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    Default Thoughtsinger (3.5 Psionic Bard PEACH)

    I am playing in a Psionics game soon (starting ECL 5), and, our GM not being much of a system-bunny or optimiser, asked me to check out a homebrew Psionic bard one the players found:

    I gave it a skim and found it pretty okay, more powerful than the PHB-only bard, but not anywhere near OP. I just figured I'd get your opinions too.

    The other question he had was whether or not it would be overpowered to allow Thoughtsong to qualify for nonarcane Feats/PrCs as if it was Bardic Music?
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    Default Re: Thoughtsinger (3.5 Psionic Bard PEACH)

    I'm sure it would be fine. Infact, while this has some more powerful class features out of the book, splat drives the basic bard way ahead, if for no other reason than expanded spell lists. Allowing the thoughtsong to qualify as bardic music should present no problem.
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    Default Re: Thoughtsinger (3.5 Psionic Bard PEACH)

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