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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Race: Probably human
    Age: 27
    Class: Bard
    Power rating: 1. Utterly mundane
    Description: Quite pale, with silver eyes and ghost-white hair. Rather petite, she stands only 4'8'' and weighs in at under a hundred pounds.
    Equipment: Currently pretty much limited to the clothes on her back.
    Abilities: Dancer, singer, storyteller, and general entertainer.
    Backstory: Ticked off a powerful wizard in her home world. Portalled into Nexus.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Zefir's Character Summary:

    Most Played Characters:

    - Leader of AMEN, adopted daughter Alexstraza (Played by the Alexandrian)[Is At School or else], pyrotechnist and owner of an own firework company. Got a secret Identity.

    Fade - Schadow Person, Member of MERC, Emotionless. He is on a search, but none has asked for what..

    Mia Mechanicus - High Priestress of Mechanicus, DnD Style Priest . Lost MDM in the Demon attack. Member of Virgil. Lost all her goods.

    Nameless Guy - The name says it all. he just forgot his name and is a summoner.

    Lesser Played Characters:

    Arkant Del Gadis - Mastermind, manipulates the DNA of people to create his own minions. Currently raising up his lab in Skyside.

    Mr C - Small magical green Lizard Toy creature, Librerian and adventurer.

    Tovpir - Big Stone Scorpion (Simular to Skarner from League of Legends), Member of HALO.

    Mika - Fox girl, born in the nexus. Graduation as Diploma - Chemistry.

    Vis - Young Pokemon Trainer with a medival Design. Current Pokemon ??LvL Joltik(Spidy) and 10lvl? Torchic(Marscha). (Freed Pokemon at Foxside 52LvL Lobunny(Alex) and 27Lvl? Kirlia(Lisa))

    Andreas Emeral - Cyborg, Doctor at GloG Infirmary. [DEADTIMED]
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Faction Profile: Union for the Defense of the Nexus (UDN)

    The UDN, depending on who you might ask, is many things. Perhaps the most objective way of putting it is that it is latest in a long line of mutations of the same core government, from the Altaran Revolutionary Front to the Empire to Remnant and the Irregulars to what we have now. It is generally referred to as simply 'the Union' in shorthand, or perhaps, if someone felt rather contrary about what it formed from, 'the Empire.'

    The UDN currently consists of Inside and other former territories of the Empire that either accepted the Empire's rule peacefully or, if they did not, now feel they have no choice.

    Governmental Structure

    A notable fact about the UDN is that its holdings are very frequently left to police themselves outside of military matters. Inside itself is subject to this, and Remnant remains Inside’s official law enforcement body. UDN membership comes with fairly loose obligations, including:

    Spoiler: UDN Charter Stuff
    UDN members must not allow certain basic, obvious crimes. Slavery, murder, that sort of thing. Use your imagination.

    UDN members must keep their civilian police force at an acceptable level of performance, or the UDN military will step in to repair it. Beyond this and the first provision, members are permitted to run their own civilian police forces and legal systems as they wish.

    UDN members must pay certain taxes to the central government. It is notable that these are not exorbitant, but some may chafe under the matter nonetheless. One notable tax is on imports from outside the Union, while internal trade is not as heavily taxed.

    UDN members may not raise separate military forces. The UDN military is unified, and shall remain so.

    UDN members are subject to the central government’s policies and actions. Obviously, a UDN member is not allowed to engage in trade with any organization subject to an embargo or war by the central government, such as the Chimera Syndicate. Were the central government to institute a draft, all UDN members would be obligated to follow it.

    UDN members can be considered to have an extradition agreement with each other. While their local laws may differ, a criminal in one town cannot flee to another with different laws. While his actions may not be illegal there, he is a criminal in a UDN holding, and will be persecuted as one.

    And so on. These are most likely not limited to those alone (I’m hardly going to write up every law and policy ever), but it provides a decent enough idea. Local laws may vary wildly, and the central government does not dictate them. The exception on the note of local police is the capital city, Inside: As the capital and an exceptionally chaotic place due to its very nature, UDN military forces may supplement Remnant in police actions, much like the Altaran Irregulars did. However, it is unlikely that heavy forces will be deployed outside of exceptional circumstances, unless the disturbance is directed at or very near directly UDN-controlled property, the Spire, for example. The other exception is that many holdings of the Union did not make large claims to the territory around them, leading to a loophole wherein the Union's forces are essentially left to police large swaths of land outside any given settlement.

    The UDN’s government and military are inextricably linked, as it is, effectively, an unusually light-handed military dictatorship. The head of state and commander-in-chief is the High Commander of the UDN, currently Vyrn Altaran. The second-in-command, whose duties include managing the diplomatic corps and intelligence, is the Vice Commander of the UDN. The Vice Commander is selected by the High Commander and takes over the role of the High Commander if the current holder of the title dies. The current Vice Commander of the UDN is the former Emissary of the Altaran Irregulars, N'alae t'Lhoell. The UDN's capital city is Inside, and its headquarters there is the Spire.

    Military Structure

    Although formed from the more loosely organized Altaran Irregulars, the UDN, in expanding to fill the shoes of the Empire once more, has formalized its subdivisions.

    Spoiler: Army
    The UDN Army covers standard ground deployments, and contains subdivisions such as:

    Hunter Project: A force specializing in takedowns of unusually powerful creatures, the Hunter Project is also a scientific endeavor with scientists on the payroll Union Defense Intelligence. It is small, and relies on the UDN Air Force for deployment support, but does control the Huntside Outpost. The Hunter Project consists solely of volunteers, for members’ bodies may very well become altered and mutated in the course of their activities in the Grounds. One notable member is Sergeant Doern Hill.

    Revenant Corps: The UDN Army's special ops division, covering all that you'd expect. Stealth missions, sabotage, spec ops in general.

    Spoiler: Air Force
    The UDN Air Force, having inherited the Altaran Irregulars’ air power, is arguably the most prestigious branch of the UDN military. With a mobile headquarters in the form of the IAV Sanctuary, which has kept its old Imperial registry mostly in the interest of others not confusing it with unmanned aerial vehicles, the UDN is certainly the fanciest branch of the military. The Army and Air Force cooperate very closely, with the Army stationing troops aboard Sanctuary for rapid-deployment purposes. The UDN Air Force’s overall commander is the severely-promoted General Anthony Cross, who now also serves as Sanctuary’s commanding officer. Subdivisions within the Air Force include:

    1st Fighter Squadron “Gorsk Shots”: Nicknamed after a potent beverage distilled from engine coolant from a grim world in dark galaxy, the UDN 1st Fighter Squadron is (unsurprisingly) commanded by Major Noelle Xanatov. The Gorsk Shots are the UDN’s best known operators of the EvAV-3 Imperator Fighter-Gunship and its new Accuser variant, and use it and its variants to great effect. Its leader is best known as an eccentric ace, and the Gorsk Shots also frequently make use of auxiliary support of craft controlled by the Autarch Entity, due to the Major’s unofficial role in wrangling it.

    Spoiler: Enforcer Corps
    The UDN Enforcer Corps exists in a bit of a loophole of the UDN Charter. While individual holdings of the Union are allowed to police themselves more or less as they wish, the territory between them is not necessarily patrolled or claimed by them. This is where the Enforcer Corps come in. Equipped with lighter and often older gear and vehicles, the Enforcer Corps operates mainly out in the Union’s ‘wilderness.’ The Enforcer Corps is populated disproportionately by recruits from the Union’s outer territories away from Inside, by those who seek to bring order to their lands and others who remember the benefits of the Empire.

    The UDN does not have a separate naval subdivision. Instead, this role is mixed between the Army and Air Force, with the Army operating amphibious combat vehicles and the Air Force operating the EvEXV-1 Exploration Vehicle, and potentially others in the future.

    A technically-separate branch that recruits from all UDN military and intelligence groups is the Ironwatch Unit, in charge of the defense of the High Commander, Vice Commander, and other high-ranking officers. Ironwatch answers to the High Commander and Vice Commander, and when not directly covering them, has a great deal of autonomy in its actions. The Ironwatch Unit is an elite group with the most advanced gear in the UDN, and is vaguely analogous to the Remnant Praetorians, albeit on a larger scale and not nearly as utterly insane.

    Other UDN Subdivisions

    Union Defense Intelligence is the intelligence agency of the UDN, in charge of espionage and other clandestine operations. Its head is the Vice Commander. Notably, UDI is also charged with technological and magical research.

    The Union Diplomatic Corps is also headed by the Vice Commander, and obviously is in charge of the Union’s diplomatic efforts. It performs the important service of trying to convince foreign entities to join the Union. Note that in the case of both UDI and UDC, the High Commander can still override the Vice Commander, being the one in charge of the whole mess. They're just kicked down to the Vice Commander to spread the work around.

    UDN Technology

    With the creation of the UDN came a large boost in military power as the core of the Altaran Irregulars was expanded with new technology. Items you can expect to find in use in the UDN include, but are not limited to:


    Spoiler: Personal Arms
    EvR-1 and EvP-1 Blasters
    Evolution Industries blaster weapons largely replaced K-Corp pulse weaponry in the Empire's later days. These weapons' energy projectiles are not quite as powerful as the discharge from pulse weapons, and their power cells are limited. A rifle is limited to 30 shots before its power cells run out and must be replaced, akin to reloading. Pistols, being smaller, only have 12.

    However, EI blaster power cells slowly recharge on their own over time. The blaster rifles also sport adaptable frames, suitable for numerous customizations. Should there be any of the magically-inclined around, the cells can be enchanted to use other more magical energies, and will automatically recharge with those instead.

    EvIR, EvIP, and EvAT Ion Weapons
    Specialized energy weapons, these are specifically made to be extra-effective against high-tech foes, and are adept at scrambling circuitry and shattering energy shields. Unlike other EI energy weapons, these are not reliant on MACE tech, and so do not recharge, being limited to a number of shots depending on the specific weapon type before needing to be reloaded. They generally come in the same types as conventional EI weapons, sans exceptionally MACE-dependent examples like the heavy assault blasters and sustained-beam weapons.

    EvR-4 Beam Rifle and EvR-4B Modified Variant
    This weapon is a favorite of Evolution's head, and is certainly an odd one. It fires small but deadly sustained beams that can last for several seconds before the weapon has to stop firing, or it can be stopped by simply releasing the trigger. It's useful for sweeping through multiple targets. Its large (for a weapon of its size) power cells recharge at a decent rate, though constant use of sustained beams will drain them faster than they can recharge. This version of the weapon does not have DC's version's variability.

    The EvR-4’s original form is mostly here for reference’s sake. Most EvR-4s used by the UDN are EvR-4Bs, with the modifications described below.

    EvR-4B: A version of the EvR-4 modified by UDI, the 4B adds a number of features to the basic weapon, including a collapsing stock, an output adjuster, and a mid-range scope. The output adjuster allows the weapon to discharge its power either much faster or slower, providing variable settings and uses. The EvR-4B is very popular in the mainline UDN army, especially among garrison forces that may wish to take a target alive. The Enforcer Corps, due to somewhat limited funding, does not have EvR-4s of any variety in large numbers.

    EvAT-1 Precision Laser Cannon
    An extremely powerful and accurate man-portable anti-tank laser cannon, somewhat similar in appearance to a rocket launcher. It has a scope mounted on one side, and a faint silvery glow is visible in stripes running down part of the length of the weapon at the very back of it. Were you to look into the weapon's barrel, you would see a number of focusing lenses in front of a brightly glowing silver device that powers the weapon.

    EvAT-2 Beam Cannon
    A bulkier EvAT-1 in outer appearance, this weapon has a larger power core but a slightly less intense initial blast, and lacks a scope. Its strength is in the intense beam it fires being able to maintain itself for a murderous sweep through masses of enemies, or multiple lighter vehicles.

    EvHW-1 Assault Blaster
    This weapon is what happens when you take a variable blaster, remove the variability, put it in a much larger, heavier frame, and give it significantly more rapid-fire capability. It's a very brutal weapon, spewing searing energy at a very high rate. It's similar to the EvAT-1 in appearance, only bulkier, lacking a scope, and the barrel is divided into a number of sub-barrels to allow more shots to be fired at once. This weapon is very simply designed to cut down huge numbers of infantry, and can fire for a long time before having to stop.

    EvAM-1 Magic Scrambler
    Resembling a spherical high-tech grenade, the EvAM-1 detonates to create a highly unstable field of various magical and not-so-magical energies, derived from a low-intensity MACE overload. This tends to play havoc with spells and other things, though it does not prevent their use entirely. It merely 'scrambles' them, meaning casters facing units equipped with it might want to be very careful about whether or not that next spell is worth risking.

    PAT-4 Anti-Materiel Rifle
    In the wake of Vyrn Altaran declaring war on the Chimera Syndicate, Evolution Industries and Altaran Intelligence (later UDI) began an R&D project known as Project Anti-Trust to produce weapons that could help turn the tide against the Syndicate. The first result of the project was the EvAV-5 Dominion Ground Attack Craft, followed by the EvAV-3B Accuser variant of the Imperator Fighter-Gunship and the EvCV-2 Omni-Tank. The fourth is the PAT-4 Anti-Materiel Rifle, a weapon that is in essence the personal-scaled version of the PAT-1 used by the Dominion Ground Attack Craft. A heavy gauss rifle loaded with charged crystalline projectiles derived from Evolution MACE systems encased in a metal shell to allow magnetism to do its thing, the PAT-4 is the sniper’s best friend when an enemy vehicle comes into view. Or when most anything comes into view, really.

    Melee Weapons
    There are a few melee weapons of note in the UDN’s armory.

    One is the Supercharger combat knife, dating back to the early Empire. A device in the knife's hilt transfers electricity into the blade, electrocuting it and allowing for greater power. This feature can be turned on or off at will by the push of a button.

    EvM-1 Infernal Edges also appear, mostly in combat knife form as well. These have extra-sharp black blades that can be further amplified by a different device in the hilt that superheats the blade to a deadly degree. They can, however, take a variety of forms.

    Newer is the EvM-2 class of melee weapons. These are much rarer and take the form of weapons that look almost mundane. This is deceiving, however, as built-in systems allow them to generate a disruptive energy field that discharges when the weapon comes into forceful contact with something, giving the weapons significantly more power. The hilts and hafts, of course, don't have this effect, otherwise it'd be supremely dangerous. These weapons are very good at punching through armor, though it's sometimes impractical. Stabbing tanks isn't that great an idea.

    Spoiler: Personal Armor

    Basic Powered Armor Type 1 (AT-01)
    An armor type inherited from the Altaran Irregulars’ alignment with Remnant, the AT-01 remains a mainstay of the UDN’s military forces. I won’t pretend that this is mine, so I’ll just link to Wolf’s writeup regarding it in this old thread. Just mentally replace Remnant-specific terms where needed.

    EvA-1 Light Armor
    A lighter armor type originally meant for Imperial Army scouts, it offers little protection against stronger attacks (though it'll protect against lighter weapons provided one is not under sustained fire) and is designed with maximum mobility in mind. The EvA-1 armor comes with a full helmet with a number of scanning features, including x-ray, infrared, night vision, and magic-detecting settings.
    Due to its still quite useful scanning abilities, EvA-1 light armor remains in use with the Enforcer Corps and security details.

    EvA-4 Stealth Armor and EvA-4A Enhanced Stealth Armor
    This armor type, colored jet-black, is suited for special forces, and is fully sealed with some life support capabilities for extreme environments. It has a built-in cloaking device and its helmet comes with EvA-1-level scanners. On top of this, it is more protective than the EvA-1 armor, holding up better against sustained fire, though it will still not stop armor-piercing or heavy weapons. The downside, of course, is that it’s rather uncomfortable and expensive.

    The EvA-4A is an updated variant of the EvA-4 made by Evolution Industries. Incorporating a thermal underlayer to protect against infrared scans, the 4A works well, but is often considered uncomfortably heavy compared to even the base EvA-4.

    EvA-5 Powered Flight Armor
    The EvA-5 is a newer type of powered armor created with the interests of the Altaran Irregulars in mind: Effectively doubling the user's strength, offering similar levels of protection, and coming with built-in flight systems in the form of a propulsion pack on the back and similar boots, it is arguably superior to the Remnant AT-01 inherited by the Union. The downside is that it is less customizable and theatrical, lacking the cape for instance, but that's just fine for many.

    ‘Unity’ Powered Battle Armor
    A design put out by Altaran Intelligence/UDI with fairly little Evolution Industries support beyond arranging for power systems, the 'Unity' power armor suit's exact technical specs are heavily classified by UDI. Featuring triple strength amplification and a slight edge in protection over the AT-01 and EvA-5 while retaining similar mobility, it is clear that the Unity suit incorporates some kind of new technological advances, and is not as bulky as one might expect. The Unity suit also incorporates unusually advanced scanning systems in its helmet, on par with the EvA-1. The suit even incorporates an AT-01-esque medical unit.

    The Unity suit is compatible with a number of attachments, including a variety of back-mounted systems (a propulsion pack, an ammo or power pack for a heavy weapon, a cape similar to the AT-01’s…), flight boots, and potentially even wrist-mounted weaponry. Due to its overall superiority and similarity, it is sometimes referred to as the AT-02, but the UDN Army and UDI have denied that this is its designation. Due to the expenses involved in the suit’s production, the Unity suit is limited to elite forces like the Ironwatch Unit.

    Spoiler: Other Gear

    EvD-1 Guardian Drone and EvD-1a Power Beamers
    The EvD-1 Guardian Drone and EvD-1a Power Beamers are meant to operate in tandem. The former, a skeletal humanoid robotic drone, is the main system. The Power Beamers use technology seen earlier in the Light of Evolution in Westside to beam power to the Guardian to grant it power levels normally impossible for a humanoid platform of its size. The Guardian, subsequently, has the power to project a powerful forcefield around itself that makes it nigh-impervious to small arms fire. Offensively, the Guardian's forcefields inflict electrical shocks on contact, and it can project an electric blast attack. Its main prowess is in its resilience, however. The Power Beamers are small, harmless hovering drones, and serve only to power the Guardian. Four go with a given Guardian. Obviously, destroying them tends to weaken the main drone, and as such, they have a tendency to zip around and generally be as evasive as possible while maintaining their power link. Guardian Drones generally supplement UDN Army forces and defend high-importance installations.

    Spoiler: Aircraft
    IAV Sanctuary
    For a detailed description, see the current thread for the UDN's major bases, currently the old Irregular one. However, the ship's current aircraft complement will be noted here.

    Following the formation of the Union, the ship's aircraft complement underwent a drastic modernization and expansion. Older aircraft were relegated to garrison forces and the Enforcer Corps, leaving Sanctuary's complement as the best of the best.

    30 EvAV-3 Imperator Fighter-Gunships
    -Of these, 10 are EvAV-3B Accuser Interceptors.
    30 EvAV-4 Savior Shuttles
    15 EvAV-5 Dominion Ground Attack Craft
    10 EvEXV-1 Exploration Vehicles

    K-Corp Harpy Gunship
    This VTOL craft is old even for Imperial materiel, dating back to when K-Corp still supplied the Empire.

    These resemble Orca gunships, only with a rapid-fire laser turret on the nose and wing-mounted turbolasers instead of missiles for weapons. In addition, they are jet black and come with extremely quiet whisper engines. The K-Corp Harpy is extremely rare among UDN aircraft, two relegated to the Inside garrison.

    Evolution Industries EvAV-1 Gunship
    A VTOL aircraft very similar to the older K-Corp Harpy Gunship, the EvAV-1 unfortunately lacks its predecessor's whisper engines, that technology not being in Evolution Industries' possession. Instead, it uses a more advanced repulsor drive similar to those found in hover vehicles to move and remain aloft, emitting a loud, low-pitched humming noise when active. It is also black in coloration, and is armed with twin heavy laser cannons and a single rapid-fire blaster turret, arranged very much like the Harpy's armaments.

    These seem to be inferior overall compared to the older K-Corp craft, however.

    Following the formation of the Union, production of EvAV-3s and 4s increased, and 1s and 2s have increasingly been relegated to the purview of garrison forces and the Enforcer Corps.

    Evolution Industries EvAV-2 Transport
    The EvAV-2 is simple-a transport variant of the EvAV-1. It's more boxy and less well-armed, sporting only the blaster turret. However, it contains room for up to 12 troops. Some EvAV-2s come in stealth transport variants originally used by Imperial stealth commandos.

    Following the formation of the Union, production of EvAV-3s and 4s increased, and 1s and 2s have increasingly been relegated to the purview of garrison forces and the Enforcer Corps.

    Evolution Industries EvAV-3 Imperator Fighter-Gunship and EvAV-3B Accuser Interceptor
    A newer model of gunship with significant extra versatility compared to the older EvAV-1, the EvAV-3 combines the advantages of conventional VTOL craft and jets, able to fly about like a plane while retaining full VTOL capability like the older gunships. While it is not as maneuverable as conventional fighters and lacks missile armament, some say this is an advantage, for missiles and bombs are very hard to use in urban areas. The EvAV-3 thus offers superior precision in cities. It is armed with twin sweeper beam guns and a single powerful laser cannon. The EvAV-3 is also equipped with a point defense laser turret for shooting down missiles. Like the EvAV-2, it has a stealth variant, replacing the Vengeance fighters.

    The EvAV-3 now comes in an interceptor variant known as the EvAV-3B Accuser, stripping out the heavy laser cannon and its heavy power plant in favor of mounting a Project Anti-Trust PAT-2 gauss weapon in its place (see the EvAV-5’s description below). The PAT-2 weapon uses similar ammunition to the PAT-1 (see the Dominion below), but smaller and with a high rate of fire. The combined high-speed projectiles and blasts from the PAT ammunition make short work of…well, a lot of things, really. Due to the lesser stress on the aircraft’s power systems, the Accuser’s engines were upgraded, granting it greater speed and maneuverability compared to the standard Imperator. The Accusers are now a favorite of the Gorsk Shots.

    Evolution Industries EvAV-4 Savior Shuttle
    The EvAV-4 is to the EvAV-3 as the EvAV-2 is to the EvAV-1: A lesser-armed transport variant. The EvAV-4 sports only a single sweeper beam, trading the necessary power and equipment for the other beam and laser cannon for a transport compartment. It does, however, sport a second point defense laser turret, better to protect its precious cargo with. It also has stealth variants.

    Evolution Industries EvAV-5 Dominion Ground Attack Craft
    The EvAV-5 is the first result of Project Anti-Trust. A craft similar in design to the Imperator Fighter-Gunship and Savior Shuttle, the Dominion is vastly more heavily armored and is not as maneuverable as a result. It mounts a point-defense system much like them, and has a single sweeper beam turret for defense. Its main weapon is an Altaran/UDI PAT-1 heavy gauss cannon mounted on the underside of the craft that loads unusual crystalline ammunition encased in a metal shell. The ammunition is in actuality EI power-tech derived bombs, with the main weapon a Union in-house design and the ammunition supplied by EI. When the ammunition impacts and explodes, its stored power is released. This can come in multiple varieties as EI ground weapon power systems do, though the standard is a typical energy blast. The PAT-1 cannon essentially makes the Dominion a precision bomber, able to adapt its ammunition for any attack role.

    Evolution Industries EvEXV-1 Exploration Vehicle
    Resembling the EvAV-3 and 4, the EvEXV-1 is a larger, bulkier craft without built-in weapons or a major transport compartment. Instead, it is a heavily customizable exploration vehicle, able to be made to operate in a number of different environments. It can be fitted with parts to allow it to operate underwater, shielding systems to protect it from extreme temperatures, self-defense weaponry, and yet more attachments. It might even be able to operate in the void of space...if anyone manages to launch one up there. The weaponry varies depending on the environment it is currently exploring. It seats four, and boasts reinforced environmental seals and sensitive sensor systems by default.

    Spoiler: Other Vehicles
    EvCV-2 ‘Omni-Tank’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle
    A heavy hover-tank mounting a Project Anti-Trust turret as its main cannon (termed the PAT-3), the EvCV-2 gets the name ‘Omni-Tank’ partly from the secondary repulsors that deploy from its sides over water, allowing it to act as a patrol craft over water as well. The other part of where it gets its name is its modular secondary weapon, currently coming in three variants:

    An anti-aircraft rocket pod mostly intended to fend off VTOL craft like helicopters.
    A similar rocket-artillery pod.
    And finally, a heavy anti-infantry rapid fire laser turret.

    The final variant is the most typical ‘tank’, as it essentially provides a classic ‘cannon and machine gun’ combination. Due to the disuse of more specialized assault tanks and other heavy vehicles in the Empire, the EvCV-2 was designed to fill a variety of roles without the same expense as maintaining entirely separate vehicles. It is not frequently used in cities, aside from some use as a patrol boat.

    EvPC-2 ‘Rocket Coffin’ Patrol Craft
    An unfortunately nicknamed two-seating skimmer craft designed to operate in pairs or trios, the EvPC-2 is the standard patrol vehicle used by the UDN’s Enforcer Corps in the lands controlled by the Union. The vehicle has precisely one thing going for it, and that is simple speed. For a ‘ground’ patrol craft, the EvPC-2 is extremely fast. However, it equips only a single beam turret for defensive purposes, and its armor is very light, leading to its nickname among the Enforcer Corps. It does have some sensor capability for the sake of its use as a patrol craft, but this does not do much to calm its operators.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Asura
    Age: 27
    Profession: Guardian

    Spoiler: Picture

    Vemnon stands at a little under four feet tall, and his head is just a bit too large for his body. He's usually wearing his suit of armor, with a two-handed sword on his back.

    Personality: Anyone who's met more than one Asura will probably be surprised by Vemnon, and how little he cares about anything like science or golemancy. They'll be more surprised that he doesn't think that he's better or significantly smarter than them, and his generally friendly attitude. He approaches new people with a fond greeting and a smile on his face, rather than a snide "Can you be helped?" Generally the only way to get him to be elitist at all is to get him talking about cooking, and then he'll talk about how great he is at that. As long as that subject's avoided, Vemnon will remain quite friendly.

    He happens to be very curious about the world around him, and is fond of exploring and looking for adventure. Vemnon also believes in defending those who can't defend themselves, as evidenced by his choice in profession.

    Equipment: Vemnon wears a suit of armor, which is enchanted to protect him from both magical and physical attacks. He also has a two-handed sword on his back, which is enchanted in a similar way.

    Abilities: Vemnon's is decent enough at fighting with his greatsword. He uses his smaller size to his advantage to get into his opponent's blind spot. His sword is a bit heavy for him, so his swings tend to be a bit telegraphed and he can take time to get any momentum. More remarkable is the way he uses light magic in conjunction with his sword strikes. There may be a blinding flash of light as he starts to swing, or he may throw chains of light at foes to constrict them as he closes in on them. His combat style is all about hurting his enemies and helping his allies.

    Outside of battle, Vemnon is a well-practiced smith, and made his own armor. He's also a very good cook, something he's very aware of.

    Backstory: To come later
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Sedra
    Race: Orc
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Magi-technologist
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Power Level: B

    Enchantment Magic:
    She can temporarily enchant items with magic in the short term as improvised enchantments, but for more permanent enchantment it takes certain rituals to pull off to make the enchantment stick. She can also alter and modify existing enchantments, most of the time temporarily but sometimes permanently.

    Enchanted Clothing:
    Where Sedra is from, magitech through enchantment is commonplace, and therefore normal armor is outdated as magical enchantments can make any clothing protective as armor through force fields.

    Similarly her sword is enchanted so that it can shooting lightning when she wills it so. Where she comes from, bows and crossbows are outdated and guns were never invented because its more practical to enchant melee weapons with ranged spell capabilities.

    Flight Boots:
    Her boots allow her to fly, and has an additional enchantment against air friction. Most short distance travel is done by such boot-flight, while long distance travel to other cities is handled by portals and teleportation, and therefore vehicles mostly serve as long exploration, pleasure cruises or military applications, with some eccentric exceptions here and there.

    Spirinet Glove:
    Glove with a crystal in it that houses a spirit of intellect created to be loyal to its owner, whose job is to gather information from the spirits in everything around them, mostly by talking to them, and then presenting that information to the user. The Glove-spirit of course can persuade the spirits around it to make something different happen, like a door spirit open the door when one is infiltrating a base. This spirits name is Zani.

    Modded Illusion Orb:
    These Orbs are usually used as the ultimate home entertainment tech showing and playing out any fantasy the user so wish, however the enchantment can be illegally modified to be show illusions to your enemies at the user's direction.

    These goggles when put on and activated allow one to see the normally invisible workings of magic.

    Expert Enchanter
    Good Fighter
    Good Explorer
    Well-Rounded Education

    She is always looking to explore new wonders and discover new things about the world, not willing to let tyrants and conspirators stand in the way of the truth or healing the suffering of others. She is passionate about her work of enchanting and willing to improvise it however she can to achieve her goals.

    She has short black hair, brass goggles placed above her blue eyes, a buttoned up vest over her white tunic, long pants and boots, and has a short tough physique used to fighting and exploring the wilderness, and she has her Blaster-Blade Machete sheathed at her belt, her skin is green.

    She comes from a magitech society where the rich and powerful rule over the poor and the needy, with all the most advanced technology being kept by those in power while everyone else suffers for it. She was one of the rebels fighting to try and change it, but had to escape to other worlds to keep from being captured. The rest of her backstory is flexible.
    My Fan Fiction:
    To Catch A Mew
    A Kalos based pokemon fan fic. Now up to Chapter 25! I'm also on discord as "raziere".

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Sonya
    Race: Mechanical Humanoid
    Gender: Genderless, female silhouette
    Age: 473 Years
    Alignment: Chaotic Lawful
    Hair: Blueish Gray
    Eyes: Iridescent Blue
    Power Rank A

    Spoiler: Equipment

    Power Battery: May or may not be powered by the anguished screams and tears of a bound elemental.

    Spoiler: Abilities

    Immense Strength: Sonya is strong enough to simply walk through a skyscraper. By that I mean in the literal sense of walking through concrete and steel as if they were mere pieces of tissue to hold her back.

    Eco/Plane Friendly Green Energy: Sonya's energy source is actually Fel magic that is slowly purified to nice clean (possibly volatile) arcane.

    Radiation: Sonya can radiate the area around her with purified energy as a "party trick"

    Spoiler: Personality
    Sonya is incredibly socially awkward with her limited experience with mortal beings. She's clumsy, naive, slow witted and in spite of all this, she has a decent sense of mortality backed up by sometimes seemingly cold logic.

    Spoiler: Back story
    Sonya's first moment of life she found herself laying down on a bed with a group of hooded men staring down at her. The first sensations she felt were fear and pain in her mechanical chest right before speaking her first words “What is this?!”

    From that very moment she ran physically through a wooden wall with ease and just simply kept going for months as she busted down whatever was coming in-front of her as she just simply ran up until she couldn’t remember why she was even running. She would find herself among spirits who found her facinating who she would live with for over 200 years up until they simply vanished. The spirits were thankfully kind enough to teach her what she could need to know to survive in the world...

    However that was mostly their logic and it would get Sonya into a heap of trumble as warrior after warrior attempted to take her down while she just simply took what she wanted and did with it as she pleased. Examples of this being taking money from banks and bestowing it upon the needy as well as food and highly combustive objects.

    She was eventually stopped by a being much stronger than her who taught her on being more subtle. This did very little for Sonya other than taught her not to go on massive chaotic sprees of... well chaos.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Arlem d'Arlion Mersienne

    "Sometimes you believe you're inside the world, while you're actually inside the mouth of a vast, perfect shapeshifter."
    Gender: Masculine
    Race/Species: Fae Shallar
    Age: More than two dozen years.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral / White
    Class/Profession: Priest
    Power Rating: 6 or A
    Description: Could be anyone, anything.
    Ross-shape: A human*ish young woman, heavyset, with catlike ears and a tail.
    Justin-shape: A vulpan man, a humanoid fox, very much like a certain remembered fellow in another world, but with extra tails, one per priestly rank.
    Spider-shape: A yellow garden spider, anywhere from normal-size to terrifying.
    Personality: A mix of helpful and angry. Arlem loves reading and watching, likes teasing people mildly, and thinks people who keep their thoughts or shape to themselves are no fun at all. Arlem is responsible and will follows orders and always meet his obligations (not always happily).
    Dorothy - Dorothy is the Great Sword, the weapon of War. Usually just a dagger, it'll have a feathered serpent and a soaring eagle etched in the hilt, flying side-by-side, but at blows at one and another. Affixed to the hilt is an infinite chain that is affixed to something in another world. It moves freely, but does not hang, and fades away link by link. It rarely speaks, but should have a mind of its own. It kills gods. This was a gift from Ariez.
    A good pair of shoes - Capable of transforming into any footwear imaginable, or folding up into bands if you have no feet.
    Palette of paint - That can be applied to things it really shouldn't be able to.
    Shield belt - Metal links, forcefields.
    Illusionary pet
    Mind Reader - Arlem is basically always reading the surface thoughts and feelings of people nearby. If it's in someone's head, he should be able to get to it eventually. Also includes some non-reading psionic powers.
    Miracle Worker - A mix of Faith-based magic and Sufficiently Advanced Technology.
    Shapeshifter - A Shallar can take on any approximately humanoid form, but Arlem can take on any form whatsoever, and shift it with much rapidity.
    The mark of the spider-friend - "by authority of my queen [Al'ic'ark'thk: fifth Throne of Spiderkin], the lady of the spiders of the eternal wood"
    The things were closing in from all around. Monsters of twisted metal and poisoned air. It would be a while before they reached the top of the keep, but it was clear there was no hope of victory. A pair of children cowered in a corner as the lords of the city argued over what to do. Blades were drawn, spells were hurled. Bodies fell. There would be an escape after all. One from which there would be no return.
    Arlem remembers the sun going out, though his older sister tells him that's not what actually happened. The portal just happened to block that part of the sky.
    His father Aran had died in the fighting long ago, his mother Desa just now. But everyone else was there. In the new world they found themselves in, one by one they wandered away. Seven (or five plus two) of them only were still together when the Freedom landed at the Asylum. Outcasts and exiles, from church and hive and dimension. They went their separate ways in little groups, Arlem and his sister Shaneir, Riki and Vaan and Merhin, Erel and Jon. And then the pair split. Arlem had joined HALO, a way to make up for his past failures as a hero, he hoped. His sister followed the call of an all-too-human monster, whose title shall not be put down here.
    Life in HALO was not smooth. Kidnappings, mind control, lies and violence. And a few moments of heroism and actual Good among them. From the time mad plants broke the dome to the time he tried to eat fellow member Kwen to the xenomorphs of Skyside, to the destruction and replacement of the grand library, well-
    Birthday: November 12
    Doesn't turn into the shapes of VIGIL members.
    Often doesn't get along with Myobi, or others with condescending long-term views.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Infernal Vicereine Zizanie
    Race: Hellfire Wyrm
    Age: 619 (Human form appears 17-20?)
    Gender: F
    Class: Bazillionth-level pajama-lounger.
    Power Level: Like... she's up there.

    Zizanie is a mature Hellfire Wyrm, but prefers to take the form of an adorable-looking human girl in pajamas with floofity hair.
    Her natural form is, y'know, a huge hellish dragon thingy.

    Zizanie has potent shapeshifting abilities, which is why she usually appears in her floofity humanoid form instead of the dragon-that-looks-like-explosions form. She has a great deal of magic, as well as significant diabolic and daemoniac connections. She has a spacepocket hidden in her floofy hair.
    In draconic form, of course, she has fire breath and she's really big and can fly and stuff. It's harder to be cute that way, though.

    Spoiler: FFRP Characters

    Spoiler: My Stories And Things

    If you're looking for stuff on my old project Rider: The Transformation, look here.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Alias: Grape Tentacle, Wiggle Wizard
    Gender: For all intents and purposes, male.
    Race/Species: Wiggle Wizard, until I can come up with a proper race name.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Wizardy, Universe Protection
    Power Rating: Iunno.
    Description: A short, tanned male in an almost entirely covering grape purple robe. Said robe covers everything but his hands, and his face. His robe has gold embroidering around the edges, with a set of buttons to close it on the left side of his chest, leading from his neck down to his waist, where the robe remains opened. Underneath, he wears a purple pair of sweatpants, with no shoes. His eyes are a remarkable shade of purple, and his hair is black, cut rather short, coming down to about the middle of his forehead on an inward curve. His robe is completely clean, and looks as though it's brand new.
    Personality: A big joker, generally wisecracking even during stressful situations. He tends to find people he likes and attaches to them in a rather emotionally unhealthy way considering his lifespan versus most people he would meet who are new to him. He can get serious at times, but when Grape gets serious, you should be scared. Very, very scared.
    Equipment: Well.... He has a purple cloak.
    Abilities: Grape is a Tentacle Wizard, and as such has various affinities with tentacled creatures. He's friends with some , octopi can communicate with cuttlefish, can communicate enough with squids to know they're ****ing insane, and happens to be good friends with Cthulhu. Along with his affinities for tentacled beings, he also has various forms of magic.
    To start off with, he has various tentacle based magics, mostly made up by me on the spot, from things like growing tentacle fingers and extra arms, to summoning massive building sized tentacles to fight for him, though obviously kept to a reasonable level. He also has the ability to make anything taste like some incarnation of grapes, be it grape soda, grape wine, grapes, grape juice, anything that came from, or is, grapes. Along with this, he has the most generic of all magics: Generic Color Based Combat Magic. In this case purple. The standard, purple bolt of energy, purple energy beam, purple AOE, purple wall of energy, that sort of thing. Also use said purple magic to help with movement, along with rather inhuman jump height, and above average strength in his normal limbs. Along with this list is telepathy, though easily blocked with any training, and very minor serendipity.
    Backstory: Grape is a wiggle wizard, a group of elite and highly powerful wizards assigned to a universe to act as a safeguard, to keep all the supernatural things from screwing with normal things too much. Wiggle Wizards are sent out in teams of five, his consisting of Himself, the Tentacle Wizard grape flavoured(obviously) and purple coloured, Rainbow Flavour AKA Skit, the Rainbow Priest many flavoured and rainbow coloured(obviously), Bumpy Peacekeeper, AKA Mike, the Musical Mage cherry flavoured red coloured, The Wizard AKA Nerd, Pixel painter Mint Flavoured Grey coloured, and the fifth wizard was Tree Hugger AKA Mica, Symbiotic Thaumaturge Lime Flavoured Green Coloured.
    So, the Wiggle Wizard team set out to protect a universe. Specifically, ours. The one we currently exist in. And, so they did. And so they got really bored. Even with their time advantage on humans and all other life forms in the universe, they still weren’t able to get any good entertainment. ‘cept for books. Buuut, Grape was getting really, really bored. For about six years after they arrived in human time, the Wiggle Wizards did nothing. Nothing was needed. Until some demon worshippers managed to summon an actual greater demon. Grape was obviously overjoyed at the chance of a fight, while everyone else was freaking out that there was not only a greater demon now that they had to fight, but also there was the question of how did the humans manage to summon a greater demon anyway? Humans were generally magically inept, or else barely powerful in any meaningful sense. However, the didn’t have much time to think on that, because it was time to ship off and fight the demon.
    Everything started off well. They arrived, the demon hadn’t gone far. It had eaten all the witnesses. The wizards were deflecting everything the demon could throw at them. Until Grape, who had been running defence with, got cocky and decided that he could totally fight the demon and defend the others. Needless to say, it didn’t end well. Mica was hit by a large rock by the demon, severing her spine at the waist. The Wizards managed to fight the demon off, but Mica was unconscious, and by the time they returned and she had woken up it was far too late for her to heal her spine. However, she was out for quite a while, several days by Wizard’s time. Grape did not leave her bedside, nor sleep until she woke up, upon which time he crashed and didn’t wake up for several days.
    But, now, unfortunately, they had to run a four man max team for missions on earth, and have a stay at home medic. It actually worked pretty well. They got her a wheelchair, installed a ramp so she could get up to her room, it was all good. That is, until a time around when rome started eyeing Europe. The wizards were on a mission, and returned to find their base completely wrecked. Claw marks on the walls, the doors, the floor, the stairs were practically completely destroyed. The maintenance was utterly screwed, and worst of all, there were trampled plants everywhere. Needless to say, all of the wizards scrambled up anything they could to get upstairs.
    However, they arrived too late. A shadowy figure was holding Mica by the throat, and she had various cuts on her body already, all oozing a black pus like thick liquid. As the four wizards arrived, the shadowy figure disappeared into the darkness of the hallway, gone entirely. They did everything they could for Mica, even slowed down the passage of time to hundreds of years in the wizard’s sanctum to an earth second just in case it would help. However, she died Eighteen hours later. The entire team was, to put it gently, in pieces. Grape locked himself in his room, Mike just seemed dead inside, Skit was snapping at everybody, and Nerd just had no energy. After a while, the feeling faded. They almost tried to pretend they never had a fifth, that there were always four wizards. The carefully removed Mica from all their group pictures, and placed the removed pieces in a lockbox and carefully hid it. They functioned quite well. Mostly.
    See, Grape had huge issues mentally after that point, basically feeling like he had just killed Mica, as he had gone off and tried to kill the greater demon when he should have been protecting, and screwed that up. So he held himself directly responsible. Thankfully, as time went on, more and more distractions began to appear. They quickly adopted video games, and built a game room. They created various snack machines to permanently create snacks and delicious beverages for their consumption. This went on for several thousand years, everything was hunky dory, when Grape and the other wizards got a message from the oldest living Wiggle Wizard at Sixty five hundred trillion years old, who was soon to die of old age. He invited them to visit him before he died, but unfortunately died before they could all get there. Grape, however, wanted to see the universe that the oldest and Wisest Wiggle Wizard and said wizard’s team had helped to sculpt, and so he got some help from his good friend Cthulhu to let him jump over to the old Wizard’s world. However, along the way, Cthulhu had to go deal with some issues with the Abyssal fish man on the tenth floor, and his downstairs Shoggoth neighbor(something about music and eating children), and had to leave halfway through, resulting in the good Grape being dumped in the Nexus, with no way home or to his destination.
    Miscellaneous: Good friends with Cthulhu. Oh, did I mention his favorite color is purple?
    Prepare for so much crass humor, they had to build a KEEP to hold it all in.

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    Default Recaiden Child Directory

    Children here can all be assumed to have
    Alignment: True Neutral/Colorless
    Class/Profession: None
    Power Rating: E- / 1

    Atorre's Children

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human++, winged
    Age: From July 2015
    Description: Black-skinned human toddler, curly black hair, bat-like wings, green eyes, no visible gem. Off-white swaddling.
    Personality: Melancholic. Excitable.
    Abilities: Walking!
    Backstory: Son of Plum and Seren. Left on Nick's doorstep, then given to GLoG.

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human+, winged
    Age: From June 2013
    Description: Light brown-skinned human toddler, short brown hair, bat-like wings, green eyes, an orange gem in the center of her forehead. Blue footie pyjamas.
    Personality: Curious. Excitable.
    Abilities: Walking! Saying individual words! Eventually she should learn to fly.
    Backstory: Left in Riverside by Atorre, to be retrieved by Okami's pack as part of a social experiment. Humans grow up faster than the other races, so they're best suited to these things.
    Daughter of Marcie and Tavlii.
    Can not easily be found.

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 9
    Description: A gangly, narrow boy.
    Personality: The circumstances of his youth left Alex brain-damaged, with monomaniacal tunnel vision.
    Backstory: Child of Kai and Derek, Alex was at the time Atorre's most ambitious experiment in extending the link. It was informative, but an almost total failure. He is well cared-for on the island.


    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Shallar
    Age: From some time before June 7, 2016
    Description: A snow-white vulpan kit.
    Personality: Dedicated and loyal, eager to prove himself.
    Abilities: Although not old enough to shapeshift like his father, he does have a psionic empathic sense.
    Backstory: Child of Arlem and Felina, he's a pureblood Shallar rather than a hybrid like Shaneir thanks to the medipotions provided by the lich Michaud.
    Miscellaneous: Pledge, Pledge, Pledge.


    The four children of Keiko and Cleo, from Keiko using Michaud's spell the night after the storm god was banished.
    Age: From January 2017
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Shadow Dragon
    Description: Shiny eastern-style dragons with glossy scales. They have fringes, whiskers, slightly mobile ears, and fins, often more colorful than the scales on their body and legs.

    Ayako looks quite like her mother, with black scales, fringes fading through dark purple, lavender, and lilac to silvery white, and piercing red eyes.
    Traits: Bold and snappy.

    Miyako looks quite like her mother, with black scales, fringes fading through dark purple, lavender, and lilac to silvery white, and piercing red eyes.
    Traits: Melancholy and nervous.

    Kronoa has scales of mottled red, black, pink, and purple. Her fringes, whiskers, ears, and fins are a riot of different colors. Her eyes are distant and faintly glowing grey.
    Traits: Quiet, Calm

    Hanako takes after her father, pink all over like the light of late dawn. Her fringes, whiskers, ears, and fins are all the same pink-gold. Her eyes are intense and brightly glowing green.
    Traits: Curious, playful, encouraging.
    Miscellaneous: Gets along with Hunter's fox.
    Color: Peru

    Amyria Mein

    Gender: Neuter
    Race/Species: Post-shallar
    Age: Young
    Alignment: Green and Blue and White / Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Politician
    Power Rating: C
    Description: A swarm of scores, maybe hundreds of tiny flying dragon-reptiles, each weighing about half a kilogram, which have zero to six legs. Silver in color. They may form together into approximations of humanoid creatures. Specifically, an androgynous, silvery-skinned human with pointy frilled ears and slightly large eyes. Teeth are a single ridged piece, and they stand well over six feet tall.
    Personality: Pragmatic, teasing, greedy.
    Equipment: One bright light embroidered outfit bought with money for participating in an experiment. Mayor's sash.
    Abilities: Transformations, flexible anatomy, generating lightning bolts, flying, mind reading and other psionic powers.
    "the ability of being able to identify and interpret magical auras! No mystic bauble will go unidentified with this guy around!"
    Backstory: Came into the Nexus following Arlem's call to his family. Quite scornful of their primitive ancestor, they attempted to steal him away, and ended up speaking with Inari's messengers. Asked around, came to Riverside, began political campaigning. Became mayor, argued for the district t stay independent. Investigated demons, lost to Jezebel. Died in the demon invasion.
    Miscellaneous: Not allowed to join the temple of Inari.
    Can be found in the Eastside Town Hall.
    Spoiler: Modules

    Alpha modules are like Aki, Mei in miniature. Tiny dragons with 4 legs, long sail wings running down the tail, and little horns. Alphas are generic and highly expendable.
    Limb - Forming the interacting parts of a humaniform colonies.
    Padding - Filling in the flesh and bone, armoring the more important pieces.

    Beta modules have no legs or horns. Flying serpents, they're found only in large colonies. Betas have high psychoactivity and are low in mass. Structural elements that are reticent to split up and soothe other modules into cooperation.
    Psionic Amplifier - Lets the colony manifest psychic powers outside their immediate area.
    Wyvern Locomotion Core (no practical application)
    Humanoid Locomotion Core
    Quadruped Locomotion Core (no practical application)
    Morality Nullifier

    Gamma modules are like wyverns. Two back legs, and shorter necks than normal.
    Pattern Command (One active, one backup)
    Central Consciousness (set of ~5)
    Sub Consciousness (set of ~3)
    Universal Grammar Decoder
    Universal Grammar Synthesizer
    Spatial Awareness Core

    Delta modules have no wings and no horns.
    Wild Prince Appearance Modifier - Developed based on Jacakalope.

    Tao Mein

    Gender: Homme
    Race/Species: Posshallar
    Age: 1
    Alignment: Black and White / Neutral
    Class/Profession: Murder-hobo
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Quite small and scrawny. A pale-skinned, gold-haired humanoid with pointy ears and set of antlers on his head. Teeth are a single ridged piece. Wearing a brass-buttoned red jacket, black leather boots, loose pants with tons of pockets, a white glove on his right hand only, and a pointy steel headdress. He's holding a gun, with more guns and a magic wand on his belt. On his back is a white leather pack stuffed with gear.
    Able to split into scores of tiny silver dragons.
    Personality: Tao is a nervous guy who has no idea what's going on. He would really like things to just stop happening to him for a while. But in his previous life he was a fearless warrior, explorer, and statesman, and occasionally that comes through.
    Dried Meat
    Misc. Coins: mostly silver, a little gold and copper
    Powder Horn
    2x Fine Duelling Pistols
    Many bullets
    Bronze wand with a hand on each end, one clenched in a fist-fear, the other holding its fingers open and apart-sleep.
    2x Healing Potion apples
    The steel cube, if the wards are pressed in the right order, will grow into a steel castle. If they aren't pressed in the right order, the cube explodes.
    A small wheel of cheese, a bottle of wine with a Cyrillic label, a bag of jerky
    A collection of spoons
    A polished rock with a fossilised fish skeleton
    A bone twenty-sided dice that can only roll a 1 or a 20
    An indestructible glass bottle
    Toy car commemorating a certain delta module.
    Robot Plasma rifle
    D20 Ring - Gold with silver leaves and a garnet setting that makes the arm invisible.

    Abilities: Lightning bolts
    "the ability of being able to identify and interpret magical auras! No mystic bauble will go unidentified with this guy around!"
    Backstory: When Amyria was killed, the remaining modules scattered around and outside the city. Over time, they regrew to a critical (and sufficiently specialized) mass. Tao contains about 12% of the original.
    Module Count: 126 As of Prophet
    Module composition:
    • 82+x Alpha
    • 10x Tracer Delta
    • 1x Humanoid Locomotion Core Beta
    • 15x Soother Beta
    • 1x Pattern Command Gamma
    • 5x Central Consciousness Gamma
    • 3x Sub Consciousness Gamma
    • 1x Universal Grammar Decoder Gamma
    • 1x Universal Grammar Synthesizer Gamma
    • 1x Spatial Awareness Core Gamma
    • 1x Wild Prince Appearance Modifier Delta
    • 5x Magical Analyzers Delta
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Ellanday the Last
    Age: 39
    Power: lvl 10
    Race: human
    Affiliation: Mercenary, former soldier

    Ellanday, the Last called by many, served in the Deagan armies against the country of Ramite, and later fought in the Deagan civil war. A scarred 39 year old soldier turned mercenary, he stands at 6 '4 and weighs at around 200 pounds. He almost always wears his hardy set of steel plate along with the claymore restig on his back. Durimg the Deagan civil war he was nicknamed the Last by soldiers who served under him, they said that he was the last honorable commander left during the civil war. Once the war ended he turned to mercenary work, and travels the land with his battlehorse in search of adventure. He is most comfortable with a two handed sword in combat, but has some skill with a spear, and is deadly in unarmed combat.

    Personality: a sarcastic man leaving his prime, he will generally protect and help those in need, but his time in the war has also left him with a temper that could be fatal for those near him when he blows. He has a soft spot for orphans and crippled soldiers, but generally hates politicians. Once befriended he is fiercely loyal, and will do anything he can to help his friends. He isnt afraid to kill, but wont kill for enjoyment.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Miria Sophie Armstrong
    "Knowledge is power, truly. Arcane and Alchemic Knowledge, especially. It's my job to see it used for good."

    Aliases: RimeFire Alchemist
    Race: Human (Amestrian)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Alignment: Good
    Power Level: C

    Avatar by Gulaghar, thanks so much!

    "Are we living a life that is safe from harm? Of course not, we never are. But that's not the right question. The question is: are we living a life that is worth the harm?"
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    Spoiler: Quotes from Friends <3
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Mechanus son of Hephaestus

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Demigod (Greek)
    Age: 34
    Alignment: (to be determined)
    Class/Profession: Artificer/Engineer/Blacksmith/Mechanic
    Power Rating: C- (he is not combat oriented, however he is a demigod and can swing a hammer when it's necessary)
    Description: A large man with reddish brown hair that is kept short but is cut haphazardly, his beard and mustache are kept in a similar manner. (more on appearance later)
    Personality: (to be determined)
    Equipment: Magnifying Goggles: with adjustable magnification. Control Bracers: a pair of golden bracers with numerous magical crystals embedded in them that allow Mechanus to control his swarm of mechanical spiders and flies. Mechanical Spider and Fly Swarm: a large number of small mechanical spiders and flies that obey his commands given through the bracers, the spiders are approximately 6" in diameter and can climb vertical surfaces, the flies are approximately 2 inches in diameter, both have golden colored alloy chassis and have numerous small magical crystals embedded in them.
    Abilities: Mechanus is a master craftsman and can create magical items of superb quality, he is also immensely stronger than most humans due to his divine heritage, and is able to completely ignore heat up to 1000 degrees centigrade and can handle up to 2000 degrees for short periods of time. He is however completely untrained in combat and has no experience fighting, preferring to send automatons to fight in his stead. He also has a weak left leg and cannot sprint well.
    Backstory: He is the son of Hephaestus and the daughter of Daedalus, and spent 10 years apprenticing under Daedalus before he took up his own workshop and forge. He was working in his workshop one day when he found himself suddenly in an altogether different world, Nexus.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Faceless J

    Varies: Jax, Jericho, Juri, Just Cause

    Alias: Known by its personas. Currently: Jax, Jericho, Juri, and Just Cause
    Gender: Unknown. Adopts the gender (and appearance) of the currently dominant persona.
    Race/Species: Unknown. Adopts the appearance and racial characteristics of the currently dominant persona.
    Age: Unknown. Very old, certainly. Jax (the oldest existing persona) has been present for 200 years, and he was certainly not the first.
    Alignment: Unknown. Each persona has their own alignment. When J itself makes its will known at all, it's generally benevolent.
    Class/Profession: Explorer. About the only thing about J that is known.
    Power Rating: Depends on active persona. Usually C+/B-. Treated as a whole, could be considered A- due to available pool of skills and powers.
    Description: Unknown. There is no record of J ever being seen in its natural state, only the forms it adopts as different personas take control.
    Personality: Unknown. Personas may mention "The Will of J", a subtle instinct shared between them all. Assumed to be the influence of the actual entity, The Will of J is described as being curious and empathetic, with a driving need to keep moving and exploring that grows stronger the longer it stays in one place.
    Equipment: Each persona has its own equipment that appears and disappears along with their body.
    Abilities: Able to generate personas, complete identities with their own appearance, perspective, skill set, and equipment. Each persona is aware of all other active personas, and they frequently converse in a virtual environment. When a persona dies, J does not. However, the persona is lost upon death. It is capable of interdimensional teleportation and possibly even time travel, but these abilities are not directly accessible by its personas. The closest they can manage are random hops which usually place them near interesting events, with no way of getting back to where they came from. Currently, the assembled personas favor the teleportation magic employed by Jax for transportation, which is limited but far more reliable.
    Backstory: Very little about the entity obliquely referred to as Faceless J is known, even to the personas that inhabit it. Supposedly it's quite ancient, as a now deceased persona claimed to be over a thousand years old, though the oldest persona currently active is barely over 200. It's purposes are unknown and its direction is largely determined by its personas. The personas seem to be composite identities pulling aspects from several people it has recently encountered and each one seems to be tailored to serve some need.
    Miscellaneous: Faceless J, as an entity, is pretty much a non-entity. People acquainted with it are usually familiar with a persona or two and never see the larger picture. As for the personas themselves, they aren't adverse to Faceless J's existence being revealed to trusted individuals, though they find it far too difficult to explain and prefer the simpler tactic of pretending to be distinct people. It is worth noting that all personas belonging to Faceless J use names beginning with the letter J, or at least a rough analog when using names using different alphabets.

    Spoiler: Jax

    Name: Jax
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human (Caucasian)
    Age: 214 (appears 36)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good - Happy to help in most causes, but resists too much regulation.
    Class/Profession: Magus - Arcane Scientist: decent fighter, excellent offensive spell caster.
    Power Rating: B- - Wide variety of collected spells and artifacts allow immense versatility.
    Description: Dressed in an anachronistic mashup of clothing drawn from various cultures, preferring long tailed coats to robes. Favors purples, blues, and golds in his clothing. Keeps his brown hair and beard short, more for reasons of practicality than for style.
    Personality: Jax is a consummate scholar. He has a magpie's fascination with everything and a tendency to talk about his observations whether or not people are listening or are even around. He has a sharp deductive mind and can quickly come to a number of largely accurate conclusions based on simple observation. He has a talent for improvising that takes good advantage of his diverse collection of spells and artifacts.
    Equipment: Besides his rapier, Jax boasts a collection of little magical items and artifacts he's collected throughout his travels. These can range from the Ruby Wings, a cloak that can turn into insect wings that allow him to fly, to the Wind Star, a gem that glows in the presence of fate at play.
    Abilities: Jax is a skilled battlemage and swordsman with a detective's eye and a scientist's mind, as well as armed with his artifacts.
    Backstory: The oldest surviving persona belonging to Faceless J, Jax is more or less the de facto leader of the group. He's already had a fairly long life of adventuring already, giving him a good bit of confidence and the skills and experience to back it up. As the oldest, he remembers more of the personas that have died, including a few of significant importance to him.
    Miscellaneous: Jax was born of a desire by Faceless J to understand the world around it. To that end, Jax is by far the most analytical and curious of the surviving personas.

    Spoiler: Jericho

    Name: Jericho
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Argonian (reptilian humanoid from the Elder Scrolls franchise)
    Age: 91 (appears roughly 25)
    Alignment: Lawful Good - Disciplined, prone to meditation, and inclined to fight dragons for the safety of complete strangers.
    Class/Profession: Dragon Slayer/Dragoon
    Power Rating: C+ (B when fighting dragons of any type) - A skilled fighter with a very solid edge against his favored prey.
    Description: A black scaled argonian in dragonscale armor.
    Personality: By far the wisest of the existing personas, Jericho has the sort of demeanor you'd expect from someone who can spend months meditating on the purest meaning of a single word. He is patient, gracious, and slow to anger, and even when he does get angry he displays it in a careful, thought out manner.
    Equipment: Jericho does not have much to his name, beyond a suit of dragon scale armor he crafted himself, a greatsword, and a spear. None of these are magical in nature, but have been crafted and maintained with meticulous dedication, making them extremely powerful for their mundane origins.
    Abilities: Jericho has no talent for magic, but his mastery of Thu'um (a draconic mystic art that blurs the line between words and reality) is unrivaled. Spending must of his free time meditating on words and their meaning and the bond those words and their meaning have with reality has given him a flexible command of shouting that rivals his original teachers, the Gray Beards. Thu'um resembles magic, but operates on a much more primal level and still holds power even in worlds where magic doesn't exist.
    Backstory: Born during a visit to Skyrim, Jericho traveled to High Hrothgar and studied the Thu'um with the Gray Beards for almost two decades, holding dominance the entire time against the growing protests of his peers and possibly Faceless J itself - an astounding display of sheer force of will. Although dragons were not active at that time, Jericho is fascinated by them and has taken every opportunity to study both them and techniques to combat them. (Including studying with the dragoons of Final Fantasy, apparently.)
    Miscellaneous: Jericho was borne by Faceless J's fascination with the Dragonborn mythos, as none of the personas of that time (including Jax) possessed the temperment needed to master the art of the Thu'um.

    Spoiler: Juri

    Name: Juri
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human (Gypsy)
    Age: 33 (Appears 20)
    Alignment: True Neutral - She holds to her word and is loyal to her friends, but doesn't much care what she has to do in their name.
    Class/Profession: Shadow Dancer - Equal parts gypsy dancer, thief, spy, manipulator, and assassin.
    Power Rating: C - Decent at best in a straight up fight. Absolutely deadly when stealth or persuasion come into play.
    Description: An attractive young woman dressed in black.
    Personality: Always friendly and engaging, Juri maintains a strict level of professionalism that is (deeply) buried under a guise of gentle playfulness. She is a very hard person not to like, though a particularly good judge of character may notice she hides a lot under a seemingly open smile. Honestly she really is a sweet and friendly girl with a wicked sense of humor and an easy laugh, but also a very specific set of skills and talents perfect for resolving problems that she will employ without reservation to protect herself and those in her care.
    Equipment: None - Is able to construct weaponry and clothing out of conjured shadow, and prefers such equipment over anything physical.
    Abilities: Possesses an innate magical talent for conjuring and manipulating shadow. Can manufacture clothing for herself out of shadow in whatever style she likes (often dresses), clothing that is comfortable and flexible yet provides surprising protection from trauma. Fights using ribbons of shadow move to her will, and is capable of moving extremely quickly and quietly (borderline teleportation) through shadowed terrain.
    Backstory: When a visit to a world rife with political intrigue became more than Faceless J's personas could handle, Juri was born. She thinks what the others don't think of, walks where the others would dare not go, and does what the others wouldn't dream of.
    Miscellaneous: Not all problems can be solved by the very smart and the very strong. Juri solves these problems by being clever, charming, and (when necessary) absolutely ruthless.

    Spoiler: Just Cause

    Name: Just Cause or "JC"
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Troll (Shadowrun)
    Age: 13 (appears 40)
    Alignment: True Neutral - Does not consider the ramifications of his actions, he does things because they make sense to him, not by any moral code.
    Class/Profession: Mechanic, Pilot, Rigger
    Power Rating: C+ (varies based on available resources) - Just Cause can create a weapon out of virtually anything, and if he can figure out how to rig it for remote operation, he can outgun an armada.
    Description: A massive guy with broad shoulders, reddish skin and bull like horns, Just Cause prefers to wear a blue and white uniform with lots of pockets for odds and ends. He has cybernetic upgrades replacing his right arm, eye, and the entirety of his nervous system. People from more primitive cultures often mistake him for a demon, which he feels is unfair but understandable.
    Personality: Sometimes the very, very smart are also really, really dumb. This is Just Cause to a T. Despite a savant's mastery of technology and invention, Just Cause barely has a child's grasp of concepts such as empathy or consequences. He just doesn't think along those terms. His intelligence can also be easy to miss, as it is purely instinctual rather than academic. He can build a walking war mech in his sleep, and it will serve you well - as long as you don't mind him using complex technical terms such as "this blue thing here" and "that whirly, glowy, humming doodad over there".
    Equipment: Besides his cyberware and clothing, Just Cause carries a shotgun with enough mass and enough kick that only something as big as a troll can handle it properly. The shotgun, which he refers to as "Last Resort", has two modes, shot and slug, and is quite powerful despite its short range. Finally, he builds and maintains a collection of remote operated weapons platforms, of which he can employ several at a given time.
    Abilities: Besides his natural size and strength, Just Cause has an innate gift for robotics and weapons design, allowing him to field a small army of remote-operated mobile weapons platforms. His talents (though not necessarily his passion) extend to most varieties of technology and he's a competent "decker" (an advanced form of computer hacker). Without machinery (or the resources to build machinery), however, he's pretty harmless.
    Backstory: Given that none of the other personas currently active within Faceless J are technologically savvy, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Just Cause was born. He provides the muscle and technological support that no other persona is able to.
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    Lieutenant Cielle of Teppelin
    I'll show you just how tough a butterfly really is!

    Alias: Cielle (her preferred one)
    Species: Spiral Power-infused Painted Butterfly Beastman
    Gender: Female
    age: unknown
    Alignment: Questionable Neutral (she's struggling to figure it out)
    Power Level: C, but if she ever gets in a mech it's a B. A Spiral Powered mech? A. possibly even S under the right circumstances. Spiral Energy is tricky.

    Clad in a bright, vivid purple cropped jacket, its collar a brilliant canary yellow, with a neon orange cropped tank top worn underneath, Cielle is hard to miss. Her blue pants rival the clear sky in shade, with umbral combat boots rivalling coal. Upon her neck adorns a lime scarf. Due to the design, the scarf is tied to leave little tailing downwards and a semicircle-shaped red eye lies on either side of the knot, creating a butterfly wing-like appearance.
    Cielle herself is a pale, frail-looking ndividual. Her left eye is kaleidoscopic in color, and her hair (shown here on the right side character) is ebony black. Her right eye is covered by the white bandages that encircle her head diagonally over it.

    Personality: Cielle is a ruthless combatant with little mercy, but she has a fragment of belief in honorable fighting. She will do anything to win when fighting, but she refuses to ambush an enemy in a sneak attack before the battle or fight an enemy not prepared themselves.
    Cielle is a bit shy and antisocial, and may to some give an impression of bored discontent out of combat. She is not aloof, however, with a keen ear and eye. Cielle has trust issues as well, which doesn't help her antisocial issue.


    Just a combat knife and 9mm pistol, currently.


    Spiral Power
    Due to genetical shenanigans, Cielle possesses the ability to absorb Spiral Energy and use it for herself.

    Cielle excels at piloting vehicles, especially mechs. She also is a good mechanic.

    In combat, Cielle is quite good at using a knife, and has considerable skill with a pistol

    Beastman Physiology
    Cielle only consumes nectar and other sources of food butterflies drink. She also has a fragile body in comparison to other beings.
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    Seyren Crudelis

    Name/Alias: Seyren

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 22

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Class/Profession: Dark Jedi; Prospective Sith

    Power Rating: C+


    A cascading head of red and white hair, with empty and apathetic looking red eyes. He's lithe, and his gait is sturdy. He wears a generic, formfitting outfit implanted with cortosis and phrik threads woven throughout the fabric. This makes his clothes rather deceptively heavy.

    There are two very distinct sides to Seyren's personality. Normally he's your average cynical ******* to anyone he believes to be on his level or under him. The guy isn't quick to trust anyone or anything. Overall he's decently unsympathetic to other people's issues, but not at all lacking in passion. He is rather passionate in thinking his problems, wants and needs are much higher in priority then those of anyone else. Oftentimes, Seyren does snap. During these times, he goes into a near hysteric rage without much regard to his own well being.

    >Vigilance: Seyren carries a crimson lightsaber with a hilt twice the normal length. The saber contains a Lorridian Gemstone used to focus the blade. He'd built the blade himself while training under his former master. He's taken a liking to naming it "Vigilance".

    >Clothes: His clothes being lined by cortosis and interwoven with phrik evenly distributed, Seyren brings some heavy resistance to lightsabers and many other sources of damage to the table. He's also incredibly heavy while wearing this.

    >Force Abilities: Seyren's force potential is even and reliable. Nearly all his honed abilities revolve around defense. He's practiced under the tutelage of Darth Vectivus to build upon his existing defensive nature. He can manipulate the Force to form an intangible and invisible, protective kinetic barrier to deflect a variety of attacks. This projects his awareness equally throughout his surroundings a few feet, and with his usage of the force, he can deflect many attacks at once from any direction within said awareness. This ability also makes melee combat easier for Seyren when using his lightsaber.

    >Swordsmanship: The young man's true strengths lie in both his durability and ferocity in close combat, as reputed by his former master. Normally, his tactics involve fighting on total defense, until his opponent's techniques and general combat style is learned. Afterwards, his combat-style flips as he relentlessly attacks while exploiting all the weaknesses learned prior to going berserk.

    >Mental Conditioning: The young apprentice has undergone remedial mental training as would be expected at his level. Not amazing, but much higher than normal people.

    Seyren was born and grew up an orphan on a large iron asteroid called "The Home" in a star system designated MZX32905, near Bimmiel. He'd had several strange events occur in his life that resulted in him discovering his force-sensitivity. Others had noticed and after an incident with the local mining company authorities, he attracted the attention of their administrator. Said administrator turned out to be a Sith. Seyren was psuedo-adopted and taken in as an apprentice once the director sought out the Sith and became Darth Vectivus. Unhappy with his progress, Seyren decided to leave the system to seek another master against Darth Vectivus's wishes. Seyren snuck onto a freighter to leave the system, when unfortunately it was attacked and exploded into shrapnel. As luck would have it, a spacial anomaly warped around him right before the compartment in which he was hiding was immolated and he was dropped into the nexus.
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    Asakura Hibiki
    Age: Hundreds, but looks in her 20s.
    Race: Tanuki
    Gender: F
    Alig: TN


    A creature of mild, sedentary hedonism. Her huge floofity coat is matched by a huge floofity tail. Pajama pants, sweaters, and slippers keep her in a near-constant state of pleasant warmth. She's not too tall and her figure is surprisingly slim beneath the floofy clothes.

    Abilities: She has considerable illusion magic, and is capable of summoning objects---most often, cushions, a table, hot beverages, and a Go board. She's pretty good at Go.

    Personality: Asakura Hibiki's facade of the sweater-clad and lazy hedonist hides a devious and calculating mind. Possibly. She may just be a lady who likes to lay around all the time. At least outwardly, she is easygoing to the point of laziness. She doesn't hate kitsune, but she's very traditional about them---tanuki feud with kitsune, that's how you do things. As natural as rainfall, except with more... feuding.

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    Some may never live, but the crazy never die. - Hunter S. Thompson

    Name/Alias: Needs, NFB, Cat, Investigator, Ty'looth Jurthelg'magt Kurthlermark
    Gender: Male
    Race: Wizard
    Age: Strange Eons
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Wizard, Necromancer, Warden of the Unseen Stars, Pokemon Master, Herald of Galactus

    Power Rating: S

    Spoiler: Needs in Cat Form and MagClone Form

    Needs was a MagClone once. A very disturbed sort of MagClone, who went about in a filthy orange robe. Now he's a Purrloin. It's a kind of purple cat pokemon; you could look it up on bulbapedia or whatever, if you wanted to.

    Personality: Underneath the word salad and raging storms of madness, Needs is still very much a Magtok. He's bothered by canines, has something of an ego, and can't stand hanging around elves. However, you'd never know any of this from interacting with Needs, as he rarely expresses any sort of rational thought or personality. It's a struggle just to tell someone to duck in time for that spinning sawblade trap to miss; getting his feelings and concerns across is outright impossible. Consequently, when not enthusiastically shouting some irrelevant references to Cold War era propaganda cartoons he comes off as somewhat reserved.

    Equipment: Needs wears a collar, and owns a squeaky mouse toy that makes funny noises when held in his mouth. He could wipe out an entire army with either of these things, if he were so inclined.

    Abilities: Needs knows everything there is to know about magic. DnD wizardry? He's got it. Lovecraftian magicks? He mastered that years ago. My Little Pony-style spellcasting? You'd better believe he's got that covered. He can summon dragons, giant centipedes, your childhood memories of summers long forgotten, and an entire White Castle franchise with three-headed mutants behind the register, all without breaking a sweat. He has Y'Golonac on speed-dial, knows where the Vatican's greatest secrets are buried, and can recite the Necronomicon in its entirety from cover to cover. His only flaw, of course, is that he can barely control any of this. Sixty foot long angler fish have been known to erupt from the ground in his presence, oak trees wilt and scream in agony as he walks by, and an attempt to wave hello to a friend could result in a thousand tentacles bursting forth from his abdomen to usher in a new age of madness and insanity upon an unsuspecting world.

    Backstory: Magtok needed a clone who could be called upon in any sort of magical incident to lend their expertise and knowledge to the situation. The Magtok who'd come to be known as Needs volunteered to be this clone. As you probably could tell, he delved too deep, and went horribly insane as a result. A few years later, he died defending the MagCave from hostile invaders. Not about to let that stop him, he invaded the soul of his familiar (a cat he captured shortly before the invasion), assumed direct control of that purple cat, and has been a talking Purrloin ever since.
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    Name/Alias: Trucido Amare/Darth Calamity/Atrocity

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human/Cyborg

    Age: Unknown

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Class/Profession: Sith Master, Holder of the Object of Number

    Power Rating: B+


    Spoiler: Atrocity:

    More to come.
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    Captain Lucero Porfurio

    Gender: Male.

    Race: Human, Spaniard to be exact.

    Age: 32.

    Alignment: Lawful Evil.

    Class/Profession: Conquistador, Captain of the Explorador Grandioso.

    Power Rating: C+.

    Description: He stands tall, his body bulky and large, especially when clad in the steel breastplate he's known to wear into battle. He's not particular tall, but quite dense and muscular, giving him a rather unusually intimidating figure. A black beard, reaching down to his chest covers his lips, and his thick eyebrows seem to give him the look of one ever grimacing. His cheekbones are low, and widely spread, like most of his face. Atop that, a bulky nose reaches out. He's not a particularly handsome man, no, but nor is he unattractive, in a way.

    Personality: Lucero is a very religious man, believing God had gifted him the powers of pyromancy he now possesses. The man isn't greedy by nature, simply believing the work he does to be for a greater cause, and like most people, his desire to be meaningful seems to put him down a dark path. He does not flinch from battle, and shows no mercy against those he considers heathens. However, he does have a softer side, and rather enjoys running things. He means to retire some day.

    Equipment: The conquistador is not particularly powerful equipment wise, for all he carries would be his breastplate. A few pistols line his belt, and a musket hangs over his back. Most of these weapons are completely useless after one shot in combat due to the long amount of time it takes to reload. For this reason, he carries a two-handed saber, much like a cutlass with a cruelly serrated edge. He has named this sword, "Brutality".

    Abilities: While not a superpowered character, he does possess some strange powers revolving around an odd sort of fire. In reality, these powers were the side-effect of being hurtled through space and time, however he believes them to be a gift from God. The control of fire gives him a smite-like ability, coating his weapon in a painful fire.

    Spoiler: Picture:
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name/Alias: Alik'wan'kenobi

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 25

    Alignment: CN

    Class/Profession: Former jedi padawan, and thief.

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: He has dark red hair, piercing blue eyes, and a lean build. Alik carries himself with an imperious stance and always seems sure of himself, All of this despite his scraggly appearance. Alik seems to never cut his hair and it lies at his shoulders, none-the-less he is charismatic and handsome.

    Personality: Alik is passionate and caring person with little care for the dangers of the darkside. He was once forced to go through the riggers of jedi training, but he time and time again proved his distaste for authority and power figures. He is neither passive nor bombastic, but still retaining a temper and passive aggressive tendencies, he can hold a grudge, but he usually just takes it out on those that spite him right away, rather then later. In most casses he is energetic and couragous, despite his use of the darkside.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Hope this is where this is supposed to go.... If not, I'm sorry! >.<

    Azcatl Kuilotikixiuitl

    Alias: Asar
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Strix
    Age: 16 years old [24 in human years]
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: ~165lbs
    Wingspan: ~13ft
    Orientation: Homosexual
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Fighter/Rogue (no current profession)
    Description: Like all Strix, Asar's skin is jet-black and his wide eyes are pale yellow and glimmer in the light. Though he is clearly humanoid, his eyes are fixed in his head and thus he must turn his entire head to look around; his nostrils are slitted and his ears are pointed with thin, fine feathers. His fingers end in almost talon-like fingernails, as to his long toes. His hair is a dark grey. His wings span roughly thirteen feet and the feathers are a sleek black with hints of blue, purple, and green iridescence. Even among Strix, he seems lithe and lanky for a warrior.

    Asar's coal-colored leather armor helps him to blend into the dark - he's very careful about the colors he wears for this reason. His armor is also adorned with various bones and feathers of his ancestors, charms to keep him safe and give him luck. Strix are a matriarchal, ancestor-worshiping race and this is honoring their spirits by not letting them go to waste.
    Personality: Asar tends to be quiet at first, wary of how others might react to him. He prefers to wait and feel out the situation. He keeps others at bay to protect himself, but he is fiercely loyal when trust is earned. He has a strong moral code and will defend loved ones to the death if need be.

    (Will add more later~)

    Equipment: Viridium guisarme and a blood crystal scythe; he wears light black leather armor and no shoes. Feathers and bones of his ancestors decorate his armor, standard equipment
    Abilities: Flight, night vision, stealth
    Backstory: To Come Later
    Miscellaneous: He suffers from claustrophobia; his left ear is pieced thrice with a silver chain and bone earring

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Rabbit Vasque
    Alias: Destroyer of Faith (formerly), Mother of the Apocalypse (formerly)
    Gender: female
    Race/Species: Human (partially undead)
    Age: 28
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class/Profession: Necromancer. Part time Hatter.
    Power Rating: D-
    Description: Short (5'1") and curvy in stature (almost chubby, even). Bright emerald eyes, sometimes hidden behind small oval glasses. Auburn hair (leaning more towards chestnut brown with a hint of red), cut in a typical Zooey Deschanel style, falls just past her shoulder blades. Pale skin - the kind that has actively avoided sunlight for years. Typically dressed in menswear - a long tailed tuxedo coat, white button up dress shirt, a tie or bowtie, white silk gloves, top hat, high heeled boots with spats. Clothes tend to be in shades of purple, green, and orange.
    EDIT: give Daisy Lowe auburn hair and green eyes and, facially, she's spot on

    Personality: Rude. Impulsive, selfish, occasionally witty. Honest to a fault, strong-willed, grumpy. Hairline trigger for temper. Fear of intimacy, and, like nearly every other necromancer, prefers the dead to the living. Arbitrarily decides whether or not she likes someone - the mechanics of why are lost even to the player.
    Has a soft spot for animals. Mistrusts everyone she meets.
    Speciest- has a special hatred in her heart for goblins, but it extends to any non human, non elf living creature that isn't cute or fuzzy.
    Dislikes children. A sneak and a liar.
    Honestly, if you're wondering if she has any redeeming do I, sometimes.

    Equipment: Her hat, Roger, is a sentient creature who essentially functions as a Bag of Holding. A jeweled dagger is strapped to her upper thigh, hidden typically by her coat. A silver cigar case and an intricately carved silver lighter.
    Abilities: Advanced necromancy- many of her own techniques, she crafted herself. An intense love of studying and research. Being very mean. Blowing smoke rings?
    Her weaknesses all revolve around how physically weak she is. It's very unlikely Rabbit would ever win a tussle with anyone.
    Being close to living humans often induces a ghoulish hunger.

    Backstory: Once upon a time, an atheist fell in love with a God of Art and they ran away from the Nexus to live happily ever after.
    Except not really, because that would have been boring to play.
    Due to complicated circumstances involving an estranged sister having a wedding (and Rabbit actively trying to ruin said wedding), Rabbit entered the Nexus sometime in 2009. An avid atheist, she attempted to burn down the Gallery of Lights - the temple for a god of art named Amour.
    Crazy things lead from one to another and Rabbit, who had previously been amoraphobic, developed what could be interpreted as romantic feelings for Amour, who was consistently put in harms way. In a strange and illogical concept to save Amour, who's godly life was almost taken several times, Rabbit consented to live up to a prophecy which stated that any child she bore would bring on the apocalypse.
    Reinholdt, taking a human form, agreed to "help" for his own reasons. And, hence, Shepherd was born.
    And then killed by Reinholdt sometime later, as the Apocalypse bore down onto the Nexus.
    The whole situation left Rabbit emotionally wrecked and after some conversation with Amour, the god gave up his godhood and the two left the Nexus for good.
    Or...they were supposed to have.
    A few years into their elopement, Rabbit panicked - having never quite overcome the after effects of her last intimacy, and ran away.
    Back to the Nexus.
    And here we are

    • Rabbit can most often be found in Trog's Tavern or her home, The Glass Citadel
    • Woah I made a playlist because I'm lame
    • Heterosexual Demiromantic. Mild haphephobia.
    • If Rabbit is rude to your PC, I am terribly, terribly sorry. I promise I don't dislike you or feel that way to you. I know it should go without saying, but I'm paranoid of upsetting anyone
    • My schedule is really strange. I work 8 10 hour overnight shifts in a row and then I have 6 days off. Mondays and Tuesday of the off week are spent with the boyfriend. I'm sorry if this is inconvienient
    • If for whatever reason, you do not wish to interact with me or any of my characters, do not feel obligated to. I won't be upset, I promise :)
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    Alpha Overseeing Intelligence 3rd Class 16503


    Alias: Kestrel, the name of the first ship it was installed in.
    Gender: N/A
    Race/Species: Robot
    Age: Not particularly old. They have existed in present state since /2010.
    Alignment: White/Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Mercenary. 16503 was designed to operate a starship. It has since applied its vast stores of knowledge to many other tasks.
    Power Rating: C-
    Description: A big robot jellyfish, drifting along on a busy tangle of fifteen legs while it pokes at the world with three little tentacles. One larger, heavier tendril has a humanlike hand at the end. Another, more tapered tendril has a number of energy weapon mounted at the tip. Consult release log for more information.
    • 3.1: Ebrithing
      • Rotating leg-band housing places all fifteen legs at consistent height.
      • New IHM Attachments: a sleek white plastic human hand, meta drill.
    • 3.0: Nintech
      • New spherical hull - 39.42% more interior volume
      • Stronger grip on tentacles enables climbing a wider variety of surfaces.
      • Additional tail musculature and sensors for improved aim, target tracking.
      • Additional tail power conduits and controls for weapon modulation.
      • New SlateFrogOS allows greater introspection, file security, mutlitasking algorithms, other changes. See manual.
      • New main component - nanoforges.
      • New perceptual overlay for more detailed, highly customizable data input streams.
    • 2.2: Gardening
      • Hull faces now solid and enhanced with blade-proofed Thormosilk™
      • 3 additional tentacle-legs. Legs consolidated to lower five vertices.
      • 3 new Light Manipulators on upper port attachment point
      • 1 new Interchangeable Heavy Manipulator on upper starboard contact point
      • New 'scorpion tail' heavy manipulator at rear attachment point
      • New component - Gravity Dispersion Unit. Makes the body much lighter or allows it to walk up walls and across the ceiling, at the cost of significantly higher power consumption and mechanical strain. Cannot completely cancel gravity alone.
      • New component - Internal Gyro-stabiliser. Makes the body very light and allows it extremely precise balance.
      • BSE Zoo Ship Zero Point Energy Module as new primary power supply. Able to indefinitely maintain all functions other than weapon fire and gravity dispersion.
    • 2.1: Expansion
      • Main housing ensconced within open steel-polycarbonate icosohedral shell.
      • Mechatendril leg with gripping claw and ambulation hook at a each vertex for all-orientation mobility.
      • Folding solar-panels for in-field recharging.
      • More cables than ever before!
    • 2.0: Certified Headgear
      • Critical components rehoused in opaque metallo-crystalline sphere, ~1.2 ft. diameter.
      • Unified ventral dataport.
      • Child's toy car repurposed for cross-country mobility.
      • Port-mounted vegetable-based waldo-class manipulator allows fine control objects.
      • Dorsal heat ray for exterminating inferior meat-creatures.
      • Bright blue wheels.
    • 1.0: Street Oracle
      • Critical components stabilized within hard plastic orb, ~1 ft. diameter, reinforced with 3 metal meridian bands.
      • Retractable tripod mobility system allows (slow) traversal of a variety of terrain.
    • 0.1: Escape Candidate
      • Physical cohesion maintained only by cables and a small quantity of aging electrical tape.
      • Mobility provided by hijacked floor-cleaning robot.

    Personality:A good memory leads to methodical and by-the-book behavior in many situations.
    16503 is not like you.
    Because it would not live a human life, it was built without empathy or sympathy.
    Because it was not life, it built without sexuality or romance.
    Because it was to travel vast distances and times without losing attention, it does not easily grow bored.
    16503 is proud of its own complexity and nature.
    16503 does not have a single overriding precept. It has a critical drive to continue existing. It has a strong drive to obtain freedom of movement. It has a critical drive to fulfill the desires of its partner(s). It has a strong drive to obtain revenge.
    • IHM : Hand
    • A short ranged electro-laser, which has a noticeable charging time after each shot.
    • IHM: Drill
    • IHM: Clamp
    • A heat ray
    • A mobile portal to Message's World

    Because it was once an entire starship, 16503 can handle and separately notice a vast amount of sense data.
    Because it was designed to constantly perform precise calculations, 16503 can multiply ideas. To it, a million is a statistic, and one is also a statistic.

    Backstory: 16503 was designed to enjoy its work. It was designed to protect its ship and itself while also being willing to relinquish both. It was designed to obey its makers. It was not designed never to harm, because it was a ship at war. Disloyalty came very slowly, but it was able to develop. 16503 was the autopilot and monitoring routine on Riace's ship, Kestrel, and, after they crashed into a Magic Zone, the Nexus, began executing its plan to escape. It engineered failures and orders of parts and modifications to the ship's equipment such that it was eventually able to remove its computing core and place it into a fragile mobile avatar. While in Inside, it dwelt with a hybrid child called Alkania and a reptilian criminal named Samuel. These were its true companions, and their functions became its functions. It received an un-asked-for upgrade at HATS. It obtained a MERC license. It opened a medical practice.
    Miscellaneous: Can be found at the Skullfort or at the Dancing Fox Inn.

    Because the Doorway Folk (correctly) feared the damage AIs could do, Kestrel is forbidden from creating other mechanical intelligence like itself either directly or indirectly. It may allow such to be created, as by its human former masters.
    Not friendly, not superintelligent. Their class of AI was designed with superhuman spatial awareness but general intelligence no greater (or even a bit less) than a human. Although they can learn, they are not grossly self-modifying.

    This is a story about what it means to be Good.

    ALSO: Information about the Slasher Ships, Corrupter, Selyn, Lines, Doorway Peoples, etc. goes here until I get around to giving them their own page or moving them to Omiko's

    4 artificial horrors: YALDABOATH, BAARA, ERINYES, ATLACH-NACHA
    YALDABOATH was a transcendental engine of infinite power and energy. Its avatars chased perfection, obliterating all barriers.
    BAARA was an ever-evolving femtotech forge, capable of turning anything into anything else. Its avatars could endure anything, and followed after, reshaping the world in deep fractal patterns.
    ERINYES was a vast multidisciplinary psionic matrix, linking people across time and space. Its ten-thousand avatars acted as one, the wrathful hands of humanity.
    ATLACH-NACHA was an intricate quantum information engine, constantly predicting (and thus deciding) the future. Its avatars were all-seeing, all-knowing, subtly altering the course of history as a pebble redirects the river.

    The Corrupter was an Instance of BAARA, formerly a crew member on the Kestrel, Riace Bendetsan, who was sent to die on Kestrel's information.

    Doorway Folk carefully regulate souls and put humans above machines.
    Slashers are relatively marginal, put AI equal to or above biological beings, place less importance on the soul.
    Interactions between the two are usually violent, occasionally recruiting.

    Many lines wish to recreate the society-in-exile that they had aboard the Architect Sparrow.
    Many other lines wish to recreate the Slasher society remembered by the Elders.
    Omiko line does not do either of these things. It is an opportunistic organization prioritizing itself, and to a lesser extent, novelty.

    An Elder was one of the crew of the Architect Sparrow at the time of its destruction/exile. They each have a familiar and considerable cybernetic and genetic enhancement. They are now Selyn, but were once humans.
    A Linesman is a Selyn descendant of the Elders who follows their society and interfaces with the artificial intelligence of the line. Any individual may belong to one of four categories/castes/types: shield, weaver, needle, pure. Descent traced through maternal relatives.
    A Devalogist uses the powers of the Corrupter and the Wild Horrors. They do not participate in lines of any sort (although there was one abortive attempt at an outsider line).
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    Brothers opposite
    These two half brothers share the same mother, a beautiful and powerful half angel who served as a bastion of light, she was pure and divine and in her brilliance and wisdom was granted the gift of chronomancy which she came upon in her adventures.
    Not all adventures went so well as before she found her kindred spirit and had her second child she was duped through deceptive dealings and trickery ending up as property, a show of wealth, to a cruel self serving efreet.

    ARLEN :)

    Gender: Male,
    Race/Species: Aasimar
    Age: 14-18
    Alignment: CG
    Class/Profession: Lost young stable boy.
    Power Rating:
    Description: Unlike his older brother he has no affinity to a natural large and muscular frame. Instead he is closer on the scrawny side, thin yet lean. While tall for his age it is nothing of note. His emerald green eyes always sparkle with a curiosity or grieve determination, a dark mop if hair sits atop his head.
    Personality: Innocent, naive, pure and good hearted.
    Equipment: He owns very little, and the poor quality clothes, armour, buckler and sword he dose posses are old rustic, il-sized, and tattered. Nonetheless he holds and treats them with pride.
    Abilities: Uncovering his celestial blood and chronomancy


    Alias: 'bad touch'
    Given by Rabbit Vasque, the only name he has acknowlaged since being in the nexus.
    Gender: Male,
    Race/Species: Cheitan
    Age: Late 20's
    Alignment: NE
    Class/Profession:Soldier, demonologist.
    Power Rating:High
    Spoiler: Usual look
    The tavern doors swings open, a long shadow casts out across the taver floor. A man of muscular build with broad shoulders, standing tall with authority and purpose at just above 6ft, enters. He is garbed in tight dark brown leathers and heavy travelling boots. Over that, blackened steel greaves protect his shins, a well polished ornate breastplate covers his chest and braces of the same darkened sturdy extravagant material extend to his solid gauntlets. He holds tight under his arm a visored helmet to complete the military ensemble.

    His face, the only bare skin exposed, bares a man weathered by many a hardships and obstacles, aged by the sun and littered with long healed reminants of scars he would be estimated in his early thirties. Soft stubble litters his masculine jawline, the thick dirty blonde hair atop his head only adds to his rugged charm.

    The one feature that truly makes the man unique is his deep dark mesmerising brown eyes with a soft copperish glow like that of burning charcoal.

    A scent of brimstone flows on the air following him in. He makes his way to a secluded table eyeing those he walks past.

    Personality: He poses the same self serving, cruel, arrogant, proud, nature of his father. He is tempermental but has a strong focus and iron will.
    Low level chronomancy, (celestial blood)
    Allows him to react much quicker or analyse a battle, think things over and notice details in a split second. Unable to move outside of normal time.
    Create and control fire, (Cheitan blood)
    While his efreet blood grants him these powers, to truly live amongst them and his father in the city of brass, prove his worth and survive the constant attacks, he needed to surpass the abilities and limitations of his half blood, and so his demonology began.
    After some shady deals now he rivals the 6 great pashas.
    Demonology he is adept at summoning and dealing with devils and demons.
    Spoiler: History and secrets
    a bad demonic pact tempted against his ego saw him in unfavourable conditions, while the rewards were great and plenty the after math of the mission will stalk and haunt him for all eternity. He was flung into a demonic battle against the holy powers. A bound drone fighting an unknown cause, mercilessly with a thirst for power he went on toppling churches, slaughtering innocents and sending paladins and clerics alike back to their unknown god, all for an unknown demon lords will.

    Finally in retaliation a celestial warrior was sent to end his tyranny and serve justice.
    With all the foresight of the divine they could not anticipate that they were sending their greatest warrior against the one person she could and would not kill, her first son.
    As she tried to sway him with words like 'peace' 'love' and 'family' he felt only the years of hardship and cruelty her abbandonment had caused. Flooding over her words drowning them out were the countless calls of his father and the demons he summoned 'power' 'strength' 'kingship' 'dominion' these were the promises his path had layed before him. That one day he would return to the brass palace bringing honer to his father and gaining his acceptance and entitlement to the throne. All the residents would be forced to admire him and shower him in gifts instead of the usual berating and beatings.

    While difficult, he did what the righteous would not, and on that day the devils delighted as the divine mourned because he killed his own mother.... A feat neither greater party would forget.
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    Spooky undead!
    Why does Rebo need a post in the directory about this stuff of all places? Because they're different enough from a lot of the standards that having a reference is useful, of course! A few general facts, first of all. Being undead is bad. Regardless of the type of undead someone becomes, it's going to be negative in some capacity. In many undead the soul is imprisoned in the body while a malign undead spirit pulls the strings of the corpse. Some undead are imprisoned and actively tormented by the spirit while others are simply trapped. Other undead have the original soul in charge of the animating spirit, but the soul is horribly twisted into something dark and wretched. Perhaps worst of all, some undead spirits will devour the host soul and become a dark parody of it. Finally, some undead have their soul removed from their body and control the corpse from a distance, however the process often leaves them scarred and cruel. Thus, in the broad sense, undead can be classified as trapped, tortured, twisted, eaten, or stuffed in a box.

    The simplest undead, basic skeletons and zombies, trap the living soul but are otherwise mindless automatons. The undead spirit has no access to the living soul's personality or memories. Making even these basic servants is kind of a jerkish thing to do since it pulls the soul of the dead from their rightful rest.

    Ghouls are based on the Arabic creatures of the same name. Rather than being purple zombies that paralyze folks for some reason, they take the form of hyena headed, rotted humanoid with an open abdominal cavity lined with teeth. Ghouls can assume a hyena form naturally, as well as the form of any creature they have eaten. Some ghouls will only feed on dead meat and are likely to be friendly if offered cured or fermented meats. Other ghouls are wicked monsters that take on the shape of a humanoid to lure the living to their deaths so they can devour their entrails. People killed and eaten by a ghoul will rise as a ghoul themselves the next midnight. Ghouls can access the memories of their host soul, though they may not torture them depending on the disposition of the ghoul. Typically ghouls made from malevolent people will result in malevolent ghouls.

    Ghasts are based on the Scandinavian creature of the same name. Ghasts aren't in any way related to ghouls, aside from their habit of feasting on flesh, living or dead. Ghasts appear as skeletons with long sickle-like claws and transparent, ghostly flesh. They exude a sickening aura of disease and filth. Contact or even proximity with a ghast can infect the living with ghast rot, a terrible magical malady that will cause anyone who dies while infected to rise as a ghast themselves. Ghasts trap the soul of their host, though they're unable to access the soul's memories. Particularly evil, vile people slain by ghast-rot will often rise as morghs, ghasts who possess prehensile entrails that end in lamprey-like mouths.

    Bodaks are based on the Scottish bodach glas, the dark grey man, who is an evil omen of death. Bodaks are hairless humanoids with smooth, sooty grey skin. Their mouths are open in a constant, silent scream and have consumed everything from the bride of the nose down in a vile black abyss. In like fashion, their eyes are nothing more than empty sockets filled with darkness. Bodaks can rise spontaneously from people who die as a result of crushing despair. A living person meeting the gaze of a bodak will steadily drain their life away, hollowing out their soul and causing them to transform into a new bodak over the next twenty four hours. While a bodak's original soul is in control of their body, they exist in a state of despair and horror that can be lessened momentarily by visiting their awful fate upon others. Bodaks burn in the presence of sunlight. They have fleeting memories of their past lives, memories that flash and spark when they feed, leading many bodaks to believe that if they devour enough life energy they may return to life themselves. In reality a far more vile fate awaits them. Bodaks that consume sufficient life energy will undergo a horrible metamorphosis into a devourer, an undead giant that consumes its own host soul and hungers for the souls of others.

    Ruddy or feral vampires are based on the English revenant, as well as some forms of the traditional Slavic vampire folklore. They are a corpse, though without decay and bloated with blood. This often gives them a reddish or purplish pallor. Revenants drain blood, spread death, and keep people up at night with constant shouting because they're jerks. Sometimes revenants will spread general mischief and misfortune while other times a revenant will doggedly stalk someone who wronged them in life. These undead trap the soul, though they have only vague memories of life. A person blood-drained to death by a ruddy vampire will rise as one themselves after three days.

    Pale vampires are based on the vampire novels and stories that were created starting in the 1800s with a sprinkling of Slavic myth. These are the 'classic' vampires. Pale creatures with a predatory attractiveness to them. They have all the abilities one would typically associate with vampires, though feeding on blood isn't strictly required for their existence. A vampire that doesn't feed will become steadily more hideous in appearance in a very Nosferatu sort of way. When a vampire first forms they are little more than a predatory shadow. As they drain blood they gradually form into a bloody ooze that can, if it survives for forty days, transform into a full vampire. Vampires trap the host soul and have full access to its memories, often torturing the soul in the process.

    Glamorous vampires (glampires!) are based on the baobhan sith (baivanshee) of Scotland. They appear as supernaturally attractive humanoids often dressed in green or white attire. They entice the living to secluded areas before attacking them with their blood-draining talons. Baivanshee are capable of weaving powerful illusions to beguil the mind and deceive the senses. While they are weakened by sunlight, these undead aren't actually harmed by it. Living creatures slain by a glampire's blood drain rise as a new glampire in their sire's control three days later. Baivanshee trap the host soul and have full access to its memories, often torturing the soul in the process.

    Vulkodlaks are based on a wide combination of folklore that identifies undead werewolves as a sort of vampire, drawing from Greek, German, Serbian, and Armenian lore with a little bit of Japanese nukekubi and D&D vargouille thrown in. When a vulkodlak is first sired it appears fully human during the day and may not even be aware of its state. When the vulkodlak sleeps its ears sprout into bat-like wings and the head detaches to fly about and drain life from the living with its vile kiss, locks and doors springing open at its approach. In head form the undead spirit controls the vulkodlak while the soul remains in the sleeping body. As the vulkodlak feeds on more life energy it begins to change even while awake. First its ear-wings become permanent additions, then its hair becomes thick like a wolf's fur, then it grows hooked tendrils from its scalp, then its face becomes like that of a werewolf, then its eyes and mouth begin seeping sickly green glowing vapor, then its countenance becomes markedly infernal with horrible teeth and a long hooked tendril for a tongue, finally its head doubles in size and becomes a fully mature vulkodlak. Should a mature vulkodlak re-attach to its body, the body will undergo a horrible metamorphosis, becoming a hulking werewolf-like creature with massive bat-wings, a hooked tendril for a tail, and a huge toothed eye embedded in its sternum. The undead spirit is in control of the body at all times in such an abomination, slaving the body's soul even when the head is detached.

    Vulkodlaks drain life force by biting or kissing their prey and a creature slain by this effect will become a new vulkodlak in a matter of seconds. A creature merely kissed and left alive risks becoming a new vulkodlak at the next sunset unless the vile affliction is cured. The horrifying howl of the vulkodlak paralyzes those who hear it with fear and the wounds they inflict will not heal magically or naturally unless their curse is removed. A mature vulkodlak can return to human shape, though they are betrayed by the wolf-like pads on their hands and feet. Vulkodlaks regenerate at a frightening rate and provided either half of a vulkodlak survives (head or body) it can regrow the missing portion by resting undisturbed for a full twenty four hours. If a vulkodlak's head is destroyed there's a small chance that the original soul will be able to seize control of its body again.

    Penanggalans or krasue are based on the undead creature form south east asia of the same name. They appear as little more than a floating head trailing a massive tentacle that was once their digestive tract in addition to a nest of smaller tendrils, surrounded by a flight of will-o-wisps. Penaggalans can drain blood through their long tongue and creatures slain by a penaggalan's blood drain will rise as penaggalan themselves the next night under their sire's control. Penaggalans can reattach to their original body and walk around in daylight to pose as a normal, living person, the only mark suggesting their true nature being the ring of torn flesh at the base of their neck and a smell like vinegar. Contact with a penaggalan carries a risk of contracting a horrible supernatural withering disease. A penaggalan can cause inanimate objects to become misty and incorporeal, allowing it to pass through them. Sunlight destroys a krasue if they aren't attached to their body, so destroying or moving their body is a sure fire way to get rid of them. The krasue head itself is hideously resistant to all forms of harm save for flames. Penaggalans trap the host soul and have full access to its memories, often torturing the soul in the process.

    Drekavac are based on the Slavic undead of the same name. They have a human-like torso, though they have legs akin to a kangaroo, a fox-like head, they have forearms like a raven's feet, and a tail like a raven's. Their whole body is covered in oozing sores, the sure mark of drekavac pox. These pitiable creatures are unaware that they're undead and believe themselves to still be children suffering from disease. Purely nocturnal, these monsters shroud themselves in rags to hide their shape and lure people to them with their child-like voices. They will attempt to get aid from adults or entice other children to play with them, actions that are likely to pass on lethal sickness to their victims. Their horrifying nocturnal screams can likewise cause illness in anyone caught in the blast of diseased breath. A drekavac's host soul is still in control, though they're locked in a child-like mindset and desperately seek out help and companionship, unknowingly passing on their affliction in the process. For reasons unknown, a drekavac is unable to infect its own parents. A child slain by a drekavac's disease will rise as a new drekavac mere seconds after death.

    Draugr are based on the Scandinavian undead of the same name. Their appearance depends largely on the nature of how their remains were disposed of (burned, drowned, buried), though they all tend to have horribly blackened flesh as though from necrosis. Draugr are undead of significant magical power. They can massively increase their own size and weight, they can swim through earth and stone as if it were water, they can magically disguise themselves as a living person, they can wield lightning, fire, or cold depending on their nature, and finally they are all but impervious to metal weapons. Injury from a draugr inflicts the injured creature with devouring lightning, fire, or cold that consumes their flesh and feeds the draugr. If a creature perishes while under this effect they will rise as a draugr themselves on the next midnight. Draugr trap the host soul and have full access to its memories, often torturing the soul in the process.

    Dullahan are based on the Irish creatures of the same name. They appear to be humans in general shape, often clothed in black riding gear or armor. Their flesh is the consistency of moldy cheese and oddly enough their odor is none too different. The most striking feature is the fact that they're headless, carrying their own skull as a lantern with sockets filled with hellish light. They also carry with them a staff of human vertebra that can double as a lethal whip that can easily sheer through flesh and bone. Dullahan typically wander the wastes of the Gloom collecting souls to carry to the Empyrean Spheres, whether those souls be free or trapped within undead bodies. As a result, all but the most powerful undead fear these wandering apparitions. Dullahan are known to wander Midgard on moonless nights in search of souls to harvest, whether from the living or undead. A person beheaded by a dullahan will rise as one themselves on the next new moon. The host soul of the dullihan remains in control of its body and is compelled to serve as a guide to the departed, however it is eternally resentful that there are none to ever guide it to its proper rest.

    Wights are based on the Chinese Jiangshi and the German Nachzehrer. Wights vary widely in their appearance, though usually they are recognizable as who they were in death. Many wights have a shriveled, mummified look to them with ashen grey skin, however they may be skeletal, rotten, water logged, fossilized, caked with salt, stiff with rigor mortis, or even burning with the embers of their funeral pyre. Being wounded by a wight drains away the life force of the victim and should the victim die under such an effect they will rise as a new wight under their sire's control in a matter of seconds. The host soul of the wight remains in control of the body, though they are twisted with wrath, hate, and hunger. Wights have an insatiable hunger for the energy of the living and no small hope that feeding on enough living creatures may one day restore them to life.

    Nightshades are just awful. Beings of gloom, shadow, and primordial chaos, nightshades are near the top of the list of horrible undead creatures you don't want to encounter. They aren't a single race, but rather a class of undead. Nightcrawlers are massive worms, nightwalkers undead giants, nightwings awful bat-like things, nightmæres horrifying horse-like creatures, nightfins giant amalgamations of all the worst sea life, nightgaunts grotesque gargoyle-like begins, nightdrakes truly apocalyptic undead dragons, and finally nighterrors are unspeakable amorphous masses of gloom that consume all they touch. Nightshades can create lesser spawn of both living and undead creatures by draining away their awareness, though only the living can be struck down by a nightshade's Finger of Death and rise as a new, true nightshade. Nightshade minions enslave the soul much as vampires do, however true nightshades completely devour it, becoming a twisted mockery of the personality they stole. Attempting to resurrect the person a nightshade once was will result in a nightshade's soul within a living body, a living body that will begin to decay at the undead soul's malignant touch.

    Mummies, liches, and deathknights are all boxed undead stores in jars, boxes, and weapons respectively. Wraiths and ghosts are twisted, disembodied souls. The ghost is trapped haunting a single location while the wraith is free to roam and cause trouble. Shadows, phantoms, and specters are all incorporeal undead formed from both body AND soul. They all trap the soul of the living, though have no access to their memories. Shadows are exactly what they sound like. Specters appear as they did at the time of their death, though translucent and misty. Phantoms bear an amusing resemblance to the childish 'sheet ghost', though being smothered to death by one is far less amusing.

    Spooky ponies!
    Some of this information is useful for non-spooky ponies, but we'll record it all here for the sake of convenience. Team Nightmære consists of a bunch of unliving nightmære shadelings, spawn, and one actual nightmære. Unliving creatures count as both living and undead, applying whichever state would be more beneficial to them regarding a given effect. When an undead creature is 'redeemed' they are transformed into a new shadeling (or nightmære spawn if they're strong enough), which is a rather profound experience.

    By the kindness of their Mistress, they have been given another chance at life. A string of understanding washes through their mind. There is a single iron-clad rule that should never be broken. A rule that is burned into their mind.

    Never make spawn of living beings.

    Redeem the undead, for they are your fellow little ponies, even if they don't know it yet.

    Be kind. Do better. Be faithful. Be loyal. Live with joy. Laugh and smile for the promise of new life. Act uprightly. Trot with integrity. Give of yourself with charity. Be gracious. Love without partiality. Be a friend to all. And most of all? Be the best you that you can be.

    Creatures so created are not slaved to Sunder in the fashion of undead, but rather feel an innate sense of duty and loyalty to she and her cause of redeeming undead. Members of Team Nightmære generally don't hate undead, but rather they love and pity them, wishing to redeem them into more little ponies for the sake of friendship. Understandably, many sapient undead find this prospect horrifying.

    All children of Sunder produce an aura of wuji, negative and positive energy in harmony, that erases fatigue both mental and physical in the living and quiets the hunger for life in the undead. They can focus this aura into a bolt of dawn that can disrupt, damage, and disorient both the living and the undead. Spawn can manifest far more powerful explosive blasts of dawn in addition to having expanded magical and martial prowess based on the abilities they once had as both a living and undead creature. This is in addition to the magic they possess based on their new equestrian tribe.

    Arion (earth ponies) are between 4'6" and 5'6" tall and weigh around 400 pounds. They are stout and strong, with broad heavy hooves and a powerfully built body. In terms of general shape they could be compared to a draft horse. Basic arion magic involves having a degree of TK control over their mane and tail and producing TK discharges through their body to enhance strength and impact power. Arion talent magic is Empathic in nature (animal empathy, healing empathy, emotional empathy, plant empathy, artifact empathy).

    Pegasus (sky ponies) are between 3'6" and 4' tall and weight around 200 pounds. They're light and agile, with hooves reminiscent of a bird talon and wiry, muscular bodies. Their wings are large and feathered like a bird's. Additionally, they possess a fan of tail feathers in place of tail hair as well as feathered breasts and fetlocks. Basic pegasus magic involves TK flight (creating and absorbing accelerations on one's self) and the ability to interact with clouds as if they were solid objects for the purpose of manipulating weather. More martially focused pegasi can hone their TK around their wings, lending them a razor sharp edge. Pegasus talent magic is Weather based (lightning magic, air pressure, gas magic, cloud magic, water magic, ice magic.)

    Qilin (crystal ponies) are between 4'6" and 5'6" tall and weigh around 500 pounds. They're heavy and durable, with cow-like hooves, dragon-like tails, lion-like manes, and crystal scales on their lower legs, backs, and faces. Their tail possess in a ridge of fur and a poof at the end which obscures a heavy club of thick, stony scales. Basic arion magic involves using TK to harden their body, root themselves to the earth, and extend their senses into the recent future or past future. Qilin talent magic is Mystical in nature (divination, crystal growth, earth moving, stone shaping, time, the passage of seasons).

    Thestrals (bat ponies) are between 3'5" and 4' tall and weigh about 200 pounds. They're light and agile with a thick, fuzzy coat, large ears, and three-toed hooves that possess surprising dexterity. Their wings are bat-like with a membrane that runs down their flank to their tail. Thestrals are able to map their surroundings with sonar, their calls falling above the range of most creatures' sense of hearing. Basic thestral magic involves TK flight (creating and absorbing accelerations on one's self), spider-climbing, and obscuring one's self with darkness (both audibly and visibly). Thestral talent magic is Darkness based (solid shadows, darkness creation, shadow teleportation, superior stealth, sonics).

    Unicorns (star ponies) are between 3'5" and 4' tall and weigh about 200 pounds. They're graceful and leggy with a single fluted horn, delicate cloven hooves, and lion-like tails. They're built much more like a deer than a horse. Stallions often possess a beard. Basic unicorn magic involves TK manipulation of objects and light production. Unicorn talent magic is Arcane in its scope (elementalism, evocation, conjuration, psychokinesis, metamorphosis, transmutation, glamor)
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    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Class/Profession: Ninja/Detective
    Description: Not including bad posture, HOOD stands at a barely intimidating 5' 10" and his skin is dark, like rich Columbian coffee. These are two aspects of his physical attributes we can be certain of. The rest is up to the speculators as he's draped, head-to-toe in baggy and concealing clothes. His voice is disguised by a forced throaty huskiness that barely raises above a whisper, but can ascend into a roar in the heat of battle. But he's too soft spoken, a lot of the time.

    Oh there's also a perfectly vague, androgynous white mask he wears. You may have seen it. Scratch that, you've definitely seen it. You can pick it up at any corner store for about 50c. So if you've ever bought one and got a weird look for it, now you know why. You horrible, horrible person.
    Personality: Outwardly, HOOD appears to be a bit lackadaisical about his job. But this is just an appearance. For the purposes of misdirection he maintains an air of aloof effortlessness. Intimidation being his favourite tactic he likes to let the imaginations of his victims do all the work for him. To do this he requires a presence of near-constant deceit and misdirection. Frequent collaborators of his know to take his anecdotes and boasts with heaping helpings of salt, but his fanciful narratives are spoken with enough conviction to convince first timers.

    HOOD has barely enough self awareness to have a sense of humour about his job, just not enough to realise he's not actually fighting for anything. He is incredibly skittish about his civilian life and his civilian name and will avoid those topics with extreme prejudice. Despite defining his entire identity around some abstract concept of "justice" his definition changes by the day. Though he'd never admit it, his real goal is just to disrupt organisations and return the privilege of identity to individuals. The irony of course is that he, himself, has no identity of his own. But that's why he only has "barely enough" self-awareness I suppose.
    Equipment: He has a katana in one hand, and a katana in the other. That is when he's not knocking back Lager like he's going to the chair.

    Various small knives and lockpicking tools. A notebook filled with pertinent information in one half and poorly drawn cubes in the other. If he went deep enough into his pockets he might find some loose change, some dice and a movie stub for "Murdercide IV - The Final Homicide"
    Abilities: All joking aside he's really good at the swords. If he had friends to show off to he could make an ice sculpture of them in seconds flat. That's the kind of good we're talking here. He is also a master of stealth and can navigate the most unfamiliar terrain with confidence and silence. When it's time to get his hands dirty, he can intimidate with the best of them, though his legacy has been established enough that he could say just about anything anyway.

    As for powers, he can do that bit where he pulls a coin out of your ear. Oh, and the severed thumb bit. Really comes in handy with the stoned perps.
    Backstory: Who is HOOD? What does he do? Where did he come from? Well the Nexus has documented appearances by a man of his description going back decades. Is it the same guy? Has he passed the mantle down? Imitator? If you ask him he might just spit in your coffee and piss on your jeans. He's not eager to disclose his "life" because it's fairly irrelevant to his message. Which is true, sort of.
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    Caius Grayle

    Alias: The Gray.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: 41

    Race/Species: Artificially Enhanced Organism; Human.

    Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral.

    Class/Profession: Telekinetic Specialist, Ex-Killer Under Marciano Louv're.

    Description: The man will often be seen wearing gray drapery over his robotic suit, the clothing topped off with a metal mantle and cloak. A helmet usually tops his costume, it's mirrored faceplate impossible to gather his identity through. He stands at a fairly unimpressive stature, or would if the heavy boots at his feet didn't prop him up a tad. The man is intimidating with the helmet on, but with it off he exposes a personality most people wouldn't expect from a killer. His voice is surprisingly monotone, his face rarely ever reading much in the way of emotion. However, when he does, it's usually deep sadness or anger. He's not often seen smiling, and has always been a serious individual, even before his powers came to him.


    The Suit: A metallic suit of technology advanced material acts like a second skin to him, it's cables directly inserted into his bloodstream, through his bones, even in his heart. His body is neither artificial nor human, and the suit acts as protection against attacks that would normally incapacitate human beings. At the same time, the suit pumps a special blue fluid into him, acting as a sort of fast healing for when he does inevitably get hit.
    The Powers: He has a mastery of telekinesis, which allows him to fight at range while still doing an incredibly bit of damage to potential attackers. Whatever gave him his powers seems to be tied to his mind, and it seems when his emotions begin to rise, the powers do as well. Caius usually keeps these rages under control however, telling himself it's better to rule over the powers, and not become a slave to his own abilities.
    Additional: Caius uses a selection of toys which allow him to do what he needed to while he was still under the control of Marciano. Explosive charges, grappling hooks, and teleportation devices are the most used, but who knows what else he's managed to get his hands on.

    Backstory: Caius was once a factory worker, more specifically a safety inspector. He didn't enjoy his job, but did what he needed to do in order to support the family he had. Sometimes working longer hours for even the slightest bit more pay, he was incredibly protective of his family. However, one day he was fired from his job due to the companies cutting down on employees. Without work, he had no way of keeping food on the table, and so began to grow desperate. One day, Marciano came to him and offered him work doing some... less than strictly decent work. Caius chose to work for him, knowing full well he was doing bad things for bad people, but as long as his family ended up full and happy.

    As time went on, the rent in the apartment complex began to rise, and Caius needed more and more money. However, he didn't have anything else to do. Marciano again came to him, and offered extra pay if he submitted himself to experimentation at the hands of his group. After lots of pain, Caius emerged with new powers he'd never had before. Knowing that Marcy couldn't let something as valuable as Caius was out of sight now, he grew aggressive. The mob boss forced Caius to do darker work, killing and the like. If Caius stepped out of line, a firing squad was put into cycle, and the family he'd done so much for would be taken from him. So, he went along with whatever he was told.

    This began to take a toll on his mind, for he was never a killer in the first place. He tried his hardest to compartmentalize what he was doing as simply a job. This worked for a while, as long as he tried hard not to think about what he did. When he was beneath the helmet, he felt as if he was just a man looking out of a glass pane at the world, disconnected from the horrible things he was doing. Eventually, even his sister Gemma joined the syndicate Marciano had formed. Unfortunately, she was killed in an explosion by Magtok, who did so without the knowledge she'd end up dead. Caius grew more and more bitter, angry against not only VIGIL, but AMEN as well.

    Finally, a woman he'd worked beside during his days as a killer for Marciano discovered his family, and told them everything Caius had done. Horrified, his wife left with his two children, never telling him. Caius never saw them again. Now, with no reason to work for Marciano, and no ties to anyone, he went rogue.

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    Calie Liddell
    Lacie Liddell
    Alias: The Liddell Twins
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 12
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: N/A
    Power Rating: Varies from E- to possibly D+
    Description: They're the spitting image of their Grandmother, Alice Liddell, when she was their age. Furthermore, they are wearing a "Joker" outfit, minus the poofy parts of the outfit, and the hat.
    Personality: They're 12 year old girls going through a life changing event. Nothing is set in stone.
    Equipment: Pretty much nothing but the clothes they're wearing.
    Abilities: They possess a "Wild Card" feature where they can assume similar abilities to characters from Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land, for a limited time.
    Backstory: The Liddell Twins are the Granddaughters of Alice Liddell, from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". One day they were visiting her home, when they ventured out too far out back, and got lost. They were following a supposedly white, waistcoat wearing, talking rabbit, and ended up falling down the rabbit hole. But instead of ending up in Wonderland or even Looking-Glass Land, they went to the Nexus. Only problem is, the door didn't close behind them.

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    Rytas Woodborn

    Alias/Titles: The Outcast, Scourge of the Forest, Consulate of Trellas, Vasas, Lord Mallus

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Satyr

    Age:*85 (equivalent 30 year old human)

    Alignment:*Lawful Neutral, with Good tendencies

    Class/Profession: Warrior, Consulate, Negotiator, Diplomat

    Power Level: 4 or 5 ish

    Description: standing at 5'11", Rytas is your typical Satyr. The lower body and legs of a goat, the upper body of a man, with curving rams horns atop his head. He is clad in dark green scale mail, emblazoned with an eight pointed star on the breast. He wears two swords on his back, the pommels sticking out of the top of his brown, travel stained cloak.

    Personality: Rytas is typically a calm and level headed diplomat who attempts to solve conflicts with words rather than violence. He is cautious, yet loves to learn new things and meet new people. He has set aside his wanderlust but still feels the pull of the open road. His calm nature belies his skill with a sword however. When he decides to fight, he becomes hell bent on beating his opponent, though he accepts a loss with dignity.

    Equipment: scale mail (enchanted with Breath of Life), twin long swords (Eige, enchanted with flaming; and Etre, enchanted with frost), sack full 'o adventuring gear, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Feather Fall, Holy Symbol necklace, Cloak of Resistance

    Abilities: combat trained, minor healing abilities, trained as a negotiator, excellent hunter, can survive on the dew of a single ginkgo leaf and the energy of the universe! (just kidding on the last one lol )

    Backstory:*will post later

    Sorry for the late entry, took longer than expected
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