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    Default Reduced Spellcasters & Enhanced Fighter Feats

    In my seemingly unending search for ways to modify 3.5 I've thought of something else. The first idea is a way to balance spellcasters, avoiding the two standard pitfalls of increasing casting time or making casting hurt/risky. The fighter idea is a way to make their feats better.

    */* This uses the regular cast and forget spellcasting mechanic, not the variant system from my other thread */*


    No more 8th & 9th level spells. If the DM wants to use 8th & 9th level spells, the Incantation system is offered, as they would be unique, special effects.

    Delay the progression of spell level advancement. Spellcasters still get their spells just at a slower rate. Hopefully by delaying spell acquisition it will slow the power curve of primary spellcasters.

    Here's when a full spellcaster would learn new spell levels, both prepared and spontaneous caster. Another thing in this system is removing the spell level acquisition delay for spontaneous casters - prepared and spontaneous acquire spell levels at the same rate. Other differences are the same (Wizards can learn spells, Sorcerers have limited known but can cast more per day).

    So basically what I'd do is make 2 Spells Per Day table (prepared & spontaneous) and a Spells Known table (for spontaneous). Whatever primary caster class you are playing (Warmage, Beguiler, Archivist, Wizard, etc), just look at the appropriate table. Makes things simpler.

    Lvl 1 - 1st level spells
    Lvl 3 - 2nd level spells
    Lvl 6 - 3rd level spells
    Lvl 9 - 4th level spells
    Lvl 12 - 5th level spells
    Lvl 15 - 6th level spells
    Lvl 18 - 7th level spells


    Rangers & Paladins get spells, but they get so few and it's pretty late in the game (or mid in the game) before they can do much with them. So another idea is to give all half-casters (Rangers, Paladins, Hexblades, Spellthiefs, etc) the Bard spell progression. Bard's have a slow spell progression anyway, so it fits with the revision. And the half-casting classes could use the power boost.


    I like Fax's Investing feats, but it adds to the numbers part of the game and it's not specific to the Fighter. Sure Fighter's Dreadnoughts get more prowess points than anyone else, but anyone else can still use Prowess and Investing feats. A fighter still can't cast a Wizard's spell.

    [aside]Fax: Not meant as "You're system sucks!". Totally dig d20r, just not what I want to use. [/aside]

    If the fighter's feats were better the class wouldn't suck as much. But if you change the feats themselves, then anyone can still take them and the fighter still sucks because everyone else has access to the improved feats.

    So make feats better when the fighter takes them.


    Weapon Focus: A fighter may choose slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning weapons. He gains a +2 attack bonus when wielding any weapon that does the chosen damage.

    Weapon Focus still functions the same as in the SRD when anyone else takes it, but the fighter gets a special kick.

    Other examples. For now we'll stick to the Fighter only feats, to keep it simple. Including non-Fighter only feats means including a minimum number of required Fighter levels to get the enhanced effect.

    EDIT: Easy Fix:
    In order to gain the Enhanced Benefits of a feat, the character must take the feat as one of their bonus fighter feats. Additionally, a character may receive the Enhanced Benefits of a feat while taking it as a regular character advancement feat (1/3/6/, etc) provided that the character took a level of Fighter at the same level he gained the feat.

    So. If someone dips Fighter 2, they can get two Enhanced Benefits feats. They can not continue taking Enhanced Benefits feats if they stop taking levels in Fighter, whereas a Fighter 4 could have gotten the Enhanced Benefits version with his 3rd level feat, even though that wasn't a Fighter bonus feat slot.

    Make sense?


    [Melee Weapon Mastery isn't a Fighter only feat, but it requires at least 4 levels of Fighter. Or 6 levels of Warblade. But see below about the Warblade.]

    Weapon Specialization: When wielding a weapon that does the same type of damage as the Fighter's Weapon Focus feat, the fighter does an additional +6 damage.

    Greater Weapon Focus: The Fighter's attack bonus with the selected damage type increases by +4, for a total of +6.

    Greater Weapon Specialization: The Fighter's damage bonus with the selected damage type increases by +4, for a total of +10.

    Melee Weapon Mastery: The Fighter does not choose a type of damage as per the regular feat. Instead he gains a +4 attack and damage bonus on all weapon attack and damage rolls. This bonus stacks with the bonus from Weapon Focus or Greater Weapon Focus when it would apply.

    Ranged Weapon Mastery: Same as above. Increase range by 20ft.

    Ex. A fighter has the Weapon Focus: Slashing, Weapon Specialization Slashing & Melee Weapon Mastery feats. When using a Bludgeoning weapon he gains a +4 attack and damage bonus. When using a Slashing weapon he gains a +6 attack bonus and +10 damage bonus.

    Note: Warblades do not gain these extra benefits. They are benefits from taking actual levels in the Fighter class, not from being able to qualify for feats that require a specific number of levels of Fighter. You have your maneuvers, Warblade. Go play somewhere else.


    Enhanced Fighter Feats

    • Combat Expertise / -1 atk, +2 AC
      • Improved Disarm / +6 bonus
      • Improved Feint / +4 bonus of the Bluff check
      • Improved Trip / +6 bonus
      • Whirlwind Attack / +2 bonus on each attack
    • Combat Reflexes / +2 attack bonus on Attacks of Opportunities
    • Dodge / +3 dodge bonus
      • Mobility / +6 dodge bonus
      • Spring Attack / works in Heavy Armor
    • Exotic Weapon Proficiency / Choose 3 exotic weapons.
    • Improved Critical / Increase crit multiplier by 1. Doesn't stack with other effects that increase crit multiplier.
    • Improved Initiative / +6 bonus
    • Improved Shield Bash / Shield deals damage as if 1 size larger
    • Improved Unarmed Strike / Does not take -4 penalty for disarming with a light weapon.
    • Deflect Arrows / May deflect arrows with a weapon, removing need to have one hand free.
    • Improved Grapple / +6 bonus
    • Snatch Arrows / Does require one hand free, but gain +4 on attack roll.
    • Stunning Fist / Once use per day for every two levels, not every four levels.
    • Mounted Combat / +2 bonus on the check
    • Mounted Archery / Increase your range increment by 50% while mounted. Stacks with Far Shot.


    Anticipated Comments:

    "Giving half-casters an improved spell progression helps them, but it hurts non-casters more. Rogue, Barbarian, Monk...I'm looking at you!"

    Yeah. Game balance is an iffy thing. Maybe...those three classes should get Incarnum style abilities?

    "The Fighter still can't do lots of things without magic items! (Flying, dispelling, protection, etc)."

    Yep. Honestly I think a better fix would be to make the Fighter a basic Martial Adept class, in addition to the special Fighter feat stuff.
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    Default Re: Reduced Spellcasters & Enhanced Fighter Feats

    By giving everyone else Bard casting, you kinda stealth-nerfed the bard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Roc View Post
    Ring of Evasion means never playing a monk with monk levels again. There is just no reason to dip that stuff. I know we're all about using every part of the buffalo here, but can we just admit that it's inedible?

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    Default Re: Reduced Spellcasters & Enhanced Fighter Feats

    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose87 View Post
    By giving everyone else Bard casting, you kinda stealth-nerfed the bard.
    Hmm. Right.

    I've got another idea cooking. Something about removing spells all together, and adding either maneuvers or meldshaping to all classes. Probably start another thread for that though.
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    Default Re: Reduced Spellcasters & Enhanced Fighter Feats

    You might also consider allowing more classes to do Binding, a la the Binder from Tome of Magic, though you might want a barrel more of vestiges to split up in to various class lists.

    Honestly, removing spell casting altogether does create some gaps in the game (how do we resurrect people, or fix negative levels, or diseases, or...) and makes many things harder (teleport is mostly out of the picture, as is scrying and speak with dead and all sorts of other utility things) and buffs are more rare (maybe still bard song, but Haste and the suite of cleric party-buffs)... despite all the changes it will require, it also makes it a lot easier to bring classes closer together in power and versatility. That said, your ideas sound like a lot of work. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Reduced Spellcasters & Enhanced Fighter Feats

    Removing Spellcasting means you have to remove many many monsters, you don't wanna do that (or maybe you do, but well...)

    To help the other non-casting guys (monk, rogue, barbarian...) you could take a look to the book of experimental might II, there are some stuff there you could give them replacing some of their abilities (or maybe in addition to their abilities).

    To help non-casters deal with flying creatures, make some mechanic to cut wings and stuff (they would still need help to hit something that flies without wings, but the problem is partially fixed), to deal with stuff like invisibility and other, you could use a utility belt (drop a jar of paint in the floor or something).
    A fighter should probably not be able to dispell, but he should shake off some effects and conditions (I think I saw a fighter fix that gets that as a class feature, ignoring a few conditions in the lower levels, and virtually everything at higher levels). As for force effects, I always said there should be a feat that allows you to punch through them with sheer brute force/willpower/skill
    (I still dream with a swordsman so damn skilled that he escapes a forcecage by cutting the floor below it and sending it flying away)

    Any way, my 2cp, hope it helps
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