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    Default New Uses for Sense Motive?

    How about...


    You can understand someone's general or subtle emotions. This differs from 'hunch' in that it can be utilized by therapists. This can be opposed by bluff with wisdom (instead of charisma as the ability score modifier) if the person is trying to coneal their emotions, or a regular bluff if they are trying to overlap their emotions with a false emotion (acting).

    Resolve a Mystery

    You can resolve a mystery about some past event, depending on how much evidence you have (which can be attained via gather information, search, decipher script, combat, etc.).

    Failure indicates that you realize you cannot draw a verdict. Failure or success by 5 or more indicates that you have a verdict but are unsure. Failure or success by 10 or more means you have no strong feelings about the verdict you have arrived at one way or another. Failure or success by 15 or more means you are very certain of the verdict you have arrived at (if the verdict is false, you may travel down a false trail; it's the players decision whether or not they wish to listen to their own conclusions). You cannot re-examine evidence to draw up a different verdict.

    This check usually takes just a few minutes of deep thought, but if you must examine evidence, then it can take hours or days.

    Failure always indicates a false verdict. The GM rolls for you and does not show you the roll.
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