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    Default Cursts - Curses?

    Cursts (I believe from monsters of faerun?).

    What kind of level adjustment can you give them as a template assuming there is no penalty to Int (memories). Does it say even? More proof i would be blind in that case.

    But somehow a player has become one.

    One final thing - would a cursts overall objective be the seeking the release of death via remove curse? Or is that free from curst to curst?

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    Default Re: Cursts - Curses?

    In my campaign there was a NPC who had the Curst template. I gave it a LA of +0 because the template is supposed to be a punishment, not an advantage, but it turns out to be a bit of an advantage anyways. I don't think there is an official LA though.

    Some Cursts would undoubtedly want to be free (and kill themselves). As I understand it a Curst can no longer experience physical pleasure of any kind and because of the reduced intelligence it can probably not experience mental pleasures either. This would make some people want to kill themselves and others just upset/depressed.

    The Curst NPC in my game was a king who had voluntarily become a Curst because of the immortality it promised.

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    Default Re: Cursts - Curses?

    When in doubt for LA -- templates, use the CR adjustment as LA. It roughly should work.
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    Default Re: Cursts - Curses?

    Curst (as printed in Lost Empires of Faerun) is normally an LA+3 template. Removing the -4 penalty to Int should probably push it to an LA+4 template. I don't like that one bit, though. (but I generally dislike the LA sytem in general.) I'd probably leave the LA +3 intact

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