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    Default Perks! An Alternative to HD Progression in 3.5 [PEACH]


    Some fighters are more skilled than others. Some rogues are more wily than the next. But that next rogue can cope with failure better.

    Perks offer a realistic alternative to HD progression.

    Upon gaining a level, do not acquire new HD. Select a class to progress in, but do not acquire additional skill points, instead only BAB, maximum skill rank progression and saves. Acquire 3 perk points. Alternatively, you may choose not to gain a level in a chosen class (but still acquire BAB, maximum skill rank progression and saves from chosen class that you have already taken a level in) and instead acquire 5 perk points.

    ECL is now measured by LA + HD (racial and class levels) + Total Perk Points (spent and unspent)/3.

    Perk Points can be spent on a number of things:
    • One additional Class Specific Bonus Feat - 2 points
    • One additional General Feat that has a Feat/ability Prerequisite that you have, assuming you meet other requirements (such as level) - 3 points
    • One additional class feature or ability (can include anything allowed by that class), assuming you meet the prerequisites - 2 points

      Ie. A warblade might take on additional maneuvers that he hadn't chosen previously, or learn a new stance.
    • The ability to remove, at GM discretion, one class or feat limitation. Or alternatively, investment in removing a more major class, feat, or even action limitation (after having 'spent' a number of perks at GM discretion) - 4 points for minor, 10 points for major.

      Ie. When removing a 'major' limitation, a warblade might take on the ability to execute two stances at once, or a wizard might suffer no casting penalties for wearing armor whatsoever, or being able to perform more than one swift action in a round.

      A 'minor' limitation that is removed might result in a barbarian being permitted his fast movement in heavy armor or taking improved trip without needing combat expertise.

    • One additional trait or Regional Feat (assuming the GM allows it; most likely acquired after ECL 1) - 1 point
    • One additional flaw (again assuming GM allows) - 2 points
    • Additional Spells/Power Points/Class-Specific Points equal to the ability's modifier that grants those bonus entitlements. - 4 points

      Ie. A wizard with +4 INT taking that perk would effectively double the amount of bonus spells acquired upon gaining a level for having a higher than (human) average INT score.
    • Double the Usual Action Points acquired for gaining a level (assuming action points are permitted) - 2 points
    • A 'Special Circumstance' Custom Extraordinary/Supernatural/Spell-like Ability - Any number of points (minimum 2)

      Ie. A fighter, after GM approval, might take an extraordinary ability that gives him a +8 to Fort saves that involve a 'save or die' circumstance. He'd call the ability 'Death Defying Fortitude'.
    • Upgrade an existing feat or class ability depending on what the GM allows. - Any number of points (minimum 2)

      Ie. A 2nd level fighter who took Power Attack at 1st level might double his power attack range of damage at 2nd level through use of this perk. Power Attack now deals up to +4 damage with weapons used in one hand for that fighter (effectively +2 damage per -1 penalty to attack), while weapons using two hands have up to a +6 damage modifier (in accordance with the rules for doubling a double), and weapons using three hands would involve a +8 damage modifier, etc.
    • Gain another unique ability that offers a small advantage. This is called a 'talent'. (ie. Use your own blood as poison upon succeeding on a save against a recent poisonous affect) - 1 point.
    • Gain a unique ability that offers a major advantage. This is also a talent. (ie. the plan talent from modern or martial artist attack options such as ignore cover on unarmed strikes and round house kicking, that can be taken a number of times equal to 1 + int modifier) - 3 points.

    I'll create a list of talents later. Thoughts?

    This is good for games in which there is a lot of strategy and possibly low magic (or even modern/sci-fi setting) but players continue to advance in power. Perks offer a wide range of abilities and are similar to feats but much more numerous and diverse, thus an EL 6 game wouldn't be covered by it since EL 6 assumes additional feats and class features (which are a bit limited considering you can't really multi-class too well in EL 6).
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