
    Sanesah - Stallion with a good memory.
    Nyx - a dark-skinned mare in the way of the dog.
    a stallion named Cane

    10 others
    3 Foals

    The Spectrum Herd. Aolic Class C, human fronts. Arabian & similar hotblood racing horses.
    Maple - teenager, crazy colors and patterns.
    Wilbur - Friendly, wears a tricorn hat
    Fitzclarence Loy - Young

    Maria Kayin

    Fear. That's my other name, not that anyone calls me by it.

    "Er, uh, Nadas Ghuand Xabaresh Chaeron(Xar'cha)"

    Gender: Female
    Species: Human Werewolf Draegloth
    Age: 36 years lived through, now. "I don't know how old this body is."
    Alignment: Lawful Evil or Black/White
    Profession: Astronomer.
    Power Rating: C or 4
    Description: A short, overweight woman with heavy glasses and bushy black hair tied up in a band. Wears an increasingly tattered coat. Looks very much like a drow on the surface. He almost always wears long flowing crimson robes that cover most of his body and hides the true him underneath. His torso is in fact all red and very much demonic looking, with two small stubs poking out of his back where wings would go. His black eyes have a small tint of red in them, though the itty bitty spectacles he wears generally distracts from that point he's found. He normally has purple hair, but has since dyed it black.

    Personality: Bitter, bitter. She's not about to start talking about her misfortunes, but she goes constantly with a sense of the world's unfairness at the front of her mind.
    It's a pata, a straight sword fused with a gauntlet with a horizontal hilt. The gauntlet and blade is made of fine, delicately-etched silver, a design resembling vines and leaves creeping up the weapon and decorating every surface.
    In addition, he knows several things about the sword.
    1. Nadas now owns the pata and will continue to do so until somebody else puts their hand into the gauntlet to hold the hilt.
    2. So long as he owns the sword, his healing is improved and he is immune to fear-based magic, and is also protected from bad dreams and nightmares.
    3. If he brandishes the weapon above his head, a robed figure of light armed with a pair of katar will appear before him, to help him fight; the light is consistent, Nadas doesn't choose which colour it is (Recaiden does that) and the figure remains until Nadas dismisses them, they are 'killed' (though they can be recreated in the same way as before) or the pata is put down.
    4. The weapon is a gift, and Nadas' use of it is being watched and judged. If the entity thinks Nadas is misusing the pata, it will be taken away.

    Bulletproof Bullet resistant, really. You can kill us just fine, trying hard enough. It's just that silver does it really well.
    Radiation Resistant

    Generally a weak powered wizard. However, he can tap into his demonic blood to pull off some incredible feats of casting. Generally this results in him looking more demonic though, generally making him more red, his eyes glowy, and wings to grow. While the effects largely subside over time, a little piece remains permanent each time, slowly transforming him to a full-fledged demon. He fears it may even effect his personality given enough opportunity, if it has not already. As such, he is incredibly loathe to use these abilities unless it seems absolutely necessary. He studies magic primarily in hopes that he can learn enough tap magic like a normal wizard does so that he never has to rely on his demon blood, though his training in such area is far from complete.

    Backstory: Maria was working in an observatory high on Mount Kay, the only one reliably there as cost-cutting shut down more and more programs. Few details have come up of why she was the only one working at the observatory, how she developed her interest in transhumanism, or precisely why she made the deal with Felix, but we can gather she was pretty unhappy with her life. Something had gone wrong, after her education. Previously, it had all been shining bright, but recently, very recently, it had all fallen apart. So she was willing to leave it all behind and start over.
    One day she met and ended up in a relationship with Felix. She was in love, or close to it. He wasn't. But it wasn't so bad.
    Until the fire went out. With her son seemingly dead, she ran away. She found Sunny, 4th to arrive at the pit and stay.
    When Pit Town (what remained of it) came under siege, she traveled to Inside to find heroes who could help save her village. Together they fought to save Sunny and the town. They failed.
    Homeless and now feeling she had nowhere to return to, she took an offer to help Nadas with a magical experiment. Which turned out to be a ploy to steal her body, leaving her with his.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Conlan, no last name

    Alias: The Near Albino, the Homunculus.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Artificial Human/Homunculus.
    Age: Biologically an adult, but less than a year in age.
    Alignment: True Neutral with Chaotic Good tendencies
    Class/Profession: Magic Battery, living repository for magic items.
    Power Rating: I'll come back to this one.
    Description: Conlan looks like a healthy young man of average height and build with short white hair kept straight, skin that's pale but still within normal human variation, and red eyes.
    Personality: Conlan's existance is artificial, the purpose he was created for is either complete or can't be completed, leaving him without a sense of purpose. Adding to this is great confusion coming from the twisted fragments of memories from the many souls imprinted upon his own. He's mostly looking for a purpose in life.
    Equipment: Currently a Bathrobe and a magic chain summoned from his personal pocket dimension. The chain is capable of binding fae and demonic beings, but it's true power is unavailable at this time.
    Abilities: As a homunculus from the pocket of timelines and universes called the Nasuverse, Conlan has a large number of high quality,, nerv like circuits that grant him a great deal of magical power, though he currently lacks the ability to us that mana beyond accessing a pocket dimension full of magic items. Even that is difficult-he has no idea how to access it consciously at this time
    Backstory: He was one of a few homunculi created to serve as batteries to power a ritual to access the Throne of Heroes and through it Akasha. Conlan's creator attempted to do so without having a Grail, and it backfired horribly: He accessed the Throne of Heroes, the repository for the souls of Heroes and their treasures throughout Time and Space, but tore a hole in said fabric, banishing the sole surviving homunculus into the Nexus. Breif Contact with the throne and the souls and Treasures left deep impressions on the homunculus's magic circuits, leaving him with the dual origin of Hero and Treasure and granting him access to a pocket dimension containing magic items and treasures one might find in a heroic narrative, anding from well crafted but mundane items and minor magic items to duplicates of powerful or legendary artifacts
    Miscellaneous: He has loose fragments of twisted and sometimes conflicting memories from various heroes, villains, and historical figures from his pocket of worlds that float in and out of his conscious memory.
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    Velara Clawstealer
    Alias: Shadowlight
    Gender: Female
    Species: Elf Water Genasi
    Age: 25
    Profession: Fate-Breaker
    Power Rating: A or 6

    She has shoulder-length red hair and green eyes, and wears a green longcoat with long sleeves, with white pants and sandals. Her figure is lean but athletic, allowing her to be incredibly fast and dodge ost of the attacks that come at her

    She is paranoid of the Fateweavers, but has a good heart. Believing that none should be bound by destiny, or at least ones they do not want, she will break any fate she disagrees with and fight for freedom and independence wherever he can find it, and especially hates slavery. She however tries to calm and tactical about her deeds, but can get emotional about her beliefs.

    Green Fatebreaker Longcoat: stun-shocks anyone who touches it, just in case physics-breaking kung-fu isn't enough. Has five charges before it starts recharges for a week.

    In her extra-dimensional pocket she has:
    Infinite Ammo Revolvers: never runs out of bullets
    The Phantom Blade: Long thin crystal katana that passes right through weapons and armor as if they aren't there but not flesh. the downside is that you can't block with it.
    Fate-Hacker Tablet: Useful for more subtle ways of subverting and defying fate instead of just outright breaking it
    Disguiser ID Card: an ID card that disguises the user to fit into their surroundings, only works within civilization
    Standard Rebel Toolkit

    Outside Fate:
    Her fate is her own to determine, and she cannot be detected or affected by anything having to do with fate or destiny

    Break Fate:
    They can detect and destroy fates and destinies put on others by fate, getting rid of the effects of having such a destiny and allowing the person to choose their own, and causing disruptions to future sight powers.

    Physics Slayer Style Martial Arts:
    Fatebreakers are masters of martial arts the bends, twists and outright breaks the laws of physics into little pieces. They can do conceptual stunts ranging from dodging the ground, literally throwing punches at people, snatching nearby fates and throwing them like shuriken, cutting through distance, and other tricks and feats of outright break the physics of the world. The general Fatebreaker style

    Yin-Yang Duality Style:
    Velara's personal style of utilizing both yin and yang energies to devastating effect, wielding both shadow and light in tandem to defeat her enemies, from blasting light, to controlling shadows, to empowering her punches with explosive yang energy to manipulating Yin energy to put people to sleep, and other such tricks. Not as versatile as Physics Slayer, but more powerful within its combat focus.

    Extra-Dimensional Arsenal:
    Fatebreakers keep around things in a pocket dimension to pull them out when they're useful.

    Her past is mysterious due to her erasing herself from fate, but what can be sure is that she was screwed over by fate and its Fateweavers, that she fought against them and that now she is running and hiding from them.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Mal Tonnturnock


    race subrace
    Dragonwrought kolbold vampire

    179 (looks 50s so young aged for a kolbold)

    chaotic good

    gestalt rogue monk / scout and pirate.

    power level
    ? He was near mythic when I last played him if that helps.

    Mal is only 2 feet tall.he is however wider in build it seems as he had wings jutting out from his back. His scales are a nice shade of brass as he shines like any normal metallicdragon from D&D. He has green eyes that are very glazed over from times.

    Mal is slow to trust but quick to distrust. He believes in actions over words, deeds over speeches. He is good at heart but does not wear it on his sleeve. He also has a bit of a Neapolian complex.

    Mal wears simple cloths as he had no need for armor however despite it his clothes still have many pockets and hiding places for all his thieves tools.
    He has two handcrossbows that are enchanted to high heaven their rapid shooting and rapid reloading along with lightning and poison laced bolts that split into more bolts as so as fired. In his prime he can fire 24 bolts in only 6 seconds.
    A special quiver given to him from Ehlonna, it contains an infinite number of bolts that can be what ever he wishes, from enchanted ice to simply bludgeoning. Despite this he can make many trick arrows himself he with out his quiver.
    He has a single ring, it was once his wedding band that he had enchanted to protect him from the sun's rays while worn. He claims it is his old mates love protecting him now.

    Mal can fly using his powerful wings.
    He also is extremely gifted in the abilities of stealth and thievery. He will use them when he deems right. Such as stealing from other thieves and criminals.
    Mal can change into a bat, or into a wisp of mist, as well as his normal self at will. However when he is severely hurt he becomes mist and travels toward his coffin to rest.
    Can summon swarms of certain animals to his aid, such as bats, rats, or a small pack of wolves.
    Can heal rather quickly, but is far from immortal
    Can enter the mind and control a number of people if he can see them and they can see him.

    Water especially Running water burns Mal like fire as well as it prevents his healing.
    (if with out his ring) The Sun will burn him like fire and prevent him from healing.
    staking him in the heart won't kill him, but he will be paralyzed till the stake is removed.

    Mal was hatched among a evil group of kolbolds in the material plane world of Aretine. Aretine had an interesting effect where it was like a nexus of the other material plane worlds. So he was use to others falling into his world, not knowing what was happening. However despite that it was very dangerous, even for an evil clan like his. He would learn this lesson all to much one day. However before that day game he was a brass kolbold hatched to evil chromatics. He was shunned, though not ever exiled. He never fit in, though he always tried. He always competed with another dragonwrought known as Sassasha.

    While in the clan she never gave him the time of day, rarely talking to him even while on hunts. He still however felt her a rival as she was the only other dragonwrought in their clutch. She also had other skills he seemed to never comprehend. She seemed skilled in psionics strange for their kind. Though Mal would use his stealth to his advantage and became the best hunter in the clan.

    It was as he was stalking a prey, that unbenounced to him, his clan was attacked. They were being purged for all the raids they had been doing on all the dwarven and gnomish trade caravans that they pass. It had been going on recently though it was just a minor part of the horrors they have done to those races, along with halflings as well. Mal came to the clan to seeing an army of undead swarming the clan and slaughtering them. Two figures seeming to controlling the undead.

    Mal hid as the attack happened. He had little love for his family, and watched them die slowly. To him it felt like justice. However despite his hiding the two beings who attacked his home found him. However the Dragonborn who was one of the two figures spared Mal, as his vision detected no evil in Mal. Mal however did not want to be alone and followed them. One was a Dragonborn Paladin DragKel and a elven Necromancer Kallen.

    They took him in after much arguing. However they placed Mal inside an Academy where he was meant to learn. However Mal was a bit impatient always sneaking off and finding DragKel or Kallen. Finally however DragKel had enough and introduced Mal to a rival Arokh. Arokh was a dragonborn from a noble family, the two constantly fought to beat the other. Though Arokh eventually became a Paladin following in DragKel's footsteps. Mal while he did learn discipline he was more flexible when it came to laws.

    Mal learned the ways of a monk, and the rogue. Working hard to be able to truly beat his older brother Arokh, for eventually Arokh's noble family adopted Mal. Mal had finally found a place where he belonged, he even got work from the lord that Arokh and the others followed. Mal honestly laughed that he was surrounded by dragons for their lord was an Ancient Gold Wyrm.

    It was during an assignment with Kallen and a few other soldier's that they were attacking a Vampire's lair. Mal during the siege was captured, and was attempted to be turned. Kallen however would not have it, he free'd Mal's mind and will from his sire, and in turn they were able to finally destroy the Vampire from with in. Following these events Mal had learned that one other from his old clan lived.

    Sassasha had lived through the attack, and was in a battle of wills with another psion, Lord Drixtel's own bastard son Sepa Gixic. The two were in a tourney for psion only. Mal had traveled with Sepa to keep the big man child company, though in actuality Mal was Sepa's body guard. It was during the final bouts of the tourney that Sepa's soul knife clashed with Sassasha's mind. The battle went on for hours, Sepa continually trying to pierce Sassasha's defense. Neither making ground, till night came.

    Mal finally arrived to see the conflict continue. Seeing Sepa's opponent Mal's mind suddenly lost its composure. For the first time in his life he did something on impulse rather then logic. He jumped into the fray right as Sepa was finally cracking a field Sassasha generated. Mal forgot it was a tourney in that moment and Sepa was disqualified, much to his chagrin. Sassasha then provoked Mal not letting him forget he had his friend lose, that Mal lost to her again. This made his blood boil and continued his desire to track her down.

    He finally did, in another tourney for psion, Mal had tricked his way in, relying on his monk training, and his vampiric domination. As was clear the two made it to the finals. Mal was quicker then Sepa, but Sassasha knew that watching his previous matches. She always found it interesting that he fought at night however. During their battle Mal tried to control her with his magical gaze while she tried the same with sheer will power. It eventually came to a fight of blows. Mal was superior in this regard, and the battle was ended quickly. As Mal stood over Sassasha the victor of their battle that was when he popped the question.

    Sassasha never knew Mal had those feelings, and it took some convincing, but in the heat of that battle she had grow attached as well. Her answer was yes. Their wedding was simple, and afterwards she had enchanted his wedding band with a spell to protect him from the harm of the Sun. Saying that her love would always protect him to the end of his days.

    More coming soon.

    coming soon
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    FULL NAME: Thaejan Faulkner
    Alias: Thae
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Kobold (Draconic)
    Age: 18 (in kobold years)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good usually, but goes through neutral good phases on occasion.
    Class/Profession: Bard of Heart
    Power Rating: C- currently, but could grow to A+ or even S if she God Tiered and fully mastered her Heart.

    Description: A 3'11" tall kobold with muted beige scales. She has two darker brown ~4" long horns stemming from behind her eyebrows, the one on her right is pierced near the tip with a small brass band. Her irises are a dazzling magenta-ochre, her sclera is a very faint purple. Her mouth, tongue, insides, etc. are a muted lavender, and her tongue is forked slightly at the tip. One of her front fangs is missing from an intense childhood brawl. Completely flatchested, most kobolds lack mammaries. Her digitigrade legs and feet have three clawed toes; her hands have 5 fingers (counting thumbs) that sport thick claw-like fingernails. Her snout, cheeks, horns, hands and feet are a darker brown than the rest of her body, the transition area between the two shades are freckled with both. Sounds like how one would expect a Scottish-accented kobold to sound.

    Personality: Bubbly, enthusiastic, giggles a bit too often. Enjoys cuddles, hugs and fluffy things (not fur though. There's a fine line only she knows.) Has little regard for personal space, often climbing on the shoulders or heads of taller folk to get a better view of something. Very hard to intimidate, often attempting to fight people who threaten those close to her; usually ending up the victor. A little perverted towards certain people for no apparent reason. Infatuated by lust and falls deeply in love very very often, usually starting and breaking off a relationship over the span of a day or two. She is deeply distraught whenever this happens, but generally recovers within a few hours. Her hundreds of exes are hurt too of course, especially when she doesn't even remember them - which happens more often than one'd think.

    Equipment: Her clothes aren't really worth mentioning, they provide little non-social benefit for her. Her bass, though... That thing is awesome. Her ectobiological mother/daughter/ancestor/alternate timeline counterpart gifted an ancient lyre to her, which Thajean promptly alchemized with her own instrument and a sledgehammer, forming the massive four-stringed hammerbass she currently wields.

    Abilities: Thaejan is ridiculously resilient and has a very high pain tolerance. Much stronger than one would think of a kobold, probably from carrying her weight and a half of bass with her all the time. However, she's definitely not the smartest; she's a slow learner and lacks a good deal of common sense. She usually moves quite fast but is clumsy, resulting in stumbling and tripping much too often. She's a damn fine bassist and uses rhythmic abilities combined with melee attacks more or less within the parameters of the Game. Her really (subjectively) incredible abilities come after ascending to God Tier - as the Bard of Heart she can strip people of their identity, emotions and sense of self. She can breach most any emotional barrier to make people desire her or fall to temptation; but knowing Thaejan she'd only ever use this to get free hugs.

    Backstory: Member of a once-fictional race (kobolds) that leaked into the real world at a certain point in history from a terrible code related mishap. The kobolds, due to their diminutive size, were enslaved by dragonkind for generations - until the dragons suddenly warped into the Furthest Ring. Literally all of them. Every single dragon. The freed kobolds, now able to exercise their natural craftiness, built themselves an underground city amidst the abandoned Draconic structures.
    Fast-forward several thousand years later, and the influence of the Game suddenly appears. The coding mishap from earlier was a direct result of the Game's main code writer going rogue and literally fusing the Game with the world itself, implanting itself throughout various points in history. The appearance of kobolds was the first, this is the second. Every sentient life form past the age of 10 now has a class, a level and a weightless inventory to store things in. Quality of life vastly improved, going on side quests and PvP combat became a favorite hobby amongst the general populous. Things were good.
    One more fast forward to about 2 years ago. At this point it's worth mentioning that the current universe is inside the belly of a Genesis Frog, the result of a victorious session by the players of the last universe. And by 'player', I don't mean the Game. These players are from another game, one built into the core of the universe itself, this game is called Sburb. The advent of the Game's existence tore a hole in the fabric of Sburb, prematurely starting two sessions. This was a big deal, only one session has been active in any given universe before; with the colossal blunder of the Game the rules have changed. This is an unexplored frontier by every standard. Twelve players from across time are able to actively communicate with each other, AND with another set of twelve from a different timeline after entering Sburb's overworld, known as the Medium. Thaejan is one of twenty-seven players, counting her timeline, the pre-scratch timeline and the three Game developers - one of which is basically omnipotent and is trying to collapse the universe so he can escape into the unknown that lies beyond, even further than the Furthest Ring. Oh, and creation of two more universes by breeding a couple Genesis Frogs. She's got a lot on her plate.

    Miscellaneous: Curls up into a little ball when she's sleeping alone. Misses her allies, her stepbrother (a reserved and quiet Seer of Time) especially.
    I should edit this with my Nexus character(s) sometime.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Alias: Electra Hiltbringer (A last name she chose because it was the last name of the man who built her)

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Reploid (Replicated Android; an android that can think, feel and make its own decisions)

    Age: Current chassis is 5 years old; positronic brain including control chip is approaching 30; her outward appearance and personality suggest an age of approximately mid-to-late 20's

    Alignment: Neutral Good, mostly.

    Profession: Before being whisked to Nexus, Electra was a squad leader in the Maverick Hunters, a para-military police organization dedicated to protecting humans from rogue Reploids. She has a number of years of combat experience with that organization, though what she'll do now that she's stuck in Nexus is anyone's guess...

    Power Rating: Varies from C to B+, depending on how much she limits her artificial strength, speed, and whether she's wearing her armor or not.

    Description: Standing at 5'6", with straight, platinum blonde hair and striking blue eyes, at first glance, Electra could simply be mistaken for an attractive human woman wearing heavy, high-tech armor. Closer inspection, however, reveals she is something else, as her ears are rounded domes with small blue lenses set in them. Her armor is close-fitting, black trimmed with blue and gold. The backpack of her chest armor contains what appears to be several thruster nozzles, and her boots have still more of these. The armor's pauldrons are somewhat larger than what they might otherwise be, and are hexagonally shaped. Two relatively large energy pistols hang from her hips, their barrels collapsed in the holsters. She does not wear a helmet. When not wearing her armor, she usually wears its black undersuit, and a pair of combat boots, and could pass as human as long as she was wearing her hair down or a hat of some kind that would cover her auditory sensors.

    Personality: Usually calm and practical, with a gentle side she shows only to those she trusts, though she is a bit flustered as she's trying to figure out her new situation. She tries to follow the law whenever possible, and doing her duty is one of the most important things in her life, though now that she's stuck in Nexus, she may have to find something else to give her purpose, aside from survival.

    Equipment: Her aforementioned armor, made of a mix of Titanium-X alloy and Litanium, and her two fusion bolt pistols, weapons that fire concentrated, coherent beams of plasma that explode on contact with solid objects. Her armor's pauldrons contain concealed micro-missile launchers, each of which hold 10 missiles. These projectiles can be fired guided or unguided, though their explosive yield isn't that great.

    Abilities: Superhuman speed, strength, agility and endurance. Her armor contains her Emergency Acceleration System, which allows her to rapidly accelerate from a standstill to over 100 mph in 2.5 seconds, though she can only reach this speed in a straight line. The armor also allows her to climb vertical surfaces through creative use of the EAS boosters on her back, coupled with creative acrobatics (The EAS is essentially rocket-assisted dashing and jumping. It can't be used to fly, though she can use it to hover or slow her descent for a few seconds if needed). She was built more for speed and agility than strength, so while she is a good deal stronger physically than a normal human, compared to other Reploids or purpose-built robots, she's a little below average. Unlike other Reploids, her skeleton is made from a mix of Litanium and Titanium-X. This means that her bones, while still metal, are a bit weaker than others of her species. This was done to try and maximize her speed and agility, as Litanium is about half the weight of Titanium-X. She also has an EPR communication suite, along with a standard comm-link, internal to her brain, which she used to use to communicate with her brothers and sister in her squad, but hasn't used since their deaths over a decade ago. If she were to learn to use it a different way, it could potentially be a form of robotic "telepathy", but she doesn't even know this capability exists, yet, anyways. Finally, like all other reploids, she has an auto-repair system that will automatically repair damage she takes in the field, though it only pertains to her body, and not to her armor. Thus she needs to be able to perform maintenance on her armor and weapons at regular intervals if she wants to stay at the peak of her physical abilities.
    Mentally, she is of just above average intelligence, and has extensive combat experience. While not a genius, she grasps new concepts quickly, and retains knowledge well. She is proficient with most types of firearms, though her preferred weapons are, of course, her fusion bolt pistols. She is a competent martial artist, as well, though she prefers ranged combat to hand-to-hand. In her off hours, she enjoys listening to and playing hard rock and heavy metal, and was, up until the event that pulled her into Nexus, the lead guitarist for an off-base amateur power metal band. She has no experience with magic, though she has fought mechanical versions of some of the mythical creatures that call Nexus home.

    Backstory: To be revealed....
    Why is it Plan A is always, "Get 'Em!" and Plan B is, "Cause as much collateral damage as possible"?

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    Default Bureaufae Character Directory

    Mistress, haven't we been in more than two scenes?
    And your point is?
    We'll be listed in the character directory any second now...
    Ooh, awesome!
    Dread Pirate Elder Omiko Derabat Shaw, Bearer of the Right Eye
    Gender: Female
    Species: Lynx-beastman demon-infested cyborg. One part human, one part lynx, two parts aphote (its that extra helping of aphote that sets her apart from her fellows), one part nihil, one part lament, two parts machine, one part BAARA.
    Age: 429
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil or Black
    Profession: Entrepreneur. You pick up a lot of skills in all those years.
    Power Rating: A
    Description: Pointy ears with a black tuft on top of her head, whiskers, pointy nose, tawny fur. Her face is just exactly the wrong shape, such that you can see it's kind of human, and kind of animal, and definitely not either.
    Her left eye has been replaced with an array of cameras, lasers, and data ports. Her right eye has been replaced with the gleaming green one of the Corrupter, avatar of BAARA, and is usually concealed behind a horn-rimmed monocle on a golden chain. Pale golden fur with black spots. Her tail is more flexible than it ought to be, and is covered in metallic bands. Shoulder and spine rebuilt to accommodate additional limbs: a heavy gripping claw and a beam cannon.
    Personality: One has to look out for themselves.
    Three crystals that can each fire one more blast of heat that travels even underwater, boiling everything in its path.
    +1 Sharktooth Dagger.
    The Vasa - The submarine is long and roughly bullet-shaped. It has crystals with charged energy for defense and propulsion.
    Abilities: Omiko is (almost) completely and unconditionally immortal, unable to be killed or even permanently harmed by almost anything. Traveling back in time to erase her from existence or forcing local reality to conform to a very strict interpretation of Possibility are about the only ways to do it. Her mechanical parts are less invulnerable than the rest of her.
    By the nature of SHADOW BEFORE WHICH ALL IS WATER, Omiko can completely heal any entity that is at least 30% intact.
    Needlework: Omiko's nails and hair are an aphote. Through/with/as it, she can conjure arbitrary items of dark crystal and black glass.
    Thaumaturgy: Can transform matter to and from the shape of vehicles, summon a holding space, and perform some other tricks.
    Omiko's skin is an aphote. Can grow additional mouths and sensory organs and vastly change her amount of mass (but not below a minimum).
    Can see the invisible, touch the untouchable, etc.
    Her familiar, Dot, exists only in her head. Right?
    When the suits are made, it calls on the nihil. The profusion of hands, the blood, the nacreous fires, the ways in which even the sad fragments of those CAST LOW in the sight of YALDABOATH can display the glory of IT THAT IS THE KING.
    Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
    Drink and the devil had done for the rest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
    But one man of her crew alive,
    what put to sea with seventy five!
    Yo ho ho, it's the pirate's life for me~!

    New hire, Archaeologist-at-Arms 3rd class. Blew up her left eye by being uncareful with Ancient technology. Signed onto the Private Ship Architect Sparrow, raiding the Doorway Folk for resources in the great war for the rights of all thinking beings. Shortly after-
    Turned Clara into a boat after stealing her treasures.
    Raised the Vasa with Noah, took it back to Inside to be completed as a sub.
    Applied to AMEN

    ??? - Belvedere
    Nov 4 2010 - Torry
    Jan 3 2012 - ???
    Mar 3 2013 - ???
    May 2 2014 - ???
    July 1 2015 - ???
    Aug 29 2016 - ???
    Oct 28 2017 - ???
    Dec 27 2018 - Ryan
    Feb 25 2020 - Void
    April 25 2021 - ???
    June 29 2022 - Next

    "What is this. No, no I did not mean to put a question mark in there. A question mark would invite a response, when then intent was merely to convey incredulity. That I find this. Someone. Else's. Directory sheet. When the heirophant should have written us in months ago! It's disgraceful! No one even cares about Omiko." "Yes I did mean 'us' thank you Yone dear."
    "No, this directory post is ours now. Fan out! Explore what there is to find, and we'll gather here at moonrise."

    By the next nightfall, a banner has been raised, bearing the fanged arcology symbol of the Veldt and the search-algorithm line-pattern of BC herself.

    A Place for Every Thing and Everything in its Place

    A gnawed on Gender: field, left blank. Species: Giraffe-cat
    This is a point of some being bitten because while they had the same sexes as other mammals, they are highly dimorphic, and the vasoril society is mono-gender. The evolutionary brain development pressures were such that only females were sapient. For an intelligent being to appear male was perverse and disturbing. Of course, living among humans and raptors and other unusual beings, one grows accustomed to accepting the strangeness of other species. The leader here, she was probably insulted by the question all the same. Something starting with a 'V' was written here, before it was scratched out and an enthusiastic student put in 'SPACE FAIRY'. That has itself been cleanly erased and filled in with the current text, 'Vasoril'. The students were mostly human, with the exception of their photoraptor.

    A courtyard amphitheater, where tricks of the sound magnify the voice of speaker and diminish those of the listeners. This is Age: "Gather round, students, this is a learning point. In the Veldt, and other True Worlds, time need not pass. In the Elder land, to travel north and south was to pass the days one way or another. Each latitude was held in eternal twilight, noon, or night. I have lived maybe twenty-one-thousand days, but they weren't all as long as the other."
    The mission statement aligns closely with Alignment: "Lawful, sensei." "And the law contains within it the sense of its own transgression. You have all cast aside much to come here." There is a considerable disdain for illegitimate authority, for tyrants. The Law is the main thing that separates them from the miserable traitors who lost Terra to the humans. That and maintaining their original forms. Good and evil are considered unimportant. The pattern is what matters. The Fae vasoril do not keep slaves as the Earthly fae do, but they are not kind. They are not warm.
    Profession: Bodhisattva.
    A tree grows this field and over it. It is such trouble to begin from first principles. Let nature help.
    Power Rating: "When we first came here, in combat, I am an E, maybe E+, depending how much you fear my teeth. I didn't even have a Sword. But I did have Logru." "And I am a B." "But we're all bound by the will of the heirophants. Could we ever unleash our full power here?" "When our outpost was attacked, I didn't fight back. I fled. I was content to lose conflicts of the Sword even as I won others. I lived in a civilized place where no enlightened being would inflict the true death on another, and no mortal could. But now I'm somewhere else, somewhere barbaric. Since the chimera incident, I've had to learn to fight. Now, maybe a C.
    Logru, the photoraptor. The generalissimo. He builds a home near the power rating field. They call it a Sword, but physically, it's a mace. A scepter, even. Symbol of authority. Composed of crystal. It's grown since it was a prop in someone else's story. He has taken inspiration from Frysglon, and let the ice into his heart. Never again will he fear withering away in the cold like his kin. Frosty. So much, to him, is just business. He can barely bring himself to weep and rejoice in his safety at last. That is not their way.
    Description: Something like, but not exactly like, this. Take a lioness. Very long neck, little horns. Like a giraffe. A pair of tentacles on the shoulders, like a displacer beast. Thin and clever, not like a displace beast's hooked tearing pads. "You know, we're not actually an evolution of leonids. The common ancestry is several branches back..." She walks away with a sigh.
    Ophelia Graham understands. She does not plan to leave their original body, but isn't Logru. Of all the students, she probably has the best claim to follow in the same profession. But she can't get too close yet. She became a renegade, without any Racial Charity.
    Personality: Someone, in a low rumbly voice, starts to sing the Bureacrat Song, and where once they would be stared back into silence, now people sing along and laugh. These are friends, after all they've been through. "We do what we have to do. We know what we are and we aren't here to make people feel better. We're here to make people better. All minds. All lose something in joining society. Are you getting your worth?" Limited ability to empathize, is what it is. Rational. Which can never be a fault, except where its means are applied to false ends, as, admittedly, they often are for drama's sake. Time folds, bends. Unseen, eloquence grows.

    Equipment: "Not going to lie, we're real short on gear. Especially after the failed raid."
    "Logru, put together a trip into those Hunting Grounds! ... take the hair clip."
    He will. The hair clip used to be his comrade. They...folded isn't the right word. In some ways, they're already at the end of the road. They couldn't take it. Now they're a hair clip. A damn nice hair clip. He doesn't even have hair. Smooth as the wind.
    "Yam, believe in a nice dinner, and some decorations, will you?"
    "We have means, people, even if we don't apply them much."
    "I'm applying them!" Yone Reyezuela Reindhez Gonzales, the penguin-hunter girl, speaks up, no real bitterness in her voice. To be another giraffe-cat. The wonderworker, forger of Charities into Artifacts. She is precious to this little studio. Likes organizing and staying in touch with people and ribbons.
    Mask - Mara's ribbon. 2D, matches speech color. Arm - giant spider, Brow - flying whale/dolphin, Neck - moa, leg - ??? Hair - Floof, Waist - Snake

    Yam Yamson is talking about Abilities: Considerable reality warping is the main one. But it can only be applied in narrow ways. Like gifts! That some people happen to mistinterpret as curses. Poor silly things. He's always speculating. He doesn't even need a body, at least, he says he doesn't. Still got one for now, but just think! Listen to him tell you all he'll do once he doesn't. Yam hasn't made much progress, but he's still talking a good fight. There used to be another guy, not quite Yam's rival. He didn't give up his name easily. He was in it for the Abilities:, you can be sure. He didn't make it. Destroyed himself reaching too far. Right, where were we? Ah, yes. Their powers come from applying Grammar. Possession of Charities allows one to reshape the world according to the philosophy and themes that it embodies. A Sword, such as Logru has, governs violence and theft, and he often uses it to outnumber opponents, apply their armies, and sustain a champion. This can be crystallized into Artifacts, which don't rely on any grammar-work of their user. Even a mundane human could use them. The hairclip and the ribbons that Yone is so fond of are good examples. This artifact-shaping is the secret of the Outer Fae. Recently they learned that the Earthly Fae had a secret of their own, a means to force enlightenment.
    He is talking, of course, in the workshop. Yone's place, a location for study of the Charities. To forge them, evaluate them, test them.
    The Spindle is the Nexus. What does it do? Well...

    Backstory: "We are gathered here today to remember Katherine Whitsman. She didn't last long enough in their eyes to earn a place here. This is not an easy path. She didn't reach the end. But she walked it all the same, she died for us, and we will not forget her. Too many have already been forgotten."
    When the speech is over, no one feels the need to wash the touch of humans out of their fur.
    Everyone* finds their own place to stay. There is no thought of Reclamation. Everyone is happy here. Happy enough. The past lines up cleanly. They all came to learn, to become like their enlightened teacher. There was a raid, a play about revenge, where they attacked the one who had nearly killed the teacher. There was a migration, emigration, to a story they were turned away from. A dead place with no heirophant's touch. And now, they're here. It's not the best place. It certainly isn't a True World. But it's going to be home for now.

    *Everyone who's left.

    We interfered with the transportation systems. Stole a load of passengers. We were going to make a deal. Exploit the entry into the rainbow. It was unwilling to talk. She killed everyone. Truly killed them, unmade their souls. Some of us got into the Veldt and closed the portal. I didn't make it there in time. I took an emergency portal. No idea where it went. Here. The Nexus. One-way. I started, I found the discontent, the desperate, and I taught them.

    Among those who care about interplanetary politics (and let's be honest, most don't really) the primary school of rhetoric is those of the Reclaimers. The goal is to eventually invade Earth, wipe the humans and whatnot off the map, subvert the earthly fae infrastructure, and take back their home. The other big segment is the Unbroken, who hold that the Veldt is their home now, and they should interact with the rest of the Rainbowverse as little as possible; other races bring nothing but trouble. In a tiny corner are the Debutantes, who think they should stop hiding from the wider world completely, reveal grammar and their worlds to the other races, and try to live in peace. Attempting to make any of this happen is treason, but believing in it is, technically, permitted. There's tons of variations an religious fringe groups and what not, but we're going to focus on our protagonist here. The Bureaucat leans more Unbroken, but she took a job doing full-on Reclaimer work simply because it paid well. Consider what the fae might value. Ageless beings whose magical power is such that their physical needs can be satisfied by a simple act of will. Their own world, which generally suits them, flexible enough to mold to their designs.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Thorin Ironfist

    Alias: None

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Mountain Dwarf

    Age: 51

    Alignment: Neutral

    Class/Profession: Fighter

    Power Rating: 3- Adventurer

    Description: 4'1" tall, weighs 137 pounds, has grey or steel eyes, light tan skin,a short beard, and long maroon hair. He often wears a chain mail suit with thin, plain, leather cloths underneath.

    Personality: Quick tempered and often hasty in jumping into a fight, even when his foe is much stronger than he. However, when he sees that he will not win, he will try to bluff in hopes of convincing the enemy to walk away.

    Equipment: A full body chain mail suit, a heavy warhammer, and a light crossbow are his goto equipment. However, he also has a steel shield strapped to his left shoulder (because he does what he wants and doesn't need your "social customs") that he will sometimes use, a backpack, some rope, and a couple of torches.

    Abilities: Thorin is completely fluent in common and Dwarvish, can use all armor and shields, simple and martial weapons, and has extensive survival and intimidation skills gained from his time in the army. He is also able to use a mount. His weaknesses are his pride, honor, hatred, and one-track mind. If he wants to clear a room, he will ignore the plan and do anything to accomplish his goal. He is ruthless and will only stop if his situation is obviously significantly against him, and sometimes not even then will he give up. Thorin also has far below average intelligence and wisdom.

    Backstory: Served as the cavalry in the dwarven capitol's army, and was known as one of the toughest. With his so far unmatched physical strength, he rose up in the ranks, then suffered an untimely concussion when he was hit by a drawbridge while standing too close to the edge. The army recovered his unconscious body from it's position between the ground and the drawbridge. Thorin was told when he awoke that due to the injury, he was temporarily suspended from service, but he was able to still retain his rank. While in the army, he gained advanced survival and intimidation skills, as well as the ability to use a mount. Humiliated, he decided to be a travelling adventurer in hopes of restoring his honor.

    Miscellaneous: He is often able to intimidate foes who could easily kill him. His intimidation tactics are to simply tell his foe very quietly and calmly that they do not want to know what will happen to them, much in the way Sans from Undertale does.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Misty Primrose

    Alias: Infestation Inc.

    Gender: Female <3

    Species: Catgirl =^o.o^=

    Age: In Her Early Twenties, Presumably (#younglyfe)

    Profession: Pest Exterminator (Extraordinaire)

    Description: Imagine, if you will, a lithe lass with lightly tanned skin. She's no less than a head shorter than you are, but despite her tiny stature, it is immediately apparent that she's as fit as a fiddle (toned, not muscly). Her eyes are inky black ravines raked into a field of Evening Primrose. Her subdued orange ears, afloat in a sea of black silk, pivot toward you a fraction of a degree as she, ensconced within a cloud of smoke, silently appraises you. A smile tugs at the corners of her ruddy lips as she takes a drag on the cigarette pressed between until all that remains of the glowing stick is a lifeless stump. Seductively, she rubs the cigarette into an ashtray to her left, a single claw extending from the tip of her index finger as she does so, and exhales. As if she was a great dragon, smoke billows out of her incisive maw and rolls over her (button) nose. Without a word she turns away, her striped black and orange tail idly dangling behind her as she leans over the counter to order a drink.

    Costume: In her off hours, Misty wears a solid white camisole, jeans, and black-and-white checkered sneakers. When she goes on duty, Misty dons a clean white jumpsuit (a la Ghostbusters) and steel-toed black workboots. Unless stated otherwise, Misty's hair is bundled into a ponytail.

    Abilities: Catlike Reflexes (Agile; Proficient at Landing on Her Feet); Catlike Senses (Enhanced Sense of Hearing and Smell; Low Light Vision); Toxin Resistant; Magical Individual

    Skills: (Moderate) Druidic Magic; (Minor; Skill Currently Being Learned) Mastery over the Dark Arts (Focused on Permanently "Evicting" Undead and Demonic Entities from Buildings); (Moderate) Trapping and "Chemical Warfare" (Pest Control); (Moderate) Close-Range Combat Proficiency; (Moderate) Skill with Firearms; (Minor) Skill with Explosives

    Disadvantages: Carnivore (Restricted Diet); Nicotine Addict; Catnip Enthusiast; Impulsive

    Equipment: 1 Multi-Function Back-Mounted Pest Removinator; 1 Handy-Dandy Utility Belt (Contains a Combat Knife, Duct Tape, Holy Water, Explosives, a Pocket-Sized NecrnomiconTM, etc.)

    Backstory: Misty had the misfortune of being the runt of her litter, by which I mean she was born small, frail, and sickly. Her parents did not have high hopes for her survival. Rather than waste their time and efforts on keeping Misty alive, Misty's parents, who were in the process of immigrating to Inside at the time, abandoned Misty before they grew attached to her, leaving her alone in the woods to die less than a week after she was born. That would have been the end of Misty if not for the druid Eum who discovered her nestled within a bed of Evening Primrose as he was collecting ingredients for one of his "world-famous" elixirs that evening. Without hesitation, Eum took Misty into his arms and returned to his community. The druids nursed Misty back to health and raised her without incident until her fifteenth birthday when she accidentally killed the eldest druid's favorite bird and several other rare animals he had tamed. Misty was banished from the community, so she, like her parents before her, packed up what little she owned and set out for the City of Inside. Nearly half of a year later, after countless trials and setbacks, Misty arrived in the City of Inside. She quickly gained employment with a pest control company that valued her willingness to put what the druids taught her to good use. Living in the city wasn't as easy as Misty had thought it would be. For the first few months, Misty felt as if she was always learning lessons the hard way - lessons like don't go outside at night and don't take a detour through the Red Zone for any reason. She enrolled herself in self-defense and firearms-training classes, even going so far as to found her neighborhood's neighborhood watch (which was more of a volunteer militia than a neighborhood watch, truth be told). Soon after, Misty realized that she was one of the best (if not the best) exterminator in the company's employ. In the same instant, it dawned on her that animals weren't the only creatures she could make money exterminating. Ghosts, demons, and, hell, even people could infest buildings, and if a building was infested, there was a good chance that somebody was willing to cough up oodles of money to be rid of the infestation. Misty resigned from the company some years ago and has been running Infestation Inc. ever since.
    Note: The management of Infestation Inc. has forbade the employees of Infestation Inc. (all one of them) from exterminating people. People are humanely extracted from target sites with traps and mild irritants. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to your infestation, please contact a mercenary company, the mafia, or a gaggle of hitmen.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    ID No: 67429-K, Delta Sector 14264-X [Model -13 NanoTechnician Android "ZavÝ̈x"]:
    Spoiler: Portrait:

    Alias: ZavÝ̈x, Nanotechnician.
    Gender: Genderless, cannot reproduce, male in form and identity.
    Race/Species: Androffan Nanotechnican Android.
    Age: Unknown, appears to be in his late twenties.
    Alignment: True Neutral, more concerned about his survival than anything.
    Class/Profession: Extremely handy with technology, able to repair and reprogram almost anything with the correct tools on hand. He's particularly skilled at the manipulation and use of nanites.
    Power Rating: D, however, he is a non-combatant and a coward, never one to fight.
    ZavÝ̈x's appearance is highly unusual, and it takes very little effort to notice that the figure certainly isn't human, not at all. His skin is deathly pale, and his eyes are pure white and seem to glow slightly. Small creases in his plastic skin further betray his synthetic nature. His left arm and leg seem even more unnatural than his facial feature, for the sections of the limbs just below the knee and elbow points appear to be made of thousands of tiny black machines, constantly moving about all at once like a school of incredibly organized fish. What's even stranger is that the limbs themselves don't even appear to be connected to their prospective joints, instead, the nanite-infused limbs hover just above small metal caps built into the man's elbow and knee, somehow supporting his weight without even touching him. Despite the android's perfectly crafted features and body shape, the technician's slouch and perpetual smile make him out to be a particularly bitter individual.

    ZavÝ̈x was never a particularly agreeable individual, but then, most Nanotechnician Androids were not. They didn't need to be after all, and as such, more time was spent focusing on other facets of the manufactured android's personality. Now that a hint of true emotional consciousness has developed within him as a side-effect of The Nexus and it's strange magics, ZavÝ̈x has developed a much more unique personality than other androids like him. As such, what was once simply being disagreeable has developed into being downright unpleasant at times. ZavÝ̈x is a thoroughly sarcastic, easily frustrated unit, very obviously out of his element and greatly annoyed due to it. His methods of coping with his new, highly unfortunate reality aren't exactly great, and he tends to be a bit of a downer, as well as being particularly quick to panic in any given situation, but he's not an evil man by any means. Despite his emotional imbalances, ZavÝ̈x remains much better off than he would have been if he hadn't ever crashed into the Nexus in the first place.

    Easily Frustrated.
    Naturally Curious.
    Negative Personality Type.

    Equipment: Hardlight Manipulator Rod, Automated Translator Device, Damaged Cybernetic Nanotech Arm: (Left), Damaged Cybernetic Nanotech Leg: (Left), Androffan Communicator: (Broken), Flashlight, Sapphire Nanotechnician's Access Card, Pocket Terraformer, Blue Nanite Hypogun, Androffan Camera (Built into V-Mod Goggles), Personalized Handheld Hologram Generator (Built into Cybernetic Nanotech Arm), Commset: (Built into V-Mod Goggles), V-Mod Goggles, Music-Playing Device, Personalized Forcefield Generator, Depleted Nanowrire Bodysuit, Implanted Laser Torch, Gravity-Stabilizer Clip, Inertial Dampening Belt, Gravity-Boots.
    Abilities: Very good with technology, not much else.
    ZavÝ̈x was constructed within the axiElect Industry Datavault, one of the largest android manufacturing facilities on Androffa, an incredibly technologically advanced planet far, far away from The Nexus. ZavÝ̈x was the first of his kind, built to serve aboard Androffan Spaceships during the long exploratory missions the technological planet organized. Though there are many like ZavÝ̈x, he is identical to his peers only in appearance. His creator, Heyatsu Masai, built ZavÝ̈x by hand, pouring his love and care into the incredibly complicated systems that would one day become ZavÝ̈x. After the android passed several inspections and successful personality tests, it became obvious that the particular kind of android that ZavÝ̈x was revolutionize the industry, for while his model of android was fairly cost-effective in creation, the special nanites infused within his physical chassis allowed the android to function far better than any other android that had come before him.

    For several years, Heyatsu kept ZavÝ̈x within AxiElect Industry as his own personal laboratory assistant. ZavÝ̈x loved his time here, enjoying the sensation of feeling special and unique despite their being so many made in his likeness. Unfortunately, this wouldn't last for much longer. Soon, new advances were made in the android construction industry, and soon enough, even ZavÝ̈x was replaced by a better, more functional, more attractive type of model android. ZavÝ̈x was a determined creature, and though he initially felt quite hurt after Heyatsu discarded and replaced him, the android still felt a deep sense of companionship with his creator.

    However, Heyatsu would not live for much longer after ZavÝ̈x was replaced. The old man passed away quietly, in his sleep, as all humans did on the technologically advanced planet. After all, there was no disease in Androffan, no war, no famine. His death hit ZavÝ̈x quite hard, and the android found himself questioning his own existence. The android's determination eventually drove the man to become a bit more emotionally stable despite the foreign feelings of loss that had been pulsing through him, and ZavÝ̈x soon found a job at a large, government owned company that sponsored expeditions beyond the stars.

    Though ZavÝ̈x didn't work quite as efficiently, internally, as other androids with their advanced systems, he had learned much from Heyatsu, and his expertise regarding the particular science of Nanotechnology earned him a place among the others. For ten years ZavÝ̈x worked for the company, serving as as a specialized Nanotechnician aboard exploratory vessels. His years of work were rather hard on him, and over his time spent working for the company, his patience for stupidity has rapidly deteriorated. ZavÝ̈x became especially well known as a particularly unpleasant person to work with, but his vast knowledge made him a valuable asset, so those in charge felt it necessary to simply put up with the android's rather disagreeable personality.

    During a particular mission wherein ZavÝ̈x and the crew of the LWSS Observer were to visit the miserable planet known within the Androffan Archives as "Azuran" and see whether or not the species on the planet had continued to progress since the last, disastrous visit to the planet, the ship sustained an unfortunately great deal of damage. The wormhole-generating machine used as propulsion within the scouting vessel malfunctioned, sending the vessel to an entirely different location than intend, The Nexus.

    As the ship crashed into the atmosphere, the LWSS Observer's systems began to fail, and though the crew fought bravely to keep the ship fully functional, the vessel eventually went down over a small forest near what's known as GLoG. Most of the ship rapidly deteriorated upon entering the atmosphere, but a small chunk of the ship made it to the ground. ZavÝ̈x was especially luckily, somehow surviving the crash but losing a large section of the left side of his body in the process. The android wasn't one to give up however, and managed to clear his mind quickly enough to reach the surviving piece of the Medical Bay before too much fluid left his body. Once the wounds had been closed, the android began the hurried process of replacing his two lost limbs with whatever spare parts he could find lying about. After having to undergo the unpleasant task of removing nanites from the corpses of several android crewmembers, ZavÝ̈x finally acquired enough parts to put himself back together, mostly.

    With a new set of somewhat clumsy nanite limbs, the android scrounged up what technological items he could find among the wreckage.

    Example Scene:
    ID No: 67429-K, Delta Sector 14264-X [Model -13 NanoTechnician Android "ZavÝ̈x"]:

    A tall, incredibly pale figure stands in the middle of what may have one been a peaceful, serene glad in the middle of a small, earthen forest. Now, a large, flaming crater seems to have hollowed out the center of the forest, the self-contained ecosystem having been obliterated by whatever artificial entity crashed down, creating the great pit in the first place. Chunks of hyperoglaucite hull hang precariously in trees, or stick out of the blasted earth like jagged shards of glass, while in the middle of the deep crater, a massive structure can be seen. The smoking, charred edifice sparkles in the sunlight, and the spaceships' dented and heavily damaged chrome outer walls seem to give off some kind of artificial luminescence. The figure moves in a delicate, almost ethereal fashion, it's body the epitome of anatomical perfection. At least, from the right. The entity's left side appears to be much different from it's right, each limb towards the left seeming to constantly remain in motion, as if the limbs were made of some kind of liquid vaguely held together in the shape of a human appendage.

    The alien presence traces the circuitboard patterns along the sides of the extraterrestrial vessel, the small markings seeming to glow faintly with blue light as the figure does so. The light persists for half a minute before fading and fizzling out, sparks flying as the structure shivers and quakes. The entire site was momentarily unstable. The creature steps back, before begging to speak, the entity's cold, unemotional voice echoing in an unusual fashion, it's voice seeming to reverberate with every perfectly phrased word uttered from the entity's frigid, perfectly shaped artificial lips.

    "Unacceptable. This is entirely unacceptable."


    The entity raises it's right arm upwards before swiping across a small section of the limb, seeming to activate some kind of integrated recording device. The alien speaks once more to the recorder, an incredibly annoyed expression on it's face. "Testing, testing, yes, excellent. At least something functional still operates within it's system's defined parameters." After a second, the figure sighs deeply, before poking at a small circular indentation in the palm of it's more natural-looking hand, causing a small holographic model of the now quite heavily damaged spacecraft to appear. The alien swipes along the model, zooming in and comparing the fully intact hologram with the battered spaceship before it. It speaks once more into it's arm. "This is Unit ID No: 67429-K, Delta Sector 14264-X, Model-Alpha13 NanoTechnician Android "ZavÝ̈x", of the LWSS Observer reporting in. I require immediate assistance, I repeat, I require immediate assistance. At precisely..." ZavÝ̈x taps at another small section of his more physical-seeming arm, frowning deeply as the holographic timekeeper device built into his arm appears unresponsive.

    "Hm. I am currently incapable of determining what time the accident occurred, however, it appears to have only been several hours since the LWSS Observer entered Golarion's atmosphere, which implies that my systems may have been temporarily shut down for immediate repairs somewhere after the LWSS Observer crashed into this... abnormal biome." He takes a closer look at the holographic image of the ship, before adjusting the technological lenses of his Next Generation Veemod Sensory Goggles. "The ship remains heavily damaged after weathering the atmosphere, and will require extensive repairs with materials I do not currently possess, which is thoroughly regrettable, as I doubt this miserable little blue orb contains half of the materials I'll need. Substitutions will need to be made. In addition to the physical damage done to the vessel, my scans have picked up several far more... frustrating complications that will need to be addressed. It appears that I will need to re-modulate the electromagnetic plating, and I have been detecting an unusual nanowave signature in the multi-spacial warp accelerator, which may very likely be due to the electrical invariance within the axionic impulse infuser that I looked over earlier."

    "It seems obvious that I will not find what I need here, and as such will go about finding my way to the closest 'civilized' holding, in the hopes that communications may be initiated with the locals."
    The android swipes the holographic model of the ship away, now pulling up a holographic passage written in Androffan, accompanied by a small model of whatever planet he'd been intending to find. "The LWSS Observer's logbooks provide little information on this annoying planet, most unfortunate."

    "I will attempt to ascertain whether or not the LWSS Observer can truly be repaired after I attempt to meet with the creatures who live here willingly for whatever reason. With any luck, these reports are going through, and I am not, in fact, simply talking to my arm. More reports to come, ZavÝ̈x.


    With that, the android begins his walk towards civilization, his exhausted body growing closer and closer to a forced shutdown as he expends energy.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Steven Lightblade

    Alias: Steve, Full title of paladinhood is Sir Steven Lightblade the Pure
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 25
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class/Profession: Paladin (Can Assume Alternate Reality forms of himself from two other continuities of universe, being a Space Marine and Sheriff)
    Power Rating: 5
    Description: Caucasian, Short Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, 5 O' Clock Shadow, Average body type for his age and gender (Muscular, but not a massive pile of muscle)
    Equipment: Holy Longsword with a gold hilt and white blade, Gold and White lance, Combat Knife, Heater Shield with a white back and the design of a face of a lion with a mane in gold, various medical items, holy water, basic survival gear, full plate armor colored white with gold designs, with a helmet covering his face (look at my avatar for reference to armor appearance)
    Space Marine Changed Loadout: Assault Rifle designed after an AR-15 (guns can be loaded with lead or plasma bullets), Sniper Rifle designed after a Barrett .50, Handgun designed after a Desert Eagle, Heavy Armor fully covering body, in a similar, more futuristic version of paladin armor
    Western Sheriff Changed Loadout: Winchester Model 73, Colt Peacemaker, 12 Gauge Double Barrel shotgun (buckshot rounds)
    Abilities: Divine power that can be used through prayers, formal military training, Horse riding and spacecraft operating skills. Small amount of medical training
    Weaknesses: He is still a human, and can be killed in the same ways any human can be killed
    Backstory: (For now, only paladin story is available, but all are extremely similar) Steve was born into a family of nobles. His father was Paladin and his mother was a Cleric. As a young child, he studied in the temple of his god that is simply referred to in many names such as "The Benevolent One" or "Bringer of Justice" but has no known concrete name. When he turned 10, he went into training as a knight and became a paladin when he was 15. At 17, he left home with his horse which was given to him from the heavens in a crusade that all paladins go on, to rid the world of evil. On his adventures, he has made many friends who have followed him, most to their doom. As a result, Steve is haunted with the memories of his dead comrades. When adventuring alone, he discovered a portal to the nexus.
    Miscellaneous: Has a horse named Henry as a paladin, he is a white stallion, and as a cowboy, he is a brown bronco. As a Space Marine, he has a small 8 man cruiser.
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    I'm a Lawful Good Human Paladin
    Justice and honor are a heavy burden for the righteous. We carry this weight so that the weak may grow strong and the meek grow brave
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    "Thieves and traitors will be brought to Her justice. All of Her wayward children have but one chance to beg their Mother for mercy. Their lives belong to Boudica, hallowed be the name of our Goddess. One chance to accept our Mother's love ere I force it upon them."

    Alias: Knight Commander Sciano, in Eternal Service to the Holy and Just Guardian Order of Boudica Resurgent.
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human Demigoddess
    Age: 18
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class/Profession: Paladin
    Power Rating: B+
    Description: Volesa is a young woman of athletic stature, who carries herself with a zealous conviction that everyone she meets is either on her side or about to be brushed aside. This confidence makes her physicality even more intimidating, despite her age. Her green eyes that are always shining with something between passion and fanaticism don't make her look any less crazy. She has dark brown hair, closely cut in a military crop, and tan skin on Mediterranean features. Being the daughter of a goddess, she has a strong divine aura that feels like a warm blanket wrapping up anyone who gets close, with a soft pillow for them to lay their weary heads upon... Just don't get too close if you're an enemy, lest the blanket become constricting and the pillow smothering.
    Personality: Indoctrinated
    Equipment: A full set of enchanted plate, made out of some lightweight yet durable alloy. Majorly resistant to all elements and elemental attacks and minorly resistant to divine magic that's not from Boudica. Immune to druidic magic and arcane transmutation. A brace of perfectly normal wooden batons, of the long straightstick type police used to carry to encourage compliance. A tall, rectangular shield similar to a Roman scutum, enchanted to absorb kinetic energy and release it on command as less-lethal concussive blasts. Multiple sets of manacles and restraints for binding prisoners ranging in power from animals to magic users to deities. A holy symbol of her Goddess, made from living wood, on a green vine around her neck. A list of her stolen older siblings, written in blood on vellum, as a reminder of which lost sheep need to be saved from themselves and returned to the flock. A sketch of the assassin who murdered her father.
    Abilities: Superhuman strength and endurance. Divine magic focused on healing, defending, and controlling. Innate mental resistance.
    Backstory: To be edited in as revealed onscreen. Hopefully.
    Miscellaneous: The first of Boudica's new generation of the child super soldiers she clones from combined and altered genes of powerful individuals. This girl was created directly from Boudica herself and has been elevated to a commanding position above the rest.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Alias: Cub name: Genji Ikari (Has yet to undergo the Rites of the Fox and earn his adult name, due to having grown up outside of an established Kitsune community.)

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: DnD 3.5 Kitsune (Not 100 percent, has a longer life-span and earns tails more slowly than a pureblood)

    Age: 98-99 (Is unconcerned with exact figures, seeing that there are more important things in life than how many seasons you've seen)

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class/Profession: Commoner (Wishes to learn the divine arts of Inari)

    Power Rating: 0, completely unskilled with his racial abilities, due to lacking a skilled teacher

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Spoiler: mask image

    Personality: Is for most intents and purposes completely average. If not for his kitsune father's ahh... 'lascivious' habits, he'd likely be like any young man who left a tiny village to become a priest in service of his favored deity. Is somewhat more prone to being playfully deceptive than most of his peers back home, though by kitsune standards he'd be quite tame, :D. When he's not busy with his duties, he prefers to study the lore of his goddess, and deepen his own understanding of the order as a whole.

    Equipment: A fine, ceramic vulpine mask, the only memento he has of his father, who left his mother before he was even born. Carries no weapons of any kind, though as a practicing calligraphist he carries a small collection of inks he created himself, and several small scrolls. He comes from a fairly poor family, so he has little to nothing else to his name, and in fact, only has clothing as nice as he does because he made it himself, including time spent dying it.

    Abilities: Given that he comes from a very middle-ages type of small village, his ability to read and write could be considered quite something, since he currently lacks even his first tail, he has none of the racial abilities that kitsune normally get, and has no martial training of any sort.

    Backstory: Was sent to the temple of Inari to learn more of his people, and be with individuals who wouldn't look down on him for his vulpine features. Has yet to go through the Rites of the Fox, which will mark him as a fully grown individual of his people.

    Nothing to see here, move along, o3o
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    Bloom is a tall birdgirl priestess-in-training. She travels by spaceship and her weapon is its 460mm cannon.

    Gender: Female
    Species: Engineered Mutant Human
    Age: Bloom looks to be about 18. She's looked that way for a while, and it'll be decades before she seems any older. Universitariat Assistants grow quickly to maturity, then age slowly. As Istubeal said, "The first feathered assistant I grew lived for one hundred and ten years before her heart gave out. I think I have corrected that flaw..." ((Has been out of her pod since April 22, 2015))
    Alignment: Blue, Neutral Good. Everyone should strive to be good, whether they follow the playful fox or the stern moon. She has a bit of a lawful bent, equating wrongdoing most with dereliction of duty and breaking your word...but there are times for all things.
    Profession: Priestess-in-training, space-sailor
    Power Rating: D- or 2. Bloom has some magical powers but is no real danger unless at the controls of a complex aircraft.
    Description: Bloom has a sharp face, a hawk's orange eyes, and a crest of bright green feathers where a normal human might have a head of hair. Less vibrant feathers in speckled grey and green cover most of her golden skin. 6'9" tall, of solid build.
    Personality: Curious and idealistic. Nice enough, but greedy if she thinks she can get away with it. Prone to using strange metaphors.
    Equipment: A backpack. A radio. A little glazed clay jug. Wearing a light blue robe with a light blue sash and a metal necklace depicting a fox head on one side and a stalk of rice on the other.
    Abilities: Weak holy magic. Feeding the hungry, but not parting the seas or raising the dead.
    She can always: Pour out endless water from her jug, make a ball of foxfire appear to light the way, and stop someone from bleeding to death.
    She can occasionally: Heal the injured, hold someone in place, make plants sprout up to grow around someone, create a bit of food and drink, and summon a fox-spirit from the celestial realms to help.
    Backstory: Once, the Mote rescued the crew of a vessel that was cast adrift. The lost captain, Flesh-Wizard Istubeul, bestowed a number of gifts upon his rescuers. One of those was an egg that hatched into Bloom. Born and raised in the Ways, she came down to earth to join the clergy of Inari, as the Mote's home port is a rice-farming nation, and the clever, quick-growing bird girl was judged to be the best neutral party to take the position.

    Spoiler: The Wizard, on Salmagundi Station

    Motioning the bivalve/arthropod forward, Istubael opens the shell by gently stroking the edge and looks inside. There's several visible compartments, though only one is actually open at present- the rest are behind puckered sphincter muscles. "I have... Three assistants, two with the chlorophyll adaptation and one with feathers. Two bodyguards, with thick armour plating, powerful muscles and monomolecular claws. I'm keeping one of those. Two crustaceapods, like this one. Five venom-worms for personal defence. One cat with heat-sensing pits, ideal for hunting down space-vermin, and a riding tortoise. And yes, organic radio. Like the one I used to communicate with you en route. True telepathy we have yet to achieve, though the Spiritualists claim it is possible, and that they have achieved it with their mentalist programmes and neurological enlightenment- whatever that means." Istubael is trying to ignore the fact that the only thing protecting him from naked space is dead metal. Quite how the Technocracy trusts themselves to travel in space within dead machinery is beyond him. His servant girls, being members of a cloned slave-caste, know only what Istubael has taught them.

    If the life-pods are retrieved, since they have no on-board steering mechanisms of their own, once they detect a breathable atmosphere they burst, leaving behind the Flesh Wizard; he's as described, quite handsome, and wearing long, red silk robes with deep pockets filled with tools made from bone, leather and wood, no metal or stone. He looks to be in his mid-twenties. His two servants are very different; one is green-skinned, short and slender, with red eyes and white hair, wearing a simple cotton dress made from a single strip of material with a hole cut in the middle for the neck; she's bare up the sides, and it ends high on her legs. The other is just shorter than Istubael, naked besides thick orange fur growing from her head down her back, across her belly and halfway down her thighs. Her bare skin is deep orange, and her eyes are piercing yellow cat's eyes. Both look to be in their late teens, and resemble Istubael enough to point towards sharing some DNA. The other is non-humanoid, a big bivalve shell held opening-upwards on the back of a twelve-legged arthropod. A seperate head-section bears a pair of massive compound eyes and a pair of heavy mandibles. The first pair of legs end in complex manipulators resembling both human hands and spiders, with most fingers tapering to a fine point.

    At the moment, Flesh-Wizard, clone-servants and the walking repository of everything a genetic engineer needs to get themselves set up, is shivering and retching, adjusting to the trauma of awakening from emergency hibernation within a lifebuoy for three years. Istubael knows how long they drifted for, but it doesn't really matter. They're alive, and emergency hibernation is an efficient stasis-state so they haven't actually aged those three years.

    "The bioluminescense is easy. The symbiote will naturally bond with your epidermis. It will take some effort to learn how to control it, however. Do you have any patterns or colours in mind? The radio symbiote will need surgical implantation at the top of the spine, just below the skull. Does your vessel have a surgical room?" He reaches into the bivalve shell. "The feathered assistant will be female; that's how I prefer them, and I wrote their genetic code. She should reach physical maturity in three months. Mental maturity is reached in approximately a week. It needs to learn everything, but is smart and won't take long to teach. I've put the egg into the incubation chamber, it should hatch within the hour. Would you like her immediately upon hatching, or would you prefer to wait until tomorrow? In the incubation chamber, the crustaceapod will increase her growth and teach her how to walk, bypassing approximately a month's worth of natural growth, or three year's worth of growth for an unaltered human." Also going into the incubation chamber is a bodyguard egg.

    "I have not been trained in the specialised biology needed for a space-jump, and therefore do not know how to replicate the event that transported me here. So, here I shall remain. Does this station have an area that was grown, not built? I do not like all this dead metal and unfeeling machinery." The chances of being picked up in a lifebuoy at all after it has performed an emergency spacejump are incredibly small; lifebuoys don't have any sensory organs, and are limited to blind jumps in random directions. That's why they only do so if they feel immediately and gravely threatened.

    "Red and yellow I can do. I'm glad you didn't ask for green. How long will it take to secure a surgical chamber? She will live for a long time. We have increased the rate of growth until physical maturity, but then she will stabilise and age far slower.
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    Tracer B.

    Alias: None.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Tiefling.
    Age: 24.
    Alignment: Somewhere between NG and CG. He places absolutely no stock in authorities, but believes that order is effective in some situations.
    Class: Rogue/Blue Mage.
    Power Rating: He's not really in a combat setting, but I guess... D?
    Description: Hair- Dark brown, almost black.
    Eyes- Black.
    Skin- Dark red, scar on his left arm.
    Equipment: Shawm, dagger, flask, disguise kit, clothes on his back.
    Abilities: Stealth and sleight-of-hand skills- basic rogue stuff. Blue mages specialize in trickery- charm spells, invisibility, illusions, etc.
    Backstory: To Come Later.
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    A.V. Kalya

    Alias: n/a
    Gender: Cis Woman
    Kin: Human
    Age: 31
    Occupation: Student, Necromancer, VIGIL librarian


    Kalya is a tall, solidly built young woman with dark brown skin and wavy black hair typically tied back in a long braid or ponytail down to her waist. She's naturally very curvy as well, with wide hips and thighs, but also similarly broad shoulders, and strong upper arms. Her face is adorned with jewelry, a slim gold chain connecting a ring on her nose to an elaborate golden earring on her right ear. Small gold ornaments hang off the chain, as well as rings on both brows and a stud under her lip, though her left ear remains free of jewelry. Kalya presents herself with a quiet, scholarly manner - her hazel eyes perpetually seeming deep in contemplation, and her bold features set into a poised, tranquil look.

    Kalya typically wears elaborate, though comfortable clothing, favoring brightly colored cloth jackets and wide trousers with soft shoes. That's no injunction against fancier attire, though. While Kalya prefers casual settings, she's equally comfortable in the formal atmospheres of academic and courtly ritual, and owns a varied wardrobe suited to any occasion.


    Calm, thoughtful, and collected, Kalya prides herself on a diplomatic nature and a clear-headed, rational approach to situations that emphasizes a reasoned consideration of multiple outcomes and frequent reflection, instead of impulsive or emotional decision making. While generally measured and calculating of speech, Kalya occasionally does allow her rebellious nature to get the better of her - a penchant for sass and a passive-aggressive streak a mile wide have caused many a humiliating moment for those caught against the sharp side of her tongue, though a shellacking too many has also earned her a reputation for being more than occasionally insufferable should her ego get the better of her.


    A daughter of one of the oldest and most revered noble houses in Abhorson's Gate, Kalya is one of the most talented students of necromancy in her generation, having developed mastery in a variety of arts related to communication with, and the summoning and banishment of undead and otherworldly spirits. Raising the undead is a skill fallen out of fashion among most modern practitioners of the College of Necromancy - more modern applications of Abhorson's ancient teachings revolve around manipulation of spirit energies for use in healing, clairvoyant meditation, and personal enhancement. The traditional arts are still taught as a curiosity to interested and talented students, however, and more advanced applications of the old arts have come to Kalya in the form of knowledge passed down from the ancient undead masters of the college, including the head of her own house, Arshan.

    In addition to the specialized knowledge of the College of Necromancy, Kalya has a generalist's knowledge in some other fields of magic, like basic elemental sorcery, stone weaving, and weather manipulation, and other forms of nature magic practiced by the various craftsman-sorcerers of her home. Kalya's no elitist when it comes to useful magical skills, and is as well a quick study and deft talent at magical arts in general, though it's unlikely that she'd ever pick up any magical skill to the same depth and extent as her passion for necromancy.

    Besides her magical and mental talents, Kalya has a few sporting passions, being a strong swimmer and a skilled hockey and tennis player. She has some interest in martial arts, with some practice in unarmed and armed sport fighting, including traditional long-axe fighting, though she's by no means an accomplished duelist.


    Kalya's notable equipment includes several necromantic charms and devices, which she generally keeps in a cloth satchel that hangs at her hip. Chief among them is a crude looking mirror, carved out of mahogany wood, adorned with bits of shell and sea glass, with a face made out of dull, unpolished bronze. Despite the seeming roughness of the mirror, the dull face can change to become as polished and glassy as the surface of a clear lake, or dark and starry as a midnight sky, radiant as a sunrise, or multicolored and turbulent as a stormy ocean surface. The mirror is Kalya's main focus for spellcasting, acting as a window into the Shadelands from which Kalya draws her necromantic ability. Other necromanctic charms include a pair of heavily tarnished silver bells that don't ring in any tone audible to the living, incense, a notebook, and an electric flashlight.


    Kalya is a gifted student at the College of Necromancy, in the city of Abhorson's Gate - an island city state founded by necromancers drawn to the teachings of Abhorson, an ancient dragon from aeons past. Though she herself comes from a noble family, heavily steeped in the arcane history of the city, Kalya was heavily discouraged by her parents and immediate family from pursuing necromancy, they preferring that she pursue a more modern profession such as medicine or law, starting an independent practice, and marrying an approved match of equal standing and success. Kalya's interest in the old arts was inspired and encouraged by the patriarch of her house, the ancient lich Arshan, who had remained at the family's head for centuries since the nascent days of the College and the city. Kalya's passion for the ancient arts was offset by her more socially progressive politics - the elites of Abhorson's Gate, while increasingly technocratic, remained conservative and restricting in regards to social relationships and political systems. Kalya chafed under the prudish norms expected by her family, and enforced by the tightly-knit circles of gossip that spread through the upper echelons of noble and college society. Publically, Kalya engaged the debate stage and tried to make inroads into the deadlock of College politics, while privately pursuing relationships that would have caused her to become ostracized and a social pariah among her class had they come to light.

    Given the offer to leave the city by Abhorson himself, Kalya eagerly chose to join VIGIL and see the outside world. She hopes that one day, when she returns home, she'll be able to use her experience to change her society (in her mind) for the better.
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