Background-Just felt like making some more shapeshifting races that were something other than the changeling.


When the world began, pretty much all the gods(and a few creatures
besides) were making races to inhabit the earth. However, one little
god, Rhu, was not. When his older brother, who had just created the
dopplegangers, asked him why he was not making a race, Rhu
replied,"Because I don't know how I want my people to look, or if they
will be happy with how they look."

His older brother replied,"Look at my people. They may look like
whatever they wish."

Inspired by his brother's words, Rhu began to shape his own race. This
race was essentially identical to humans, except for their odd eye
colors, skins, and hairstyles. Also, as Rhu's older brother and the
other gods began to notice, they could shapechange into whatever
creature they wished. This rendered them more powerful than most races
currently inhabiting the earth. The gods and goddesses set out to
destroy this race, but stopped when they heard Rhu's sorrowful plea
not to do so. They agreed to not destroy the Rhui, as they were now
named after their creator, as long as each Rhui was restricted to a
certain type of creature. Rhu agreed, and the rest is history.

When Rhu's older brother asked him why Rhu granted his people such
leniency over their forms, he said,

"Because I wanted them to be happy with what they look like, and for
their forms to reflect that."

His brother just shook his head at this.

Rhu can be found in all societies and walks of life, but act similarly
to halflings and gnomes, who, like them, enjoy life wherever they are,
and like pranks. However, this can vary from Rhui to Rhui.

Rhui look like humans, but have skins, eye colors, and hair of all the colors.

Rhui Racial Traits:

-Medium Humanoid(shapechanger)

-Land speed 30 ft

-+2 Cha, -2 Wis. Rhui are endearing and charismatic, but like their
creator, not too aware of what's going on.

-Assume the form of another(Su): The Rhui use an effect that acts as
the spell alter self, except they treat themselves as though their
type was one other than humanoid. This type must be chosen at first
level, and cannot be changed. (for example, a Rhui decides to choose
dragon as their treated type, thus, they can turn into any dragon, as
long as it fits the parameters of the spell). This effect lasts for 1
hour/ character level, or until the Rhui dismisses it.

-Mutable Form: Each day, the Rhui may change its body subtly so that
it gains a +2 bonus on one skill they have. This skill must involve
Constitution, Dexterity, or Strength.

- +2 to Intimidate, due to special subtle shapeshifting of the body, which allows the Rhui to look more physically intimidating than they are.

The Nephrim

While Rhu and the god who created dopplegangers(who forever after
chosen to be called that, or "The Grand Doppleganger") were off
creating their races, their elder brother, Neph, was off having fun
and doing fun things with the newly created races of the world.
However, in a time where all gods and goddesses were expected to
create a race of their own people and work to better them, this
loafing around was considered unacceptable. When the goddess who
mothered Rhu, The Grand Doppleganger, and Neph demanded that Neph
create a race, Neph refused. After all, he had sired literally
thousands of illegitimate children with human women, so he had sort of
created a new race of being.

After gawking at her many,many, many thousands of grandchildren, the
Neph's mother (and a couple hundred other gods) insisted that gods
were expected to create a race through a process that didn't involve
having lots and lots of sex. Thus, Neph was forced to create his own
race. Looking at how his brothers had each created a shapeshifting
race, he decided that he too would create a race that would
shapeshift, but not as flexibly as his brothers did. He based his
race's natural shape off of the humans he had spent much time with,
but made it so that they had varied eye and hair colors. Next, he gave
them the ability to transform into a few other races, and gave them
the ability to defend themselves with their shapeshifting. After he
presented his race to the other gods and goddesses, he brought forth
them upon the earth, naming them the Nephrim after himself. And
returned to doing whatever the hell he wanted.

Nephrim generally look like attractive humans, albeit with odd eye and
hair colors.

Nephrim are known for doing whatever they damn please, and are
generally uninhibited, many prefering to walk around naked or in
clothing that does not conform to that which is considered proper.

Nephrim Racial Traits:

-Medium Humanoid(shapechanger)

-Land speed 30 ft.

-+2 Wis. Nephrim, despite their occasionally oblivious attitudes, are
very aware of what goes on around them.

- Nephrim take a +2 bonus to Charisma checks and Charisma-based skills

-Alternate forms: The Nephrim have the ability to turn into a few
other creatures, but not many. This manifests as them gaining one
alternate form at 1st level, and 1 more per 5 HD. This functions as
the alternate form ability, except that only one physical scores
change to match that of the creature's, and the Nephrim does not gain
any extraordinary special attacks. In addition, the creature chosen
must have a CR equal to or less than the Nephrim's character level.

-Nephrim gain one natural attack of their choice, and may choose to
conceal it whenever they wish.

LA +0

New Race: Descendant of Nephrim

These are the descendants of Nephrim's thousands of illegitimate
children. They have standard human traits, except:
-No bonus feat
-Can gain any natural attack they wish for a number of rounds equal to
their character level per day twice. These rounds need not be consecutive.
-Transmutation spells cast on Descendants of Nephrim are treated as +1 caster level, although the Descendant may choose to forgo this benefit.

LA +0

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