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    Default Advice/Critique for a character

    Quite a few of you helped me with ideas for a character for an Evil Campaign, (Thank you) and this is what I've come up with:

    I didn't optimize as much as I could have, and some of the things I've done are more for Roleplay instead of Rollplay. Some large parts of the campaign are going to be interactions with NPCs and various other characters.

    I also plan on screwing with the rest of my party as much as possible without getting caught.

    We used:
    8th level characters
    25 pnt buy
    any non good align
    27,000 GP
    Any "Official" Book allowed

    General Character Backstory:
    tl;dr My sister is being held "hostage" by a Vampire Lord due to debts incurred by our Aunt (I was off somewhere being "trained"). In exchange for her eventual release I will be running "errands" for him until the a debt has been paid.
    The driving motivation for my character, and reason for his non-good alignment, is that he is willing to do anything to free his sister. This includes lying, cheating, stealing, maiming, and killing of innocents to do so.

    Actual Character:
    Shadow Changeling (MotP, ECS) [The only LA info I found for the Shadow Template was CR+1, so that's what I went with as LA]
    PsyWarrior 5/ Swordsage 2

    Str: 10, Dex: 12, Con: 12 , Int: 11, Wis: 14, Cha: 14
    (I realize CHA should be a dump stat, but I'll explain later)

    Swordsage Discipline: the "Desert" one

    Call Weaponry (Scimitar)
    Inertial Armor

    Extend Power

    Dimension Stride Boots (2,000 GP)
    Vanisher Cloak (2500 GP)
    Torc of Power Preservation (4,000 GP)
    Ring of Lightning Flashes (11,500 GP)
    Enduring Amulet (1,500 GP)
    Ring of Protection +1 (2,000 GP)
    [2350/2700 GP]

    Some of this may not make sense:
    - Why I used str as a dump stat?
    - Wth with the random items?
    - Wtf Cha?

    I used Str as a dump stat because I plan on never confronting my foe Head On. I plan on using my awesome mobility to harry them from the sides.

    The random items are to assist me in creating a "Mysterious NPC" that is going to confront the rest of my party members (alone) at various points and I wanted him to give off the air of "Don't screw with him, you don't know what he is, but from all evidence he would beat you down hard."
    This is so I can extort money and/or favors from the rest of the party to get them to help me free my sister from debt faster.
    I've already worked out with my DM that the party will be told I "appear human" if they ask my race, and I'll figure out what to make them believe on my class by actions I take when they can see me.

    Cha? Bluff and disguise are going to be Key to my play style when not fighting (IE most of the time)
    I'm going to need all the help I can get to successfully pull the wool over the eyes of the rest of the party.

    Sorry for the massive WoT. If anyone has any critique, advice, or questions please share. I'm really excited to start playing this character.
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    Default Re: Advice/Critique for a character

    Quote Originally Posted by Rigor_Mortis View Post
    Swordsage Discipline: the "Desert" one

    Call Weaponry (Scimitar)
    Inertial Armor
    These are not feats.

    You can use things from all disciplines, those listed are just the ones that you can take maneuvers from.

    So: You have two feat slots left, plus one at first, second, and fifth levels of psychic warrior.

    A 5th-level psychic warrior knows five powers, of which up to two can be 2nd level and the others are first level.

    As a 2nd level swordsage (and assuming you took the swordsage levels after the psywar levels), your Initiator Level will be 4 (2 + (5/2)). You know two stances and seven maneuvers (with four "slots" to ready maneuvers in) that are up to 2nd level from any of the disciplines swordsages can take.
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    Default Re: Advice/Critique for a character

    Woops, meant Powers, not Feats. I haven't decided on all my Feats yet.

    As to the Discipline, that is the one I'm going to stick with, as it works off of Wis and I plan on leveling PsyWarrior more later.
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    "Let me get this straight, None of you bought rations?"
    "Okay, you all starve to death in the desert."

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    Default Re: Advice/Critique for a character

    Most of the disciplines work off Wis, and you don't have to use just one. In fact, I don't think you *can* use just one, since you have more maneuvers than there are 1st and 2nd-level Desert Wind maneuvers. And Desert Wind is generally considered the weakest discipline. Get some Shadow Hand and Diamond Mind in there.
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