Having read the Gurps IOU campaign book, i realized I absolutely had to run a module of this setting, so much so that I gave up riting my other campaigns to put one together. Trouble is, Neither I nor my players had ever played gurps before. I figured If we were to learn a new system, this would be the best module to use. I soon realized, that no matter how much time I spent writing this campaign, my players would find a way to surprise me. I saved time by simply writing a bunch of challenges for my players to overcome if they needed an objective to accomplish.

For those ho are unfamiliar with Gurps IOU, IOU stands for Illuminati University. It is the best college at which to earn a degree in "What man was not meant to know". The departments have everything from weird science to world domination to inapplicable mathematics to misanthropology. Things do do around campus involve meating with college democrats for cthulu, collecting bounties for the archdean, Playing a game of moopsball on the pent (who would want a quad when you can have a pent), and generally just avoiding the roaming monsters and other things that have a high chance to kill you. Luckily, with the Campus Life insurance, players can expect to be revived at the health center after most mishaps

For all of your entertainment I have decided to make a log of the shenanigans and hyjinks that my players will inevitably be involved in at this university. This will be as much of a way to learn gurps as a way for me to practice improvising.

Our incoming Freshthings include:

Mercury - A construct made entirely out of mercury. He can shapeshift at will, needs no food, water, or sleep but needs to recharge once a week.

The aptly named Klepto - the group kleptommaniac with low health and brittle bones and skin. UNfortunately for him, this means that whenever he goest to pick somone's pocket, he usually leaves one or more fingers behind.

Karl - an absent minded steampunk mechanic. He doesnt really know why he is here, but found that the girls and food at "college" are far better than at his factory in dystopian england. He constantly forgets where he is and what he is doing.

-In our first adventure, the players will deal with housing, and hopefully find a student organization they fit into. I will keep you posted on the results