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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Harold Philips

    Alias: None that he's proud of

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Technically Human

    Age: Around 10000 years old, a little bit less

    Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral, looking to reform

    Class/Profession: Warlock

    Power Rating: C+

    Spoiler: He's aged well (warning big)

    Personality: Charming

    Equipment: Nothing but the clothes on his back

    Abilities: Semi-Immortality: As long as Harold holds his bargain to the soon to be dead demonic lich Nimnarath, he can't die. Even if he breaks his oath of servitude, Nimnarath will be the only person who'll be able to kill him. Also has minor spellcasting abilities. Also also being around ten thousand years old Harold is crazy smart.

    Backstory: Harold was just a normal human beggar in a world far from the nexus. That is until he stumbled upon a demonic entity known as Nimnarath, whom he made a pact with. The details of this pact have been lost for millennia, even Harold forgot what it was, but Nimnarath broke this oath by killing Harold. Nimnarath was bound by the promises that he makes, and the powers that be punished Nimnarath for the broken oath by cursing Harold with immortality. Nimnarath, enraged that Harold came out on top of this deal, forced Harold to swear a new oath to him detailing that if Harold ever told another being on how to kill him, Nimnarath would be able to slay Harold again. For countless years Harold served the dark lich, and he ruined the lives of countless men and women. Harold recently started to feel horribly about his actions, and regardless of whether Nimnarath would kill him or not he revealed where the Lich's phylactery was and ran from the lich.

    Miscellaneous: This guy was originally meant as a sub-boss on a plot that i ran from the forums, but I fell in love with the character concept so now I want to play him more full time than originally thought.
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    the biggest nerd ever who transforms into BEAR is of course alluring.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    (speaks in teal)

    Gender: Female (but not in a biological sense)
    Race: Earth Elemental (see backstory)
    Age: 8 (looks like ~19 for a human age, as she does not exactly age)
    Alignment: Theoretically Lawful Good, but acts in a chaotic way sometimes.
    Profession: Alchemist/warrior (depending on what exactly is going on at the time)
    Power Rating: B-
    Description: J normally appears as a slim human of around 19 years of age. Being an earth elemental, she is made entirely of stone and dirt. As such, she does not have hair, so she grows grass (and alchemical herbs) on her head to give the appearance of hair. She generally wears shorts, a shirt, and a backpack, all dark green because they are made of woven plants (she could not find anything else to make them out of.). All of this could change, though (see the Abilities section).
    Backstory: J was created by a wizard on an unknown world through a complicated process that was intended to bind an earth elemental into a human form and to make the elemental his servant. The ritual failed horribly several times. The first time he tried it, the elemental destroyed his house. The second time, it simply returned to the Elemental Plane of Earth. It took ten tries for the ritual to work. J was produced by that tenth attempt (this is why she calls herself J) and she served him for eight years and nine months. At that time, she wandered through a portal that her master had produced accidentally during a new ritual and found herself in the Nexus.
    Personality: Having been created to be a servant, J simply obeys orders most of the time - this is why being a shopkeeper or a soldier work well for her. However, she also likes to have fun with the directions and figure out the most roundabout and impractical ways to finish her task. This has gotten her a reputation as a prankster, even though it usually does not obstruct anything. Unless, of course, she believes that the order is for a bad purpose. Then you never know what will happen.
    Equipment: J always wears a backpack that contains many bottles of potions. These usually include a strong acid, a bottle of Greek fire, a multitude of healing potions, a potion to make plants grow, and at least one of her experimental potions that even she usually does not know the function of. She also has several bottles of water in case she needs to spontaneously brew a potion for the situation, as well as the usual ingredients. Her backpack and clothes are made of woven plant stems.
    Abilities: As J is an earth elemental, she is made mostly of stone and thus is extremely durable, but she is also more agile than would be expected from a being made of stone. She can also shapeshift in a limited fashion by absorbing stone and dirt into her body and then shaping it by dissolving it with the acid that she usually carries. This can also be used to regenerate from wounds. Also, her body does not appear to age. She also has some martial arts training.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Aliases: None

    Gender: Too alien to have one. Does "it" count?

    Race/Species: Mi-Go

    Age: Never ask an alien his age! He'll just say something unpronounceable!

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Class/Profession Vivisectionist, Surgeon, and Scientist. That all just means he knows where to stab you

    Power Rating: B-

    Description: I got me a picture, again!
    Spoiler: What he looks like

    Personality: Very Direct. Doesn't really understand human conversation that well.
    Example Conversation: How was your day?
    Countless beings all across the multiverse died simultaneously, some crying out in agony whilst others welcomed the sweet release of death. My day's manner is insignificant towards the plight of these life forms.

    Equipment: Always has a few brain cylinders tucked away in his demi-plane (It just uses it as a backpack), Carries on person a Mi-Go Mist Projector at all times. Also has alien looking surgery tools.

    Abilities: High resistance to damage, near Brainiac level genius, and minor magic

    The following is an intercepted psychic conversation translated into english:

    Subject One: The space outside space known as the "Nexus" is a recently discovered location of the Mi-Go empire. Send our local "physician" to collect sufficient data. Have him return to Yuggoth in a period of time subject to change. Mission may become indefinite. End transmission
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuff View Post
    the biggest nerd ever who transforms into BEAR is of course alluring.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    The Red Fox is a man of many skills, dangerous skills, and the one of (If not THE) best assassin and master of disguise in the world he originates.

    Aliases: The Red Fox; Karol 'Todd' Devoss; Frank Hunter; Countless other Previous names and Disguises.

    Gender: Born Male and Identifies as such, but has spent month to year long stretches under the guise and identity of various women.

    Race/Species: Homo Sapiens With no disguise, appears quite European and very slight Asian features if you're looking hard.

    Alignment: Difficult, but this incarnation can be argued on the Good/Evil axis, but is most certainly Chaotic, valuing his own morals and instincts above any laws that might seek to oppress his hard fought freedom.

    Class/Profession: Fox has always been a sneaky man, and a killer from early adulthood. First he was a criminal, an enforcer, then a hitman on his own, then the government got to him, and then he got to his government, and now he's a super assassin with no enemies left standing. Truly a rogue agent.

    Abilities: Fox has peak human attributes but lacks the frame to be a powerhouse in the strength department. He is by no means deficient and has compensated for this high strength/weight ratio in his techniques and tactics. He is probably the most deadly man in his world withing a hundred meters. Unrivaled handgun marksmanship and hand to hand combatant, Expert in all firearm types, and proficient with all other weapons, and an avid and trained user of multiple weapons simultaneously.
    Fox's deadliest weapon is in fact his extraordinary keen senses and aptitude for guile. He has accomplished many tasks thought to be impossible for one man and his senses are sharp enough that he's fought via vague intuition while blinded and smells before. Fox is by no means invincible, and is well aware of this fact, preferring to bypass fights when possible.

    Description: Late Thirties,Five Foot Seven, and 170Lb, Fox is a lean beast of wire and beautiful smooth flesh. Although he is of average to small stature, he can often appear much more or much less than a man of his size, and often does. The Red Fox does NOT allow people to see his unaltered and true face, but his disguises are imperfect: His ears always connect smoothly at the bottom, and he always has a red item. Beyond that, his pale complexion is difficult to hide, but he can achieve a reasonable level of tan. Normally he is almost unhealthily pale and clean shaven, with short hair and well kept attire befitting whatever station he holds at the moment. Normally, his eyes are brown.

    Personality: Fox is at his best when he is a free man making his own decisions, and often despises being forced to do anything he opposes. While most certainly not above violence as a solution, In fact it is his fourth and last, he refrains from its use when not essential to accomplish a task. He is friendly when he thinks he can be, and a bit of a flirt. He also enjoys recreational drinking.

    Backstory: Fox is not aware of how he got here or why, but he's caught wind that reality is a much bigger and more flexible thing than he ever imagined, and plans to spend his days and years dispensing justice and enjoying this wonderful free life he's been given. This is a far cry from the merciless government missions and spy games he's used to, and hopefully less heartbreaking.

    Equipment: Fox has many blades of various description, at least two matched handguns (Couple of Browning High Powers, custom fitted and well made, with suppressors. The Left one has a few trigger group components he holds as quite valuable to him, as they originate from a previous BHP of his.) Fox is rarely without some explosive device of some kind, or chord. He also keeps a stylized gas-mask to hide his face when he so desires, as well as a lighter. (He doesn't smoke, but aliases have, and fire is useful.)

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Doctor Jones

    Alias: Doctor Jones, Doctor Smith, Doctor Arnold, Doctor (You get the pattern)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Halfling? Gnome? Something small, certainly

    Age: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Alignment: Sinister

    Class/Profession: Witch Doctor, Con Man, and Machiavellian

    Power Rating: B+

    Spoiler: Picture

    Personality: Sinister. Every deal he makes ends up with the mark he makes them with regretting every decision they made up to that point
    in a fair exchange of goods and or services which ends up beneficial to both parties!

    Equipment: A mismatch of spirit charms of which he can smash in order to summon a powerful entity, a few fertility charms wit which he can sell for a quick buck or two, a few shrunken heads with which he can use to commune with a dead spirit of which "Doctor Jones" knows the name of, and a complete Tarrot deck unlike any seen. Also a really neat sword!

    Abilities: Spirit summoning, some minor magic he can do without his charms, highly resistance to damage. Holds a charm with his soul in it. If he is killed, he reforms with all of his belongings near the phylactery. If someone finds and destroys the phylactery, his soul flies off to the afterlife where he should have gone countless years ago

    Backstory: Doctor Jones, his current alias that he uses, started life as a con man. He was a palm reader, a Tarrot reader, and a witch doctor. The last title was where he came up with the only static parts of his aliases (aliasi?). His habit for trickery often got him banished from many villages, until he made the unlucky mistake of conning the Lantern King, a trickster god. The god was the absolute master of trickery, but he was furious to have been fooled by this little man. The Lantern king cursed Doctor Jones with immortality, though not the good kind. Doctor Jones would age, the flesh would rot off of his corpse, and he would never have the ability to trick anyone again.

    Well, Doctor Jones had to find some way to fend off this doom, and he figured since he was immortal he was invincible as well. He decided to commune with one who was rumored to be immortal and gift immortality as well: the False Dark God of Despair Nimnarath himself. His communion was successful, and Nimnarath would give him immortality without the whole rotting thing for a price. His soul would be locked away in a small charm to be kept by Nimnrarth himself. If the witch doctor ever angered the False God, or did not follow his instruction, Nimnarath would snap the charm in two and send the good doctor's soul into oblivion.

    With the imminent death of Nimnarath, The tricky Doctor is getting ready to loot the false god's tower of both his soul, and the power Nimnarath obtained as well.

    Misc. If ever I wanted to make another Dark Tower plot, or a sequel to it, this guy's going to be the antagonist.
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    the biggest nerd ever who transforms into BEAR is of course alluring.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    ((Okay, first of all, I want to warn anyone tuning in for the first time that this is not how to make a character directory post. For references, look up. Or down. But not at me.))

    I've been here for...a long time now. I can no longer see the center of the nautilus-clock very clearly.
    A gateway, a massive arc of featureless white catching the eternal sun. Beyond the arc, scrub forests give way to seaside cliffs and beaches, antarctic waters, beneath it the glass and plastic domes of my house.

    I am Yone, Wonderworker of the Wheel, and this is my directory post.
    I had more names before, 'Reyezuela Reindhez Gonzales', but this all started because I don't get along with my family.
    I should really come up with some aliases in case I ever need to, you know...use the Blade.

    The Gender: field here is filled in with 'Woman'. Species: Vasoril
    The body I have now is female, and so was the one I had before. Mostly. Sort of. It involves the, well, look, I'm not going to talk about it. That's all over. Or maybe 'fairy' would be more important?
    No elves and goblins here; those are left for the Earth Court. We stick to the same form we've always had. A big cat with tentacled shoulders. Long neck. Horns.
    'Alignment' These days its mostly Neutral. There's still some lawful decorations in a box in the attic, along with trappings of an old romance and heartbreak.
    If you were rooting around in journals, letters, and private papers, you would find the writer's outlook to be White (Black secondary)
    Buried in the bottom of a cabinet, medical papers would confirm a B Blood Type (from some time ago when she dwelt in a human body)
    In the study, astrological charts showing false-stars never seen here would show a birth under the Sign of the Lovers
    I didn't grow up one year per year like outsiders would have. And then.
    Sparrow's Retreat. The Ark. These places had different times.
    We're ageless, undying. But for the court, I'm very young.
    Something about the Nexus makes things happen so fast.

    Outside the house, glowering on the edge of the property, lies a workshop.
    Class/Profession: Artificer. Our term for it is 'Wonderworker'. The forging of Charities into artifacts, magical items, that is the innovation of the Outer Court, and I feel sure it holds the secret to the Veldt. It is my calling, and in it I far surpass the one who once taught me.
    Power Rating: I used to be very helpless. People always took advantage of me. That's why I took so many risks to learn this magic. But it paid off. So many things can't touch me anymore. Even Places would have to fear me if we ever came in conflict.

    A glimpse among the tall grasses is nevertheless enough for a full Description: Those cerulean eyes, without iris or pupil, pools of blazing color seeing without sight, set into a panther's face. Two tentacles, smooth ropy limbs outstretched from the shoulders, were holding the grass apart. Her tail ends in a big tuft of long fur, with a decorative clip of jade and ormolu. Not entirely unlike something snakey. The body is subject to constant refinements as the shell turns, slow divergences from the original copy.

    Personality: In this field you kind of have to take a good look at yourself.
    If I might say so myself, I'm friendly, and even though it isn't our purpose, I love helping people. Maybe there's a bit of showing off involved, maybe.
    I do get jealous, quite a bit.
    And I might not like using it, but it's there. I am, kind of...a monster.

    Equipment: When they're not in use, they return here, devoked.
    Among the celestial charities, there is only one that I lack: the Map of teaching.

    The Ring of Desire. Its form is an earring of black metal set with a rainbow stone. It is unrefined. It's source: love for a mentor. It is tarnished by the losses Yone has felt. It was further polished by a mix of love and hate.
    The Pen of Creation. Its form is a paintbrush of fever-wood and tail hairs, banded in silver. It is unrefined. Its source: unknown.
    The Glass of Learning. Its form is a little folding mirror. It is refined, to show the past and the future. Its source: long study under Places. It was further polished by allowing Yone to leave her humanity behind.
    The Staff of Diplomacy. Its form is a golden hammer with curiously placed claws. It is refined, into the Oath of Refounding whose powers are obscure. Its source: dedication to the creation of a True World.
    The Cup of Definition. Its form is a simple bowl of red clay. It is unrefined. Its source: The name Yone, and only that name. It was further polished by the making of the Arc.
    The Wheel of Space. Its form is a chariot pulled by a team of flightless birds. It is refined, to move at great speeds and that a road always opens before it, a lesson on the corruptibility of all things. Its source: membership in the Outer Court.
    The Blade of Violence. It's form is unknown. It is unrefined. Its source: Forged by Message with this tale "A gentle person lashed out at those who tormented them. Though she won, it was no longer enough to be safe. She now had a taste for blood."

    The hair clip used to be a fellow student, a friend. The pressures of their dreams compressed them to this useful decoration, unable to wake, unable to die. There is nothing that can be done to spare them, but at least I can keep the close.
    A gun that she really doesn't know how to use. A wide trapezoidal stock with four barrels in parallel. It shoots some sort of rays.
    Mara's ribbon.

    Abilities: As a sevenfold fae, I can reshape reality just by wanting it, without even needing to speak or gesture. Other minds can hold the world in order, and it's draining to do outside my home. Though once unskilled, Yone has studied most fields and become a passable worker of grammar-magic, and is yet a prodigy in one thing: the construction of magical items.

    Backstory: Disowned by her family for past sins and barely scraping by in a dead end job Inside, Yone was one of several students drawn by the Bureacat's promise of power and a better life. While a significant number of her fellow students died, she is one of the two to truly succeed and complete the lessons, reshaping her body and taking hold of great magical power. Besides briefly helping Mara and harassing the Earthly Court and their friends, she has been working to build a new home for the new Outer Court here in the Nexus. She has created a miniature True World to be her home, and seeks the breakthrough that will allow her to expand it and fulfill her oath once and for all. She crossed paths with Benedict, lost the person she loved, and was briefly kidnapped by demons, which all together led her to seek out Anchor and study the Blade which she had previously shied away form.
    Miscellaneous: Forgotten things, scattered here and there.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Maxwell O'Conner

    Alias: None, Max will do just fine.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human, well human looking anyway.

    Age: Looks to be in late twenties.

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Class / Profession: Mage

    Power Rating: A

    Description: A man of nearly seven feet in hieght, Maxwell has slick black hair combed back, and said hair falls down his shoulders. The man has hollowed gray eyes, which have been known to shift color due to what kind emotion he's feeling (red for angry, green content, etc.). Max wears a a black leather jacket with many pins stuck into it. Under the jacket, he wears a blank blue shirt, and blue jeans. His boots strike the ground in a slow methodical walk.

    Personality: Charmer, but quick to anger.

    Equipment: His watch is kind of glowy, and it isn't for show. Magic powerful enough to shine is nothing to sneeze at. Other than that, Max pretty much has the clothes on his back.

    Abilities: "The Watch" allows him to:

    1) Short distance teleport

    2) See past events of the location he's in

    3) See, sort of, into the future

    Other than that, his normal powers are:

    1) Access to all different kinds of magic

    2) A manifested Aura Fear

    3) Charm

    Backstory: To come later. Maybe.
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    the biggest nerd ever who transforms into BEAR is of course alluring.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Joe Bob

    Alias: Technically Joe Bob is an alias. See Backstory for more details

    Gender: Prefers to think of itself as male

    Race / Species: Demon

    Age: Couple Millenia

    Alignment: Direct Quote: "I like to think myself as a morally gray lightning"

    Class / Profession: Mercenary in the lightest sense of the word

    Power Rating: Solid "A"

    Description: The demon, while technically formless, chooses to manifest itself as a large amount of random bugs. From flies to cicadas, any bug can be found flying around the main "body" of the demon. The body itself is a large storm cloud which shoots purple lighting in its interior every thirty second or so. Somehow, perplexing the human mind, the demon speaks in a Chicago accent.

    Personality: Joe Bob makes jokes during combat, during everything really, and is light hearted. It is a rare occurrence that Joe Bob actually gets angry, and heaven protect the cause of that anger.

    Equipment: Nothing, the demon is completely naked. Not like it could wear anything in the first place.

    1) It can swarm into anyone that it engulfs

    2) It can shoot lightning bolts

    3) It heals from electrical attacks

    4) It can fly

    5) It resists magic

    6) It's formless, so any nonmagical projectile attack usually just passes through it without any damage

    6.5) This kind of goes into the formless category as Joe Bob also has the ability to shift into a fully fledged storm

    7) It's one weakness is that it has to tell the truth, and any oaths he makes he is bound by them

    8) He can teleport once per day to any location anywhere

    Backstory: A long time ago a demon, who's name is unpronounceable, decided he wanted out of hell. It was boring there, and nothing really happened any more. So it left, and toke on the name of Joe Bob. It hopped from place to place until finally it gained the ire of another demon. Joe Bob knew that if this other demon found him, he'd be in a lot of trouble, so he packed up and left for the Nexus.

    Misc: This is another mini boss from the Dark Tower plot, I fall in love with these ideas too easily.
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    the biggest nerd ever who transforms into BEAR is of course alluring.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    NothingAbnormal's Nexus Characters
    Spoiler: Makol

    Makol Silversheen

    Nakol will speak in maroon

    Alias: I hide behind no masks.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: ?
    Age: ?
    Alignment: I have no uses for tags nor brands.
    Class/Profession: Wizard/Swordsage
    Power Rating: A-

    Personality: Cool, Distant
    Equipment: Mine, not yours, yes?
    Abilities: Known Abilities include spellcasting, and astonishing swordsmanship.
    Backstory: None of your concern.

    Spoiler: Elenor

    Elenor Smith

    Elenor prefers golden Rod.

    Alias: Technically Elenor is an alias, see backstory.
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Mutant
    Age: Unknown
    Alignment: CN/CG (?)
    Class/Profession: Teacher, "Witch", Ranged Weapons Master
    Power Rating: C+ (I think?)
    Description: 6'5", 134 lbs. Elenor is in fantastic shape, and she makes sure to jog at least a mile every day. Elenor has grey, stormy eyes, mostly black hair with some brown blonde strands.
    Personality: More on the timid side, usually avoids conflict (she's the runer type) although if someone threatens her security she will deal with them... usually at range, and with surprise of course.
    Equipment: Old archaic texts detailing ritual magic, laptop with several blueprints, set for forging paperwork, forged paperwork and credit cards under various names.
    • Inhuman Sight: Elenor sees normally in utter darkness, and she can see signifigantly better then most humans (exponentially better). However she is particularly vulnerale to bright light, whether it be flash bang or a flashlight shone in her face.
    • Math Whiz: Elenor can calculate anything dealing with mathematical problems (and to a lesser extent science) faster then a calculator. However this ability does not apply to remembering things, reflexes, or any other brain function, only math and science.
    • Immortal: Elenor does not age, although she can be killed and is vulnerable to disease and poisons, just like a normal human.
    • Rituals: By spending years of studying Elenor has learned several rituals, although such things usually take hours to cast and are physically exhausting.

    Backstory: Elenor (Actually named Danica) was the daughter of a rich CEO. For reasons she won't say she ran away, and now intends on never going back. Of course she doesn't want her father chasing (or more likely, sending) after her so she learned the arts of forgery.
    Degrees and Certificates: Elenor is a life long scholar, and she has a multitude of degrees and certificates.
    • Philosiphy (Bachelors)
    • Structural Engineering (PhD)
    • Quantum Physics (PhD)
    • Bio-Engineering (Masters)
    • Graphic Design (Bachelors)
    • Welding (Certificate)
    • Military History (Masters)

    Spoiler: Jaine T. Shren

    Jaine T. Shren

    Jaine Speaks in Orange

    Alias: The Black Mask, Lady of Poisons, Death's Kiss, The Lady of Mourning, and the Goddesses's Sorrow.
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Fallen Angel, see idea stuff
    Age: 31
    Alignment: CN
    Class/Profession: Assassin, Alchemist, Poison Maker
    Power Rating: B+ (Without poisons, and areas she has little room to fly probably goes down to a B-)
    Description: Pretty Much this:

    Minus the sword, and her wings are made of adamantine, which is scorched black as if from (unholy) fire. Also, she usually wears a black lace mask.

    Personality: Dark, bitter, although she is not sure about what exactly (see background).
    Equipment: Two guns with blackened (as if burnt) holy symbols covered in white roses with blood dripping from the thorns, staining the petals (with silvered bullets). She also has a few knives, and various poisons, along with multiple refineries (to make poison, hidden of course). A battered wallet with a torn picture that is now indistinguishable and a few crumpled dollar bills. She also has a ring that let's her look like a human (she can not fly while it is active)
    Spoiler: Pic

    • Master of Poisons: Jaine's poisons ignore any immunities a creature may have.
    • Speed: While not "super" speed Jaine reacts and moves much faster then a normal human.
    • Strength: Jaine is twice as strong as the average person.

    Backstory: Jaine was a mighty angel, in fact some texts whisper archangel (this is false) who served a small pantheon (three gods). Unfortunately "love" was supposed to be between angels, and for one to fall in love with a "mere" mortal? FORBIDDEN. Done, no requests taken. After a while the gods found out, got pissed at the mortal, (wonder what happened to him ?) and Jaine was cast out... After having everything erased from her mind. Now all she remembers are vague, shadowy, insubstantial hints at the life she had once lived.

    Spoiler: Liadi Moon's Shadow

    Liadi, Moon's shadow

    Liadi will speak in turquoise.

    Alias: Li
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Elf (Lord), Vampire (Lord); see idea stuff, bestiary
    Age: At least 12 millenia [23]
    Alignment: Liadi has no alignment, and is immune to any effect based off of such.
    Class/Profession: Minstrel 20, Healer 20, Storm's Daughter 10, Rogue X, Herbalist
    Power Rating: A+
    Description: See below:

    Minus the circlet

    Personality: Slow to judge, but slow to friend.
    • Ring of Storage: Basically bag of holding style item, with unlimited storage and the wished item appears in hand.
    • Iron Band of Containment: A thick iron wrist band, covered in runes of containment and protection. Negates her last 2 abilities.
    • Various mundane items

    • Inhuman Reflexes: Liadi moves incredibly fast, and her reflexes are just as good.
    • Minstrel Abilities: Liadi has several songs, including all the minstrel songs.
    • Vampire Lord: Liadi uses the following alternatives: Magic Resistance, Lover's Bite, Wolf Shift
    • Creationist: Liadi have the ability to create matter, whether solid gold bars out of nothing, or water where none was before.
    • Transmutist: Liadi can change matter from one sort to another, and she can change the state said matter is in. Living creatures can not be affected by this ability.
    • Sculptor: You can alter the shape of something, such as turning a bullet into a coin. However the material of the item is the same as that you shaped it from.
    • Negationist: You have mastered the art of negating, magical and energy attacks. You can counterspell easily, and when you are attacked with an element you can easily convert it into something else (For example, turning acid into harmless water, a lighting bolt into a puff of air etc)
    • Polyglot: Liadi can speak, read, and write any language.
    • Dark Infusion: Liadi can channel pure unholy power, which manifests as black flames. She can control undead with this, and she can annihilate the living a well. For obvious reasons she tries not to use it, if avoidable at all. She can also use it as chains, holding down the living and undead alike, although this takes extreme concentration, and breaking said concentration can be disastrous... For both Liadi, whatever she had chained, and for the surrounding area.
    • Master of Poisons: Jaine's poisons ignore any immunities a creature may have.
    • Emotional Leakage: When not wearing her iron bracelet Liadi's emotions leak out, and sometimes affect those nearby.
    • Memory Sight: Liadi can see one memory of a creature that can be no more then one minute. She has no control of this ability, nor the memory she sees.

    Backstory: The daughter of a noble elf lord, she was attacked by a vampire lord, while trying to close a planar rift. In the resulting chaos, she ended up with a lot of the vampire's power, but she has no idea on what plane she is. She has not been home for... only a few millenia.
    Miscellaneous: Loves Zeppelin, hates screamo

    Spoiler: Alduin

    Alduin, Ragewinds

    Alduin speaks in Lime (but not in rhyme )

    Alias: N/A.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Elf (Lord) (See idea stuff)
    Age: 33 Millennia or so. [34]
    Alignment: NE
    Class/Profession: Barbarian, Ranger
    Power Rating: C-
    Description: See the Image

    Personality: Quick to anger, quick to fight, quick to make friends, slow to forgive.
    Equipment: His axe, Vrfng, Which can cut through anything (From walls of force to metal shielding) and his dreamcatcher, which disrupts all mind affecting effects.
    • Rage: Alduin can rage, and while doing so he can basically destroy everything in his path, however he can not think coherently while doing so.
    • Control Flames: Alduin can control flames with 100', and is immune to fire.
    • Elven Warrior: As an elf warrior Alduin is much stronger then the normal elf. He is as strong as 12 humans.

    Backstory: The privileged son of a Elf noble, Alduin is now on a quest to "find his sister" Liadi. OOC: she's not his sister

    Spoiler: Idea stuff

    Spoiler: Misc Class abilitities

    • Master of Poisons: Your poisons ignore immunities.
    • Divine Spellcasting: You can channel direct power from your god.
    • Arcane Magic Through years of study, or enhancing your innate link to the magical power in your blood you gain the ability to affect the world around you by carefully manipulating the weave.
    • Creationist: You have the ability to create matter, whether solid gold bars out of nothing, or water where none was before.
    • Transmutist: You can change matter from one sort to another, and you can change the state said matter is in. Living creatures can not be affected by this ability.
    • Sculptor: You can alter the shape of something, such as turning a bullet into a coin. However the item it is changed into must be near the size of the original item, and you do not change the material of the item.
    • Negationist: You have mastered the art of negating, magical and energy attacks. You can counterspell easily, and when you are attacked with an element you can easily convert it into something else (For example, turning acid into harmless water, a lighting bolt into a puff of air etc)
    • Weather ControlYou can control the weather, including snow, wind, rain, hail, temperature, etc.

    Spoiler: Item Compendium

    Spoiler: Mundane

    Spoiler: Biotech

    Biotech is nonmagical, although the process to graft and perform these procedures may require magic, once they are done they are not magical. Any technology that would be planted will be found here as well.
    • Bionic Arm: A bionic arm is much stronger then a normal one, and reacts a bit faster as well.
    • Healing Microbes: The creature heals damage it takes extraordinarily fast.

    Spoiler: Tinctures

    These are nonmagical alchemical items that are similar to elixirs, althoguh not as powerful.
    • Slow Heal: The drinker of this Elixir finds his wounds slowly closing, although it does not help with problems such as blood loss, wounds not deriving from nonslashing or piercing effects, damage to internal organs etc.
    • Anti-Venom: Drinker is highly resistant to poisons.

    Spoiler: Poisons

    • Bard Bane: Has a chance to make it so the subject can not speak, sing etc.
    • Paralyzer: Decreases a creature's mobility, has a chance to paralyze.
    • Strength Sapper: Decreases a creature's strength.
    • Slayer: Drains a foes life force, has a chance to kill.

    Spoiler: Magical

    Spoiler: Elixirs

    • Enhancement: This elicir makes the drinker stronger.
    • Vitality: The healer feels his body healing, this negates any and all wounds he may have taken up until them, but does not heal the effects of disease, age, or poisons.

    Spoiler: Weapons

    These will be specific abilities, instead of actual weapons themselves.
    • Severing: Cuts through anything, from a force field effect to a simple sheet of armor plating.
    • Animated Attacks on its own.
    • Lighting (ranged): The weapon turns the part shot (or the neitre thing if a thrown weapon) into a lightning bolt. This destroys the projectile.
    • Elemental (X): These weapons are covered in an element, although the wielder is not harmed by it. (X: Fire, Cold, Acid, or Lightning)

    Spoiler: Armor

    [list][*]Elemental (X): These armors are connected to an element, and provide immunity to that element. (X: Fire, Cold, Acid, or Lightning)[*]Acrobat's Armor: Boosts acrobatics abilities, allowing one to jump further etc

    Spoiler: Bestiary

    Spoiler: Angels

    Angels have the following abilities unless noted otherwise in their individual usage.
    • Flight: Angels may fly, due to thier wings.
    • Knowledge of the Heavens: The Angels have the ability to constantly detect those that are good and those that are evil.
    • Spellcasting: All angels have the ability to cast a small selection of spells. They cast holy spells.
    • Consecrated: Any spell an angel casts and anything it attacks with (from fists to laser rifles) is treated as holy for the purposes of a creature's vulnerabilities.
    • Return the noble Soul: Once per day an angel can resurrect a [i]willing[i] soul that was holy with a touch.
    • Intolerance: Angels are usually incompatible with all but uber-holy creatures. This can range anywhere from minor snobbery to neutral characters, to curses and threats of death to evil. Most angels can't even control the rage, so even if they are in a public space they will often say something, although they may avoid outright violence if they are in a place where innocents may be harmed etc
    • Strict Code: If the angel commits crimes against the holy religious order she serves she may become a fallen angel. If it is an accident most orders will give the angel but one more chance.
    • Holy in both Mind and Body: Angels are vulnerable to unholy effects, along with weapons forged in unholy places or by unholy characters.
    • Defiled: If struck by an evil opponent (or with an evil effect) the angel is weakened until the angel has the chance to consecrate oneself (1/2 hour of prayer). However while she is so weakened all evil creatures nearby are struck by holy, divine lighting every minute.
    • Fallen: You were cast out, whether the reason was right or not. You gain the next X alternatives, and lose the intolerance, strict code, and defiled abilities.
    • Spellcasting: You now cast unholy spells, otherwise this is the same.
    • Desecrated: Any spell or thing you attack with (from a fist to a laser rifle) is treated as unholy for a creature's vulnerability.
    • Unholy Presence: You are vulnerable to holy effects, along with weapons forged in holy places or by holy characters. You are immune to unholy effects.
    • No return: Those who become fallen are never allowed to return to a religious order. They are forever "tainted".
    • Snatch The Soul: You gain the ability to snatch any soul, once per day. Whenever a creature dies nearby you can attempt to steal its soul. If you succeed you can bring it back to life (Fallen will usually bring evil creatures back to life in order to make a deal with them) or you put its soul in an objet that then acts as a receptor. If the object is destroyed the soul is released. You can not use this ability more then once on the same soul. This replaces your return the noble soul ability.

    Spoiler: Elven Lords

    The Elven Lords (Race)
    Elven lords have the following abilities, unless stated otherwise in their individual usage.
    • Animal Affinity: An animal will not willingly attack an Elven Lord.
    • Immortal: Elven Lords do not age, although they can be slain.
    • Immunities: Poison, Disease, Unholy Damaging effects
    • Wilderness Magic: The Elven Lords all have some small spellcasting, which is helpful natural effects. These can include healing wounds, neutralizing poisons, speaking to plants and animals, and at the most enhancing one's body.
    • Supernatural Sight: The Elven lords are unaffected by bright light, as well as utter darkness.
    • Aberation Weakness: Attacks against elf lords from abberations are more deadly, and elven lords are weak in bot mind and body. Thus the most common slayers of an elven lord are those that come "from between the stars", although some may have other things on their mind...
    • Nature's Attachment: Elven Lords are bonded to the plants, animals, even the rivers themselves. Thus when forests are cut down, animals slain (not including killing to eat, we're talking massacre style slain), or rivers polluted the Elven Lords themselves weaken, and they can feel the death pangs of each of these.
    • Scent: Elven Lords have an acute sense of smell, and thus effects that would sicken badsed on someone smelling them are especially, however if their sight does not catch an opponent then their smell usually does.
    • Keen Ears: Elven Lords have keener ears then even normal elves. Thus it is almost impossible to sneak by one, however effects that are sonic in nature are extremely harmful to them.

    Spoiler: Vampire Lords

    Vampire Lord (Race)
    Vampire Lords Have the Following Abilities unless stated otherwise:
    • Vampire's Physique: A vampire is very nimble, abnormally strong (anywhere from 2-12 times as strong as a man) and very charismatic.
    • Lord of the Night: Vampire lords can teleport into and out of any area that contains shadows, and they see perfectly in any dark (even pitch black) conditions.
    • Magic Resistance: Vampires are mostly immune to the effects of magic, excluding holy spells.
    • Vampire Shifting: Like their lesser kin, a vampire can sift into a vampire bat.
    • Phantom Step: A vampire Lord makes no sound as they move, unless they intend to.
    • Easy to Spot: While not suffering the same penalties as a normal vampire, vampire lord's
      are still easy to tell apart, as like their lesser kin they are pale, with usually dark hair, cast no shadow, and have no reflection. Thus disguising is rather useless when someone looks at the ground and sees no shadow, likewise they can simply hold a mirror up.
    • Lord Vulnerabilities: Vampire lord's do not some of the normal vulnerabilities of a vampire, instead they have vulnerability to Silver and Holy Sources (whether a thrice blessed blade, a blessed holy book or a holy symbol). They are not vulnerable to staking, beheading, or any other similar mean [i]unless the weapon is both holy and silver, in which case it can be used to do so.
    • Light Adaption: Although they are immune to the effects of the sun, they still do not adjust well. The Vampire lord takes longer then the normal human for his eyes to adapt, and they are particularly vulnerable against flashbangs, shining flashlights in their face etc.
    • Feeding: Vampire Lords must feed, and they can not partially feed on a victim. They must feed until there is not an ounce of blood left. Those killed in this manner become vampires under the control of the Lord. They must follow his orders, although they may attempt to screw with said order, although the wrath of a Vampire Lord is terrible to behold. A vampire Lord must feed at least 1/week or he begins to weaken.

    Alternate Abilities: These are alternate abilities for vampires, and replace certain abilities, each is explained below.
    • Path of the Light: "The holy type vampires". These vampires are immune to the effects of holy weapons and silver weapons. They are instead vulnerable to unholy and hell-forged weapons.
    • Magic Resistance: The vampire lord's magic resistance is overcome by evil spells and unholy effects instead of holy.
    • Daylight Adaption: Your eyes are no longer bothered by the light. You lose the Light adaption ability, and you gain immunity to effects that utilize bright light (flash bangs, flash lights). However you lose your Lord of Night ability.
    • Lover's Bite: When you suck someone's Blood you do not kill them, and you o not turn them into a vampire. This replaces the feeding function where applicable.
    • Wolf Shift: You can shift into a wolf instead of a bat. If you are a normal vampire when you shift your fur is matte-black, however if you use the Path of Light alternate you have gold or silver (at your choice) instead.

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    Lucimar the Lich Wolf

    Alias: Arch Curate

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human (variant) Lich

    Age: A Lot

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Class: Warlock 7/ Necromancer 13

    Power Rating: A+

    Spoiler: I got me a picture

    Personality: Lucimar is very regal, very calm, and extremely charming despite his hideous looks. He never starts combats, but more often than not he finishes them.

    Equipment: A few scrolls, a spellbook, a few potions of inflict moderate wounds, and pen and paper.


    1) Has extreme spellcasting skills

    2) Mastery of guerrilla tactics

    3) inhuman strength

    4) Supernatural toughness

    5) Can shapeshift into a large warg, wherein he gains more boosts to his strength toughness, but looses his spellcasting capability.

    Backstory: Lucimar's native home is Golarian, the home plane of my character Xavouir, yet unlike Xavouir, Lucimar did not come to the nexus willingly. In the country of Ustalav, a place of necromancy and other vile things, a stalwart cleric of the Death God Pharasma met Lucimar in the field of battle, and struck him down with holy power. While Lucimar expected to be transferred directly to that world's version of hell, what he did not expect was being transported, gear and all, to a sunny field covered in flowers. Lucimar wandered for many days and nights before finally realizing where he was: the Nexus.
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    John Sailor, Chronicler of the Times

    Aliases: The Storyteller, Ildrithic (in certain circles), Dead Man Walking

    Gender: Male

    Race Fate-Touched Human

    Age 25/2300 years old.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral. He only cares about the true story and having a series of laws often assists him with running from angered correspondants.

    Profession: Journalist

    Power Rating: C+. Technically immortal with superhuman senses and invisibility. Has lived roughly 40 separate lives and has many experiences to draw from. A minor pracitioner of magic, he is a normal human in combat.

    Description: Image to come. A 6 foot tall, black-haired caucasian man. His hair sits like a mop on his forehead, but his eyes glow a dull silver. No matter what situtation he is in, John has a haunted look about him. He wears a simple black silk robe and whatever clothes are appropriate for where he happens to be. A leather book bag sits on his hip and a black leather note book is always in his hand.

    Personality: John is the 41st reincarnation of the Storyteller. Every time he dies, a new John appears with the memories of all the previous Johns. He is terrified of everything, having experienced death 40 times. His purpose on this world is to write the truth, so is the strange combination of a zealot and a coward.

    Equipment: A mystically sealed notebook which determines the truth of all written in it. Several portable doors (stick them on a wall, instant passage). A bag of helpful items (step-ladder size or smaller). A chime of opening. A black robe of armour (projects a magic shield equivelent to plate armour). A small laser pistol. A log book of all his lives.

    Abilities: John exudes warmth. He has sharp eyes, ears, and noses. His legs are quite powerful, but he normally saves it for running or jumping away from danger. He is an adequate shot, skilled in many eras of weapons. He also has the ability to pass his conciousness onto a newly formed body on his home demiplane of Idrac.

    Backstory: TBD, but in general, made a foolish pact with a god, died a lot and is now more cautious.
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    Proclus Tettius Sanctus

    Alias: P.T.S.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human Vampire (Nosferatu)

    Age: About two thousandish

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Class: Rogue / Shadowdancer

    Power Rating: A

    Spoiler: I got me a picture (Warning: Graphicish)

    Personality: Jovial when he's off the job, more serious than the reaper when he's on the job.

    Equipment: A bunch of daggers, twin revolvers that look like they come out of a Clint Eastwood movie, more .44 rounds than humanly plausible, thieve's tools, magical chain shirt that makes him blend into the shadows (Well, more so), a hoodie, a pair of sunglasses, and a wide umbrella.

    1) Master Thief and Rogue
    2) Can teleport from one area of dim light to the next
    3) Is constantly followed by his pet shadow demon Toothy who can create an illusion once per week and not much else
    4) Has a few abilities for being a Nosferatu detailed in the Misc. section
    5) Witty banter

    Backstory: Proclus (or P.T.S. as he prefers to be called) was a roman legionnaire when Rome started to fall. He was a marvelous warrior, and was highly commended for his actions. However Proclus one day caught the ire of a vampire named Sorian, who was of the vampire clan Tzimisce if you must know, and the two fought for nearly a decade. Eventually Proclus was starting to sucomb to the effects of old age, and sought ways to continue the fight with Sorian. He eventually met a lowly member of clan Nosferatu, and in exchange for his promised service, Proclus became a vampire. With his new found abilities, Proclus killed both his sire and Sorian, and wandered around Asia for a while. In the year 1986, Proclus got tired of Earth. He decided to leave it, though he won't say how, and has been wandering the multiverse for about three hundred years. The Nexus is just one stop on this vampire's road of the cosmos.

    Spoiler: Vampire Powers
    1) Can summon ravens to pester a victim for a time
    2) Rendered under the effects of Greater Invisibility three times per day
    3) Can increase his strength for a little while
    4) Can drain extra blood from rats
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    "Leslie Pipaluk"

    Alias: Leslie Pipaluk (Admitted to Sam, J, and Geneva that this isn't her real name.)

    A/S/F: 29/F/Hominidae

    Class: Psichiatrist

    What We Know About Leslie:
    - Dark skin and curly hair, brown eyes, big glasses with a scratch on them
    - From a planet named Planet, which has been distantly connected to Nexus for a long time
    - Experience with medicines and with human augmentation, which she seems to find exciting
    - Expressed interest in animal and monster biology on top of that
    - Spent some time as a shadowrunner and some time in a university laboratory
    - One Pokémon, a giant lab rat named Algernon
    - A personal drug-mixing workstation called a compothecary. It looks kind of like an old iMac.

    What We Don't Know About Leslie:
    - Her birth name (Elizabeth "Lizzy" Guiser)
    - Her real eye color (Don't get any ideas; it's just blue.)
    - Her Father's Deal (She seems to be on the run from him, believing he has some power over her and Changeling)
    - Her single remaining contact on Planet (A monster scientist who she keeps calling, "Al.")
    - She has a genetic augmentation that boosts her ability to bond with monsters.
    - The soul of a human from Planet can persist outside the body after death, leaving it vulnerable to theft by monsters.
    - Leslie's soul has a weird quality that lets her survive things that most people can't.

    In Combat:
    - Relies on her Pokémon to defend her even though her Magic Defense stat is better
    - Uses potions to buff Algernon
    - Throws a variety of non-lethal alchemical bombs

    - Has an apartment in Inside and works as a pharmacist and formulary.
    - Now has an upgraded laptop compothecary.
    - On a grant following the Blood Moon event, she has continued her soul science research and entered the field cognitive psichiatry.
    - None of that was a typo.

    Spoiler: Algernon!

    Aliases: Labrattus, Subject 01, Fubs

    A/S/F: 18/M/Dentisorex

    Class: Lab Rat

    What we know about Algernon:
    - Albino, blue-eyed, basset-hound-sized
    - He's named after a famous short story
    - Labratti are monsters related to Rattata
    - Is Leslie's starter, which I guess is like a familiar? Planet is weird
    - Understands human and monster-animal speech but can't seem to translate
    - Doubles the effects of potions used on him
    - "This lab rat likes solving puzzles and mazes for food. It has solved so many that it has gotten fat."

    What We Don't Know About Algernon:
    - Labrattus is the middle evolution in the Labratta line.
    - The only known Labraniacs in Planet's history belonged to infamous mad scientists.

    In Combat:
    - Has a serviceable Magic Attack stat that's boosted by a puzzle box
    - Wins most fights with the one-two combo of Super Fang and Hyper Beam
    - Can learn some moves temporarily from potions or puzzle boxes

    - Has an extended lifespan because of his association with Leslie

    - -


    Aliases: Elizabeth "Beth" Guiser, Leslie's Sister

    A/S/F: 29/F/Antigraformes

    Class: Street Samurai

    What We Know About Changeling:
    - Spiky hair, dark skin, brown eyes, toned abs
    - She's a monster capable of assuming a human form
    - Grew up with a human sister, but was trained to fight instead of going to school
    - Monsters from Planet dissolve into dust upon being knocked out unless they're bound to a human master
    - Likes milk I guess

    What We Don't Know About Changeling:
    - Has a creepy father/master relationship with Leslie's dad and doesn't know how to feel about that sometimes
    - Is ridiculously, stupidly strong. Changeling can throw cars and punch through walls when necessary.
    - Can copy the moves and elemental properties of other monsters, but sucks too much at magic to use most attacks well.
    - "Changeling" is actually her monster species. She evolved from Ditto like fifteen years ago.
    - Her soul has the same weird quality that Leslie's does. All player characters do, to some extent.

    In Combat:
    - Moves quickly and likes improvised melee weapons. Approach with caution.

    - No longer lives with her sister.
    - After drinking plenty of water and protein shakes for two years, her body now has too much "physical matter" to fit in a normal pokéball.

    - -

    Wanessa Glupiecski

    Pronouns: She, Her

    A/S/F: 48/F/Hominidae

    Class: Vamp-of-all-trades

    What we know about Wanessa:
    - An adult human with a stark pale complexion who wears red and black
    - A vampire with melty shadowy powers among other "standard" things
    - Deathly afraid of sunlight because it's known to vaporize vampires
    - Refuses to use second-person pronouns and often talks to herself
    - Works as some kind of inscrutable magical infrastructure technician
    - Currently works at Rakdosbucks, a dubious beverage-dealing corporation

    What we don't know about Wanessa:
    - Don't worry about it
    - Seriously, there's nothing you could possibly want to know about her that she won't just absentmindedly mutter out loud

    In Combat:
    - Despite their predatory aesthetic, vampires are near the bottom of the horror-monster food chain
    - Probably runs and hides despite being quite physically and magically capable (See Chart)
    - Issues earnest requests to people in italics, which is not actually mind control yet is no less effective
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    Default Nexus Character Directory

    Oliver Slyfield

    Alias:The Obese Offender(That's what he used to be called when he was a criminal)
    Alignment:Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession:Rogue/Thief, but only steals from evil people.
    Power Rating:D
    Description:Oliver is slightly overweight and has pale skin, as well as jet black hair and grey eyes. He often wears a t-shirt and jeans that are slightly ripped. However, when it's a special occasion, he trades his t-shirt for a button up t-shirt and tie. He is clean-shaven.
    Personality:Oliver doesn't care much about any laws, he just does what he believes is right. He is slightly greedy, a remnant from his days as a criminal. He's rather laid-back, and honestly doesn't care that he's "fluffy". He's honest. Well, mostly honest. You sort of have to lie when police are questioning you.
    Equipment:Oliver carries a wallet that unfailingly has coupons for places that serve food in it, as well as his MERC license. He also carries tools that are useful for breaking into places "silently", such as a crowbar. He also has a whistle; it looks a bit like a duck lure, but the sound it makes is not a duck's- it's a phoenix cry, or a reasonable facsimile of one, but Oliver doesn't know that's what the sound is. He has a business card sized piece of bleached white leather, with a name branded into it- 'Jacqueline Door, of the Clattering, Official Roof Guide'. Lastly, he always carries a small knife.
    Abilities:Oliver has experience robbing many places, and has hacking techniques for the cameras. He is used to alcohol, so don't challenge him to a drinking contest. However, apart from that, he doesn't have much endurance. Especially when it comes to running.
    Backstory:Oliver used to be a criminal. He specialized in sneaking, somehow. He fondly remembers how he went through the vents once, so there was just this obese man squirming through vents right above the guards! He's lost weight since then, so one cannot really call him obese. However, he once tried to steal from an undisclosed person. The person, having kindness in their heart, tried to redeem Oliver instead of turning him into the police. They succeeded at redeeming Oliver, who realized the error of his ways and all that jazz. However, that doesn't mean he stopped doing his business. Rather, he devoted himself to thieving from the thieves, being a villain to the villains, and so on.
    Miscellaneous: None
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    Lynton Brasher

    Alias:Nickname is Lyn
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 20
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: Farmer
    Power Rating: 3
    Description: Dark skinned and broad shouldered Lynton shows the wear and tear of someone who spends countless hours working in the fields. His hands are calloused, his face and clothes are dirty. His dress is fairly common, plain white shirts, dark thick pants. A wide brimmed hat adorns his head.
    Personality: Perpetually cheery despite looking consistently tired. Respectful to others but self-confident and stubborn when pushed to it. Has a strong urge and desire to hunt down and find the rare and unique plants of the world.
    Equipment: Lyn carries his most prized possession, his farm, in a magically enchanted pendant he wears around his neck. The farm contains numerous exotic and strange plants from all over as well as more common cash crops. The farm can only be entered with the proper pattern of taps on the pendant by the wearer.
    Abilities: An excellent farmer and an incredibly knowledgeable horticulturalist, can identify most plants he finds, as well as having the talent and materials to raise and care for them. He has some knowledge and skill in combat, from his time traveling the roads of the nexus and his need for self defense, but cannot hold his own against a well-trained fighter.
    Backstory: Lynton's parents were skilled alchemists and botanists who dedicated their lives to studying the magical and alchemical properties of plants. Managed to craft a special dimensional space to do their research and grow their plants while keeping everything portable and self sustaining enough so as not to hinder there constant hunt for new research subjects. A hunt that often took them far and wide. When Lynton was born, they planned to settle in one spot for a short time, keeping their life semi-stable until their child grew old enough to handle life on the road. He never showed the talent for alchemy that his parents had hoped for, but his interest and hunger in plant study and identification grew in its place. When Lyn was 10, both his parents died in an explosion caused by their experiments. For many years after, he hid inside the extra-dimensional farm that now belonged to him. He sustained himself of the plants of the farm until he turned 15 when he finally forced himself to step back into the real world.

    Etheniel Gloraneus

    Alias: Etheniel Swordstitcher; The Wandering Seamstress
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 65
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Retired Adventurer; Reluctant Seamstress
    Power Rating: 4 (was a 6 in her prime)
    Description: Etheniel's age is plain to those who look at her. Her hair is gray, her face is wrinkled, and she hobbles a bit when she walks. Still, she is a tall woman who is well built and has fire left in her green eyes. Her old body hides a surprising strength she has managed to maintain since her youth.
    Personality: Hardened and wise with her years, Etheniel is friendly enough but slow to trust others. She frequently helps others, but does so for her own vanity and for the rush when it comes to more dangerous tasks. This can lead her to be reckless and to take on tasks beyond her capabilities. She chases glory and adventure as she looks to recapture the joys of her younger days.
    Equipment: Etheniel does not go anywhere without many varying scraps of fabric and pieces of thread hidden in pouches across her person.
    Abilities: Etheniel has the ability to manipulate fabrics in a variety of ways. Her power is limited to what she is touching and other than that, her imagination. She can harden cloth to create shields and barriers, or manipulate strings into a deadly rapier. She can change the color, pattern, shape, material of her outfits with ease.
    Backstory: To come later. I'd like to get more of a feel for her as a character and flesh out some of her backstory through RP before I come back to this.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Murderlord Scruffy Redeye!

    Alias: Scruffy

    Gender: Male

    Race / Species: Skaven

    Alignment: Chaotic Greedy

    Class / Profession: Ninja

    Power Rating: A-

    Spoiler: Picture (It's Big)

    Personality: Kill-stab the man-things to get their gold-rocks! Maybe work-help some man-things to steal-get more gold-rocks

    Equipment: Twin poisoned swords, a few gas bombs, potions of cure wounds, and a few other knickknacks.

    Abilities: If you played vermintide, you know what a gutter can do. If not, see video in misc. Now think of what a Gutter can do, and then imagine if they were competent in strait up fights as well. Now multiply that nightmare by ten, and you get Scruffy.

    Spoiler: Backstory (As told by Scruffy)
    So there Murderlord-Scruffy was, minding his own scheme-business, when man-things jumped out of nowhere-shadows to ambush-kill all Murderlord Scruffy's warband. These man-things were strange-creepy though, worshiped-praised the Chaos-Daemons probably. One man-thing points his iron-metal stick-rod at Scruffy, and now Murderlord Scruffy here, with no warband, no gold-rocks, and is famished-hungry. Scruffy work for food-eats and gold-rocks now. Scruffy content-ANGRY.

    Spoiler: Gutter Video
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Jordan Zaldana


    to do: actually use this character somewhere

    "I speak in dark orange." I write in italicized dark orange.

    Alias: Jzap (tag). Also uses the symbol of a J in a bolt. Example of tag
    Gender: "Wouldn't you like to know." (She/Her pronouns)
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 26
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Street Artist
    Power Rating: E+
    Description: 5'5'' tall. Lean, but not muscled. Short blonde hair, brown eyes. Her favorite outfit is a hoodie, black tights, and tattered sneakers. Has a tattoo of a swirl of colors on her left arm.
    Personality: Disdainful of rules, Jordan can come off as slightly distracted because she always seems to be thinking about her next "installation". She has a habit of trying to explore various buildings and slipping off to where's she's no supposed to be. In combat, she usually tries to flee or talk her way out of it, and only fights if forced to defend herself. She likes to crack jokes and make snarky comments, even when she should probably keep her mouth shut.
    Equipment: Dark blue hoodie with a bag-of-holding type spell on the front pocket, although it can't carry more than 100 pounds. She usually carries around a few cans of spray paint, chief among which is her favorite dark orange which does not run out of paint. Or maybe it will eventually? Anyways, it hasn't run out yet, and she's had it for years. A Swiss army knife (although Switzerland probably doesn't exist in Nexus) with a few different items (blade, nail file, corkscrew, screwdriver, etc.).
    Abilities: Jordan is, for the most part, an ordinary human. She has some skills in sneaking and freerunning thanks to her experiences with graffiti culture. She has no weapons training apart from a few basic knife skills. She does, however, have darkvision, although she remains mum on how she got it. Jordan is very talented in visual arts, particularly street art and graffiti. She performs as well, but she has a terrible singing voice.
    Backstory: To Come Later
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    bc56's Nexus Chars

    Spoiler: Kothar

    Gender: Male

    Race: Lizardfolk

    Age: 23

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Class: Paladin (level 12 in 5E D&D, oath of devotion)

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: Kothar is a tall lizardman, with green scales and an orange crest. He wears a pair of black leather goggles with glowing green lenses, a silver shield with a platinum lightning bolt design on it, a belt made from giant skin, and a pair of brown shorts. He wields an arbalest and an iron battleaxe inlaid with golden flame designs.

    Personality: Kothar is a true paladin, loyal to his goddess, Tlacua, the mother goddess of the lizardfolk. His paladin's beliefs are colored by his upbringing as a tribal huntsman; he eats the corpses of fallen foes and is not unwilling to use ambush tactics. He is gruff and somewhat ill-tempered. Kothar will not compromise his values or knowingly work with evildoers.

    Equipment: Kothar's equipment is magical. The goggles allow him to see in pitch darkness. The axe can burst into magical flame. The shield grants incredibly effective protection against magical effects. The belt gives Kothar the strength of a giant. Kothar also has nonmagical gear, such as a number of javelins, an arbalest (heavy crossbow), climbing gear, and travel rations.

    Abilities: Kothar is a paladin, devoted to the goddess Tlacua. He has divine healing power and the ability to strike evil with holy power. He is highly resistant to magic, even without his shield, and is immune to mind-altering magical effects. He is able to summon an intelligent elk which serves as his mount. Kothar is an expert at fighting with a shield, able to block effects most would find impossible to avoid and to use the shield as an offensive weapon.

    Backstory: Kothar was a member of an adventuring party in a world called Tellus. His group battled a beholder and his minions, and came out victorious. Kothar found his way to the Nexus accidentally after retiring.

    Spoiler: Tethrik

    Alias: Tethrik

    Gender: Male

    Race: Space Demon

    Age: Pretty darn ancient, but looks younger.

    Alignment: Unionized (probably True Neutral)

    Class: Demon/Berserker

    Power Rating: C

    Description: Tethrik is an ogre-sized, four-armed demon with dark green, leathery skin. His upper arms end in wicked, serrated blades, and the lower forearms are covered in small, razor-sharp spines, 28 on each arm. His head is humanoid in appearance, but bald, with an armored bone plate covering the forehead and the top and back of the head. His ears are pointed, like an elf's. Tethrik has a thick, heavy tail that helps him balance. Tethrik normally wears a white t-shirt tailored to his frame. It has a logo on the front and the name "Knaves of Labor." On the back, it has the slogan, "We put the DEMON in DEMONstration!"

    Personality: Tethrik is an unusual demon. Unlike most of his ilk, he is appreciative of legal codes and supportive of others. He tried to organize a labor movement among the hells. Tethrik is, like many demons, always happiest when he is killing something. He is not a murderous monster however, he prefers to only attack if it won't isolate him from those around him.

    Equipment: Tethrik has very little. He has the clothes on his back and a pouch of rubies he stole from his former boss. He carries the remains of a cold iron bracelet that had been locked on his arm as part of his punishment.

    Abilities: Tethrik is much faster than one would expect from a creature of his size, faster than a normal humanoid, and also, of course, strong as an offer.. As a demon, he has an innate resistance to nonmagical weapons not made of cold iron. He is also immune to fire and many forms of nonmagical poison. Cold iron burns Tethrik to the touch, and is quite agonizing for him. He can sense supernatural entities nearby him, and can tell whether they are demons. He has minor demonic magic, such as conjuring hellfire and detecting magic.

    Backstory: Tethrik is an unusual demon. He tried to start a labor union in Hell, hoping to lobby for better working conditions. His movement, the Knaves of Labor, met with limited success, and ended when Tethrik was banished from Hell, locked within a stone sphere, with a cold iron bracelet clamped onto his wrist. The sphere, and its one prisoner, were launched into space to drift through the cosmos forevermore. Eventually, the prison became caught by the gravitational pull of the Nexus, and it crashed on the surface, freeing Tethrik at last.

    Spoiler: Jason
    "Jason Fisher

    Aliases: Phalanx, Recoil

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 24

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Class: Superhero

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: Jason is a young man of middling height with light brown hair cut very short. He wears a super suit which is a bright blue with a red visor, and is styled like ancient Greek armor.

    Personality: Jason is the sort of person who's always willing to lend a helping hand. He's generous, light-hearted, etc. However, he's also especially cautious and generally very worried about accidentally hurting someone. Both of these traits manifest in the extremes in his heroic identity.

    Equipment: Jason wears a powersuit with a few abilities. Its right arm is a laser cannon which can be set to "kill," "stun," "cut," or "force." The force beam has a large pushing force, although it is as powerful as the killing beam, its energy is used to push the target away rather than burn through it. Fired at a wall or floor, the recoil from this blast is capable of propelling Jason at high speeds through the air. The suit also has three auxiliary features, none of which can be used simultaneously. Either an energy shield is projected from the left arm, servos engage to bolster the wearer's strength above human levels, or the suit injects painkillers and stimulants into the wearer to boost natural healing and allow the wearer to keep fighting while injured. Yes, I'm aware that's not how medicine works. This is fiction. Lastly, the suit is equipped with rocket boots which allow Jason to run and jump faster and farther than normal .

    Abilities: No superhuman powers.

    Backstory: I dunno

    Spoiler: Sekhmet
    Sekhmet Winnifred Ingenia Octothorpe

    Aliases: Winnie, Ingenia

    Gender: Female

    Race: Devil, (former) Tiefling

    Age: 17

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class: Artificer/Mage

    Power Rating: D+

    Description: Sekhmet was a young Tiefling woman with a modest figure. Her skin is dark red, her horns are like a gazelle's, and she has a barbed, devilish tail. Her long black hair is usually tied back into a ponytail. She usually wears modest clothes.
    Now, she's changed. Her most basic appearance remains the same, but she has grown a pair of batlike wings and two extra pairs of horns. Her eyes are now pitch black. She has patches of chitinous armor on her body: on her back, her midriff, and her hands and forearms. Her tail has become a poisonous stinger, and her hands and feet are clawed.

    Personality: Sekhmet is shy and comes off as cowardly. She is afraid of people due to prejudice against her kind in her homeworld, and will usually flee if confronted. Beyond that, she is caring and gentle, with a hunger for knowledge. She is studious and hardworking. She has very low self-esteem.

    Equipment: Very little. Sekhmet was not prepared when she got blasted into the Nexus. She had.nothing but the clothes she was wearing. Now she has collected a lot more clothes, carved herself a magic wand, and keeps whatever useful things she has in her purse.

    Abilities: Sekhmet has weak natural fiendish magic, but she also is a mage of some level, although not especially strong. Her magic is not very useful in combat. She is best at disguise spells. The changes in her nature have greatly enhanced her power, although to what extent is not clear yet; they have also made it far easier for her to manipulate and create fire.

    Backstory: Sekhmet was found as a young child by a gnomish couple. They adopted her and raised her as their own (although she calls them Auntie and Uncle). As Sekhmet grew, they secretly taught her some of their skills, since it was illegal for the spawn of evil (Tieflings, in this case) to get guild training. Sekhmet grew in knowledge and skill. She rarely left her home, mainly because it would be dangerous for a Tiefling to be out on the streets. When she was 15, she did sneak out, under a disguise spell, but it broke when she lost concentration in a crowd. A mob formed, intending to lynch her, or worse, and she fled and barely managed to escape. The experience haunts her to this day and colors most of her interactions with people. She will almost never go out in public alone unless disguised and avoids any chance of losing control of her spells. When disguised, she goes by one of her middle names to further conceal her true nature.

    While in the Nexus, Sekhmet made some friends, started living at GLoG and began to work at Pontius' Custom Constructs as an apprentice. She began to slowly overcome her fear of other people and her devilish heritage, but after an incident with an alien hive beneath Inside (which you can read here, starting on post 789), her heritage was dragged to the forefront of her being, and she was transformed into a more fiendish form, which has left her once again afraid to show her face in public.

    Spoiler: Scout


    Aliases: The Scout

    Gender: n/a

    Race: ???

    Age: n/a

    Alignment: Neutral

    Class: n/a

    Power Rating: C-

    Description: A four-armed, bipedal, antlike robot. Its upper pair of arms are larger and more durable, while the smaller pair are more dextrous.

    Personality: It doesn't have much of one. It seeks its purpose, and will generally obey any requests given to it. It speaks in rhyme.

    Equipment: A staff which converts into a sword and a personal extradimensional storage space.

    Abilities: The Scout can convert into a spaceworthy flying form, shaped like a bullet, or back into it's true shape. It is nimble and fights aggressively, when forced to. It is cursed (or blessed?) to only speak in rhyme.

    Backstory: Mysterious and unknown...

    Spoiler: Gem

    Gemma Altural

    Alias: Gem, The Real Gemma Altural

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Age: 23, looks younger

    Alignment: CE

    Class: Summoner

    Power Rating: B

    Description: Gem is a short woman, with pink hair in a chin-length bob cut (it's dyed). She tends to dress in black, usually black robes or similar long garments.

    Personality: Gem seems normal enough at first. However, she becomes angered when encountering people who are "stealing her style." It would not take long to realize that she's not entirely sane. She obsesses over being unique, to the point where she summons alternate versions of herself in order to murder them. She is somewhat paranoid, hates being called "cute" or derided as weak, and goes utterly axe-crazy when encountering an alternate version of herself. At the same time, she enjoys getting compliments on her looks and spends a long time each day on her appearance.

    Equipment: Gem carries several magical implements used for various summoning rituals with her. Some of them have other magical properties as well. For example, she has a dagger that inflicts injuries which don't heal naturally. She travels with a donkey which carries her more mundane possessions and rides a horse.

    Abilities: Gem is a skilled summoner and can summon several varieties of powerful spirit to her aid. However, these all require complex and time-consuming rituals to call upon, so she usually has one or two summoned ahead of time instead. She is also capable of performing an incredibly complex ritual over the course of several days which summons a version of a person from another dimension, although it has no control over which version is called.

    Backstory: To come.

    Currently a posse of 6 alternate versions of Gemma are hunting her down to put an end to her evil. They are:
    Gemma Altural the Burglar, a catgirl
    Gemma Altural the Librarian, an archivist and wizard
    Gemma Altural the Tracker, an explorer and druid
    Gemma Altural the Scientist, a chemist
    Gemma Altural the Warrior, a swordswoman and soldier
    Gemma Altural the Oracle, a prophetess
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Karl Franz

    Alias: Nameless Guy, Summoner------ None After he remembered his name
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: ~25?
    Alignment: Rather Good
    Class/Profession: Summoner, Adventurer
    Power Rating: A-D depending on his Summons and state.
    Description: This man falls under the section normal. in a crowd you wouldn't find him since he leaks anything that makes him unique. He is around 1,70-1,80 meter in heigth, mostly wears a shirt and pants like an adventurer in a fantasy setting. Otherwise he doesn't have any equip, since he doesn't need it.
    Personality: He is a friendly guy, but due to the fact he lost some part of his memories he can't say this is his normal self.
    Equipment: Nothing. He didn't brought any items with him he didn't got on his body

    This man is a summoner. He got a wide range of creatures he can summon, mostly for day by day work. Like water elemental for cleaning or a fire elemental for a cooking fire. There are only a few combat related summons.
    Some might think he is a necromancer, but in reality he just summons up skeletons from another plane. The beter he got with the spell the more he can summon. Each of them is on E level. They are near indistructable, thought they have to return to there plain to regenerate broken bones.
    Current Number: 6
    Carbuncle is a small animal that can be the size of a dog or just of a mice. While he is there he can support people by granting a shield that will absorb physikal damage up to a point or reflekt magic up to a point. This summon is very Strong so if he summons others he will get exhausted soon or even collaps.
    A fire djinn able to summon a meteor to crash down on his opponent. He appears to be a big humanoid person with dark red skin and the head of an ox, 8simular to a minotaur) his fur is fire and wherever he steps he ignites the ground.
    An ice djinn. Afemale person which appears to be frozen in time making her an eternal beauty for most men. Water arround her appear to freez fast. She attacks either by throwing ice spikes at enemies that freez the area they land or she could just freez all water in a cone in front of her.

    Mukade, the Dragon-Eater Centipede (Learned in hunting grounds)
    The one Karl summons will probably not be as gigantic. Maybe only as long as a bus?
    Its carapace is impenetrable except at the joint between two segments.
    Its bite is poison and its eyes are sharp as an eagle.
    It can dig very quickly with its jaws and scythe-like front legs, burrowing beneath the earth.

    If Karl combines with it, I imagine he would get a lot of extra arms.

    Summon Fusion:

    A rare ability that can be used to fuse with the summoned creature. Granting the person a weapon and armor related to the creature used. The outcome is related to the relationship between the summoner and the beast/s.
    Nameless man can do this with all battle summons, but carbuncle is sometimes not willing so he declines it.

    Backstory: Not much known about him. in another world he was an adventurer, maybe even famouse there. One day he had visited all places in his world and took a break in the last Tavern he found. This tavern was Trog's. for some reason he stumbled while something hit im in the back of his head. At that point he was the nameless man.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Alias: Terquiatt. Also known as the Feared Gnat, after his spaceship with which he conducts smuggling and some minor piracy.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Terquiatt refers to his species as "Agutians"
    Age: 86 years [average life expectancy for his species is 175]
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Pirate/Smuggler
    Power Rating: C. His abilities and his skill with revolvers put him well above a typical person in terms of combat, but Terquiatt's certainly no demigod, nor any powerful wizard.
    Description: Terquiatt is a creature with four legs (two facing front, two facing back) which end in hooves, four arms (all facing front, an upper pair and a lower pair), and covered in short, thick brown fur. His head has short (two or three inches) antlers emerging from it. On his four legs he walks in a way that could be described as "scuttling." He wears a harness with six revolvers strapped to the front and a few bullets in sleeves. A careful examination shows that his revolvers are kept unloaded unless he is actually intending to go into a fight, but the effect is rather intimidating if one doesn't realize there are no bullets in the guns (or maybe even if they do realize that...) Terquiatt's face is fairly humanoid in structure, bar the antlers and the fur. He has grey eyes, gleaming white teeth, and no noticeable earlobes.
    Personality: Terquiatt is good-natured and friendly, enjoying card games and the company of friendly folk. He loves music and dance, and hates rudeness. Being impolite to Terquiatt or one of his friends is a great way to earn his ire. He won't react violently to such things, but will remember your rudeness and may steal something from you at the first opportunity, or simply refrain from helping you out of a dangerous situation.
    Equipment: A harness with six revolvers and thirty-six bullets. A ship beacon (can summon his ship, detailed below). A self-coiling rope (can be used to pull self to target location, like a grappling hook). A wide-brimmed cowboy hat. Four-legged khakhi pants.
    -Ship: "The Feared Gnat" is a small and fast ship meant for smuggling, but is also armed with a kinetic cannon and a torpedo launcher (can carry up to 3 torpedoes at a time). Terquiatt has only used the ship in combat once (see Backstory). His beacon will cause the ship to auto-pilot as close as possible to his current location and either land nearby, or hover above the ground just high enough for him to jump to it.
    -Highly skilled with revolvers: Capable of performing trickshots. Think the hero from a Spaghetti Western film.
    -Capable of moving very quickly overland with his four legs.
    -Capable of jumping great distances.
    -Not very maneuverable.
    -Recovers quickly from injuries.
    -Has a strong fleeing instinct

    Backstory: Terquiatt is from a planet few creatures leave, from a species which is generally very culturally insular. He came to leave his home planet after a slaver captured him from his planet, for there was an organization stealing members of his species away. He managed to kill the slaver and used their ship to lure out the other slavers and kill them individually in ship-to-ship combat, without any of the slaves being hurt. He then sent the station back to his planet, but did not return himself, choosing to leave the system in search of adventure. He found adventure soon enough, and began raiding small shipping frigates carrying goods between star systems. This gained Terquiatt a deal of notoriety, but he continued moving on, conducting acts of piracy and smuggling and building up his fortune. Eventually, having accumulated a fair bit of cash, Terquiatt decided to go into semi-retirement -- travelling the universe. That is how he came upon the Nexus.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    bc56's Nexus Factions
    R.E.A.C.H. Technologies

    A corporation with business in AI, starship manufacturing, and exploration. Usually speaks in one or more shades of green.

    Faction gear:
    In the field, employees wear durable grey spacesuits with green visors, and the company logo on the front. Otherwise, they usually wear suits. Weapons are usually light energy weapons and drones. Many employees are robots or AI.

    R.E.A.C.H. seeks to explore new frontiers, both in technology and in space travel. They are always seeking that new (or ancient) tech that they can use to get an edge on competitors.

    Notable Members:
    E.D.G.A.R. - Exploration Device 7118
    An AI inhabiting a gunmetal grey spaceship dotted with blinking green lights. He is in charge of the expedition to the Quietus Dyson Sphere.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Melody Cerius

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human/Bee hivemind
    Class/Profession: Gardener, priest
    Description: Her bee half is a pretty ordinary bumble bee, except for being over seven feet tall. Incredibly fluffy and soft, and tends to wear wreaths of flowers around her neck. Has a saddle for her other half to ride, as well as a large brass dome over her stinger. Her human half is an ordinary looking young woman - about five and a half feet tall with blonde hair, freckles, and green eyes. Tends to wear very plain clothing decorated with flowers.
    Personality: Tends to be rather blunt and doesn't really understand personal space. Cheerful and adventurous, but hates responsibility. Mostly just wants to find cool plants to bring home. Extremely sheltered.
    Equipment: Some food, some pots, some soil. Professor Barron's business card.
    Abilities: Extremely powerful green mage: can shape, control and enhance the growth of plants, determine their health, bring out natural properties, etc. She can't make plants do anything they wouldn't normally do (ie she can't make a dandelion grow thorns). Also, as a two-person hivemind, she can be in two places at once but rarely does. If she stung you, you would absolutely die, but so would half of her so it's not likely to happen. Otherwise she's a pretty ordinary person.
    Backstory: Born in a remote village, Melody's powers developed from an early age. Rather than playing with the other children, she preferred to spend her time out in the woods and playing with the wild plants that grew there. She grew up this way until one day, her village was raided by the authorities on the suspicion of witchcraft. Melody was badly injured, and would surely have died if it was not for the Queen.
    The Queen was the primal goddess of bees, a great an ancient broodmother who took care of Her children. She had benefited from Melody's green magic, which made nectar plentiful. So She ordered Her drones to bring Melody to the Great Hive, where She nursed Melody back to health. In order to communicate with her, the Queen bonded Melody's mind to a very young worker bee.
    When Melody had recovered, the Queen asked Melody to serve Her by using her magic to create a great garden sanctuary. Grateful, Melody agreed.
    And so Melody grew up, possibly the most powerful green mage in her world. The garden sanctuary for other mages and outcasts, it's location considered an open secret.
    She's only recently come to the Nexus, and she's having a very hard time adjusting.


    Lucretia Flintmane

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Dwarf
    Class/Profession: Fighter/Adventurer
    Description: Lucretia is most easily identified by the hideously bright orange coat she wears. It's clearly been with her a while; faded at the edges, sewn up in several places. She has red hair, which is shaved on the left half of her scalp and grown out in long dreadlocks on the other. Her beard is about five inches long, and braided. Her dark skin is dusted with freckles. Lucretia speaks in a thick dwarven accent.
    Personality: Impulsive and reckless, Lucretia idealizes glory and will often put it before her own safety and well-being. She loves to fight, and when she's done fighting she loves to tell stories about fighting over a drink or seven.
    Equipment: Warhammer, axe, general adventuring gear
    Abilities: She fights good.
    Backstory: to come later



    Gender: ???
    Race/Species: Sylveon
    Class/Profession: Sylveon
    Description: A sylveon.
    Personality: A bit of a trickster, but very warm hearted and kind. Loves kids, and will go out of it's way to help people. Adventurous.
    Equipment: Soothe Bell
    Abilities: Moonblast / Swift / Attract / Heal Pulse
    Backstory: ???
    Miscellaneous: what do you mean self insert i have no idea what you're talking about
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Armonia

    (Don't know how to change text color on my phone)

    Alias: None

    Gender: Male

    Race: Demigod, looks human

    Age: Looks to be in mid twenties, he didn't actually keep track

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Class / Profession: Trickster

    Power Rating: hard to determine, you make the judgement

    Description: a solid 5ft human looking fellow typically wearing a boring grey tunic and pants. He is good-looking but in an atypical way. He is wirey thin with a mop of hair that changes color every time one look at him, a crooked nose that highlights his scared but playful looking yellow eyes and his nervous smile. He seems to be constantly moving, always shaking his hands or bouncing his leg like a nervous tic. At his side is his sword which almost seems to be out of place on a guy like him.

    Personality: Shifts as the situation calls for it, or whenever he feels like it

    Equipment: a small dagger he keeps "just in case", a Longsword with magic runes that change shape every few seconds, a wallet that always has 1 gold piece in it, a golden apple given to him by his friend Eris "as a last resort" and a bag where he keeps his clothes and basic supplies.

    As a demigod he is Immortal, but not in the traditional sense. His body can be killed but upon death his soul returns to the Hall of Immortals, where upon he can return to the "mortal" plane.

    He can target anyone or anything, and have something random happen to it. He can pick the target but has no control over what happens, and it is always something odd or unexpected(e.g. make a fire freeze things instead of burn, randomly grow or shrink a part of the target, have an elephant suddenly appear in front of the target etc.)

    Slightly stronger, faster, and tougher than the average human warrior

    Doesn't Age

    Backstory: Armonia was created with a single purpose. Expand the influence and worship of his creator, the God of Chaos. He has come to the Nexus, the most Chaotic place in the multiverse to train and learn the ways of chaos, as well as try to meet his own goals.
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    Chaos Crane
    Alias: Professor Chaos
    Gender: His voice suggests that he's male, and so I'll be using he, but there's nothing else to suggest a gender
    Race/Species: Changed Human. Changed in that he's attached other body parts to himself.
    Age: 95, but he has the vigor and appearance of a 25-year old.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class/Profession: Mad Scientist
    Power Rating: B+(Probably. If you disagree, private message me with what you think his rating should be)
    Description: Chaos has blond hair that reaches down to his shoulders and tanned skin. He has red eyes and is in-shape, as well as being quite tall. He generally wears a grey muscle shirt underneath a white scientists coat, as well as black pants and combat boots. He wears a pair of rectangular black glasses.
    Personality: Chaos is okay with working in a hierarchy, but despises any suggestion of laws of nature or the like. He believes that all unmodified creatures are below him. Apart from those things, Chaos is kind to everyone, even if they're unmodified. That is, unless you make him mad.
    Equipment: Chaos always carries around a gem which can repress his modifications in order for him to blend in. He also carries around a combat knife and a flask of medicine which he must take every day to keep himself from being poisoned from the inside out.
    Abilities: While the crystal is activated, Chaos has the abilities of a strong human with some combat training. When he deactivates it, his arms become superhumanly strong and covered in bristly hair, his nails grow into claws, his blood grants him regenerative abilities unless he took the damage it's healing from holy or fiery means, and turns green. His eyes let him see in the dark, and his legs become insectoid, letting him jump up to 3 stories high. He also grows dragon wings big enough to carry this monstrosity of nature into the sky. On top of all this, 4 green tentacles burst out of his back, all of them just as strong as his arms. Finally, his hair turns jet black while in this form.
    Backstory: Chaos, upon studying different species, became obsessed with the idea of a creature made from the best parts of all the races. However, he read the story of Dr. Frankenstein, and he knew not to create a sentient creature. Instead, he started to add parts to himself in a quest for perfection. The rest of his backstory will come later.
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    Hamund Skuldar

    Alias:Lord of the Blacksmiths
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human, Created in a forge and infused with primordial magic and divine power
    Age: Appears to be around 50, but is in actuality around 4000.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class/Profession: Blacksmith
    Power Rating: In combat, he would rate around a 4, but in terms of what he can make, an 8 or 9.
    Description: His height is around 6'4, has shaggy black hair, gray eyes, a long and shaggy beard, pale skin that seems to always be covered in soot, decently muscular, and constantly has a stoic look on his face.
    Personality: While Hamund is not mean, he for the most part keeps to himself and is incredibly introverted. If he could replace the sound of human speech with the sounds of hammers striking metal, he would gladly do so.
    Equipment: He wears a long coat that appears to be a long piece of plate mail that is one plate, and moves like fabric. He has a belt with a blacksmith's hammer, a notebook, a bag of holding, and a mace that has the power to (unless decent protection spells are on them) shatter metal gear as if it were glass. He also wears a plain silver ring on his left ring finger and a gold and gem encrusted ring on his right. Besides that, he wears regular brown pants, boots, and gloves.
    Abilities: Master blacksmith and wielder of what he refers to as primordial magic, which is magic that existed since the creation of the multiverse and is a power granted by the gods. With this, he is able to create wares of metal with extraordinary powers.
    Backstory: Hamund was not born like other children. His mother was barren and desperately wanted a child, so she and Hamund's father, when asked what to do, was sent to see a dwarvish cleric in the mountains. There, he was told by Dulviz the god of smithing to throw certain blessed ingots into the furnace and out he pulled a baby boy. From his youth, Hamund was obsessed with shaping metal. He made his first sword at 5 and his first set of plate mail at 7. When he became a teenager, it was revealed to him by Dulviz that he had powers to enchant the gear he made. When he became an adult, he spent his years wandering, guided only by Dulviz, to create weapons and armor for heroes, kings, and even once commissioned gear for a god. He was eventually given a home in the mountains of elvish lands with a special forge known as The Celestial Forge. He constantly carries a ring with him to go back to said forge if he so needs to. He also married an elvish princess who was known for making legendary clothing pieces. His wanderings eventually brought him to the Nexus, being told that heroes who needed powerful gear were in plenty supply.
    Miscellaneous: I kinda based this character off of this song
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    The Executor.


    Human (German, of Alternate-Earth).


    Blue Primary, Black Secondary.

    Head of Conference Z.

    D+, but it's complicated.

    Tidy locks of well-groomed, wheat-colored hair fall over his unhealthily pale forehead, peppered and lined with streaks of gray, while almond-shaped eyes of cold and calculating gray peer out at the world from behind ornate circular spectacles of silvery siccatite and brilliant onyx gemstone. His unhealthily pale skin is perfect and unblemished, however, many late nights spent without suitable rest have caused dark circles to manifest beneath the figure's prying, bird-like eyes. In addition to his sunken and uncomfortably focused gray eyes, the man possesses a large, hooked nose and dark lips permanently set to smirk.

    Although the man's physical appearance is relatively unremarkable, his equipment and garb stand out. The man is clad in an extravagant gray greatcoat, lined with thick fur. The well-worn coat is decorated with lines of faded silver and gold, wrapped tightly to his frame and fastened by glittering golden buttons. Beneath his enormous coat, the man wears dark-colored military dress, decorated with crimson clasps and ornamentations which all depict the same somewhat ominous-looking symbol.

    Kramolagh is a perfectionist, knowledgeable on a plethora of topics, with a tendency towards obsessive-compulsive behavior. The Executor values organization, tidiness, and dedication above all else. He has a penchant for symmetry and a high attention to detail, and possesses a serious but approachable presence that exudes gravitas, authority and control.

    The entirety of Conference Z.

    Kramolagh possesses a genius intellect, and his strange experiments have only enhanced his higher functions.



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    Alexis "Blanche" Terenti-Turath

    Alias: Blanche
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 20
    Alignment: True Neutral/True Good (on the border)
    Class/Profession: Soldier/Freelance Mercenary
    Power Rating: D+

    Description: Lithe and athletic with a wiry frame, Alexis’ lightly tanned form reflects her hardy nature and military background. While not suited for lifting heavy objects. she is adept at keeping pace and enduring hits; a trait reflected by the light array of faint scars scattered across her body. A more pronounced one mars the medic’s side, the result of a bayonet thrust that caught her by surprise. The only scarring on Alexis’ angular face is a slight mark on her forehead, usually hidden under bangs of flaxen blonde locks kept in a messy bun. The soft warmness of her hair forms an interesting contrast with her eyes, the irises of which shine a vivid bubblegum pink. A pair of feline ears poke out from the top of her head, their fur matching the color of the hair they part and the accompanying tail extending from just above her rear.
    Alexis favors muted tones, donning a sturdy pale white bodysuit of mimetic armor with black plating on the forearms, outer thighs and lower legs. Cerise accents indicate her role as a battlefield medic, coincidentally serving to compliment her eyes well. The blonde attempts to obscure her combat attire with a baggy army jacket, its deep olive shade a sharp contrast to the armor’s relatively vibrant reds. A large satchel hangs from a strap which crosses diagonally across her torso, the cerise cross on the black bag indicating the nature of its contents.

    Personality: Cynical and jaded, Alexis is a bitter and pragmatic soul. She doesn’t trust easily and has a tendency to push people away, coming off as rude and abrasive to an untrained eye. This is due in part to a traumatic army service that makes her uneager to form bonds, but it is mostly a fear to burden others with her own personal issues and problems. To Alexis, they are hers to deal with, and no one else’s. She speaks with blunt honesty and frank directness, rarely choosing to mince words; however, she has no qualms about lies and deception should the need arise. The medic also holds herself to high standards, and has a tendency to beat herself up over failures.
    When not engaged in mercenary work or on missions, Alexis prefers to busy herself with exercise or spending time at the firing range and will begrudgingly offer her medical expertise if asked. Otherwise, she will spend her time hidden away with a good book or tinkering with her weaponry; she takes great pride in ensuring her equipment is in tip-top shape for the missions she embarks on.
    As a result of the experiences she has endured, Alexis is afflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She can be described as perhaps a little jumpy or on edge, due to a heightened fight-or-flight response, and experiences hallucinations, visions and flashbacks when exposed to certain stimuli such as the odor of burnt meat, the feeling of sand or the sight of a ragdoll.

    Abilities: While Alexis lacks any supernatural powers, she is experienced in combat and has endured a great deal of training and hardship. While she won't be performing surgery or replacing limbs anytime soon, Alexis is adept at patching up allies and tending to injuries sustained in battle - a skill earned from her upbringing, training as a combat medic, and plenty of practice in the field. This same combination of training and firsthand experience is also responsible for the catgirl's exceptional aim and keen senses, although the latter trait is also benefited by her heritage.

    Mimetic Armor - a bodysuit of armor that Alexis is rarely seen out of, its entirety is marked by a faint hexagonal pattern. While it offers a passable degree of protection against firearms and blades, it certainly cannot contend with armored plating or kevlar. Where the armor's true benefit lies is not in protection, but evasion; beyond providing a fair degree of maneuverability, its peculiar composition interacts with light by making the form of its wearer harder to discern from their surroundings at longer ranges. Make no mistake, however; the armor's benefits are far from active camouflage or invisibility.

    Mosin Nagant - An older infantry rifle dating all the way back to before the Second World War, this relic is one of Alexis' most prized possessions. Lovingly cared for yet barely modified beyond the addition of a scope, it is her most favored weapon

    M4A1 Carbine - A much more modern assault rifle with a short scope, it is Alexis' go-to weapon for missions that require her to be more versatile thanks to its multiple fire modes.

    SPAS-12 - One of the more rarely-used weapons that Alexis possesses, although only just barely. It is a favorite of hers for close-quarter situations or missions that require less than deadly force thanks to a design that allows for the use of non-lethal ammunition such as tear gas or bean bag rounds.

    SIG Sauer P320 - The only sidearm Alexis currently owns, and the most-used firearm in her arsenal. She is rarely seen without it and carries multiple variants of ammunition. It has saved her many times before, and doubtlessly shall again in the future.

    M9 Bayonet - A multipurpose combat knife designed to be affixed as a bayonet, it has proved to be more than suitable as a fighting knife in melee situations. Much like her pistol, it rarely leaves Alexis' side.

    Spoiler: It long >.>
    Growing up on one of the many garden worlds under the control of a military fleet known as the Ascendancy, Alexis was the daughter of a former captain who had chosen to settle down after experiencing the consequences of a one-night stand. She grew up like most in the Hades system, starry-eyed and dreaming of the day they could earn their way into the Ascendancy's ranks, while helping her mother in the local clinic she ran.
    At the age of 18 Alexis joined Brightlance, a mercenary group used by the Ascendancy as a recruiting tool and way to identify those worthy of membership, and began to participate in mercenary contracts. She quickly found her place serving as a squad medic, putting to use the education she gained in watching her mother work. It did not take long before her line of work began to take its toll on Alexis’ mental health, however. On her third mission, she was deployed as a part of a five man squad to eradicate a group of raiders hiding out in a bunker on the arid planet of Silex. Alexis’ squad was discovered almost immediately, and suffered heavy losses in the ensuing firefight. The pirates fought with a ferocity and cunning that none of them had anticipated, killing three and mortally wounding the senior member and explosives expert. He and Alexis managed to escape and continue the mission, evading pursuit and reaching the refueling area connected to the bunker. There the medic armed a series of explosives under the instructions of her dying comrade, before reaching a safe distance and detonating the devices. The base went up in a spectacular display of smoke and flames, and with his dying breath her superior ordered Alexis to make sure that none had survived.
    It was then as she surveyed the ruins that Alexis realized with horror why their foes had fought so savagely and desperately. It wasn’t just hardened pirates and criminals who had made their home at the outpost: it was their families as well. Among the charred remains of men and woman lay the bodies of children, of husbands and wives. There was a singed ragdoll. A ringed hand. The still-burning corpse of a household pet. When the evac team retrieved her, Alexis was no longer the same. Guilt and ghosts clung to her mind, haunted by the atrocity she had committed and the belief that she did not deserve to survive. The Ascendancy took notice of the battered young woman, and chose to allow her into their ranks after evaluating the mission report. Factoring in Alexis’ trauma, the organization wisely chose to assign her a non-combatant role until she recovered. It took the better part of a year for the broken woman to return to somewhat suitable service condition, undergoing therapy and counseling, and while they did not “cure” her trauma, the sessions managed to suppress and reduce it.
    Soon, Alexis entered into active duty in Ascendancy, and was eventually placed under the command of a young man named Sheryl, alongside with two other men, on a mission to investigate a dying world where supposed deserters had taken shelter. When the group found their quarry, it proved to be nothing more than a transport ship with only food and the six petty thieves who crewed it - two of which were children. The group surrendered immediately, only wanting to be spared, but the two other Ascendants leveled their firearms at the group in spite of Sheryl’s orders. When their younger commander tried to get them to stand down, things escalated, and a fight broke out between the three. Sheryl managed to kill one of the rogue subordinates before the other grabbed him from behind, and Alexis snapped. Visions of the remains in the bunker and her dead comrades flashed before her, and she saw the thieves and Sheryl among them. Seeing more dead by her inaction was too much for the medic to take, and she flew into a crazed rage. What happened immediately after, she doesn’t recall. Only seeing red. But what Alexis does remember is the aftermath. Blood caking her trembling hands and staining her face, splattered across her attire. Sheryl wrenching the knife out of her hand and pulling her off of the Ascendant’s mutilated corpse. Breaking down in tears on the shuttle off-planet as Sheryl comforted her, his strong, warm embrace around her weak and worthless form. The newly formed duo fled Ascendant Space that day, now deserters themselves, with the symptoms of Alexis’ trauma beginning to return… and soon after, she found herself in the Nexus, alone once again and lost without purpose.

    Miscellaneous: Alexis is a heavy drinker, as well as a smoker - albeit a light one.
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    Lynx Thornheart

    Alias: None that he knows of, but Nox calls him Zaphiel.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Cat-person
    Age: 22
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Magic-user. I don't specify what kind because it's unclear, and he can only do small things without Nox.
    Power Rating: With Nox: Probably a B, maybe more, however without Nox: probably D
    Description: A humanoid lynx, as hinted by his name. He has grey fur with black spots, as well as the signature lynx ear tufts, his being black. he has blue eyes with round pupils. So, essentially a humanoid version of this:

    He usually wears a leather biker jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, as well as jeans and combat boots. He also wears a satchel. At odds with the casual biker theme he has going, he carries a black walking cane with a carved white wooden skull topping it, which is not to help him walk. Lastly, for statistics, he is 5'11" and weighs 165 lbs.
    Personality: Lynx is kind and prefers talking over combat. However, should you make him mad he will not hesitate to fight. He values the lives of people he knows over the lives of the many. However, everyone has flaws, and Lynx's flaw is that he sort of loses it if you truly enrage him.
    Equipment: Lynx carries a hidden knife, as well as a good amount of money in his satchel. The main thing he carries is his cane, which is a sentient magic item that has a telepathic bond with him, named Nox. Nox's personality will be discussed in miscellaneous, and his powers will be discussed here. Nox has 4 forms:

    Form 1: In his first form, Nox is a walking cane which cannot do anything other than normal cane stuff and letting Lynx cast advanced spells.
    Form 2: Nox's second form is a scythe, which has a black handle, a darksteel blade, letting it burn fey/fae and demonic creatures, and the skull residing on the back of the blade. While in this form, the scythe can steal souls, but only upon killing a creature or striking a creature with less will-power than your average Joe. It also gives Lynx the spellcasting abilities mentioned in form 1.
    Form 3: The third form is a spiked chain connected to a handle of black wood, with the skull as the handles pommel. The chain is used as a whip, albeit a sharp one. This forms power is, when a creature has the chain wrapped around them, Lynx can control the creature's mind, telling it what to do once it is released from the chain. The creature must then do that thing ASAP, unless the creature either A.) has great will, or B.) is subjected to some other way of breaking mind-control. Once the order is carried out, the creature stops being mind-controlled. The creature being controlled may use loopholes if it spots them. for example, if the command is to "get rid of" a creature, the controlled creature may banish the other creature to a different plane of existence, thereby ending mind-control as they have completed the order. It also gives Lynx the spellcasting abilities mentioned in form 1.
    Form 4: The last form is a walking staff, essentially a lengthening of the first form. In this form, hitting the skull on the ground can conjure a land form, up to a 50-foot deep trench or a large hill. This land form disappears after 3 days, or when Lynx commands it to. It also gives Lynx the spellcasting abilities mentioned in form 1.

    If the telepathic bond between them is broken, Nox becomes able to fly and speak, and gains the power to shift forms at will, as well as gaining all powers that each form would normally grant to Lynx. If he wishes, Nox can take control of Lynx, shown through Lynx's eyes turning blood red and the pupils becoming slits.
    Abilities: Apart from the abilities granted to him by Nox, Lynx can use a knife well, and is able to shoot small elemental balls out of his hands thanks to magic. He also has natural retractable claws.
    Backstory: To come later...
    Spoiler: Nox's Character, just what applies and matters

    Nicknames: None, though Lynx calls him Bob.
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Personality: Nox has a singular goal: To kill Fey/Fae, Undead, and Demons. It errs on the side of caution, killing even half-demons, half-Fey/Fae, Demon-likes, etc. He will kill anybody who gets in his way while he's on his quest for "purification", except for Lynx, who he will simply take control of. He is calm until somebody suggests he is evil, at which point he flies off the handle.
    Backstory:To come later...
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    Amity and Tank

    Alias: Amity
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 27
    Alignment: Neutral Good-ish
    Class/Profession: Scavenger, Sniper, and Animal Whisperer
    Power Rating: C, or B+ when working with Tank.
    Physique: With muscles made of wire, a little fat and her curves hide the fact that she’s strong as a spring. At five feet tall and only a little over a hundred pounds, she’s tiny.
    Hair: Long and blond, made luscious and golden by a fertility blessing.
    Skin: Very pale and freckled in places where she’s clean and hasn’t been exposing her body to the sun. The rest of the places, it’s a deep tan with weathered skin and freckles.
    Clothing: Combat boots a couple sizes too big for her, fatigue pants, tanktop, duster, blue bandana, and wide-brimmed hat
    Personality: Amity is a shrewd individual always looking for opportunities to get into a better position - usually this is physical, as the most significant interaction of her adult life has consistently been with an apex predator. As a result, she's fast to talk about things, clever, good at recognizing vulnerabilities in a person's body, and will hammer home any advantage she can find.
    Mosin Nagant - Infantry style mosin nagant carbine meant for precision shots. Main weapon, hangs from a strap on her shoulder.
    Lucky and Lucy - a pair of six-shot heavy revolvers. Stored in her duster pockets.
    Plasma Pistol - Backup weapon for when kinetic energy doesn’t cut it. Goes on the back of her waist. Only has 12 shots left before it’s completely out.
    Laser Pistol - Backup weapon for when kinetic energy doesn’t cut it. Goes on the back of her waist.
    Vlad - Metal stake launcher in her left boot. Can fire junk if necessary - her own design. Named after Vlad Dracul. Stored in her left boot.
    Longfellow - Wand style shock caster, taken from a robot. Named for the first person she killed with it, Andy Longfellow. Stored in her right boot.
    The Backup - tiny laser pistol stored in a hidden area on her body. Made almost entirely of plastics and non-ferrous metals. Amity’s own design.
    Knives - Amity has two knives up either sleeve, one attached to the forearm assassin’s creed style, and one attached to the bicep
    Deathclaw Gauntlet - strapped to her right outer thigh, it's a circle of deathclaw claws attached in such a way as to allow the user to wield them as a weapon, made from the remains of a deathclaw Tank killed.
    Fusion Cores - Amity has four fusion cores on the left side of her belt. Not truly a weapon, she saves them as grenades just in case.
    Abilities: Amity is a human that has been fighting near constantly since her age was in the lower single digits; as a result, she's fast to act, extremely good with a gun, and somewhat antsy in peaceful times. Aside from the paranoia that drives her to carry more than ten weapons at any given moment, this means she's a crack shot with nearly any ranged weapon with a trigger mechanism she gets her hands on. Amity is also a genius in terms of technological understanding and design, allowing her to create things well outside the scope of what she realistically should be capable of. In addition, though she's not aware of it, she has a very low level psychic ability that lets her empathize with others, allowing her to seem much more approachable and friendly to the weak-willed and creatures with animal level intelligence.
    Backstory: To Come Later
    Miscellaneous: Almost inseparable from her Deathclaw companion, Tank.


    Alias: Tank
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Albino Deathclaw
    Age: 11
    Alignment: Neutral Hungry
    Class/Profession: Bio-engineered Killer Animal
    Power Rating: C+, or B+ when working with Amity
    Physique: Large and powerful, Tank's limbs are tightly muscled, and he's eight feet tall with a hunch, and almost sixteen feet from his nose to the tip of his tail. He weighs a little over one ton, at 2300 pounds.
    Scales: bereft of pigmentation, his scutes are all white, with any exposed flesh between the scutes being the pale pink color of blood through flesh - about the same as a caucasian human.
    Clothing: a blue bandana that matches the one Amity wears.
    Personality: Tank, unlike Amity, is a laid back jokester. He enjoys messing with people things, and though he has only the intelligence of a very cunning animal (about equivalent to the intellectual capacity of a ten-year-old human), he can put it to good use - one of his favorite pranks is sniffing people's hair when they don't realize there's a stealthy ton of apex predator behind them.
    Abilities: Deathclaws have extremely sensitive senses - they can see quite well in almost any lighting condition, can hear very well, and have a nose that would impress most dogs. They're capable of casually lifting and even throwing cars, and the raw power behind their claws allow them to tear apart solid steel armor with relative ease. Their scales allow them to all but ignore small arms fire and severely mitigate higher-end weaponry. On top of this, they can hit a land speed matching some low-end cars. Tank is a fairly typical example of his species aside from his albinism; he's a bio-engineered killing machine. This one simply happens to have formed a "pack" with a surprisingly short human.
    Miscellaneous: Almost inseparable from Amity.

    Spoiler: Image Reference!
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    Alias: The Angel of Second Chances
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Angel/Were-Rhino. Still has some traces from her past as a vampire and the brief time she spent as a demon.
    Age: 90
    Alignment: Good, of the Law-abiding sort. No stick up her butt though.
    Class/Profession: Angel of Redemption. Also an Intersection officer.
    Power Rating: Probably A rank? I find it hard to judge in any meaningful sense.

    Spoiler: Description
    Ithuriel stands a little over 6 feet tall. Her body is toned and muscular, though it falls a long way short of accurately reflecting her strength. Her skin has a sort of unnatural paleness to it, one of a couple of hints to her past life as a vampire. Her hair is a bright and vivid blonde in colour, almost verging on golden. Off-duty she tends to let it hang loose, stretching down to about halfway down her neck, on-duty she keeps it tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes have unusually wide irises that are a deep purple in colour. Being an angel, her body is immune to the ravages of age, leaving her with a permanently youthful appearance without any noticeable scars or significant imperfections. However there is a certain look of weariness to her expression that suggests she's seen a lot in her time. If ever caught smiling, she has another little tell of her vampire days in the form of rather pronounced, slightly lengthened and pointed canine teeth. Ithuriel's wings are rather large, stretching well above her head when folded in. The feathers are a light, bright golden brown in colour. Being the servant of a deity, Ithuriel has a small amount of divine power at her disposal, which is often manifested as a faint aura of golden light surrounding her.

    When off duty, Ithuriel generally wears a set of plain white robes with the hood pulled up over her head. Beneath the robes, she wears a set of light, flexible leather clothing to give her more mobility in combat with a thin, shaped white breastplate to give her vitals a little extra protection. On duty, she wears a standard Intersection Officer's uniform and baseball cap.

    Being a were-rhino, Ithuriel can shift into both rhino and hybrid form. As a full-on rhino, she a rhino, but with wings. Her hybrid form causes her to gain thick, grey, leathery skin and she grows considerably in volume, looming over the average human and running into serious issues when trying to fit through regular-person-sized doors. The phrase "as thick as a tree trunk" becomes applicable when considering her arms and legs, with how much she bulks up in the process of transforming. She does also gain a little rhino-tail and a relatively modest horn on her snout in the process. Ithuriel has taken the time to ensure that all her regular clothing can shift in size and shape as she transforms to avoid any embarrassing "hulking out" wardrobe malfunctions. While Ithuriel is decidely muscular rather than busty in shape to begin with, it is perhaps worth noting that the transformation leaves her completely flat-chested as well.
    Personality: Ithuriel comes across as a relatively calm and peaceful individual. Having seen far too much violence in her life and having been responsible for quite a lot of it during her demon days, she'd much rather resort to non-violence means of conflict resolution where possible. As the angel of second chances, she'd rather try and help others change their ways where possible. On a more personal level, it can be difficult to get particularly close to Ithuriel. A combination of her troubled past and having spent a long time in the Nexus has left her reluctant to make many particularly close friendships. She does still have a lingering fear that she could get re-demon'd some day, or that her family may come after her some day - they're not very nice vampires. Anyone who does get close to her, though, will find she has a modest talent for art and poetry and never quite lost her noble family's taste for the finer things in life...and that she's dedicated a lot of time to keeping herself calm, because it doesn't really come naturally to her.

    Equipment: Ithuriel's regular amour and clothing have all been enchanted to change in size with her when she transforms. For weapons, she has a pair of short swords - when on duty she also has a standard-issue Intersection handgun and a handful of tools for detaining lawbreakers. Her armour and swords have also been given some fairly standard magical enhancement - no fancy effects or special abilities, but it makes them durable and adds an extra little bite to her blades. Ithuriel's home exists in her own personal demiplane - she possesses a pair of horns, one a white ivory horn, the other a black wooden horn carved from the same wood as her coffin, that can be used to summon her from her plane. She can also make one-use horns from the fir trees that grow there. Given a little time to do so, she can open a portal to her demiplane for herself or others to use, but will always reappear where she left unless a horn summons her to a different location.

    Spoiler: Abilities
    Ithuriel does an excellent job of living up to a rhino's tank-like status. Her various transformations have collectively granted her superhuman strength, impressive durability and extremely potent regenerative abilities. She can recover from what should be mortal wounds and can regenerate body parts within the space of a few hours. Being an angel also gives her resistance to various effects that would be lethal to a mortal. Being well aware of her own abilities, her approach to combat is generally to skip any sort of defensive measures on the basis that she can probably incapacitate any opponent through overwhelming strength quicker than they can figure out a way to do enough lasting damage to incapacitate her.

    When Ithuriel transforms into her hybrid form, she gains another multiplier to her strength and durability, her skin now being tough enough to take some serious effort to cut through. Any reasonably well-made weapon will still find purchase, but the additional layer of resistance makes it that much harder to really hit anything vital. During combat, particularly if she taps into her more animalistic traits, Ithuriel is at risk of entering a rage state where any degree of self-preservation is thrown out the window and collateral damage becomes highly likely. She's devoted a lot of time to learning how to calm herself to keep it from happening, but the risk is there. It does little to enhance her combat abilities, but the resulting disregard for the safety of herself or others can be very dangerous.

    Ithuriel can also tap into her divine power to perform a number of feats. She can spread her aura out, bathing an area in golden light to try and soothe and calm those around her with her divine presence, or potentially intimidate them as they feel the wrath of an angel wash over them. She has also been able to turn her aura to healing, though while she may be able to stabilise someone at risk of death or gradually aid someone's recovery, she's by no means capable of instantly mending major wounds or other such feats. The more she has to call upon her aura and the greater the "miracle" she performs, the more drained she feels by it. While she's usually capable of hiding how drained she is, she is a lesser angel and as such her powers are quite limited.

    Spoiler: Backstory
    Ithuriel started life under a different name as Slythynia, adopted child and unsuspecting victim of the aristocratic family of vampires who took her in. A feral creature who had been living in the wild before she was taken in, she was killed and raised as a vampire by her parents when she turned twenty. A dutiful and obedient thrall, she was steadily taught the ways of the aristocrat, her parents intending that in time she be used to expand their sphere of influence, becoming a countess of her own territory, subservient to them.

    It was perhaps about a decade later when a deity became aware of her and took pity on her plight and sought to free her from her parents' influence. This god of redemption sought to prove that even the most wicked of creatures could redeem themselves. With a few nudges on the way from her divine benefactor, Slythynia freed herself and began a lifelong campaign to rid the country of her family.

    It did not go well. Slythynia came to the Nexus a broken woman. Her parents had grown weary of her attempts to thwart them and chose instead to simply kill all of the peasants under their control and move on. Over time, Slythynia healed. She found people in the Nexus, in the Town as it was then known, a lot more accepting of her. At one point she even adopted a young girl that she rescued from harm, and raised her until such time as deadtime forced her to move on.

    Over time, Slythynia became accustomed to life in the Nexus. A little too accustomed, as it happened, as one day she let her guard down and was converted against her will into a demon. The process served as proof that she had done enough to redeem herself, having regained some form of soul back, only for it all to be snatched away as her animalistic nature took over, turning her into a monstrous predatory creature that revelled in hunting, killing and devouring people.

    How she rid herself of her demonic form is something of a mystery. She's never really been sure if she managed it herself or if her god intervened once more. One day she just woke up to find she was back to being a vampire. Shortly after, however, the demon she'd taken as a mate and hoped to keep as a lover confessed that she wasn't the same person to him any more. He left and something inside of her snapped.

    Slythynia died shortly thereafter, having assaulted a community of vampires on her own to rather predictable results.

    For a vampire, there is no afterlife. Even Slythynia's pseudo-soul wouldn't have been enough. However her deity successfully argued that on the whole, Slythynia had done enough to restore herself. Though others in his pantheon challenged and objected to his claim, ultimately they were unable to debunk it. Slythynia was then reborn as Ithuriel, the angel of second chances, lesser angel in service to the god of redemption.

    Since her rebirth, Ithuriel has tried to find a way to serve her deity in the Nexus. On the whole it's been a mixed bag so far, but she did sort-of-convince a Magtok to change his ways, or at least start wearing a set of wings, so that's something.

    Miscellaneous: Ithuriel currently serves as an Intersection Officer and spends a lot of her free time providing aid and support to those in need in the Red Zones of Inside.

    (Figured I'd try putting some of this in spoiler tags to keep the size down. Nothing actually spoiler-y in there. First one of these I've done in a looong time, so may be subject to extensive re-writing if I look at it later and decide it's awful.)
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