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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Burning Winds, Pride of the Hot Sands

    Race: Human
    Gender: Sword
    Age: Young
    Alignment: Neutral Good (not Nice) / Black
    Profession: Vigilante
    Personality Summary Scornful

    "A young man with raven-black hair and steely grey eyes, dressed in grey clothing."

    Powers: Winds knows every atrocity, wrongdoing, and crime that ever was or will be. His ability to remember them while incarnated in human form is limited. He is also an expert swordfighter.

    "I am not justice, but justification and judgement."
    After being made, Winds was Held by his Holder, as one does. People would Seek him out, he would lend them his power, and they would fall into temptation and be destroyed, and his Holder would recover him. Then, one seeker brought him before Malukhar the soulforger, who remade him into a living being attached to a different End.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    (Former) Human Name: Alexander Phillips
    Nickname: "Corey"
    Race/Species: Demi-human
    Age: 3 actual, 19 apparent & psychological
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral?

    • Physical: Lean, muscular
    • Height: 6' 0"
    • Weight Class: Middle-heavyweight
    • Eyes: Deep amber
    • Hair: Black, mid-length; slightly thick and feathery
    • Facial features: Somewhat pointed nose
    • Other features: Black tattoo-like markings on back: a hextet of feathers reaching to either shoulder, quills meeting at the spine (picture reference coming soon)

    Common attire
    • Legs: Form-fitting khaki pants
    • Torso: Sleeveless shirt
    • Feet: Brown nondescript shoes

    Class/Profession: Combatant; Devil Tuner
    Power Rating: 12/D (Base 6, modifiers shown below)
    • Strength: Above average (+1)
    • Constitution: Unusually hardy (+2)
    • Stamina: Above average (+1)
    • Agility: Average
    • Intelligence: Average

    • Type: Handgun (+2)
    • Description: A semi-automatic pistol of otherworldly origin, modified specifically for combating demons. It has a simple black finish and fits into a belt holster. Its primary distinguishing feature is a symbol engraved on its grip (reference picture coming soon).

    • Marksmanship: Experienced in wielding common small firearms (pistols, SMGs) (+1)
    • Devil Tuning: Takes on a more powerful demon form, gaining access to magic and other demonic powers


    Classification: Asura
    Name: Garuda

    • Physical: Lithe, a la Slenderman
    • Height: 7' 4"
    • Weight Class: Lightweight
    • Detailed Description: Garuda is humanoid in its general shape, although it has two pairs of arms as opposed to one pair. Its skin is tougher than human skin and possesses a pale off-white tone. Like many Asura demons, it does not have eyes, and its wide, lipless mouth constantly bares its long, sharp teeth. It wears thin plated armor of a pale-green color, which covers its entire torso, its shoulders, and its lower legs. It also wears metal gauntlets on each arm, both to protect its hands and wrists and to add impact to every punch delivered. Finally, it has a pair of bronze-feathered wings on its back, fully-capable of flight, which span ~8 ft. when fully extended.

    Class: Combatant; all-around fighter
    Power Rating: 24/B (Base 11, modifiers shown below)
    • Strength: Average
    • Constitution: Above average (+1)
    • Stamina: Above average (+1)
    • Agility: Unusually agile (+2)
    • Magic: Above average (+1)
    • Resistance: Gravity (+1)
    • Weakness: Wind (-1)

    Abilities: By studying encoded data feeds called "Mantra", Garuda can learn new skills and magic. However, only skills that have been prepared prior to a fight can be used actively in that fight, up to a maximum of eight; all other skills are inactive and cannot be used. NOTE: NONE of these skills can be used by Coriolis in human form; they are only accessible to him as Garuda.

    Spoiler: Active Skills
    • Devour: Hunter skill. Strikes one target and, if the target is slain, absorbs their Atma for a considerable healing and energizing effect.
    • Zionga: Electric magic. Summons a lightning bolt to shock a single target. Moderate chance of temporarily numbing the target. (+1)
    • Griela: Gravity magic. Creates a gravity well that damages a single target. (+2)
    • Magrie: Gravity magic. Creates a minor gravity distortion that damages multiple targets. (+1)
    • Hama: Light magic. Strikes a single target with an enchanted seal. May deal heavy damage to undead and/or Chaos-aligned targets. (+1)
    • Media: Healing magic. Slightly restores vitality to all member's of the caster's group, including the caster. (+1)
    • Void Dark: Protection magic. Nullifies all Dark-aligned effects on the caster's group, including the caster. (+1)
    • Void Wind: Protection magic. Nullifies all Wind-aligned effects on the caster's group, including the caster. (+1)

    Spoiler: Mantras Mastered
    • Devourer: Imparts <Devour>, <Ingest Mana>
    • Bolt Wizard: Imparts <Zio>, <Void Elec>
    • Bolt Lord: Imparts <Mazio>, <Elec Boost>
    • Lightning: Imparts <Zionga>, <Bolt Flare>, <Elec Repel>
    • Dragon: Imparts <Zan>, <Void Wind>
    • Cosmic Spirit: Imparts <Grie>, <Void Grav>
    • Cosmic Shrine: Imparts <Magrie>, <Grav Boost>
    • Cosmic Temple: Imparts <Griela>, <Distortion>, <Grav Repulse>
    • Protection: Imparts <Dia>, <Patra>, <Analyze>
    • Fallen Hero: Imparts <Media>, <Posmudi>, <Achedi>, <Dream Haze>
    • Angel: Imparts <Hama>, <Tarunda>, <Void Light>
    • Yaksha: Imparts <Mudo>, <Curse>, <Void Dark>

    Personality: Accustomed to the intimidation factor that has accompanied his Devil Tuning ability in the past, Coriolis is normally cautious and docile when attempting to interact with others on some level of normalcy. As with many individuals plagued with superhuman power and/or form, he struggles to define his own identity and is therefore somewhat more impressionable than most people. The two things he values most, however, are and always have been freedom and individuality, and he will defend those ideals with blind, unwavering passion, even if it means crossing moral boundaries.

    Background: In his originating universe, Alexander Phillips was just one of billions of humans to die when God brought destruction to the world of humanity. Through metempsychosis, his spirit was assimilated into God and, after nearly 20 years, reconstructed in a nearly identical image. Sadly, his spirit had been corrupted by God's influence: it was now possessed of a virus that merged his being with a demon. For the next three years, he wandered the world as "Coriolis", consuming other demons in order to give pause to the corruption of the virus in him, all the while searching for some way to save humanity from its purgatory. Finally, on the verge of losing hope, he was visited by one of God's custodians, who had been observing his struggles. This custodian offered him one of two futures: an uncertain life in another time and place, far from their hopeless world, or a swift death in meaningless defiance of God's will. Perhaps a hero would have revolted against the custodian, but Coriolis knew that he lacked the power to challenge God. With a heavy heart, he bid his home a weary farewell and allowed himself to be cast beyond the folds of the universe, arriving in the destination of least resistance: the Nexus...
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Nisha 'Kasumi' McGuire
    (sometimes known as Raven)

    Real Name: Hadiza Rabiu
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Lightly-enhanced Nu-Human
    Age: 14
    Class/Profession: Vigilante Assassin

    Power Rating: Situational

    Description: A lean dark-skinned girl with shoulder-length jet-black hair, silver glowing eyes and black sclera. Her mouth is covered by a navy blue scarf. She's dressed in black ninja wear like her sister Luna, though hers appears to look like the 'kabuki background actors' clothing, with every inch of her body save her face covered in stealth wear. Her eyes are devoid of emotion most times.

    Personality: Quiet, stoic, morbid. Brutally honest. Has a sweet tooth (though she hides this). Likes birds.

    Pet: A tar-black raven with bright, intelligent eyes which is bonded to Nisha. Nisha talks to her, and she helps Nisha in missions. Her name is Brenna.

    • Ninja tools
    • A series of 'storage discs' in her Victoria's Secret Compartment, essentially giving her a gigantic inventory.
    • A SkySurf board that only she can control.
    • Teddy Bear/Powerful Shadow Spirit

    Abilities: Most of her abilities are used in short bursts. She can use them for longer, but she uses them for as long as is necessary, which is usually a short while.
    • One-Sword style. She's deadly fast with it. Uses Void Energy to supernaturally augment the blade sharpness, as well as slashing blasts of dark energy at her opponent(s).
    • Void Energy Manipulation:
      • Void hand blasts that hurt and/or drain energy.
      • Void Dimension: Void Trap, Void Seal, Black Hole creation.
      • Nullification/Limitation Inducement by touch
      • Aura vision.
      • Energy Drain
    • Shadow Mode: Shadow Hide, Shadow Walking, limited intangibility
    • 'Room of Darkness': A dome of darkness that covers a specific area (up to the size of a house). Gives her a space to use her abilities to the fullest, as well as providing cover for her allies.
    • Stealth; Combat Pragmatist, Agile

    Weakness: More suited to stealth operations and/or hit-and-run attacks, magical light abilites can overpower. Sweets.

    Spoiler: 'Short' Backstory =P
    Backstory: In this cyberpunk world, even ninja (and similar covert mercenary groups) have access to technology, though they still use it in the old ways. The ones with less access to technology had less 'futuristic' means, but were by no means any less formidable. The minimum age of the lowest level active ninja is 10, though there were those (like Nisha and Luna's clan) that set the bar even lower, at age six.

    When Luna was 12 and Raven was 6, war among ninja clans in a certain futuristic world broke out, with Nisha and Luna's father as one of the causes. He died by Luna's hand, and she took her sister and baby brother and fled the area instead of waiting to fight what was turning out to be a hopeless war. She would have stayed behind, but Luna thought her siblings deserved a better future. Things didn't quite pan out as expected, as her brother died and her sister (Nisha) had been kidnapped. This is Nisha's story from that point onwards.

    She was taken back to her clan to be trained for the war. Her sister's name was slandered in a bid to turn her against her sister. The bond between them was so great that it didn't work, however, especially since she knew what had really happened.

    Nisha was subjected to insanely tough training (from the age of 5 to 8) and was one of the only kids to succeed in completing the training regimen. Her shadow power manifested, and she had grown into a ruthless and lethal ninja. Her driving motivation was to surpass her sister, as everyday she relived the moment she saw her sister die, blaming herself for not being strong enough to help. She also habored hatred for her clan for trying to tarnish the memory of her sister and her family.

    Of course, it was no surprise that she turned on her clan at the earliest opportunity. After biding her time, such an opportunity came in the form of a captive. They were getting desperate to win the war so much that they brought in a young shadow-being, one which Nisha quickly befriended. She told him of her hatred, and he promised to help her take out the clan if freed. She freed him, and he kept his promise... by possessing her and using her body to enact their revenge. She was 10.

    She woke up un-possessed, her new companion beside her. Together, they travelled around, joined up with a wandering merc group and made a living killing buttholes, slavers and the worst of the worst. In order to avoid freaking people out too much, her shadow-friend takes the form of a teddybear in public. He's also responsible for honing her powers and introducing her to her origami and birdwatching hobbies.

    Very recently, Luna and Nisha reunited tearfully while in the Nexus, her having arrived for reasons I'll decide later.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Psymech Private 013 Krenna

    Alias: PM-13/Psychomech 13/Psymech Private 013 Krenna
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Orc
    Age: 23
    Alignment: None though she fits Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Psychomech Soldier
    Power Rating: 5, Great Hero
    She is of amazonian build and beauty, green skin and 6 ft tall, she has long black hair flowing freely, her eyes are a fierce blue and she has little bottom fangs pointing upwards from her mouth. She wears thick power armor painted blue with the designation “PM-13”

    She still has some bitterness over her family dying due to racism, but she tries to embody virtuous behavior as best she can. She however does like fighting and protecting people, and she likes science and progress. Due to her training she also tries to keep herself calm and on task.

    Power Suit:
    Wears bulky power armor that protects her from damage as well as giving her super strength allowing her to both lift things and jump and leap great distances.

    Chain Saw Sword:
    A high-tech chain saw sword. cuts through almost anything and is powered by a psychic battery connected to her mind and thus her emotions. Has been known to suddenly start up when she is angry.

    Psychic Abilities:
    Can read minds and emotions, as well as attack minds for either lethal or nonlethal purposes, such as tampering with their senses or trying to stun them, and can also communicate with others telepathically and sense people nearby

    Can lift, push and lunch various objects at people in various ways.
    Can also blast Psychic Lightning, as well as psycho-mechanically repair her power armor and chain saw sword, and can even combine her telekinesis and power suit’ capabilities to boost her jumping abilities

    Its hard, growing up as a female orc. Krenna knows this more than anyone else. She did not grow up in any world where orcs are inherently evil or gone around raiding people for fun. She had to fight for her life to survive against humans, elves and dwarves trying to wipe her out and her clan anyways. However one day the clan was cornered. They could no longer run, and could only hope that they could hide enough of themselves that the ones who stayed to fight would convince them that they got them all. Krenna, a teenager at that point did not understand the situation and wanted to join the defense, but her father knocked her out and hid her somewhere else separate from the rest of the orcs to save her.

    When she woke up, everyone else was dead. They had all died fighting. On that day, her anger was truly awoken like never before and suddenly a power awoke in her, showing itself in an explosive burst of power. Psychic power burst from her, knocking everything away, and soon other founds her, kind people from all races lived together and took her to a city where they explained her powers if left uncontained would be dangerous.

    So they taught her how to use her psychic powers while outfitting her with technological power armor and chainsaw sword, giving her discipline, education while she became a super-soldier. She was taught to not fight for vengeance as she originally wanted, but for justice, for freedom and acceptance instead. She became a defender of the city, a Psychomech Soldier who kept a good way of life, one of kindness and tolerance safe.

    Soon she was chosen to go on an important expedition to a strange magical anomaly she accepted this and went, but when they encountered it, the anomaly suddenly exploded, and Krenna woke up with no idea where she was...
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    RUTH and ASHER

    Spoiler: Ruth

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Nephilim Goddess
    Apparent Age: 32
    Real Age: More than a millenia.
    Class/Profession: Lightformer, Princess of Light

    Power Rating: god-class

    Description: See avatar.

    Personality: Rather excited to be in the Nexus.
    Slow to anger, rather literal-minded. Always modestly dressed. Tolerant to a fault. Detests needless fighting.

    Equipment: Bow of Light

    • Can mold and manipulate light enough that she could personify it.
    • Light speed, extends to her attacks, as well.
    • Can create light to some extent (via molding or a formula)


    Spoiler: Asher

    Gender: Male
    Apparent Age: 4 years old
    Real Age: 6 years old
    Class/Profession: Winged Child, shows promise of earthforming.

    Power Rating: b-class. Control is what he lacks.

    Description: See avvie. Wings are green-tinged.

    Personality: Naive to a fault. Shy. Energetic, but a crybaby. Obedient, loyal. Scaredy-cat. Has hidden strength.
    Stutters, but the more comfortable he's feeling, the less he stutters.

    Equipment: Wings, harp, medallion that makes him feel closer to his mother. Medallion helps with courage.

    • Flight via wings.
    • Can sing and play dreamy melodies on his harp.
    • Can mold clay perfectly on contact.
    • Can temporarily create solid constructs out of dust (about 3 seconds)

    (He can't control them at will, they appear in situations of duress)
    • Earth manipulation and creation (via a formula); being able to feel all the earth in a wide radius
    • Turn molded materials and constructs into the real thing.
    • Turn things into dust.
    • Super speed and super strength.

    Can't consciously control most of his powers.

    Backstory: Ruth and Asher are from a race of Nature-based Nephilim (half-angel, half-human) deity-like people. They age using a curve, slowly at first, then quickly, then slowly, over millenia. Help to tend to their world.

    One day, Ruth wanted to come and visit a new world of the earthlings, and discovered the Nexus, a place where the earthlings and their imaginative ideas come alive dwelled as one in the same plane of existence. She decided she had to come and visit, amd started making arrangements.

    Her winged son Asher decided he wanted to come too, and she accepted. She told her husband about it, and he accepted. It was settled, Asher was to arrive with Ruth, where they would find the place called GLoG and use it as a resting and working place, then explore this 'Nexus' from there.

    Due to a planar-transport accident, they ended up in different places!

    • GLoG-based
    • Enemies with Alkania
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Doctor Laranne Zetnik

    Name: Laranne Zetnik
    Alias: Dr. Zetnik, Prof. Zetnik
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Elf
    Age: 53
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Super Scientist
    Power Rating: 5
    She wears white light body armor, has a lithe figure and has short red hair and green eyes, complete with pointed ears. She has a sleek ray gun and rod at her belt.

    She is obsessed with SCIENCE! and is sort of a combination of an old professor and a young teenager, being an elf who while older than many humans is still just a teenager in elven years, and is thus grumpy and irascible and very manic.

    Multi-Ray Gun:
    A sleek pistol that has many shooting settings and is powered by micro fusion. It is designed to be able to shoot as many different rays and energies as possible such as: plasma, radiation, sound, electricity, portal, psychic, lunar, and others both scientific and magical for various reasons, even doubling as a healing tool.

    Grav-Glider Boots:
    Allows her to fly gracefully, almost like she is skating on the air

    Light Explorer’s Armor:
    Is made of various nano-weave materials, belt generates a forcefield for additional protection and can unfold a helmet around the user so that they can breathe underwater or in space. It also a array of scanners that pick up information about all sorts of things, with its own computer installed into the thing to process it all, and contains a veritable archive of knowledge.

    A little rod that can become any hand-held device imaginable, handy for any situation. This includes things like wrenches, screwdrivers, dagger, flashlight, compass, binoculars, skeleton key, laser pointer, crowbar, pen, and so on.

    Super Science:
    She has knowledge of dimensional physics, temporal mechanics, arcane-physics interactions, alchemy-chemistry mechanics and many other fields of super science.

    Machine Intuition:
    Can make inventions in incredibly fast amounts of time, as well as figure out how machines work in general very fast using her psycho-intuitive powers.

    Elder Language Understanding:
    Can seem to naturally understand the languages of old texts and ancient writings as if she was fluent in them herself as a psychic ability, but it doesn’t work on encrypted things- only on different languages.

    She grew up in Arzon City, and always had a liking for knowledge. For some reason she was the only one who could understand the various old texts and information in the library that nobody else could understand, some said because perhaps such old knowledge was written in elvish and only elves could naturally understand it, or perhaps she had a psychic ability to understand any language, who knows.

    What is known is that when she applied that knowledge, she made inventions greater and faster than anyone else. She was gifted with machines and science in a way no one else was, and while she was only one person and could not change Arzon City with her inventions, she was able to save Arzon City many times because she made an invention that no one else had knowledge of, and soon became the go-to person to make inventions that could solve problems no one else could.

    She also espoused theories about existence, physics and the interaction of various forces that no one else could really confirm because she was the only one who knew what she was talking about. However her math was always impeccable so everyone took her at her word that she knew what she was talking about. When the anomaly occurred she was the first people chosen to go forth and investigate it, knowing that her expertise might be useful in a way no others would.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Zhyv Drutagati

    Occupation: Craftsman (of weapons and machines)
    Gender + Race: Male Satyr (Goat person)
    Sexuality: Bi.
    Full Age: About 400 years old
    Power Level: B

    Backstory: Zhyv is the best craftsman of his time, and he'll be willing to tell anyone who listens to him that same very fact. Descended from a long line of renowned craftsmen, Zhyv was frequently under pressure to be as good as or even better than his parents. He was doing very well on that front, until one day he made a terrible thing that put his countrymen in danger.

    While awaiting punishment, Zhyv, fearing the consequences to be dire, ran away from his homeland with naught but some stolen tools he could use to build things. On the run from his family, he ended up in a ship filled with shady craftsmen from various lands, who were being held prisoner. What saved him was the longstanding treaty the owners had with the satyrs, and he was returned home safely, much to his chagrin.

    Zhyv could never forget about the people he met on the ship, however, and the little he could learn on his short time there from the shady craftsmen left him with a hunger for more knowledge. But all that had to take a backseat to the judgement he awaited, now that he was back at home.

    Before any rash decisions could be made, a rather reclusive craftsman surprised everyone by taking him under his wing. He sensed something in the boy that made him want to train the lad.

    When training started, he didn't get disappointed. Zhyv was always willing to try new things, something that seemed to please the old craftsman. Under him, his creativity was not stifled, but allowed to run free in a controlled environment.

    Centuries passed, and soon he was a craftsman in his own right. Together, the old man and he plied their trade until Zhyv began to get a bit of wanderlust. They had travelled for a bit, and the goatman had developed a wish to see the world. He told the old man of this, and got supported wholeheartedly. To help him, he was given a parting gift, an old dagger that was said to have mystic powers.

    Seeing as the dagger was a gift from the old man, Zhyv kept it close at his side always. Little did he know (until later) that he was the latest wielder of the Spacewarper, a sword that allowed him to make portals through space and time! It didn't allow him to go very far backward, but he had to learn to control the 'forward' part.

    Fast-forward years later, and the Nexus joins one of the many realms Zhyv Gilehxquac has visited.

    Personality: A friendly, jolly romantic man with seemingly simple tastes but an eye for knowledge and possibilities. Is a craftsman who's better with a pair of tools than a weapon. Trickster tendencies. Loves wine.

    • Confusion Inducement
    • Good at making steampunkish constructs. Builder of things.
    • His music can cause weak-minded people to stop what they're doing and start dancing.
    • Fast runner

    The Spacewarper dagger bound to him gives him the following abilities:
    • The ability to portal from place to place. Requires cooldown time.
    • Faster reaction time and perceptiveness to the flow of time. Passive.
    • The ability to freeze time for a short period of time. Requires cooldown between uses
    • The ability to travel between planes. Requires cooldown of one day.
    • The ability to summon the dagger.

    Weakness: He's not a fighter.

    Equipment: His craftsman tools, a lute, a wineskin and his magic dagger, the Spacewarper, so named for its ability to create portals via space-time manipulation.

    Description: A man with long spiral horns of a goat on his head. He has mighty red-furred goat legs, a bag strapped to his bare back and his weapon at his belt. Square pupils, but his eyes and his horns are the only goat-like things on the human upper-half of his body.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Nihilon Terminus

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Vetala Nephilim
    Age: 20
    Class/Profession: Ki Technician
    Power Rating: 5
    He wears gloves, boots, black clothes and a trench coat all the time. Nihilon has a hood over his face in daylight, but when he takes it off he has a completely pale face, red eyes, dark red slicked back shoulder-length hair, and a katana sheathed on his back. He is lean and of average height.

    Nihilon has largely accepted his lot in life with a self-depreciating melancholy. He does not brood or angst over his troubles, for he knows that they will return soon enough for him not have any time for that. Instead he seeks what little lights of joy he can in this world, celebrating whatever accomplishment he can get no matter how small. Mostly because he believes that everyone works to become a little better and happier even if the world hates them.

    An ordinary katana

    Trench coat with a hood, gloves and boots for keeping out the sun.

    Vetala Nephilim Biology:
    -Resistant to Critical Injuries
    -Can ingest a large amount of blood to enter a supernatural state that boosts his general capabilities, but after five minutes he collapses and cannot get up for 2-3 hours
    -heals a little faster than most
    -strong light is detrimental to him, and will burn him a little as well as make him difficult to do anything. He can still walk around in sunlight but its not easy for him without some protection.
    -is anemic and thus more prone to disease.

    Eyes of Death:
    He hits everything as if making a critical hit. able to destroy anything and anyone with ease with his attacks, as he can see spiritual threads of everything passively, even able to see spirits and invisible people with his bloodline.

    Existence Eater:
    He can drain ki or life energy using any sort of contact with anybody else. Even if the enemy strikes him, he can use that to begin draining energy from others

    Nemesis Ki:
    Has trained in the use of Nemesis, gaining great fighting ability, supernatural athleticism as well as various techniques:
    -Noht, Armor of Emptiness: force field of emptiness that reduces any physical impact against him
    -Emptiness Extrusion: can touch energy, damage intangible/incorporeal beings, block immaterial attacks and all damage uses Cold energy
    -Form of Emptiness: Temporarily becomes a spectral being, his blows become intangible as does his form, becoming pure energy.
    -One With Nothing: automatically regenerates any limbs and does not suffer any pain, fatigue or adverse from physical damage.
    -Weight Elimination: can run on walls or water and pull off other gravity-defying stunts
    -Void Slice Attack: Can blast crescents of cold cutting void at people from his blade.
    -Void Sphere Pulse: A spherical blast of void energy that pulses outwards from his body in all directions.
    -Undetectable: is harder to detect by supernatural means.
    -Magic Cancellation: Once activated he suppresses all magic, ki and psychic powers in the local area, making it harder to use them or cancel them out entirely. Nemesis itself is not affected.

    It sucks, being Nihilon Terminus. Being born as a Vetala Nephilim is reason enough to think the universe hates you. However that curse has been compounded with the fact that he was born with both the Eyes of Death and Existence Eaters bloodlines. Thus he is vampiric in more ways than one and sees how to kill everyone around him to boot. All the energy of pure death inside of him of course makes it so that he heals at a slow rate. Thus it is a wonder why no omens of doom appeared when he was born and why his family still loved him.

    As he grew up, he grew to hate the sun since it burned him, and thus wore a hood over his head. He learned to always wear gloves because otherwise he would accidentally turn things to dust at his touch. He would learn not to speak of the threads of spirit he saw within and around people unless they thought him crazy or worse a witch. He would learn to resist the temptation of wanting to drink blood and he would often get sick from many a common cold. It was only a matter of time before the people around his family found out about his strangeness and decided to his burn his family for being witches. He escaped but his family didn’t.

    He managed to get to another village, where he was taken in by a kindly family who wanted to adopt him. He was so joyous that he hugged them and accidentally drained them of all their life force thus turning them to dust. He then ran away before anyone could see him. The third village he found a foster home where many people were adopted and they were about to accept him with open arms but then he sneezed, the family thought he was possessed by a demon of sickness and tried to kill him, and he had to run away again. The next town he found mendicant that treated his sickness and he helped her out with her work, his sight able to see who would soon die and who would have a chance to live, thus allowing him to heal people better. However he forgot his hood at one point, stepped out into the sun, got burned, the mendicant proclaimed him an abomination and tried to kill and he had to run away again.

    It was soon after that he came across a dark figure much like himself who saw his potential. A swordsman of dark ki techniques who called himself “Karazin” who could somehow tell he had both bloodlines, decided to take him in and was not kind to him- he was in fact harsh, teaching him that someone cursed like Nihilon must be strong in this world to survive or others would trample all over him, teaching him how to fight unceasingly and taking a sink or swim approach to his training. He even taught him how to use the power of Nemesis. When his training was done, Karazin gave him a katana and left him, saying that until he proves that he can survive and train on his own, he will teach him no more.

    So Nihilon now travels, sad and accursed. His goal? To get some friends. Preferably ones who won’t die.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Holly Dawson (callsign Weedwacker)

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Caucasian Human
    Age: 24
    Class/Profession: Mercenary Sniper

    Power Rating: B-

    Description: A short-haired busty brunette with lean muscle. Wears a brown tank top and camo trousers with army boots. She's usually with her trusty sniper rifle (Caroline). Has Byakugan eyes.

    Personality: A gun-loving tomboy. Loves her job, not for the money, but for the access to guns and for the chance to kill some very bad people. Doesn't drink, but smokes. Is too playful in social situations, and overly serious in combat situations.

    Equipment: A highly-modded anti-materiel rifle without a scope and/or a pair of pistols, various grenades and bullets for various situations. Adaptive 0CT0PU5 Camo, Slow-charging Kinetic Shield. A hammerspace duffel bag that stores all her weapons.

    • Eye-powers akin to the Byakugan (360 degree telescopic vision, vein-o-vision, the ability to see through obstructions, infrared vision etc)
    • Improbable gunplay skills. Can curve bullets. Physics? What's that?
    • Affinity for guns. She treats them like people.
    • Nanite implants grant her a healing factor, bursts of speed for when she needs to get away
    • Gun Maintenance

    Weakness: She might be carefree, but she has a code that she follows. She'll also drop whatever she's doing to play with a child (unless the child is armed). Can see through lead, but not without a lot of eye strain.

    Backstory: Holly had always wanted to be a soldier like her dad. Coupled with the fact that her uncle owned one of the biggest PMC there was, she was more-or-less fated to join the army, and she did join up, at the age of 18.

    She did her service time, and eventually became a Navy Seal. Her uncle, being impressed with her performance, her track record as an excellent sniper and her confirmed kill count, offered her a job to work with Mayweather Corporation, his self-owned Private Military Corporation. Of course she accepted, and in a while, she was a full member of his PMC corps.

    Part of her training regimen was a steady injection of nanomachines and some implants to help with her shooting. She was taught the ancient art of curving bullets and gifted with far-sight, rendering a scope useless.

    The true nature of the PMC was revealed: it was to help combat supernatural enemies, as well as the standard enemies. She added mages, gods, minor eldritch creatures, demons etc to her list of killed creatures, and she got better at it every time. Though she looks like a beautiful girl, she acts more like 'one of the boys'.

    At present, she's been deployed to the Nexus to scope it out.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Garákiad Gilanka, goes by Gara

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human, though perhaps with some genetic deviations and modifications. Ex-goddess of deception and discord.

    Age: 1370 Earth years, though she would measure them differently

    Alignment: Lawful Evil, though her ideology is alien. Think of the League of Shadows. Also, think of Loki from Avengers.

    Class/Profession: Multiple, considering how old she is. She has decades of experience in a variety of careers. She's done pretty much everything shady that can be done, so consider her a rogue of sorts. Her combat experience is limited to her Archon trials. Her experience in high society and social circles is almost as extensive as her experience as a rogue, and mostly overlaps with it. Her time as an academic is only a couple of Earth life-times, and focuses mostly on biology, chemistry, and artificial intelligence. Her time with the green faction mostly involved sexual conquests and shaping its jungle cities, though she did spend a couple decades helping terraform a new world as a guardian. Her time in entertainment was spent on a variety of deity league teams, in centuries of gaming and championships.

    Power Rating: According to this she is a five, but she used to be a nine.

    Description: She's 4'11" with dark hair and yellow eyes. She has an athletic but curvy frame, and is comfortable in a very wide variety of clothing. Her description will vary as she uses illusions extensively, and her clothing itself can change appearance.

    Personality: An expert socialite, she is accustomed to wearing masks, both figuratively and literally. Her true personality is one of bitterness and contempt for anything but power. She loves working from the shadows and is manipulative to the core. Lately, however, she has been reconsidering what to do with her life. Forced to, really.

    Equipment: She made it to the nexus with only the clothes on her back, none of the AI assistance she is used to, and none of the other technology she's used to using. She's currently wearing a biomorphic skin tight suit, used for exploring new environments. It can serve as a pressure suit, can self repair, and offers some first aid to the wearer. It can change color and texture, and she'll likely try to use it to blend in. It is equipped with a universal translator.

    Abilities/Backstory: She has been an Archon for over a thousand years, one of the greater gods of an advanced interstellar civilization, though still not the head of her own pantheon. Though a technologically advanced civilization, her empire has thousands of gods and countless demigods, which to them are mortal individuals who have acquired a cosmic power of sorts, and who then can merge to become gods. A recent cataclysm had divided the merged power, reverting all the gods to demigods. Gara is an exception to this, in that she still has her undivided power, but that the cataclysm affected her differently - her power is diminished to a tiny fraction of what it once was, but it is still undivided. She has lived and died countless times, and has only recently experienced fear of permanent death.

    Most of her power can only be used either through direct touch or using a tool of some sort to connect herself with an object. She can rearrange matter and create almost anything, provided it can fit in a small area that she can directly touch, such as between her hands. She can manipulate matter and energy close to her, and her knowledge of technology allows her to, with time create and repair most things, though she's used to having AI assistance. She draws matter from her own body for many of her abilities, and can eat or absorb nearly anything in order to regenerate mass and power, though she prefers live food. She can shield herself against most energy and projectile attacks. Before the cataclysm she could have brought herself back to life using her power, but has not since risked testing that particular ability. Underneath it all, she is and has always been, a normal mortal human. She can create elaborate illusions around her immediate person. Illusions are one of her specialties, and she prefers using them to overt conflict. She can sense through materials with microscopic detail, provided she can touch it, allowing her to control electrical flow when it is present or potentially present, as well as "see" inside items that she touches. She greatly misses being able to fly (though she can still fall great distances without harm), teleport, mentally explore distant spaces, and numerous other actions at a distance. She cannot create something out of nothing, and requires source matter in order to do anything (before she could have pulled this matter from practically anywhere). ((Her powers are contagious, contact me if you want to your character to contract them.))

    More Backstory: Half of her power comes from the soul of the man she loved back when they both were demigods, whom she betrayed and consumed in order to ascend. She has done many great and terrible things in order rise in power over the centuries. More than anything else, she seeks to regain her lost power, at which point she intends to return to her former universe.

    Miscellaneous: I'm not sure where to insert Gara, ex-goddess of deception and discord. She has some ideas about how to regain her power, but that involves getting others to contract the power and experimenting on their souls, in addition to inciting general mayhem. Does someone need an antagonist?

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Alias: The Abhorsen-in-Waiting, The Walker
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 27
    Alignment: LG
    Class/Profession: Necromancer

    Equipment: Spelled & silvered sword and bandolier holding the seven bells of a necromancer - Ranna, the Sleeper; Mosrael, the Waker; Kibeth, the Walker; Dyrim, the Speaker; Belgaer, the Thinker; Saraneth, the Binder; and Astarael, the Weeper.
    Abilities: Experienced Charter mage, necromancer, and Free Magic sorcerer. Also a passable swordsman. Has read every page of the Book of the Dead.

    Does the Walker Choose the Path, or the Path, the Walker?
    "I am a necromancer, but not of the common kind.
    Where others of the art raise the Dead, I lay them back to rest
    —And those that will not rest, I bind."

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Davis Black

    Alias: None.
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Regular old Human.
    Age: 24.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Chef.
    Power Rating: E. He's a chef.
    Description: Davis is a conventionally attractive caucasian man with short blond hair and deep blue eyes. He takes some pride in his appearance, keeping himself well-groomed and clean shaven at essentially all times. He is of average build, not particularly skinny, plump or muscled. He stands a little on the short side at 5 foot 3 inches tall.

    Davis is almost always seen wearing what is the quintessential chef's ensemble, hat included.

    Personality: Davis is outgoing, friendly and confident, speaking well and making friends easily wherever he goes. He has a good sense of humour and is rarely seen without a smile on his face or a laugh on his lips. However, when caught out of his element, such as when being confronted by the overtly supernatural, he becomes nervous and easily flustered. Despite being somewhat uncormfortable with it, Davis is fascinated by and intensely curious of the supernatural and fantastic.
    Equipment: Very little. Just the clothes on his back and what he had on him when he was whisked away to the Nexus, wallet, keys, that kind of thing.
    Abilities: He is extremely well versed in the culinary arts and, as the star of his own show in his home universe, he is an expert actor and speaker.
    Backstory: Davis hails from a world that bares a strong resemblance to 21st century Earth and has a complete lack of real supernatural or fantastic elements.

    As an only child with a single mother who worked long hours, Davis found himself becoming a very outgoing and friendly person, eager to meet new people just so he'd have someone to talk to. It was also at this young age that he developed his love of cooking, as he was often left to feed himself when his mother wasn't around. One can only have take-away pizza so many times.

    After winning a scholarship to and graduating from the International Institute of Culinary Arts, Davis eventually ended up combining both his charm and his cooking skill by becoming a TV chef with his own show, uncreatively named "Cooking with Davis". From there, his popularity soared, achieving international fame in a fairly short time.

    By some twist of fate however, Davis now has stumbled into some sort of planar rift, stranding him in the Nexus without explaination. Still, he's in no hurry to leave, it's a fun and interesting place to find oneself.
    Miscellaneous: Nada.
    Just "John" is fine.

    Credit to Edwin for the awesome orc avatar.

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    inde Verzerrte

    Race: One-Eyed Ghoul (human)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Chaotic Goodish
    Occupation: N/A
    Power Level: B-

    With a petite frame and tanned, freckled skin, Linde does not look like more than an average citizen to the untrained eye. Her jade eyes and Tuscan red hair do little to avert this conclusion either, and nor do her varying attire. Perhaps it's a set of ebon dress pants, a crisp white shirt, crimson tie and dark bartender's vest, or maybe it's one of the two dresses she loves to wear, in either case paired with black combat boots, crimson knee-high socks and maybe her favorite long forest green coat. Or maybe it's something new.
    Of course, as all nexusgoers know, few are average or stay average for long in the nexus, and Krista is not one of those few.

    Linde is at heart a woman of curiosity and indulgence. She loves to tinker and learn, never more at home than when she sits down at a workbench or delves into a good book. However, Linde is a bit gluttonous in more than just her hunger to learn. You see, before her change of diet, she took delight in savoring food, though never to the extent of obesity, a trait Linde still exhibits in her infatuation with coffee and her binge-eating tendencies.
    Her personality is far from unbridled gluttony, however: Linde's once impulsive nature and indulgent behavior is tempered by the wariness that she's developed, among with a healthy dose of suspicion. Linde is at ease deceiving and with a quick mind always analyzing, developing escape routes and determining personalities. This is all due to a life of being hunted, always having to stay one jump ahead of the lawmen or else meet a swift end. Prey survives only if it knows to be vigilant. However, being hunted is not the only way Linde developed these traits, for by nature she is a hunter as well, learning to analyze and deceive in order to corner and consume her quarry.

    Ghoul Physiology
    Due to her status as a hybrid ghoul, Linde has quite a few supernatural traits. Her skin is quite tough, normal attacks from guns and blades unable to pierce through it, though strikes of strong enough force or attacks from kagune can damage her despite this. Linde's strength is also boosted, and regeneration keeps her on her feet.
    One of the most interesting traits being a ghoul grants her is a very acute sense of smell. To Linde, every race smells different and delicious (their blood, more so). This is all for the purpose of hunting, for being a ghoul means Linde must feast on the flesh of humanoid beings. Her powers weaken without it, and she can starve. The food humans and others eat tastes absolutely repulsive to her and makes her sick to the stomach if consumed.

    Ghoul Physiology: Chimera
    Linde is a special type of Half-ghoul known as a chimera, meaning she possesses two different combat appendages known as Kagune. Linde possesses an Utaku and Rinkaku kagune, the former bloodred wing-shaped appendages that shift as she wills, able to launch parts of them as crystals and shield herself with them. Rinkaku kagune is a set of blood-red tentacles that sprout from the waist, used to spear as well as grapple or assist in movement.
    To use a kagune does require energy from consumption of flesh, and can be taxing to release.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Gender: Female
    Species: Human-Skunk Chimera
    Age: 23-ish
    Occupation: Refugee/Wanderer

    Description: Imagine, if you will, a regular woman. Add a well-proportioned skunk's tail to her backside and the skunk's signature warning coloration to her hair, and you have Rose!

    She's attractive enough in an athletic sort of way (at least, she would be if not for her warning coloration). She's not exactly shapely; her build sacrifices curvaceousness for hardiness. She's ever vigilant, her light green eyes darting around her environment, marking every abnormality and appraising every opportunity. Her lips are pink, much like a regular human's. Her hair was cut short (chopped, more like), so there's very little of it to do very much of anything with (least of all to grab). Her nose is regal, small(ish), and very much human in its appearance. Her ears, teeth, feet, and everything in-between closely resemble those of a human as well.

    Rose's wardrobe consists almost entirely of articles of clothing that mimic the skunk's signature black and white warning coloration. Barring exceptional circumstances, Rose wears a black and white hoodie (acquired in the Nexus), black and white trousers, black socks, black boots, a black and white t-shirt, and her Hotline Miami-esque skunk mask.

    -Rose rummages through trash cans like nobody's business!
    -Rose can harness the amazing powers of a shovel to burrow into the ground over the course of several hours.
    -Rose can be squished under a wheel of your car on the way to work.

    1) If you've ever been sprayed by a skunk, you have a pretty good idea of what Rose's superpower is.
    2) Any organic with a lick of common sense will probably refrain from threatening her.
    3) Proficient in the art of unarmed combat, she is.
    4) She's fluent in Latin and Nexus Standard.
    5) Rose is impervious to scent-based attacks.
    6) Rose's senses of hearing and smelling far surpass those of a normal human.
    7) Rose spent the bulk of her pre-Nexus life working as an "apothecary's" apprentice. She's an able "pharmacist" with keen insight into the everyday workings of the natural world.
    8) Rose possesses latent magical potential.

    1) Alcoholic

    -Rose's Thorns (A pair of spiked knuckledusters)
    -Coin Purse and a Modest Sum of Money
    -Silver Hipflask
    -Pocket Knife
    -Basic Survival (Camping) Gear (Including a bedroll, woodcutter's axe, and basic fishing tackle)
    -Hotline Miami-esque Skunk Mask
    -Assorted Clothes
    -Bargain Bin Timepiece
    -Weathered Compass
    -Oil Lantern


    Backstory: To be continued...
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    The Members of House Myr'ahel
    The colorful cast of drow who form a house of Delmah Phor with a reputation for toying with magitech and bioengineering, following the tenets of The Way of the Infinite Turtle and bearing pupiled, irised eyes of instead of the orbs of color most dark elves possess

    Chroma Verzerrte
    The Solidago of House Myr'ahel

    Aliases: Solidago, Kitsune
    Race: Nymph (Salamander)
    Gender Female
    Age: 18
    Augments: Quinx
    Class: Servant
    Power Level: C+

    With the sylphlike body of a dancer and tanned, freckled skin, Chroma stands slightly above the median height with graceful form. Her body, while not that of a genderbent Adonis, is athletic and muscular, attesting to the training she bears. Some fat is present on Chroma's Caucasian form, giving her an hourglass-like shape.
    The limber warrior lets the burnt umber tresses she bears run down the length of her back in a flowing braid, finishing its downward journey at the same distance the lithe warrior's lowermost ribs meet her spine. The rest of Chroma's long hair flows around her head, shading the vivid red pupils that glint with cunning and vigilance.
    Chroma bears a knee-shrouding, kimono-like dress of red with trim of deeper shade. Atop this vestment, her waist is bound by sea green wrapping that bears the detailing of a stylized sea serpent in deeper shade, the cloth shimmering slightly in light. Amaranth cloth forms a flowing scarf which encircles Chroma's neck, the loose end draped over her shoulder to fall down her back.





    Miscellaneous Information
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Yvette Ambrose

    Real Name: Emille Jacques
    Other Pseudonyms:

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 27
    Class/Profession: Power-hungry sorceress druid, former slave.

    Power Rating: B-Rank

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Description: A shaven-headed woman with four dots below her left jaw (marking her as a former slave) and a Mark of The Wilds behind her left hand, unseen only because she wears gloves. There's a hint of a dagger hidden in her robes, and she is dressed seductively.

    Personality: Emille/Yvette is a woman without a conscience and trust issues. She will do anything to achieve her goals, though her preferred method is manipulation and seduction. Ice Queen, when she's not pretending to be nice. Fights dirty.

    Personas: She can adopt them by changing her body language, posture, tone of voice, accent, clothing etc.
    • The Sorceress of The Wilds: Her standard persona, if she has one. Seductive.
    • The Lady/Noble: Learnt from her time with the sorceress Lala Herne, as well as her time as a noble.
    • The Servant: Gleaned from her time as a slave, used for hiding in plain sight.

    Equipment: Ring of Psychic Resistance, as well as an assortment of mid-level protective spells

    • Mark of The Wilds: Makes her more attuned with nature, as well as enabling her to shapeshift into the four animals, as well as utilize their aspects. Can only use one aspect at a time, can't use aspects in animal form. Aspects:
      • Rat (Stealth): Run silently, run up walls, prey instinct, induce sickness. Fragile.
      • Insect Swarm: Harder dermal armor, stronger grip.
      • Raven(Flight): Lighter skeleton for higher jumps, but more prone to damage. Can glide.
      • Snake(Sensing): Camouflage when standing still, enhanced senses, night vision, agility and flexibility.
      • Panther: Enhanced agility and flexibility, predator instinct, night vision.
    • Ability to talk to and control animals.
    • Spellcasting: Poison, Sickness, Charm Beast.

    Weakness: Relies on magic to fight. Uses hit-and-run tactics.

    Born Emille Jacques, Yvette (as she now calls herself) is the last of five siblings. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, her parents were nobles, highly regarded in their community. Unfortunately for Emille and her siblings (Matthias, Adrienne, Chloe and Ethan), their parents were quite busy and as a result, unavailable. This meant that the siblings had to compete for the parents' attention.

    Since she was born, she had never felt completely welcome. She was born a full six years after her immediate older one, Ethan. Given the state of things in the house, she always felt that her addition to the family made it harder to be noticed by her parents, never mind that she was the last born. As a result, she learnt to manipulate her siblings and her parents to get what she wanted.

    On her 10th birthday, she took things too far, got her parents to side with her and ignore her siblings, hogging all the attention for herself. Deciding they had to teach her a lesson, she was lured to the woods around the mansion, manhandled by her siblings, stripped to her drawers and left alone. Oh, how she cried and cried! She felt so alone, and was forced to walk all the way back to her house in only her panties. To add insult to injury, her siblings had invited friends over, and said friends made fun of her. Emille decided that she hated her siblings, a feeling which never quite subsided.

    On her 14th birthday, her parents were involved in an accident which led to their death. A funeral service was held for them, and Matthias, already 30, became the breadwinner. The inheritance was shared, and it was discovered that Emille had the lion's share of the money. This angered her siblings to no end, as they got less money and more 'non-cash assets. They decided to get rid of the 'favorite child', getting the money inheritance to themselves. She would never know that Adrienne wasn't complicit in the plan, not that it matters to her. All she wants is revenge.

    You see, her siblings roughed her up and sold her to travelling slavers, who took her to a faraway country, branded her for sale and sold her to a widower of a nobleman who owned a small village. Shortly after her sale, she tried to escape, was caught and was beaten severely. She was also locked up for months with a meagre supply of food. Needless to say, she never tried it again, instead resorting to manipulation and crude stratagems to get her way.

    She spent 2 years as a lowly stable slave until the noble returns from his trip and saw her. Remembering his deceased wife, he promoted her to house slave. Unfortunately for her, the guy was also a drunk and frequently beat her, at first. She had to learn his ways and learn to manipulate him and soon he was treating her better.

    About a year after her 'promotion', the noble's niece, a sorceress, showed up in the home. She took a liking to the slave girl and persuaded her uncle to give her ownership of the girl. Her uncle agreed after some cajoling - a technique that Emille learnt by observation - and transfers ownership to the sorceress.

    As it turned out, the sorceress didn't really need a slave. She saw something in Emille, a potential for magic and a skill for manipulation that she herself admired. Deciding she was wasted as a mere slave for her pathetic drunkard of an uncle, she decided to whisk Emille away and train her herself. Because of the potential to gain power, Emille agreed. She would focus on learning all she could, look for a way to get out, and escape. Over time, though, she grew to begrudgingly respect her teacher (named Lala Herne), the one who pulled her from a life of slavery into a life of power.

    She trained under the sorceress for seven years, eventually joining the lodge of sorceresses as a novice. She was majorly helped by the Mark of The Wilds that she obtained from a Nature Spirit, a mark that gave her the ability to utilize the aspects of certain animals (namely Rat, Panther, Snake and Raven) and also to transform into them.

    Due to the mark, her field of magic is focused on Nature Aspects, which she uses to get out of (or into) hairy situations. Together with her manipulative personality (refined by the other sorceresses), her Aspect magic and the ability to move about quickly (learnt as a slave) made her strong rather quickly.

    During this time, she gained an appreciation for nature and often spent her time in the woods, communicating with other animals, frolicking with them and building on her Aspect abilities.

    She did this, biding her time until she could get strong enough to take revenge on her siblings. After learning all she could, she started making plans to visit her home country. Wishing her luck, her sorceress teacher sent her on her way.

    On getting back, Emille (now calling herself Yvette) discovered that her old siblings had ascended in status. They had also gathered many enemies because of their ruthlessness, something Yvette found easy to exploit. Charming and manipulating her way around, she gained info as to their movements, then struck at the four of them, tainting their images irreparably in the eyes of the public. She then started planning on getting them together in one place with the aim of killing them. However, as they were fairly well guarded even with their image so tarnished, it proved to be a difficult task.

    Yvette has come to the Nexus in order to further hone her skills and maybe gain an army, so that she can finally kill her family while securing all their wealth.

    Endgame: After murdering her family, the government will be next. By infiltrating them and swaying them to their beliefs, she aims to pull the strings of the world covertly, and also make the world more nature-compliant. To amass a lot of power, both magical and social.
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    Rupert O'Reilly

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Lizardfolk

    Age: Late 20s (exact DOB is unknown)

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Gunslinger/Bard

    Power Rating: Dangerously Cheesy

    Description: Like most adult lizard men Rupert is tall, thin and gangly. Standing perfectly upright he clocks at seven feet, but a subtle stoop natural to his race brings him down to a 6' 9". Because of his comparatively more comfortable life he's less well toned and bulked than many of his kind, though, and his face is long and slender. Where he walks he carries a long, slender tail that lazily moves of its own conscience. His scales are a smoothed, sheen and immaculately groomed emerald green.

    Personality: Rupert's charisma is one of near terminal good cheer. His doggedly uncomplicated philosophy of "Don't worry about it" means he's always at the ready with mirth and merriment. Those with a more professional outlook may find him to be chatty and needlessly esoteric in his verbosity, but he's a fairly popular staple amongst many bars and taverns.

    He is, however, too scatterbrained to a truly talented musician or gunslinger and as such is only mediocre at both. Perhaps most frustratingly, he's perfectly content in his mediocrity. He's a proud and open hedonist and utterly lacking in motivation for anything lasting or substantial. He's intelligent in many areas, especially regarding the arts and philosophy, but his understanding of the sciences is severely lacking.

    • 2x Colt 45 peacemaker (affectionately dubbed Sonny and Cher)
    • Acoustic guitar (cheap, replacable, utilitarian)
    • Assorted ammunition and gunpowder
    • "Birds of the Steppes" by Candace Washington (Dragonspeak translation by Y'vril Tempest)

    Additionally he tends to be clad in outfits even the most charitable would call "gaudy". Impractical for combat and excessive for every other occasion, he describes his sense of style as "glam rock meets Rawhide". He is particularly fond of a stark white Stetson he feels goes with everything.

    Abilities: Rupert possesses a perfectly competent understanding of firearms. At closer range he's audacious enough to attempt to fire two handed, though he has little confidence in the aim of his left. Pistols are his proficiency and, as of now, he has no plans to branch out any time soon.

    Backstory: Working on it.

    "Flash is fast, Flash is cool. Francois c'est pas, flashe non due."

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    Sorcerer-Captain Feng Bo, or just "Bo."

    Alignment: Conservative – the rules matter. Neutral in the way that most people are – some good tendencies, depending on how the observer sees things like serving the Empire loyally and diligently; and some bad tendencies, depending on how you feel about invading and conquering other planets that were just minding their own business.

    Class/Profession: Battlemage, a/k/a military sorcerer; intelligence officer, direct-action specialist.

    Power Rating: 4-to-4.5 or B-to-B+

    Description: A human male who looks a physically-fit 30 years of age, with a round, open face, usually smiling, brown eyes, clean-shaved jaw and skull, light color skin, just under 2 m. tall and 90 kg. Black stubble grows in on his face and head if he lets them go for more than a day or two without shaving. He wears a long, quilted jacket in grey with a red and black pattern (long sleeved, high collared and knee length like a greatcoat) over a dark red shirt, tucked into black breeches over heavy black boots. It all looks worn, but well cared for. He carries no obvious weapons, not even a blade at his wide black leather belt, which might seem strange as the overall effect is that of a uniform with all insignia removed.

    Personality: Friendly, polite, but dignified and a bit formal. Careful – wants to know the rules and relationships before taking action. Balanced - does not easily get too up, too down or too angry. Generally good humored and will go out of his way to be decent company. Kind to pets, children and people in need. Independent and strong-willed. Careless with money; likes to gamble. In conflict situations his smile disappears and his expression turns blank as training puts aside emotion. Prone to writing overly long after-action reports, getting lost in the technical details of surveillance matrix networks, and other weaknesses. Has a sense of humor underneath.

    1. The greatcoat he wears is enchanted to act as the equivalent of a chain hauberk or kevlar.
    2. A sword called Spider. Normally worn on Bo’s right hand in the form of a ring, it transforms to sword form in his hand when called for. It’s not a major arcana, but it is enchanted. "Few are those fortunate enough to escape the steel web."
    3. Rucksack. A bag of holding. Can levitate along the ground following its owner, or be carried on his back, or shrunk to wallet size and pocketed when half full.

    Bo has trained since childhood in martial arts using hands, feet, and a variety of weapons. In soldiers of the Empire this kind of training, and the strength and conditioning to march all day and then fight, are taken for granted. It’s also the foundation of his sorcery. He practices both every day.

    Bo’s magic is largely oriented towards military applications of the destructive kind and intelligence gathering. He is good at blasting, burning, freezing, electrocuting, and generally tearing things down; shielding or suppressing similar effects of magic and weapons; but also surveillance, scrying and long distance communications. Physical buffs such as strength, speed and toughness, of course. He can manage flight, basic illusions such as invisibility and disguise. He can spend magic to re-create the effects of grenades, automatic weapons and other equipment using pre-programmed spells, if he's not equipped with the physical items when needed.

    What Bo is not good at: Excessively complicated magic, like healing, shape-changing, mind-affecting spells, weather systems, summoning demonic and/or angelic entities, enchanting items -- Such things take plenty of time and preparation, if they work at all. Magic becomes more difficult and takes longer as it becomes more subtle and technical. Maybe with another 100 years of constant practice...

    Secondarily, Bo has some experience in constructing fortifications as well as penetrating them. He is trained to pilot several kinds of aircraft and orbit-capable ships, as well as a flying creature or three. He can cook for himself -- also for others if they’re not too picky. He’s not familiar with most tech, be it electronic or ICE, but can often reproduce their effects with magic.

    Backstory: Space opera! Bo is, or was, a low-ranking military officer of a galaxy-spanning Empire. Though the Empire is human in origin, alien races are commonly citizens of the Empire with the same rights as humanity, provided they follow the Imperial Principle: One Galaxy, One Emperor. In recent times a weak Emperor has led to civil war. It’s planet against planet, one regiment against another. Bo – like many of his class, the military sorcerers – wanted nothing to do with internal rebellion or local warlords. His purpose is to serve the Empire by conquering star systems and ruling them in benevolent fashion, not squabbling with his own kind over politics of all things.

    Magic has attained great heights of sophistication in the Empire. It takes the place of most technological devices. Anything that tech can do, magic can do better, cheaper and faster. Travel is mostly by teleportation portal, or enchanted airship, as well as local orbital and inter-planetary spaceflight with spell-powered ships. The lives of ordinary citizens are often quite comfortable due to the pervasive presence of magic, but the Empire’s machines of war can be endlessly inventive and destructive.

    The Empire knows of the existence of the Nexus. Even though it’s an expansionist, conquering kind of Empire, it leaves the Nexus alone because of the presence of chaotic, god-like powers (and actual gods!) that nobody fully understands. In other words, the Nexus is a place the Empire doesn’t go. Bo, knowing this, somehow gained the use of a portal that could access the Nexus. He walked out on the civil war entirely, leaving behind almost all possessions and any connection to friends, family, allies and other resources. Without documentation or ready coin, he survived. He does look over his shoulder sometimes.
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    The Fey

    Created With Great Influence And Aid From Gulaghar

    The Fey are beings of the world, their spirit exemplifying the vivacious and diverse nature of environment. Full of energy, ranging in type from flaming figures to verdant treewomen, from anthropomorphic beings of personification to humanoids with varying styles of animal spirit and form, the Fey are as myriad in type as the biomes of the multiverse, and as exemplifying as the beings of mythology and story.

    Origin: The Sparks

    At their core, the beings of Fey are little more that semi-sentient energy referred to as "Sparks", drifting across the cosmos in unconscious search of metaphorical DNA to build upon. When these dormant wanderers finally come into contact with something, their sleeping energy wakes and forms a fey, a being of raw lifeforce and nature. What triggers this sudden generation of Fey vary greatly, but is always natural, ranging from the four elements to natural phenomena such as oil, rain and lava, and in some cases even living beings.

    The new form these Sparks obtain are always greatly influenced by the natural object that they have contacted, humanoid bodies taking on traits and personality influenced by the object's properties, as well as the characteristics cultures have identified with the object. For example, contact with water results in fey with shifting form and mercurial nature, while contact with iron forms fey beings of hardy bodies and industrious personality. It is important to note that these fey are not one-dimensional in personality, just like other sapient beings.

    Primora, or Nymphs: Fey of The Five Elements
    The Primora, commonly known as Nymphs, are Fey formed from the "classic" elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, as well as Plant Life. These fey fall into five different categories: the Salamanders, Naiads, Oreads, Dryads. and Sylphs.

    Salamanders are elemental beings of fire, formed from contact with flame, ash, and lava.

    Mercuria: Fey of Weather and Seasons

    Anima: Fey of Spirit

    Filia: The Spark-Touched
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    Hei Shen
    (Formerly known as Dao Feng, pre-draconification)

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Demonic Black Dragon
    Age: N/A
    Class/Profession: Former Hitman.
    Alignment: Somewhere between Neutral and Chaotic Evil

    Power Rating: High

    Description: A large pitch-black serpentine dragon with otherworldly white eyes, feathery wings and antler horns.

    Personality: Cruel, manipulative, power-hungry.

    Equipment: A black orb which serves as his heart. If he is killed, he will regenerate inside it.

    • Poison Breath: Two variants. One is a line of highly poisonous and corrosive acid, and the other is a line of mentally poisonous muk.
    • His black scales adapts to dark environments, rendering him invisible in the absence of light, save for his white eyes.
    • Ability to control the inner concept spirits (kami) of all things, save those that are loyal to owners (owned items like bodies or equipment).
    • Ability to manipulate the world to some degree.

    Weakness: At this point, he cannot be changed back to good. Also, destroying his ball will kill him. It's very difficult to harm, though.

    Backstory: Just as he's about to die, Dao exerts a lot of energy trying to turn the area into something soft. He fails and gets killed. He wakes up in ghost form as a white tiger haunting the ruins of VIGIL, until he is found by fellow VIGILites. There, he instinctively manifests his ability to amplify or diminish the powers of others with his esoteric wind powers.

    This doesn't last for long, as he falls in with a Cuthun demon scientist which teleports him to a realm filled with muk that turns him into a black dragon, seeking to corrupt and imbalance the world at large, one place at a time.
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    Post Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Full Name: Nobody Knows!
    Alias: Shifter, for obvious reasons.
    Gender: Unknown, but prefers male forms
    Race/Species: Unknown
    Age: Unknown, but some may estimate to ~900 years
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Chameleon
    Description: Doesn't have a permanent form, but favors the form of an elf.
    Personality: He acts however his instinct tells him to. He doesn't like restrictions, and is only guided by what's inside him. His gut feeling is usually correct.
    Equipment: Changes with form, but usually something that lets him have flexibility.
    Abilities: He can change to the form of anything he has seen or has been described to him accurately. If he sees another use a special ability, (spellcasting, class abilities, etc.), he can spend an hour to learn to use that ability, but only in the form of the character who he saw use it, and only as well as the character he saw use it. If he sees a stronger opponent use the same ability, it only takes him 15 minutes to learn it.
    Backstory: To Come Later
    Miscellaneous: n/a
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Jordan McKenzie
    (Formerly known as 'Fixer')

    Spoiler: Jordan's Details
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Nanoaugmented Human
    Age: 45
    Class/Profession: Assassin, Baker

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: At first glance: A muscular black man with a bald head and purple eyes with circuitry-like patterns around the pupils. He looks to be in his late 30s, and there are faint glowing lines around his eyes.
    He's usually dressed in black track pants and a sky blue body-hugging T-shirt, showing off his well-defined muscles. He looks a little too perfect, though.

    Personality: Calm-voiced, more willing to smile around Bliss. Changes due to being off-Nexus will be added as time goes on.

    Equipment: Honey Badger Assault Rifle with a 3D-Printer for a reload mechanism, an array of gadgets courtesy of Mirai, Magic-resisting force-field armor, his nanosuit body.

    • Enhanced Strength, Agility and Reaction Time
    • Healing Factor
    • Invisibility Cloak, for a limited time.
    • Sonar vision
    • Digiconstruction technology, allowing him to digiconstruct clothes coverings.
    • Limited Shapeshifting of body parts (a-la Inspector Gadget), allowing him to digiconstruct armor and weapons from his hands and feet.

    Weakness: Nanosuit Body requires organic matter and UV radiation to keep his energy storage levels up, if his internal energy storage levels are low, his body will trigger a state of 'frenzy', causing him to singlemindedly chase down sources of sustenance.

    Bliss McKenzie
    (Formerly known as Felicity)

    Spoiler: Bliss' Details
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Nanoaugmented Human
    Age: 13 as an AI, countless years as a faery before that
    Class/Profession: Tour Guide

    Power Rating: C

    Description: A winged 17-year-old looking lady with light-blue skin and dark-blue hair. Her eyes are the color of her hair, and she's usually dressed in a white top and grey skirt, regardless of size.

    Personality: Talkative, fun-loving, against wanton violence.

    Equipment: -

    • Size-change: Between 'big-mode' and 'pixie mode'.
    • Flight, via wings.
    • Ability to phase through thin objects
    • Mental-Link to Jordan

    If something were to put Jordan out of commission, she'd be unable to act. Also, she has limited ability to interact with objects that are not Jordan.

    Backstory:13 years ago, Solomon Pearce died and got turned into a new type of nanosoldier by a crazed nanoscientist. Hating his existence and questioning his humanity, he wandered the world, doing odd jobs as a merc-for-hire.

    After coming to the Nexus, he found love in the most unlikely place: a sapient AI construct called Felicity that was installed as part of his nano-augs to provide support, recon and company. Their bond increased, and they became an item.

    Soon after, they left the Nexus to pursue other avenues. During that time, the two visited a myriad of worlds and did missions, before settling on the Nanopunk world (Luna's Homeworld) and living together as a couple for a few years, changing their names to reflect that fact. Fixer became Jordan, Felicity changed her name to Bliss to reflect her happiness at being with her love finally, and they chose the surname McKenzie in honor of Jordan's old commanding officer, who's now dead.

    His Nanosuit has completely fused with his human form, giving him a human-seeming body with nanosuit abilities.
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    Professor Cadmium / Iteration L457-Y348/ Peter McGuire

    (All answers given are those of the current host, Pete, unless otherwise noted)


    Race: Human (corrupted)

    Age: 46. Professor Cadmium was 246 when he transferred consciousness, Iteration L457-Y348 has experienced several millennia of real-time.

    Class: Cadmium is usually a wizard of some description, be it arcane or technical. Iteration LY has a modicum of psionic abilities, as all others are lost during transfer. Pete is more or less useless.

    Power Rating: Cadium is B rank, LY cannot usually have any effect on this version of reality (but would be A or above if it could, which it can't), Pete is E to E-.

    Description: Pete is having a really rough day. Due to a botched transfer, his DNA has been somewhat corrupted. His flesh is a fix of peeling off or scarred, and is greyish-green in colour. His head is completely bald, with massive ridges of scar tissue leading from his eyes across his head. He has no eyelids, completely black eyes with bright green pupils.

    Equipment: He is currently wearing a rough cloak, apparently made of a hessian sack.

    Abilities: Cadmium had a decent level of magical ability in his previous life, who knows how much of it transferred over. None of it should have, but the Nexus is rather inimical to delicate dimensional constructs. Iteration LY could probably cobble a mind-blast together if pressed, but it would much prefer to let the physicals to deal with those kinds of issues. Pete can hit things with... not much force.

    Backstory: Peter McGuire was most likely blind drunk when the emergency transfer initiated. If everything had gone right, the memories of Prof. Cadmium, the previous cycle, should have been filtered and stored while Iteration L457-Y348 searched for a new host. Normally, a one or two month human-analogue child would have been chosen, and slowly had it's budding conciousness overwritten by the Iteration's standard operating mindsystem. LY would have gone into orbit until the chosen child reached adulthood, then impart the appropriate memory cores.

    It didn't go right.

    Iteration LY was caught by a freak dimensional surge generated by the Nexus, and had to abort the standard process and find a sub-optimal host. Any host. Now, Peter McGuire has three-quarters of Prof. Cadmium, the entirety of Iteration LY and a splitting headache all vying for his attention. Also, the energy surge gave cancer, set him on fire, and exploded his heart.

    It really, really isn't his day.

    Miscellaneous: Just to be clear, Prof. Cadmium was the name of the body Iteration L457-Y348 previously "possessed". Pete is the new body, but also has most of the memories of Cadmium, so their may be some humorous (if confusing) situations involving Pete trying to combat the infinitely wiser and stronger Prof. Cadmium and the techno-ghost of Iteration LY. Question: Should I give each speaker a different colour?
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Aurani Meirhindaniacolanmastarania

    You should be calling me 'Lady Aurani', or 'Rhin'

    Being a child of (House) Aura, Mei, daughter of Rhi, daughter of Da, son of Cola, daughter of Mastara, son of the Iron Line.

    Gender: Female
    Species: Dragon (ilelánden-daoin'tel'quessir, Electrum (harp) variant)
    Age: Wyrm (~900 years experienced)
    Alignment: Neutral Good, Blue
    Profession: Worldcrafter. Mei designs and builds solar systems for sale (at an appropriately astronomical price) to gods and other cosmic entities.
    Power Rating: S- or 7 (Demi-god)
    Description: A sleek reptilian dragon of arbitrary size, shiny scales the color of electrum covering a silvery skin, horns like an ibex, four legs, each with four claws, two long wings like the fin of a sailfish that extend all the way down her tail, which ends in a tuft of feathers, the only spot of another color on her, a vivid red. She might be as small as Aki, or as much as three kilometers long. Head shape #25 or #50 on reference chart.
    Personality: Arrogant and vain (having an accurate perception of what being a dragon is like), intensely curious, prone to jumping into things without thinking and brazen denial of unpleasant truths.
    Equipment: Business cards. A plain gold ring.
    Abilities: Flying: In defiance of physics, despite lack of air.
    Weather Control: Pretty much limitless.
    Lightning Breath: Like breathing fire, but making a bit less sense.
    Perfection: Mei simply doesn't do really badly at anything, ever, and couldn't be clumsy if she tried.
    Healthy: Never suffers from mundane diseases. Doesn't mind most toxins. Can endure any voltage or current, moderately extreme temperatures (nothing above 'corona of the sun', please, although freezing would be a little more successful), hard vacuum, bottom of the ocean pressures, brief immersion in acids and bases, cosmic radiation, etc. No particular natural resistance to harmful vibrations.
    Immortality: Will continue aging for the next ~300 years, until fully grown, and then never get older.
    Mantle: Mei maintains the integrity of the universe in her local area and can't be affected by anything that warps reality or alters the physical or magical laws she believes in.
    Conduit: Mei could give people who believe in her the power to do minor miracles, if she wanted. So far, she doesn't want that.
    Dragon Magic: All those other impossible things they do. Fast and slow, light and dark, here to there, climbing up walls, healing, seeing through illusions, etc.
    Backstory: Long and complicated. Mei was the secret background character tying together everything that's happened with Recaiden's characters from her world. From Majauril, left on the refugee ship back as a little hatchling, holed up at the Asylum, was involved in firefighting and crossing between town and ACRO, took the Mantle of the Sun after it passed from her mother, who, having been turned into a vampire, couldn't hold it any longer. Fulfilled an old promise. Found the way back to her home after life had stopped, but before the oceans froze solid. Went back well in advance of Vaan, who didn't leave till after the Glass/Vampire war, and raised her descendants at the first melted-point, Spark's Hollow. Undid her old promise to keep people safe. Centuries of slow thawing and defrosting halted when Vaan arrived and ended up technically dying with the Mantle of Earth and Ocean, after which a truce was called between the remaining gods and Mei left to make other worlds suitable for life. Now that Vaan has remanifested herself, Mei has returned again to her homeworld and the Nexus.
    Somewhat unusually, (and owing to Rhi's relative youth at the time) Mei was an only child. Perhaps there would have been other hatchlings if there had been time. But for years she grew up alone more often than not, and surrounded by humanoids rather than dragons when she wasn't.
    Her main purpose in returning to the Nexus is simple curiosity. It is such a varied, vibrant world. But she also aids the unusual colonies of pos'shallar who live here, bringing them updated modules and information from their skipping-ahead homeworld. Since meeting with the Stormguard, she also looks after the kobolds that arose when her blood was spilled upon a stone outcropping while in pursuit of a flame tyrant.
    Spoiler: Mantles
    Whatsoever holds a Mantle is a God of Majauril. They may be combined and split apart, and take on any physical form whatsoever.
    The Mantle of the Sun is light, moon and sun, storm and wind and rain, good dragons, shapechangers and electromagnetism.
    The Mantle of War is violence and conquest, strategy, tyranny and tactics. It is dangerous and painful to wear. It was sunk into the sea outside of Majauril.
    The Mantle of Earth is volcanic activity, plants, life and death.
    The Mantle of Ice is all things not encompassed above. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Wood, Metal. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Stasis and chaos, demise and renewal, darkness and undeath, love and hate, desire and denial, pain and peace, loss and giving, faith, magic, civilization, theft, justice, etc. The current mantle-holder, bored with near-omnipotence, has magnanimously allowed a few others to continue to exist and interact with its world.

    Spoiler: Majauril, the Frozen World

    These were the survivors. Five of them only were still together when the Freedom landed at the Asylum. Outcasts and exiles, from church and hive and dimension.
    Arlem joined HALO. He would be a hero. He would remove the stain that his mother had put on their family's name with her cowardice.
    His sister Shaneir followed one who was not to be named. Better to worship despair. She died during his attack on Inside, but that wasn't the end.
    Riki, who passed into darkness. Her rune-blood creatures, the birds and cats and gazelles, passed to her sister...
    Lady Vaan, who knew one could do anything if they willed, and she did. The last flower of her starlit home, she cast seeds and petals all through Icehome. She returned, much later, and perished fighting. Of course, the line between life and death is flexible for such a person. She claimed to know every language on Majauril, and ate only meat. A hundred and a thousand, plus fifty, each.
    Meirhin didn't much mind the cataclysm. She took the last life of their families and returned to claim the sky.

    The world is covered in ice miles thick. The sun is a burnt out red husk, and both moons lie shattered. Some say that survivors creep and climb the vines that once held the young moon, living in a web of magical deception. Most hold them to be part of the illusions. There are only two remaining locations of much interest to the living; the Ice Queen's palace, and the Spark's Hollow, where Meirhin's descendants live and scrape existence from the thawed earth.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    I have been waiting to join this rp till i came up with a good character idea, and i finally settled on one.

    Annabelle T. Zoravich

    Alias: Raggedy Anny (nickname

    Gender: female

    species: human undead

    actual age: ??? (she doesn't know)

    age appearance: 26

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Profession: Police detective

    Power rating: 6 (Lengendary hero)

    Personality: Depressing, emotionless, and just in general doesn't care about anything.

    Description: Anny looks like a walking, rotten corpse with long straight black hair, dull black eyes that of course look dead. She wears a long black dress, black coat, and combat boots. She often has an umbrella to keep the sun off her.

    Abilities: Anny can't die no matter what and she is an extremely powerful Occultist who focus's on Necromancy. Anny summon's the souls of the dead to attack her enemies and creates powerful undead without the use of bodies. Since she is dead, she has no need to eat, sleep, or breath and things that would affect a living creatures don't work on her.

    Weakness: While she can't die, Anny's body parts can be separated. Being a rotten corpse means body parts fall off pretty easily, though Anny's limbs can't be destroyed. If her head is disconnected from her body she becomes pretty defensless as her body from the neck down doesn't move without it.

    Equipment: A pair magic guns that don't do physical damage but instead hurt one's life force.

    Backstory: Anny woke up on a morgue operating table in the nexus with no memory of her previous life. After a while she found out what her name was and that she was a detective in the police force, she decided to simply get back to work. While she does wonder how she died and why nothing can kill her, she doesn't think its that important.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    I have another character i came up with. This one is made of jelly! :3

    Lennox R. Garrison

    Gender: none (used to be male)

    Race/Species: Fleshwarped Human

    Age: 23

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class/Profession: No job

    Power Rating: 4 Hero

    Personality: Very shy around other people and is often afraid someone will kill him. However Lennox will

    open up if to people who can convince him that they mean no harm. When he does he proves to be very

    nice and friendly.

    Description: Lennox is a fairly large pile of clear, green, mildly acidic ooze, but is not acidic enough to

    actually hurt someone. His vital organs are clear as day at the center of the ooze, however they are protected by the ooze he is made of. He can, for the sake of giving people a face to talk to, shape some of his slime to form a human

    shaped upper body.

    Equipment: Carries an orb inside him that helps him focus his magic.

    Abilities: Lennox is a fairly powerful wizard but isn’t quite a master. He also can talk through telepathy and engulf people in an attempt keep them from fighting.

    Backstory: Lennox was once a student at the arcane university Maximus and was the top of his class.

    Being extremely smart he was able to comprehend each school of magic equally and made a lot of his

    peers jealous. One day his friend Boris had asked him for help in a summoning ritual and Lennox gladly

    accepted. What Boris left out which turned out to be pretty important was the fact that he wanted to

    summon a Balor. Boris didn’t even know what a Balor was and summoned it just it sounded cool. So

    Lennox helped him finish the ritual and when it was done the Balor came and pretty much did what they

    do best…kill every mortal in sight. The head of the university had to come down and kill the thing but a

    fair amount of students had been killed. Lennox was blamed for the incident and sentenced to be put

    through the flesh forges, which through an extremely painful process turned him into a pile of living

    ooze. They kept Lennox in a large container and occasionally tossed in trash for him to dissolve. While

    he was given the capability to speak, he never dared to for the time he was there. However one person

    did take pity on him, his master Morkarth. He had found out about Boris’s foolishness in trying to

    summon a Balor and helped Lennox escape, putting an actual ooze into the container and teleporting

    Lennox somewhere safe. However the only cure for the fleshwarping was pretty much death, so all

    Morkarth could do was help Lennox get as far away as possible from the academy. Morkarth gave

    Lennox his orb and wished him luck as Lennox now travels aimlessly from place to place in the nexus.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Dr. Godrick "Patch´t up" of the Copperbend Clan (Usually called Dr. Patch)
    Gender, Race and Age: Male, one-quarter dwarf (rest is human), 76 Years old (51 in human years)
    Aligment: Lawful Good
    Profession: feldsher, vet and street doc
    Powerlevel: D+

    Description: Dr. Patch is a 1, 56m (that´s about 5 foot I guess) "tall", bold man with a strong face, marked by weather and clumsy assistants. He looks almost entirely human, exept for his underwhelming size and an enourmus, bronce mustache. (both of them relate to his dwarven grandmother). He has skilled hands and -despite his missing high- a well trained body. Most remarkable is a long scar on his left arm, left behind by a panicing lizardmen patient. He usually wears durable cloth which used to be white years ago (now they are light brown with a few crimson stains) and a stud, brown lether coat por rain and bite-protection. If at duty, he wears a brass monocle on the right eye, which is slightly damaged. (the eye, as well as the monocle). His voice is deep but calming, as long as he keeps up his patience... You never see him without his bondages or his trusty bonesaw "Lobothomy".

    Personality: Dr. Patch is harsh at a first glance, but caring and trustful after a short while. He also gives everyone a second chance, which might be one of his greatest weaknesses. In his lifetime he developed a great disrespect to the gods. He believes, hell he knows that they exist, but he just can´t stand them, and everyone who serves or is related to a diety will feel his strong, passive agression.

    Equipment: "Lobothomy", his trusty bonesaw. Forged out of dwarven steel and coated in a permanent layer of painkilling alchemistry.
    A backpag filled with medicin, bondages, healing salves and a bottle of narcotics.
    slightly damaged monocle for precise sight.

    Abilities: Minor spell resistance, and greater spell resistance against divine forces
    Highly skilled medic
    Immunity to mundane poison and illnesses
    Trained in close combat

    Backstory: He wanted to be a cleric, but due to his disrespect to all kinds of gods, he got kicked out of the Dwarven Sanctium of the Ancients. So he moved out to a more progressive part of the land, until he settled in a small habourtown called Wyk and became a doctor. He then signed up as a mercenary to restore some humanity (or dwarvenity... oder whatsoevernity) on the battlefield. He just got his payload and is looking for a job.
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    Elshar Gorgons

    The plane of Elshar have three types of gorgons born out of the three half-sisters Halsa, Nudra and Perala. Fathered by the great serpent Acaetus of three, a primordial sea deity.
    Anyone that gaze upon a gorgons eyes will quickly turn into a type of stone which differs from gorgon to gorgon. Gorgons may extend this effect to their entire visage for a short while by focusing. They also have, with the exception of the Halsaites, snake hair which bite can carry a deadly dosage of poison for anyone foolish enough to get too close. In addition, the snakes grant them a vague 360 degree vision around them as they can see what the snakes see.
    All gorgons are female and with the exception of the three original ones, they're also all infertile.

    Spoiler: Halsaite Gorgons
    All born through Halsa, the mother of despair. Like their mother these creatures are completely hairless and have the lower body of snakes and squid-like heads but with snakes instead of tentacles that drapes over their malformed mouths like a twisted beard. While the rest of their bodies could be called "humanoid" they are considered pure monsters by all who look upon them. The halsaite can besides turning people into stone with their gaze also cause eardrums to burst and ears to bleed with their high-pitched screams, generally causing deafness wherever they go. They also have extremely sharp nails and teeth and moves far faster than their lower bodies suggest, causing many to fall easy prey.

    Spoiler: Nudraite Gorgons
    Gorgons born by Nudra, the matron of disgust. These twisted creatures are larger than both Halsaite and Peralite gorgons. More than twice the size of a human they stand above even the mighty nephilim in height. But their bloated grey skin, plate-sized eyes, tusks and last but not least their snake hair cause them to look repulsive in the eyes of most beings. They are adapted at running at all four as much as they are walking on two and are thus often hunched over so they can switch between the two modes quickly. With their superior strength and speed, these massive creatures usually charge into combat on all fours and forces anyone who resist to either look away or be turned into stone with their petrifying gaze.

    Spoiler: Peralaite Gorgons
    An odd type of gorgon born by Perala, the mistress of desire. These beings could easily be mistaken for humanoid women if not for their hair of snakes that they like are gorgons have. But besides their deadly hair and petrifying gaze the peralite gorgons are usually considered beautiful by all who dare gaze upon them. While they don't have any natural weapons like their cousins the peralites have a mesmerizing gaze that few willingly can look away from, often leading to their death. In stark opposition to their Halsaite sisters, these gorgons voices and sink into a low seductive hiss that enthralls all those who hear it. Of all their kin they are generally the least aggressive as they can mask their true nature with some effort.
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    I have been kind of lazy about making a sheet for this character, i will do it now. I might not finish it right away

    Tina Bluescale

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Kobold

    Age: 10 (in kobold years she is an adult)

    Class/Profession: Expert trapmaker and professional bodyguard

    Power Rating: 5 great hero

    Description: Tina is a blue scaled kobold and is about 2 foot 10 inches tall and weighs about 43 pounds. She normally wears a red dress with a white apron that looks like it was made for a small child. For a more vivid idea of what she looks appearance wise, see spoiler below.
    Spoiler: Tina bluescale (found off google)

    Personality: Excitable, good natured, tries to emphasize she is a girl (because its kind of hard to tell with kobolds), and is more civilized than her kobold kin.

    Equipment: Tina favored weapons are her two pistols, which are effectively +5 holy, ghost touch, endless ammo guns, , 2 handy haversacks, a male steeder named biter who is her animal companion, and twin rapiers that are +5 and haste, ghost touch

    Abilities: Is effectively a level 20 ranger from 5th edition with some aspects from pathfinder.

    Weakness: Spells equivalent to a daylight spell blind her as it would other kobolds.

    Backstory:Tina was never actually raised in a kobold tribe as her egg was found on the side of a forest trail by a ranger. The ranger's name was Morkarth Bluescale, a drow who had been banished from his homeland as a heretic.
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    So I have been charged with coming up slavers for the VIGIL rp and I have come up with a total of 4 sheets.
    The first 2 are about the leader and his second in command. The second 2 are two groups of soldiers that make up the bulk of their group. The slaver's in question are called the Blacklight Slavers, a small army of dark elves that make quick grab and run raids on small settlements. They have speeders and cruisers to make these runs and their tactics generally are all about "speed, speed and more speed" and are normally gone before the town can even defend itself properly.

    I may not complete this all in one day since I have a busy week ahead. I will post what I can when I can

    Spoiler: Vallanas Nallan

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Dark Elf
    Age: 269
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class/Profession: Leader of the Blacklight Slavers
    Power rating: 5 Great hero
    Personality: Ruthless, tricky, loves inflicting pain on other's and sometimes himself, often makes morbid jokes and comments.
    Description: Pale white skin, White long hair, pitch black eyes, and has a long scar across his face. He is often seen in his armor which is built to absorb blasts from energy weapons and bullets, similar but stronger than bullet proof vest.
    Abilities: Is a void warlock a substantial power. Void warlocks are casters that specialize in illusion, necromancy, and evocation based magic. They use this power to kill, weaken or trick their enemies with ease.
    Equipment: Vorpal katana that radiates evil and a void pistol (fires forces rounds) and gravity armor.
    Backstory: Leader of the blacklight Slavers, Valanas has caused more than a fair share of heart ache and misery in the nexus. He has always been fascinated by pain, often experimenting with slaves and himself to find different ways of causing it. Currently Valas and his slavers have been working for two very well paying customers, Bean and Bacon. Valanas has no clue what they do with the people they take, but it pays well so who cares.

    Spoiler: Sarana Zealot

    Gender: Female
    Race: Dark elf
    Age: 267
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class/Profession: Second in command of the Blacklight Slavers.
    Power Rating: 4 hero
    Personality: Cold, emotionless, calculating, and is forever loyal to Vallanas
    Description: Bald, piercing yellow eyes and looks generally depressed. She is also rarely seen without her armor.
    Abilities: none but is a strong soldier
    Equipment: A void rifle, chameleon suit (armor with cloaking), twin laser swords, and hidden blades on her wrists.
    Backstory: Sarana is Vallanas's right hand woman and second in command. He trained her, taught her everything she knows and because of that she has become rather attached to him. She is rarely seen away from him and loves him deeply, but it is unknown whether Vallanas shares those feelings.

    Spoiler: Void warlocks

    Race: Dark elfs
    Alignment: generally one for the evil alignments.
    Class/profession: the blacklight slavers elite members.
    Power rating: 4 hero's
    Personality: varies slightly but all of them are cold hearted, merciless jerks. They often feel entitled to do what they want but always obey Vallanas as he is their teacher.
    Description: They all have pitch black eyes and white hair. They are lightly armored and all are signified by their white badges.
    Equipment: they all wear gravity suits that allow them flight on the battle field, void pistols and void katana.
    Backstory: the elite casters of the Blacklight slavers, void warlords are a menace on the field. They often create a zone of darkness during combat so their enemies can't see and use their magic to cause chaos. There are 15 warlocks in total not including Vallanas.

    Spoiler: Blacklight Slavers' Vehicles
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