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    Default Swift Hunter+Devoted Tracker?

    So i was wondering how useful this build would be?

    as i see it, i could fit this in as a Scout 3/Ranger12/Paladin of Freedom 5

    while this isnt optimal, i can command my mount to move for me, then i full attack. voila, no more need to have pounce! my full attacks will also have all the benefits of moving at least 10 feet, and i will have the improved bonuses as such.

    i could probably fit in the draconic mount feat that gives me a dragonnel, and he would benefit from 12 ranger levels of being an animal companion. while that isnt much, it makes for a much better mount. coupled with a valorous lance and i am in business.

    i realize that this is a MAD build, but i think if i start at a higher level, it wont be so bad.

    i wont need as high of a DEX or CON, as i will be able to afford better armor and miss chances, and if i have a good CHA the fort and reflex saves will not be effected as much. INT wont be as important, as most of my levels will have good skill points. i will need to focus on a good Str, Cha, and a decent Wis. if i can use Serenity, i wont even need the CHA.

    thoughts on this build? any additions you can think of would be helpful. also, are there any better combat styles so i dont have to use either TWF or archery? and is there an ACF that would make my smite evil into a more versatile smite?

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    This entire campaign's going to become nothing but partying in a long forgotten world, isn't it?
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    Default Re: Swift Hunter+Devoted Tracker?

    I believe you're not allowed to have a mount activate skirmish.

    Secondly, rather curbstomping your idea if you mean melee:

    If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only make a single melee attack. Essentially, you have to wait until the mount gets to your enemy before attacking, so you canít make a full attack. Even at your mountís full speed, you donít take any penalty on melee attacks while mounted.

    Now, ranged mounted combat works with a penalty, though.

    Although I suppose you could have your /mount/ get pounce or a similar. In retrospect, however, that may not technically work by RAW.
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