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    Default Technopath (PEACH)


    This is a half created class. I'm trying to see if I'm wasting my time though....Does this gather anyones interest? Is it broken at higher or lower levels?

    Thanks guys

    Perfect Concentration (Ex)

    In a zen like trance the Technopath enters combat, his concentration so purified and focused that he misses nothing, time seems to slow. The Technopath gains his Intelligence modifier to his armor class and his attack bonus so long as he is only wearing light or no armour.

    Forge (Su)

    The technopath may create 5Ibs (wood, steel, iron, rock or magnetic material) multiplied by his class levels + his Intelligence modifier. (5 x 24 at level 20 with a +4 Int modifier). This material may only be used to fuel his class abilities and vanishes the moment he tries to sell the material.

    He may, as a further full round action, forge this into any weapon he so desires and utilize it in melee or ranged combat so long as he has proficiency. At first level, this is a mundane version of the weapon. However, at levels four, eight, twelve, sixteen and twenty this increases to gain a modifier of a further +1 (to a total of +5 at level 20). These weapons have no monetary value. They gain damage equal to that of a regular weapon of their type. He may utilize this ability as many times per day as he wishes.

    The Technopath may also forge armor in this way, gaining the same enhancement modifiers at the same levels of his weapons.

    These items specifically fit the creator. If anyone else attempts to use them they give off a static shock every round causing 1d4 damage each round they are held or worn. The Technopath may not cease this damage even if he/she wishes to.

    Anyone spending more than ten seconds inspecting the item will notice that it is ever so slowly fading from sight.

    Each forge ability lasts a number of hours equal to the Technopath’s class level plus his intelligence modifier.

    Control Substances (Su)

    A Technopath of first level may telekinetically lift, move or maneuver metal (including but not limited to steel, iron, rock, silver) equal to 15lbs X Technopath class levels + his Intelligence Modifier. He may move this material up to 10ft x Technopath class levels+ Intelligence Modifier. At first level he may throw whatever he lifts with such force that it causes damage to anything it hits causing 2d6 damage, at fifth level this increases to 4d8, at tenth it increases to 6d10, at fifteenth it increases to 8d12 and finally at twentieth it increases to 10d12.

    This is a standard action to use and the Technopath may do it a number of times equal to his Intelligence modifier x Technopath class levels per day. This may be used to lift the Technopath, if used in this way the weight of the Technopath and the metal underneath must not exceed the Technopaths total weight limit to lift/move/maneuver. He may use this to gain a fly speed equal to the range of this ability per round, with good maneuverability, at fifteenth level the Technopath gains perfect maneuverability.

    Reshape substances (Su)

    At second level a Technopath may re-shape any substance he can control. He may choose to expand a door so that it may not be opened, he may choose to alter the shape of a bridge so that it cannot hold weight, and he may choose to alter a metal door to allow visual access. He may not use this ability to reshape substances that have moving parts until tenth level. He may do this to a weight equal to the amount entitled by his Control Substance ability.

    Technology Sense (Ex)

    At third level the Techno path may choose to focus for two rounds to sense nearby technology. He becomes aware of any item with moving parts including locks, mechanical items, weapons with moving parts, doors and traps. However with traps he must make a DC15+Trap level concentration check to locate them. If he fails to locate them he is still aware of their presence in up to a 20ft radius, the Technopath simply cannot pin point where. This can be used also to locate secret doors with a concentration check in place of search. The Technopath also automatically gains a concentration roll in place of a spot roll to passively notice secret doors.

    Create Trap (Su)

    At fourth level Technopath may choose to create a trap as a full round action at a range of up to 10ft per Class level a number of times per day equal to their Intelligence modifier times four. These traps last for a number of rounds equal to the Technopaths Intelligence modifier x his class levels. All traps are proximity traps with a range of fifteen feet.

    De-Construct (Su)
    At sixth level a Technopath may choose to disassemble any technology he is actively aware of whose location he can discern precisely up to a range of 20ft per class levels. It becomes increasingly difficult to disassemble harder technology. The Technopath must make a concentration check of a scaling difficulty to deconstruct an item. It takes three rounds to deconstruct an item, making this ability almost useless in combat.

    Technical Insight (Ex)
    The Technopath may grant any of his companions an insight bonus to any technical checks such as Craft, Disable Device, Appraise, Forgery, Knowledge checks involving things such as construction, architecture etc, Heal, Open Lock. This bonus is equal to the Technopath’s intelligence modifier. Twice per day he may double this bonus as an immediate action.

    EDIT: Anything that states a DC without the DC being listed (Eg. Deconstruct) means that there's a table to accompany it later.
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    Default Re: Technopath (PEACH)

    It garners my interest but I need more info. What's the HD? what's the BAB? What's the saves? Details!

    Also, it doesn't seem like it has a lot of abilities. Way too many dead levels that I can see. Of course, it's late, so I may just be misreading something.
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    Default Re: Technopath (PEACH)

    They were just the basic mechanics Ky, I didn't want to waste my time if it didn't garner any interest or if the idea seemed to broken.

    I mean the ability to manipulate metal/traps/locks with ones mind can get VERY dangerous...

    I mean....basically anyone wearing metal is instantly a rag doll for the Technopath to throw around.

    Which I loved the idea of personally...the battlefield control would be amazing....

    Flinging a mage's companions into them to stop them spellcasting....removing fighters from blocking your allies path to a mage... It had some amazing possibilities but I thought: Broken?

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