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    Default [Eberron]Spheres of Korrandar: need 2 more... help please

    The spheres of Korrandar are a series of "tests" found in Secrets of Sarlona. There are ten spheres, each corresponding to a dragon god. Oddly missing are Io and Sardior.

    Io is the head honcho of all dragons why isn't he included?
    Sarlona is a land of psionics, why isn't the Sardior, the god of gem dragons in here?

    I hope to remedy this but I just can't think of anything other than combat, which might make reaching the Teeth of Three impossible since defeating an idol of Tiamat is one of the spheres. I would prefer a puzzle of some sort that rewards my PCs for getting the "right" answer.

    I also need names for these new tests like the other ones. Maybe "Test of rulership"? Any help is welcome and appreciated.

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    Default Re: [Eberron]Spheres of Korrandar: need 2 more... help please

    I haven't read Secrets of Sarlona, so if my advice is totally useless, then I apologize. But I am relatively familiar with the draconic gods.

    For Io, maybe you could present the PCs with a number of dragons of varying alignments and colors who are currently not very happy with each other. Perhaps the PCs could know that there are a number of powerful giant sorcerers or daelkyr or whatever coming for them, and the only way they'll survive is if the dragons are united The PCs task would then be to talk to each one, see what they want, and try to work out some sort of compromise. In the likely event you're under space considerations or something, you could have the entire thing taking place in the PCs minds or on a demiplane...
    That could be the Test of Unity or Rulership.

    For Sardior, I would advise some very surreal, "dream-quest" type segment. Describe the surroundings like the Fade in Dragon Age, and let them make intelligence, wisdom, or charisma checks to do things like create weapons, bypass obstacles, that sort of thing. You could have them be attacked by monsters that would normally be very difficult to overcome but could be transformed into something weaker or more easily dealt with through the Power of the Imagination...
    That could be the Test of the Mind, or the Test of Will...The Test of the Mind's Edge?

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    Default Re: [Eberron]Spheres of Korrandar: need 2 more... help please

    Haven't read Secrets of Sarlona either, but isn't it an Eberron book? IIRC, there are no dragon gods in Eberron, but rather constellations in the night sky representing for the dragon gods from default campaign worlds. It's likely there aren't sphere's for those two because there aren't constellations for them.
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    Default Re: [Eberron]Spheres of Korrandar: need 2 more... help please

    It is true that the gods don't exist per se in Eberron, but they're still revered as ideals. It may be, as Ryuuk said, that the dragons simply don't reverse Io and Sardior, in which case there would be no need for them to have their own trials.

    But it may be that the editors or writers made an error. WotC books are somewhat...notorious for their copyediting (or lack thereof), after all.

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