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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    This will be a big update, and I mean BIG. While not technically two-parters, both Rand and Setsuko get a chapter with two clearly seperate stages, with major reinforcements and events that almost make each stage count as a seperate mission. Especially in Setsuko's case... but let's not spoil too much pre emptively.
    To save time, I didn't really name, tag or describe the youtube videos. All context is known by reading the LP anyway, and I doubt anyone stumbles upon my playlists randomly. I hope you'll forgive me.
    If any videos seem sped up at times, that's because I hastened the animation to save everyone's time. That's an in-game function, by the way.

    So, let's go!


    Chapter 3: Lawbreaking Saviors


    Sara: Wow, you kicked ass out there, Gainer!
    Gainer: Maybe, but I wonder why I did it...
    Bello: Huh, what do you mean?
    Gainer: I hate the Exodus, alright? I don't want anything to do with this. I should go back to the Domepolis.
    Gain: Whether you like it or not, kid, you're a part of Exodus now. Or are you going back to your room to play video games all day?
    Gainer: You know why I've spent a whole month there? That's because... my parents were murdered! They were anti-Exodus, and someone killed them because of that!
    Gain: ... Okay, didn't see that pme coming. I see Tomino is still in his killing mood. I'll leave you alone for now.
    Garrod: Huh, wonder what're they talkin' about? Wish I was payin' attention, but can't because I finally got something to eat!

    Kona: Right! Now tell me more about this here machine of yours. It's not an Overman, but it looks a whole tier better than Silhouette Engines. And... this shield looks different. Like if it was made later.
    Garrod: Yup. The Divider was made as an upgrade, after my Satellite Cannon got trashed. It's thanks to Kid. He's a genius mechanic, ya should meet 'im! But... even with X, are we goin' to be alright? Siberian Railroad's in hot pursuit and our numbers're still the same.
    Rand: Hehe... don't worry about that, Garrod! I called in a favor from an old friend of mine who just happened to be nearby. He'll be helpin' as soon.

    Suddenly, alarm!

    Gauli: The Siberian Railroad is attacking! Everyone, to your units!
    Bello: Gainer?
    Sara: Leave him alone! If Gainer won't pilot, we'll have to do it ourselves!
    Garrod: Hey there, Gainer.
    Gainer: Huh?
    Garrod: Just want to tell ya... you don't need to fight for the Exodus. Nobody forces you to. Just find somethin' ya believe in. And then, protect it! That's what I do. I swore to protect Tiffa, so I will. Okay, gotta run now!
    Gainer: ... Protect, huh?

    Mission start!

    Gain: So Gainer didn't come, huh? I thought he's stronger than that.
    Sara: Fine! We'll just have to show these guys what are our Panzers made of!
    Rand: Second-hand replacement parts if I recall correctly. Don't worry guys, I'll fix whatever the enemy tries to break!
    Mail: Speakin' of enemy, darling! Here they come!

    Hola: I knew it was a good idea to move to this frozen wasteland! Easy job, chance of promotion... promotion to a main character!
    Gelaba: Bro, look! It's the robot that kicked my ass earlier!
    Rand: Breakers again? You up for another beating?
    Adette: Less amusing banter, you fools! Our numbers are superior and the dreadlocked Overman is nowhere in sight - charge!
    Jaboli: Yes, Big Sister!

    The Skill Point objective is to destroy Hola's Buffalo landship in 3 turns. It's a fair distance away, so I'm hoping Kid Hola will be as smart as other Breakers and charge in blindly. To be on the safe side, let's see what the boss is made of.

    A little bit under 10 000 HP. Shouldn't be too hard. The enemy is a bit too far away, so everything my units can do for now is to move forward and wait for the inevitable chance for a counterattack.

    Breaker: I'll get a raise if I defeat the Gunleon!
    Rand: Everyone needs their dreams, I guess. No matter how unreal they are!
    Gain: My Gotchko doesn't have this oversized arm just for show. Yaaaah!
    Gauli: Why am I the only one who got seriously hit?

    Garrod: Why does that Dogozzo dodge so well? Hey! I found an Enge!
    Enge: Don't treat us as disposable mooks DAMN MY ENGINE STOPPED WORKING!
    Kejinan: My chance to shine! Ow so much pain and explosions!

    My Silhouette Engines have a slim chance to reach the Buffalo in time, but at least they can mop up the Siberian Three Stooges. Another enemy turn comes.

    Bello: Shield block! This is how you do it!
    Gelaba: For Bro! It doesn't hurt even though the Gundam ate 50% of my HP in one attack!
    Jaboli: For Big Sister! It doesn't hurt... actually, it hurts a lot! Damn those Exodus grenades!
    Sara: Good thing mr Mamadou majored in explosions!

    And predictably, Hola's patience ran out and the Buffalo charged at us. Thus spelling its own doom...

    Rand: Giant wrench, set!
    Garrod: You got my Divider!
    Gain: And my punch!
    Hola: Damn! I'll kill you and become a main character yet! For now, enjoy this explosion!

    Skill Point get! Now, that wasn't too hard, was it? Time to destroy the survivors, and...

    Wait, what's that?

    Yassaba: Hahaha! Let's start with easy pickings! This Silhouette Machine looks tasty enough!
    Sara: Aaaah! I'd kick your ass if I had any anti-air weapons!
    Yassaba: A girl? I'm sorry to pick on women, but I have to make an example!
    Gainer: Over my dead body! Leave her alone!
    Yassaba: So, the white Overman finally came! That can be arranged!
    Garrod: Woo-hoo! My pep talk actually worked for once!
    Hola: I brought my Walker Machine. A second chance to kick ass!
    Jaboli: And don't forget me! I am still here, you know!
    Gauli: That can be changed.
    Jaboli: Am I as bad as these two no-gooders?!

    I've put King Gainer in a nearby forest, to make it easier for Gainer to dodge incoming enemy hits. He is currently dueling Yassaba's Rush Rod after all. But despite my best efforts, things were going sour.

    Gelaba: I've hit the Gundam! Maybe I'll become a main character before Bro does!
    Hola: I heard that, Gelaba.
    Adette: Your special bullets won't do a thing to me, Gain Bijou!
    Yassaba: Haha, that's my strong woman! Time to burn some Overmen!
    Gainer: Gaaah! Cynthia would laugh at me if she saw me get hit like that!
    Sara: Gainer, are you okay? Wait a sec... who the heck is Cynthia!?

    Gainer: How did I get hit? It was like if... time stopped!
    Yassaba: That's my Rush Rod's overskill! Each Overman has one. But since you don't seem able to activate yours, I'll do mine again. ZA WARUDO!
    Mail: Woaaaaaaaah! How can he move so fast!
    Yassaba: Curse my name in Hell, kid! And now, for the finishin... gah! Who dares shoot at me!

    Rand's friends are here.

    Elche: That's what I call a heroic entry. Saving others at the last possible moment is what main characters do!

    Cotset: Good thing I made Fatman work overtime at the engine room.

    Fatman: ....
    (No, he doesn't say a lot)

    Jiron: The protagonist is here! Nice to see you all! *winks straight at the reader. Yes, I mean you* Rand, Mail! Long time no see! I heard you're the stars of your own story now!
    Mail: It's Jiron! And Chiru! So happy to see you!

    Chiru: Righto!
    Hola: Hey! It's that damn Melonhead! Go back to the desert! I am the main character here!

    Rag: Hey, how come we meet this guy wherever we go? Sandrats, attack! We'll take care of him!

    Burume: Nobody screws around with the Sandrats! But... I'll stay a bit behind if you don't mind.

    Daiku: Don't underestimate the power of side characters! We are still important for a well-developed story!

    Rand: Hey, Jiron. This here Gainer kid is feeling a bit down. You should tell him a word or two.
    Jiron: Gainer, listen! I know you are the main character of your own show, because brooding is what main characters do! But don't let it get you down! You are the main character, after all! Your unit is much stronger than everyone else's!
    Gainer: You guys must be crazy, but let's do it! King Gainer, Overskill, go!

    Jiron: That's how you do it! With a new attack, your unit doesn't suck now!
    Gainer: I won't let you hurt Sara anymore!
    Yassaba: We'll see about that! Time for round two!

    So, the Xabungle people are here! The 4th wall was already shambling before, but now you can expect them to shatter it on a regular basis. Let's go with the standard routine and see what good are their units for.
    Walker Gallia is good - it's a main character unit, after all. Its specialty is anti-ground combat. But on the other hand, it's not so good on anti-air. Like most Walker Machines, it has seats for two people, which means two spirit skill pools!
    Xabungle is pretty much Walker Gallia light. It's almost good enough to be a squad leader unit. Almost makes a difference here, but before squads are implemented let's make as good a use of it as possible.
    The Trand11 machines... yeah, they're pretty bad. Pathetic attacks, can't dodge or tank. They make Panzers look buff. They can resupply though (restoring energy and ammo), which puts them in the support category.
    And the Iron Gear is your typical battleship, only land-based. Very tough, but not necessarily strong or accurate. At least that's how it seems at first...

    Jiron: Don't try to bore the readers with pointless attributes! What matters is not the mecha stats, but your spirit! Let's go!

    Hola: Damn that Melonhead yet again! Hey, miss! Why don't you dump him and become my bride!
    Elche: Urgh! Not in a million years, Hola! Iron Gear, full power! This is not just an ordinary landship! And you'd better hit, Cotset, or I'll start beating the crap out of everyone on the bridge again!

    Gain: What a furious woman... I'll try my chances with Adette instead, thank you. I'm not called the Black Southern Cross for nothing.
    Adette: This isn't over yet!
    Gelaba: Ahh, the Heat is coming my way!
    Rand: Hey, you remembered my name! I'll be gentle with my attack as gratitude.
    Gelaba: Gentle attacks are still enough to wreck my Galapagos!
    Gainer: Video games taught me that spamming your strongest attack works well if your enemy is strong. Overskill, again!

    Things have started to look pretty good. There are still two bosses around, but they won't be too much trouble. Unless, of course, the enemy downs my unit during their phase, resulting in an instant game over...

    Breaker: I'll beat up a main character unit and keep it for myself!
    Rag: Like that ever's going to happen! Xabungle Full Power!
    Hola: My rival is here! I'll kick your ass, Melonhead!
    Jiron: It's your ass which is getting kicked, Droopy Eyes!
    Hola: Argh! My eyes aren't droopy!
    Jiron: Do we have any useful Spirit Skills yet, Chiru?
    Chiru: Nothing for the moment! No Sense, no Focus! What do we do?
    Jiron: We hope for good rolls! Gallia, Full Power! Our best attack will down Droopy Eyes for sure!
    Hola: Don't call me Droopy Eyes, Melonhe.... argh!
    Elche: We were here too, Hola! Good-bye!

    Rand: Alright! Everything but the Rush Rod is down! Go for it, Gainer!
    Gainer: I'm not bored with this attack yet. Overskill!
    Yassaba: Adette, don't look!
    Gain: Bang! Don't try anything stupid and run away like a good Siberian lapdog.
    Jiron: Everything turned out fine. I guess Tomino took his anti-depressants today!

    And then everyone laughed.

    Obviously not Adette: Heh. That was just a distraction to my main mission. Time to find the kidnapped princess...

    Elche: So, I've decided that Iron Gear will help with the Exodus. We don't need money or Blue Stones, screentime is a much better reward.
    Gain: Screentime? Whatever you say, miss.
    Rand: *awesome non-verbal communication*
    Mail: Wow, what a corny smile...
    Elche: Hey! The Heat, what are you doing with my bodyguard?

    Medick: You seem to be fine. No major wounds or bruises. I guess Overmen don't have a synchronisation system like Evangelions or something...
    Gainer: That's just anime, doctor. This is reality! Still, I'm glad to be fine.
    Sara: Umm... thanks for rescuing me, Gainer.
    Gainer: Don't get me wrong, I still hate the Exodus. But... I can't let you get hurt!
    Sara: Really?
    Gainer: Yes, you're a classmate of mine after all.
    Sara: Classmate, huh...

    Time for the intermission screen! Not only did I get new Walker Machines (the Trands still suck, but any port in a storm...), bosses in the stage dropped some items! A Hybrid Armor increases HP and, well, armor of a unit, and a Learning Manual allows a non-squad leader to receive PP and experience like if they were leading the squad. We'll make good use of both items.

    Next chapter: Introduction to the squad system!


    Chapter 3: Two Worlds

    First, the new unit overview I owed you. Impulse Gundam is a good unit, currently presented with the Blast pack. It has three packs to switch between, each with different attacks and slightly different stats. Sounds familiar, SEED watchers? But unlike Strike Gundam, Impulse can change its packs on the battlefield - but only once each. It gets its energy recharged with a change, too.
    Luna's Gunner ZAKU Warrior and Rey's Blaze ZAKU Phantom are not as strong. They're squad member material. Pretty standard stuff.
    I put a Booster on Shinn's Impulse. He's going to need it because hoo boy - this mission. This mission is not only long, it's tough. Assuming you want the Skill Point, it's the hardest third mission in any SRW I ever encountered. And I played Alpha Gaiden.
    You may have noticed by now, Setsuko's missions tend to be more difficult than Rand's. Life is unfair like that. Okay, let's go!

    ZAFT soldier: Argh, this guy is too quick for me!

    Neo: It was an excellent idea to use Girty Lue. They didn't see us coming... because it was a stealth vessel, obviously.

    Ian: Yes, sir! But we cannot stay here for long. I hope your squad returns soon.
    Neo: I trust them to return with the Gundams. Ah, here we go.
    Stella: Neo! We're baaack!
    Auel: Sure did kill my fill of Coordinators for today! Heh.
    Sting: Mission accomplished. But we are being chased!
    Neo: Okay, let's get out of here!
    Meyrin: Enemy units, leaving the area more or less now.
    Arthur: Damn! What do we do?
    Talia: *sigh* Follow them, of course!
    Durandal: A Federation ship and mobile suits, as expected...

    Lunamaria: Get out of the ZAKU. Don't do anything stupid, okay?

    Lunamaria: Ah! It's princess Attha, from Orb!
    Cagalli: I'm not a princess anymore.
    Athrun Alex: I'm here too. Is that how ZAFT treats its guests now?
    Durandal: We only had to make sure there aren't any Alliance agents left around. Getting into mobile suits when colonies get destroyed is what they do after all.

    Speaking of Alliance agents...

    Arthur: So, you are Glory Stars, a Federation combat unit that used to work closely with the Titans...
    Toby: Yeah, but we are not the Titans! We don't have any qualms with ZAFT, and don't forget the whole "helping you beat the gundamjackers" thing!
    Arthur: I'll have to ask the Captain what to do with you. For now, please stay in this room.
    Denzel: Damn, locked. We're in for it now.
    Setsuko: Do you think... ZAFT is going to capture us as prisoners of war?
    Toby: Don't be silly! There's no open war between ZAFT and the Federation. At worst, they'll capture us as ordinary prisoners.
    Denzel: Stop joking around! We must break out somehow...

    Mission start!

    Neo: Heh. We lured them into this asteroid field. Here, we have the advantage.
    Ian: Are you going to wipe them all out?
    Neo: No, just buying time until the cloaking systems recharge. Don't get killed now! We have four minutes left.
    Meyrin: We have visual with the enemy! All units, launching!

    Before we engage the enemy, let's take a look at Impulse's Silhouette Packs. Traditionally for SEED, we have a flyer one (Force), a close-combat (Sword, used in previous mission) and currently used artillery pack (Blast). Let's hope I get a chance to use all three in this chapter. And I probably will, because...

    Like I mentioned, this is damn hard. The Skill Point objective is to down either Ian (not happening, too far away), or all three Gundamjackers and then Neo and his Exus mobile armor in four turns. All of them have boss HP, and can quickly destroy my guys if I'm not careful. And the Gundams have VPS Armor, so non-beams are mostly ineffective. There's also a bunch of enemy mooks, but they'll just get destroyed by random crossfire. All I have is the Minerva and three ZAFT Reds.

    So we're in for a tough ride. How am I going to do this?

    Shinn: Who cares if my pack is for long-distance combat? Charge!

    Federation pilot: Damn! Take this, space monster!
    Lunamaria: S... space monster?! I can't let that slide - firing my "Orthros"!
    Rey: Shinn, I know you just tanked a cannon shot like if nothing happened, but do not charge in blindly. We must do this smartly if we are to survive.
    Shinn: It worked fine so far! Who cares about enemy smallfry, I have to reach the 'jackers!

    Meyrin: Wow, Luna just downed two Dagger Ls, just like that!
    Talia: We'll move in and provide cover fire! Focus on the Abyss first, and then move on to the next target!
    Shinn: For some reason I'm drawn towards Gaia. Feel my beam spear!

    Positioning is everything here. Enemy mooks will just kill themselves on counterattacks, but bosses require better tactics, making use of Minerva's command aura and, when the timing is right, spirit skills. Everyone's SP pool is too low to just recklessly spam seishin like no tomorrow. Although it'd help.

    Stella: Puppy mode, on! Time for MURDER!
    Lunamaria: Aaah! It's going straight for me!
    Talia: Abyss is drawn in. Fire the Tristan! ... It'd hit if everything didn't take ages to do on this ship.
    Yoland: It's not my fault Minerva has only two engineers!
    Shinn: I'll just fire like crazy! Who cares for energy, I still have two packs left! Minerva, send me the Sword Pack. Let's go!
    Sting: Nothing personal, it's just a mission. But the mission says - go to hell!
    Shinn: Gah, how could I miss?!
    Sting: You call yourself an ace?

    Situation - doesn't look good at all. But that's normal for this mission. Did I mention yet I never managed to get the Skill Point here? Time to use some Seishin. Except for Shinn, who is empty already, others have yet to do anything in that department.

    Meyrin: Luna, hold it in there! I trust in you!
    Rey: Let's support each other with cover fire. We'll down at least one of them that way.
    Arthur: Wow, the Second Stage really are strong!
    Talia: Whose side are you on, Arthur?
    Lunamaria: I won't forgive you! 'Axe' yourself this!
    Stella: So... cold...
    Neo: You're not dying Stella! Just retreat for now, we'll cover you!

    Auel: Do me a favor and die, alright?
    Talia: Ignore the crazy maniac and fire the Tannhauser!
    Auel: What, die, me?!
    Neo: You're not dying either. Run to Girty Lue.

    Sting: We almost bought enough time... just a little more!
    Shinn: I won't let you! Eat my ASS*!
    Neo: Hmm... I'm the only one left standing? Let's indulge in foreshadowing and attack the white ZAKU!
    Rey: This feels so familiar... but why?

    *ASS means, of course, Anti-Ship Sword. What were you thinking?

    The final turn - I managed to destroy everything but the Exus. But on the other hand, everyone's SP pools are empty. Neo is an awesome dodger, so hitting him will be a case of luck.
    I got lucky.

    Shinn: Nice support, Luna!
    Neo: Hmph! Time to retreat, Girty Lue!
    Talia: Their ship is fleeing. Give chase!
    Ian: Ha, you fell into my trap. That's what you get for two-dimensional thinking!
    Arthur: Woaaah! What do we do now?
    Athrun Alex: Use your side missile launchers.
    Talia: Huh? What do you mean, Athrun?
    Athrun Alex: Alex. Fire the missiles to proper yourself away from the huge meteorite, and the enemy.
    Talia: Excellent idea! Do as Athrun just said!
    Athrun: I really need a better diguise...
    Ian: Woah, they got away!
    Neo: Yes, but while they're busy being amazed at themselves, we'll flee. See you!

    And then, dimensional storm.

    Bright: Where are we? What in the...

    Sagusa: Sir! No idea what just happened!

    Torres: The computer says we are at Lagrange Point 4, but that does not make any sense!
    Quattro: We were transported a large distance away? That reminds me of something I witnessed not too long ago...
    Jerid: Woah! The surroundings are different now.
    Kacricon: But the AEUG are still there.

    Jamaican: And that's what matters. Fire at them, death to terrorists!
    Emma: I think we should cease fire and orient ourselves in the new situation.
    Jamaican: Silence! I am in charge here.

    Laila: As a non-Titan I agree that we must learn what's going on first.
    Jerid: Who cares! Fire at the insurgents!
    Talia: Titans? And AEUG? How did they get here?
    Durandal: I have no idea... but it's a great opportunity. If we help AEUG now, we may earn powerful allies. Both of us hate the Titans so we have shared interests.
    Talia: That's right. AEUG captain, please listen. This is ZAFT battleship Minerva. We will help you.
    Bright: Can't say I'm in a position to refuse. Everyone, the ZAFT decided to help us!
    Quattro: Heh, feels like old times.

    Reccoa: Hey, Captain! Why am I not outside fighting? I could use some action too!
    Bright: We're out of mobile suits, and the Methuss is not usable! You will have to wait until our next operation. Hmm, I'm starting to see a pattern here...

    The situation changes dramatically as new sides enter the fray! Despite a temporary alliance, AEUG units are not usable yet. The objective here is to reduce Alexandria's (the Titan battleship) HP to below 10 000.
    Fortunately, what we have here now is the easier half of the chapter. Titan-se Hizacks are just not very good, as we promptly discover.
    Kacricon: Not bad! But aren't Hizacks supposed to be an improved version of a Zaku?
    Lunamaria: ZAFT's ZAKU are different! Also, mine is pink!

    Denzel: Do you have a hairpin or something, Setsuko? The whole ship is shaking, we cannot die here.
    Setsuko: The lock is electronic anyway...
    Toby: Wow! Guys, check this out! I just leaned over at the door and it opened!
    Denzel: Maybe it short-circuited from damage? Excellent, let's go!
    Setsuko: I don't know... it may be a trap.
    Toby: Aw, come on! If it's a trap, we'll just bust through it. To the hangar, here we go!
    Durandal: Just as planned...

    Meyrin: Hey, the hangar hatch just opened.
    Toby: Ahh, sweet freedom!
    Emma: Hey... it's the Glory Star!
    Jamaican: The traitors, now we know where they went to! They sided with ZAFT!
    Denzel: We're just passing by, actually.
    Jamaican: You cannot trust anyone but other Titans these days! Fire at the traitors!
    Jerid: Gladly! I didn't meet today's quota of reckless shooting yet!
    Setsuko: Chief! Are you okay?
    Toby: That's it! Nobody fires at Chief and gets away with it!
    Denzel: Somehow, I'm still alright. I'm fed up with the Titans too. Let's show them what Glory Stars are made of!
    Quattro: Hey, I remember these people from before. And they're siding against the Titans too, hmm? Fascinating.
    Bright: We'll use this opportunity for a pincer attack!
    Roberto: Alright, Captain!

    Okay, now we can control the AEUG. And the Glory Stars are here too, right on time since they're the main protagonists after all. Traditionally, let's check our new units. Quattro pilots a red Rick Dias (because red is the color of Char elites). The unit is pretty average, but he makes up for it with skill. Apolly and Roberto's black Rick Dias are similar, only slightly weaker. Gundam mk II is pretty good, but lacks the oomph that other squad leader Reals have - it's not that it's weak, the Balgora units and Impulse are simply strong. And the Argama is a pretty standard space battleship, commanded by the one and only Bright Noah, man whose hands turn wimps into men of destiny.
    And oops, it seems the Glory Stars started their attack while I was busy monologuing. Also, note how attack animation is different when fighting in space. Little things like that make this game.

    Setsuko: You guys are mean AND evil!
    Denzel: I'll show you who the real elites are!
    Titan: Argh! I hate crits!
    Bright: AEUG mobile suits, attack now!
    Apolly: Yes sir, I'll lead the assault!

    Jamaican: Damn you all! Counterstrike now, you useless fools!
    Denzel: Damn that Toby, I bet he glued my controls as a joke.
    Emma: There!
    Apolly: They have a black Gundam!

    Indeed. And it is a secret to NOT destroy that black Gundam mk II. Emma is a nice person anyway - she doesn't deserve blasting into space dust, unlike the rest of the Titans. So let's try not to shoot her unit down. Also, I finally get an opportunity to show off the last as of yet unused Balgora attack:

    Setsuko: You always treated us like trash, and now you are trying to kill us for no reason! Why... why are you such bastards! Jack Carver, go!
    Kacricon: What...
    Toby: Wow, that's the harshest words I ever heard her use. Did she cut him down with her blade or with her tongue?

    It was probably the blade.

    Rey: Focusing fire on the enemy command unit. Shinn, where are you?
    Laila: You're not the only one who knows how to use their shield!
    Shinn: I won't be left behind! Go, Force pack!
    Lunamaria: Hey, I can attack from outside of her range!
    Denzel: And I'll finish her off. Look, this is how it's done.
    Laila: Punching out!

    Laila survived - she can't die yet. Sure, it's Zeta Gundam, but we know too little about her as of now. Her death wouldn't be dramatic enough.

    Kamille: I'll finish you off, Jerid! You threw me in a cell, a-hole!
    Jerid: Urgh... barely survived that one. It's your own fault for starting a brawl!
    Kamille: You called me a girl!
    Jerid: I only said Kamille sounds like a girl's name!
    Kamille: ARGH! It doesn't!
    Jerid: Totally does!
    Apolly: While you were arguing with the enemy, me and Roberto disabled the enemy Gundam and the Alexandria. Good luck hitting anything now, Titans!

    Jerid: I'll be the one to finish you off! Newtype or not, you don't have the experience!
    Kamille: I dodge too well for you, Jerid!
    Emma: Kamille Bidan, is that you?
    Kamille: Wait, I recognize the voice! It's the kind lady from before! Why are you with the Titans? You're too good for these killers!
    Bright: Dodge the enemy gunfire and counterattack!

    That's right. Alexandria's accuracy was lowered, but still - the first thing Bright did in a battle is to dodge an enemy shot. In a battleship. Badass.

    I'm fanboying shamelessly. Sorry, sorry. Let's just clear the stage. Kamille goes for the shot at Jerid... wait, he doesn't?

    Jerid: Damn Glory Star traitors. Did we treat you too well that you stab us in the back now?!
    Setsuko: You call threatening us daily "too well"? I won't let you do anything like that anymore!
    Toby: Alright! Only thing left is the battleship! Someone gently finish it off.
    Shinn: WHY YOU! Fire, fire, fire!
    Toby: I said gently.
    Jamaican: Crap! We must retreat. I won't forget this!

    Emma: ...
    Kamille: The Gundam mk II stopped moving.
    Quattro: Gundam's pilot, do you surrender?
    Emma: ... Yes. The Titans attack others for no reason. I don't want anything to do with them anymore. They left me behind anyway.

    Durandal: So, as you can see, it'd be best for both sides if AEUG and ZAFT helped each other.
    Bright: You're right. We are in desperate need of allies, so as long as you stay loyal to us and don't betray common goals, we will support you as well.
    Talia: That's nice, but what about the Glory Stars? What are you going to do?
    Denzel: Well, the Titans obviously don't welcome us anymore. We'll try to make it back to Earth first and then we'll... what's that?

    Setsuko: That feeling from before... it's returning!
    Toby: Woaaaah!
    Torres: Captain! The three Balgora units have disappeared!
    Bright: What just happened? Was it the same thing that brought us here in the first place?
    Torres: Most likely!
    Durandal: In that case, they're probably safe. Just thrown... somewhere else. I'm sure we will meet them again. As friends, I hope.

    Shinn: Raaaaargh!
    Lunamaria: Shinn, what's up? Why are you frothing?
    Shinn: Her!

    Shinn: It's the Orb princess! It's her fault!
    Cagalli: Huh? Do I know you?
    Shinn: Because of her... the Archangel and Freedom went to Orb during the last war! And my house... my house was destroyed! My family was killed!
    Lunamaria: Shinn, calm down! It wasn't Orb who destroyed your home! It was the Federation!
    Shinn: No! Righteous rage is what I'm good at!

    Intermission! I only have the Glory Stars under my control, but like in Rand's route - some new parts. Hybrid armor isn't that useful for a Real type robot, but Magnetic Coating (+10 mobility, which affects dodging) is.

    Next chapter: Who will save the Earth from alien invasion if not an exiled alien prince!


    Finally, some extras:

    Secrets: Yeah, we're only up to third chapter and there were secrets already. All of them on Setsuko's route. I mentioned one already - don't shoot the black Gundam. Two others are multi-part secrets, and some of them have even skippable parts. First: in the last mission, help ZAFT and not the Gundamjackers. This makes Shinn like you a bit more, which will matter much later. Second: during this mission, shoot Stella down. It's obvious if you're going for the Skill Point (and once again, I got the skill point! You can't believe how happy I am that I finally did it), unless you were trying to shoot down Ian and his Girty Lue. Not happening.

    And an Amusing Cubey Situation: My first reaction to the start of the third mission was "hey, look - Shinn has two cute female sidekicks!". Then I actually heard Rey as he attacked something. Blame the SEED sameface.

    I'll update the character list in a while. This chapter needed a lot of work. Pumped the juice all out of me.

    EDIT: Forgot to link one video. And it had Sword Impulse's dynamic kill animation. Oops! Fixed now.
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Shinn doesn't just have an ASS. He has a DOUBLE ASS!

    It's a pity you have to wait a long time for a Zeta Gundam theme that's not completely boring. Ah well, the rest of the music makes up for it.

    Siela Tempo by the talented Kasanip. Tengu by myself.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Balmora units? They ran off to avoid the ashstorms probably.

    Also that isn't just an amusing Cubey moment. I kinda made that mistake too.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    I have no idea what you mean. It says Balgora and has said so since the very start.

    Seriously, what's up with this update and typos? I wrote "Setsubo" once and didn't even notice the error until someone pointed it out for me. At least Setsubo is Setsuko's fan nickname.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Sameface + fabulous hair = everyone mistakes Rey for a girl. And he's not the only ambigiously gendered character in this game - hello, Lihua!
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    One of her fan nicknames, more used to hearing her called Sexuko. Also i can't help but wonder if she is zetsumo as well as zetsubo. Extremely perceptive Sayanora Zetsubo Sensei fans and people who know fluent Japanese might get that joke.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cubey View Post
    I have no idea what you mean. It says Balgora and has said so since the very start.
    Even though the official Anglicisation is Virgora?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tengu_temp View Post
    Sameface + fabulous hair = everyone mistakes Rey for a girl.
    I still don't get why they gave Lunamaria the red Zaku.

    Also, look at Luna's spirits. IIRC the Strike command costs 40SP for her to use. This is due to a scene in GSD where she fired at a space colony and missed. Or something.

    Also also, clip of Impulse from GSD.
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    There is no official romanization. Some people say Balgora, others say Virgola. While Virgola fits for symbolic reasons (SPOILERS!), I go with the way Gate of Magus writes it down.

    Luna's Zaku isn't red, it's pink. And don't be too hard on her, her Strike costs "only" 30 SP, not 40. But yes, it's because she missed a shuttle. Luna's bad aim is the stuff of legends memes.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Luna gets made fun of for missing an easy shot against an unarmed shuttle with the (apparent) main villain on it.

    Funny thing? In Zeta Gundam, Quattro of all people does the exact same thing. Although he at least had the excuse of there being a major snowstorm, and the audience always forgets that anyway because they were busy b'awwing over Four.

    Still, I gotta say, getting finished off by a lucky shot from Luna is a pretty damn embarassing way for Mu to go down, even if he's still in his Mobius.

    Eh? His name's Neo and that's not a Mobius? Sorry, I call it like I see it.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    We can't be too hard on her, though. Heero Yuy successfully shot down his (again, apparently) villain-laden shuttle in Gundam Wing. It just made things worse.
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Heero isn't exactly the smartest guy around. Or the second smartest for that matter. Also the plot of Wing was kind of set up for him to be an idiot, even when there was no real reason to.

    Still i'm sure Luna was meant to be portrayed as fairly incompetent. The guy who directed SEED Destiny seemed to go out of his way to get women back in the kitchen, there is a reason that Cagalli's voice actor left in anger.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    That's not true - there's always Lacus... who does her idol singer/politician/Mary Sue Classic thing, which still counts as being "in the kitchen". Okay, then how about Stella... who gets more insane and less competent as time goes on. Oh, I got it, I got it! The DOM Trooper squad leader, Matilda-san Hilda... okay, I forgot that everyone hates the DOM Trooper squad, and for a good reason.

    Fine. I got nothin'. Glad we got SRW titles to fix the plot, huh?
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Look, it's another update! Chapter 4 is not too hard for both protagonists, and not particularly long either. I don't have much to say this time, other than: Wonder for how long will I manage to keep up with such frequent updating. Well, as long as I got free time...

    Enough ramblings, let's go!


    Chapter 4: One's Own Journey, One's Own Circumstances

    Let's visit the bazaar at the intermission menu. Not that I have blue stones to buy anything awesome yet - there are some pretty basic parts I can afford, but it's best to save BS in case something really cool comes your way. I slap a Learning Manual on Sara's Panzer (you'll see why soon enough), and a Chobham/Hybrid/Whatever Armor on Walker Gallia. Technically, Rand could benefit more of it due to the whole "Super Robot" business... but Gunleon tanks well enough for now. Even bosses can't really hurt it.


    Engineer meeting!

    Kona: Hey, how come Gunleon is so much more powerful than a Silhouette Engine? It's not an Overman either, is it? There's no photon mat and it doesn't look like one at all.
    Cotset: It's not a Walker Machine either! My beauties run on standard gasoline, but they kick ass anyway because I maintain them with love. Gunleon's different, but I'll let Rand explain.
    Rand: See, Gunleon was made by my mentor. Old guy was cool... dunno what he put into Gunleon's guts, but it made 'im really powerful. I can fix everything else, but that "black box" thingy... well, it never gets broken so I didn't actually check it. But if it ever breaks, you can bet the Heat'll fix it!
    Cotset: Speaking of the Heat, where's your fiancee?
    Rand: Gaaah! She's not my....

    Same time, different place:

    Jiron: Hey! Why are we in school?
    Mail: Just some mandatory exposition. Interested?
    Garrod: Wow! A real classroom! Never been in one before.
    Mamadou: Morning. Hey, I see a lot of new faces today. Today we're going to talk about the Exodus. And explosives.
    Rag: Nothing I didn't know already. Let's scram!
    Jiron: If I'm in high school age, how come I'm voiced by a grown man!

    Same time, yet another different place:

    Enge: Crap! If we don't stop the Exodus now, they'll leave our zone of operation!
    Kejinan: And our promotion leaves with them, nooo!
    Hola: That means... the focus will follow the main characters, so I won't get any spotlight! Dammit, what do we do?
    Jaboli: I heard Sis Adette and Yassaba have a plan. We're supposed to wait until they act, remember?
    Kejinan: Huh? Where are they anyway, now that you mention it?

    Fatman: Hmm hmm hmm... staying guard again, is it? I am actually quite eloquent, but too shy to talk when anyone else could be listening. I don't want anyone to get a wrong impression here.
    Yassaba: Bonk! He'll sleep for a while. Time to get in.

    Eifa: Would you like to know your future, sir?
    Garrod: Wow, a fortune teller! Sure... tell me about Tiffa! Will I find her soon?
    Eifa: Tiffa... she is a special person for you. You will meet her soon, but you will become seperated again. Stay strong, and you will be reunited.
    Garrod: Hey, good enough for me! No one's keeping Tiffa away from me for long!
    Chiru: That's some foreshadowing! What about you Mail? Wanna try?
    Mail: Okay! I want to know if I'll ever meet my father again.
    Eifa: Oh... I'm sorry. The stars say nothing. Please, take your money back.
    Jiron: No, keep it! We can't be harsh on a little girl. I know bad karma when I see it.
    Eifa: Thank you. But let me do a free telling for you at least... ah! Someone you know is in deep trouble, right now!
    Garrod: Whaaa! What could it be?
    Burume: Who's the most endangered now, huh? I bet it's princess Ana!

    It was princess Ana.

    Adette: Come with me. The Siberian Railroad doesn't want to hurt you, we just want to bring you back home!
    Ana: No, let me go! I'm having fun here!
    Adette: As a hostage?!
    Lioubov: Wait! Leave the princess alone!
    Links: *go for the ankles, Boo!*
    Adette: The princess's teacher, here? Argh, stop crawling around my legs, small squirrel things...
    Gain: How about someone bigger then?
    Adette: Argh! Taste my hidden boot-knife!
    Gain: Woah! Close one. I like tough women. Want to become my lover?
    Jiron: We're intruding while things still remain PG! You're outnumbered now!
    Burume: Yeah, just give up now!
    Yassaba: Adette! You make a run for it, I'll cover you!
    Ana: Escape, escape, escape the distracted kidnapper woman!
    Adette: Aargh!

    Mission start!

    Rand: Predictably, we meet Breakers again. These guys are hard to shake off!
    Gauli: We'll show them our new, coordinated tactics. Everyone, remember what you learned in Mamadou's class today. Bello, do you want to explain the squad formation to everyone?
    Bello: Nah, I'm okay! We'll teach by example!
    Gauli: Very well. Sara, Bello! We're using the Center Formation!

    As you can see, in this formation the two squad members attack first (using their platoon attack, marked by the PLA tag - they'll do it even if the squad moved and it's not a post-movement attack, but the enemy still has to be in range and everything), dealing somewhat reduced damage. Then the squad leader attacks with whatever you've chosen. It's a good formation to deal with singular enemies.

    It also lets the squad members Defensively Support each other. So does the Line formation in fact, but not the Wide one.

    Sara: Hey, less distracting long-winded speeches! We're trying to fight in here!

    Rand: That Breaker looks familiar... Mail, didn't you buy a camera from him?
    Breaker: Camera? Huh?
    Mail: Nope! We don't know him, so a bit of violence is okay!
    Garrod: I'll join in too!
    Breaker: I hate relative morality!

    Destroying five Walker Machines causes the plot to thicken...

    Yassaba: I cannot fail here! It's not just for me, I must save this little girl! She was abused by some offscreen bastard who forced her to work as a fortune teller!
    Jiron: But do you have to bust the whole Exodus to do that?
    Yassaba: Silence! I hear my ride is here already!
    Kejinan: I'm pilotting the Rush Rod! But wait a sec... why do I have to listen to Yassaba? Now I am in charge!
    Rag: That Overman is acting strangely. Let's see how it'll react to a boot to the face!
    Yassaba: Argh, traitor! Get out now, and to your Dogozzo! I'll deal with you later!
    Kejinan: Ssssir... sorry, sir!
    Gainer: The Rushrod is back? If anime cliches taught me anything, he'll aim straight at me!

    The Skill Point objective is to destroy all enemies, Rush Rod last, until the end of turn 5. Not a piece of cake, but shouldn't be too hard.

    Rag: Sandrats, we can perform platoon attacks too! I'll show you the power of a main character's unit!
    Jiron: Woah, can't reach!
    Chiru: Jiron! Use Boost! We'll use that +4 speed!

    Breaker: I've read the Photon Mat doesn't activate until Gainer reaches 110 morale. Now it's my turn!
    Gainer: Aaah! Wait a sec!
    Gelaba: The Heat! I'll destroy your Gunleon this time!
    Hola: Don't steal my spotlight, Gelaba! Time to deal with Melonhead for real.
    Jiron: Hola! Say hello to my bazooka!
    Hola: Damn plot shield!
    Jiron: Hmm, I just realized there was one attack I didn't show yet. Let's change that. Take that!
    SR lackey: Gaah! Overkill!

    Enge: Let's gang on that Walker Machine. We'll wear it down with repeated attacks!
    Chiru: I hit my head...
    Jiron: You bastards! We're part of Exodus now, don't you forget it!
    Cotset: Some help with the Rushrod, maybe?

    Jiron: First, I'll repair all damage taken through guts!
    Rag: Jiron, cover me! I'll take care of that Droopy Eyes guy!
    Hola: Ehh! I'll return the other day, this is not over yet!

    Hola is down, but his ALL attack targetted all units in Rag's squad. So the Trents are suffering a bit now. Maybe I should've used the Wide formation - squad members receive only 50% damage from ALL/TRI attacks if I use that, but on the other hand they use their PLA attacks on enemy squad members rather than the leader (so when there is only one unit in an enemy squad, they don't do anything and are useless).
    Fortunately, repair works on all units in the squad at once. After a small fixup courtesy of Gauli, the Sandrats aren't in danger anymore. Let's make Gelaba follow his Bro's footsteps...

    Rand: Gainer! I'll open the path for you!
    Gainer: A dynamic kill! Okay, gotta focus and - hit!
    Gelaba: Bro... I'm down again... help me...
    Garrod: Hey, you think we got rid of him for real now?
    Rand: In our 4th mission? Not happening.

    Cotset: Now's our chance! Engines, full power!
    Elche: Hey, who's the captain here?
    Kejinan: Punched by a battleship? No way!
    Enge: Kicked by a Walker Machine? Kejinan, wait for me!
    SR lackey: That giant robot doesn't have any long-ranged attacks for sure!
    Elche: We're under attack from the left! Or was it right again?
    Cotset: Argh! Which one is it then?
    Elche: Nevermind! Captain's orders: destroy all enemies in range!
    Gain: I hate fighting women, but I'll use the opportunity. Follow the rest of your team, Jaboli.

    Garrod: I'll finish off the last Walker Machine! Only Rush Rod is left now!
    Rand: That should be an easy job for the Heat. Woah! That photon mat is really tough!
    Gainer: Hey, two attacks in a turn? No fair!

    Despite Overmen being technically dodgers (I'm hesitant to call them Reals, since King Gainer and Rush Rod control temperature and time respectively), Rush Rod is a tough nut to crack. I'm the one who's doing the wearing down this time! It'd help if Gainer could use Overskill - but that requires 130 morale, and so far his morale gains are terrible. Worry not, this changes.

    At least, due to his Overskill granting double attacks, Yassaba mostly burned out all of his energy. No energy means no Photon Mat, and no strongest attack. Time to finish him - let's start by showing off a Line Formation attack.

    Line doesn't look too hot at first. The squad leader attacks normally, the members sit behind (making it a bit easier to dodge for them) but do nothing. There's one benefit though - the powerful TRI attack can only be performed in Line Formation. All three squadmates unleash a bullet hell on the enemy, but only the leader actually uses up ammo, energy or whatnot. It counts as a powerful ALL attack whose damage is not reduced when there's more than one target (unlike ALL attacks), and it pierces most barriers too. So, quite useful. Let's go with that.

    Gain: Bang. And, that's it!
    Eifa: Mister, what's happening?
    Yassaba: Can't lose now... I see it. I always hated the Exodus, because my parents Exodised and we had a hard life... but now, it's our own personal Exodus! Away from these people!
    Elche: He's trying to get away!
    Burume: Not going to shoot him down?
    Gain: No... let him go. All opposition is down, let's scram.

    Rand: Nice decision there, Gain. I thought you were a heartless pro, but I guess you can be kind too.
    Gain: I know a change of heart when I see it. That old guy's not a threat to us anymore. Who knows, maybe he'll help us later?

    Eifa: What are we going to do?
    Yassaba: We're on an Exodus now! That means we can go wherever we want. Where do you want to go?
    Eifa: The warm lands on the south... India, that's where my ancestors came from. Let's go there!
    Yassaba: India it is then! There's still some juice left in Rush Rod, let's go!

    A major enemy turned... well, not quite friend. He just left the picture. But hey, what about Adette?

    Intermission! No new units, but we found an Anti-Dust Module. It grants an S rank on the ground for the unit performance and all of its attacks. The former doesn't help a whole lot (like I mentioned, you need an S rank for both the unit and the pilot for the average to be an S too), but the latter does. It really, really does.

    Next episode: A change of weather! Let's go sky-surfing and listen to awesome music. But watch out for jerks.


    Chapter 4: Alien Invasion

    Let's make good use of parts I can equip. Denzel gets a Magnetic Coating, and the Chobham Armor goes to Setsuko. Toby will have to man up and take the hits parts-less.

    And now, the plot takes us... to Japan?


    Kappei: Hey, girls! Let's go do something fun!

    Michi: Huh? Like what?
    Kappei: No idea! Something exciting!

    Aki: Are you stupid? You can't call us here like that if you don't know what to do. That's just wasting time!

    Chonishiki: Woof! Grrr...
    Kappei: Huh? What's that, boy?


    Kouji: Woah! What the heck?

    Hikaru: Weren't we by the Photon Labs just now?

    Maria: At least we're still on Earth...

    Duke Fleed: Everyone, watch out! Our enemies got transported with us!

    King Vega: Hahaha! Whatever the circumstances, I am glad to stomp your face into the ground and conquer the Earth, Duke Fleed! Onwards, my minions!

    Gandora: Yes, sire! Whatever we may be, the earthlings stand no chance!
    Duke Fleed: We are not giving up yet! Come, friends - let's fight for the sake of this blue Earth!

    And so, just like that we meet the cast of Grendizer! And Kouji Kabuto, of Mazinger Z fame. Mazinger itself is nowhere to be seen yet, but the series is on this game's list for a reason. Let's not break the mold and inspect my allied units.
    Grendizer is a powerhouse, even if it looks silly with the Spazer attached. It's a Super Robot to the bone - very tough and packs quite a punch. But unlike most Supers, most of its attacks have no morale requirements. It receives a different morale bonus instead, but more on that when it actually happens...
    The Double, Marine and Drill Spazers are support units, with their abilities to provide jamming (reduces enemy hit%), resupply and repair respectively. I should be able to get some mileage out of them, especially the Double Spazer thanks to its pilot. Being the first mecha pilot ever means you have an obligation to be kickass!

    Speaking of kicking asses - I like that idea, let's go with that.

    Duke Fleed: It's a contest! Spinning SAUCER!
    Maria: Spark Bomber!
    Kouji: Your luck is out. DOUBLE CUTTER!

    Enemy Midifos are weak, can't dodge, and their armor is so thin they die from almost anything in one hit. Okay, Hikaru didn't down hers, but she's a support pilot. But regardless, Midifos are the best enemy in this game, hands down. Why?

    Because, like you probably noticed by now, their pilots are voiced by Nobuyuki "King of Braves" Hiyama. And that they're so weak just somehow makes them more awesome. Call it contrast.

    Kappei: Woah, UFOs are attacking the city!
    Aki: Don't lean out. You want them to shoot you?
    Michi: Umm, shouldn't we run away?
    Evil Nobuyuki Hiyama Alien: This is where your life ends. BEHOLD THE POWER OF EVIL!

    Kouji: Nice fighting spirit, but you guys need to try harder than that!
    Duke Fleed: Evil will not triumph while Grendizer is still here!
    Hikaru: Huh? What is that?

    Setsuko: Chief... somehow, we're on Earth now!
    Toby: Look over there, some funny-looking things are fighting each other!
    Kouji: That sounded like humans just now. Hey, new people! If there's any good in your hearts, help us fight these aliens! The damn Vegans want to enslave the whole Earth and humanity. They must be stopped!
    Denzel: I've never seen anything like this before. Do we interfere?
    Setsuko: I think... we should help them.
    Denzel: Fine. Target the looking craft!
    Duke Fleed: Thank you. The love for Earth grows in every human heart!
    Toby: Hehe, how cheesy. But I think I kinda like it!

    The heroes are back in action! And just in time - there are only two turns left for the Skill Point, that is reducing King Vega's ship to below 10000 HP. It's not too hard, but I also want to kill all enemy units before that happens. Makes things a wee bit trickier.

    Denzel: I'll lead the attack on that two-headed lizard spinning saw thing.
    Setsuko: I can't believe I just heard that... kyaah!
    Toby: Hands off her, two-headed lizard saw thing!

    Gandora: Come here, Duke Fleed. I will be your doom.
    Lady Gandora: I'm just here to confuse the hell out of everyone.
    Duke Fleed: Take that, lieutenant Gandora. Screw pressure PUNCH!
    Kouji: Don't think I'm just a sidekick. Cyclone Beam!

    I'm moving the Scranders together with Grendizer, and for a reason - they have double attacks! As long as a Scrander is near the main robot, both can perform a powerful (albeit costing in both units' energy) attack. Sadly, it's not post-movement. I'm saving them for the third turn. For now, let' continue with the beatdown:

    Vegan: Go straight to hell!
    Hikaru: My power... can help Daisuke too. Marine Beam!
    Setsuko: H... huh? What just happened?

    When Duke Fleed (Daisuke is his earthly pseudonym, by the way) reaches 130 morale, Grendizer activates its Dizer Full Power. From now on, all damage dealt by the robot is increased by 25%!
    And to you SRW-savvy people: no, this is totally not Mazin Power. It's different. Okay, maybe not too different.

    Duke Fleed: I'll show you the real power of Grendizer!

    To prevent serious damage, I'm making Hikaru defend against an enemy Graw-Graw.

    Hikaru: Phew! I'm mostly okay, somehow...
    Setsuko: It feels like an old TV show, but I refuse to be a damsel in distress!
    Gandora: Wait for it, Duke Fleed! Next time, you won't see me coming! *boom*

    Maria: Time to raise some hell, brother!
    Duke Fleed: Maria, ready? Scramble Time! Combination Cross!
    King Vega: What the.

    Three Graw-Graws remain. Grendizer's energy reserves aren't limitless, so I can't use double attacks on all of them - Marine Spazer's will remain for later. Instead, let's try an Offensive Support.
    Duke Fleed: Miss Hikaru, please leave it to me!
    Kouji: Damn, wish my Mazinger was here... or at least the TFO.
    Duke Fleed: Kouji, ready?
    Kouji: Give it all your spirit now, Daisuke! Cyclone Beam!

    Three? I meant, one Graw-Graw. Let's take care of it and then finish off the blue... barrel battleship thing.
    Grendizer is confusing.

    Setsuko: I'll do it if I have to! Carver, go!
    Duke Fleed: Thank you for your help, unknown pilots. I can't lose now, for the sake of the Earth! Once again - Screw Pressure Punch!
    King Vega: This piece of junk is falling apart! It can't be the end yet!
    Maria: Brother, we did it! We kicked their asses!

    Skill Point - get. But then!

    Kouji: Freaky parrot things? That's not a vegan monster!
    King Vega: Let's use this distraction to get the hell out of here.
    Setsuko: They're attacking the city! We must stop them!
    Denzel: Agreed. Glory Stars, engage the new enemy! That one's a fair distance away, but I bet my beam can reach it.

    The new opponents are Domira Mechaboosts, whatever that means. They're your typical "Super Robot monster of the week reduced into mook" fare so often encountered in SRW. Nothing troublesome - finally a breather.

    Toby: Sorry, but I have no mercy for freaks like you! Argh! So that's how it attacks, huh?

    Setsuko: They use beam-like projectiles? Aah, and clawed tentacles apparently! I can't let that hit me!
    Toby: I'm not sure I want to follow that train of thought...
    Kouji: Vegans or whatever else, I won't let some goddamn monsters terrorise a town!
    Setsuko: Then, I'll destroy the last one.

    All units are destroyed! What rewards do the heroes get for their bravery?

    Federation soldier: Hold it right there, Coordinators!
    Hikaru: C... coordinators?
    Kouji: What the heck, show some gratitude guys!
    Federation soldier: I have ID - it's the Glory Star unit. You're coming with us!
    Denzel: ... Alright.
    Kouji: Hey, want us to break you out of this?
    Setsuko: Thank you. But we're a Federation unit. We'll be okay... I think.
    Duke Fleed: I won't abandon comrades in arms! Let's follow them.

    Durandal: So, that's it with the formalities. ZAFT and AEUG are now in alliance with each other. I hope for a fruitful cooperation.
    Bright: So do I. As our first course of joint action, we should locate the three pilots who helped us fight the Titans.
    Rey: Sir. A new report from our agents just came in.
    Durandal: They were spotted in Japan and took under Federation custody? Fascinating...
    Quattro: Japan always was a beacon for aliens and other supernatural invaders, so they try to stay neutral. But the Federation butts into others' business anyway, huh?

    Kappei's mom: Kappei! Where have you been? There was an attack on the city!
    Kappei: I know, I looked when it happened. It was fun!
    Kappei's mom: What! I ought to give you a spanking right now! That's dangerous, you should run away and not "look when it happens"! Shame on you too, girls, for not dragging him away.
    Michi: Sorry, ma'am...
    Aki: We tried, but that idiot's strong enough to throw anchors around...

    Ichitaroh: Stop giving your mother trouble, Kappei. With the undersea excavation underway, everyone in the family has their hands full. They don't need even more stress!
    Kappei: Grumble...
    Ichitaroh: Just... try to think of others more, okay?

    Kappei is 12. Good luck with that.

    And finally, deep in space...

    Alien: Sir! Our Domira units encountered resistance and were wiped out!

    Alien: So, there are humans strong enough to oppose us? This will be fun. AHAHAHAHA! HAHAHA! I am so cliche and I love it!

    Intermission! The Grendizer crew joins our ranks. And just like in Rand's route, I get a Dust Filter. Ought to be useful.

    Next chapter: A classic Tomino fall-in-the-cockpit scenario! No, I don't mean Gundam.


    Cubey notes:

    Have you noticed how attacks and death animations by old Super Robot units have retro-looking effects? Snowing screen, really cheesy explosions, etc? This is deliberate. Once again, a little thing that really makes this game.

    Toby uses the weirdest personal pronoun I have ever seen. Ore-chan, mixture of tough, masculine "ore" with the cute, affectionate suffix -chan. Silly.

    This update's characters will find themselves in the roster shortly.
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Ah, Midifos. I can't get enough of these screams.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Cubester, you should check out the second-to-last and the first-to-last videos of Rand route. They are apparently a bit glitched.

    But, to business... NERD RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cubey View Post
    The Double, Marine and Drill Spazers are support units, with their abilities to provide jamming (reduces enemy hit%), resupply and repair respectively.
    Why, oh wonderfully why, do the Spazers in A Portable aren't like this!? I checked each and every one of them, and apparently the best they can do is...stand there. Not only are they gotten late (real, real late: almost halfway, to be precise), but they are mostly attacking units.

    Makes the mission a bit tougher when you have a good deal of Super Robot units (Daimos, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger) but their armor is made of aluminum >.< Considering some units are rapidly getting obsolete, and I'm waiting for the dramatic changes in units...
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Glitched? I reviewed the videos in question, and I don't see it. Could you point me to what should I be looking for in these two videos?

    As for Grendizer and Scranders - well, yeah. Later SRW titles tend to have better balance. Not balance in the MMO PvP sense of "everything must be perfectly as strong as everything else!", but in a sense that each unit has its use. If it cannot fight, then it at least can support. And if it can't support, it at least has 3 spirit pools. Hello, Boss Borot!

    For some reason, I'm reminded of the TFO now. To be more precise, MX's TFO. That thing is a beast. It can repair, but its strength lies in that, between its size SS and S ranking in air and space, it simply can NOT be hit. Even when pilotted by a Super Robot pilot like Kouji. And its S rank missiles will slowly but surely wear down anything that doesn't regenerate or run away. In that game, TFO stands for "This is F-ing Overpowered".
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Cubey, could you put the littlest bit of description on your vids? because I click on the whole bunch of them as I read to watch them later and in just a while I forgot which scene is ths vid supposed to relate with. Just one sentence or so would be enough. Clicking the vid after reading a sentence and waiting for the video to load before continuing to the next sentence kinda break the experience for me. What do you guys think?
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fri View Post
    Cubey, could you put the littlest bit of description on your vids? because I click on the whole bunch of them as I read to watch them later and in just a while I forgot which scene is ths vid supposed to relate with. Just one sentence or so would be enough. Clicking the vid after reading a sentence and waiting for the video to load before continuing to the next sentence kinda break the experience for me. What do you guys think?
    I like my subtitles idea better.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Wait a minute.. Vegans ?...

    Is that Goldorak ?! Okay, Marzinger but still, so close

    Now I see why you're LPing this game.
    This is so deliciously (in 'blast from the past' kind of way) cheesy .
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Well, it may seem like not much of work, but I actually had to re-paste the description, tags and names each time youtube turned out an error and didn't upload my video. It adds up and becomes really frustrating on a bad night.

    But still, just like with Prime's idea - I am willing to incorporate it (or in this case, re-corporate it) if I get enough support from other readers.

    And yes, Grendizer is definitely awesome in a cheesy way. The 4th mission is when my opinion of this game changed from "hmm, kinda nice" to "CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT MISSION".

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cubey View Post
    Well, it may seem like not much of work, but I actually had to re-paste the description, tags and names each time youtube turned out an error and didn't upload my video. It adds up and becomes really frustrating on a bad night.
    I know how you feel. And I only make like 5-8 videos per update.

    Granted, I also put 10-20 subtitles on each video so the work adds up pretty quickly for me as well, in particular syncronizating the subtitles with the videos.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Quote Originally Posted by smuchmuch View Post
    Is that Goldorak ?! Okay, Marzinger but still, so close
    UFO Robot Grendizer (aka Goldorak) is a sequel to Mazinger Z, featuring its pilot Kouji Kabuto as a main character (though when Mazinger Z was dubbed in the same regions, they gave Kouji a different dubbed name than his appearance in Grendizer).

    See also this.

    EDIT: Someone remind me which country has Combattler V as a cultural icon.
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cubey View Post
    Setsuko: Chief... somehow, we're on Earth now!
    Toby: Look over there, some funny-looking things are fighting each other!
    Summary of every single Super Robot Wars scene transition ever.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Forgot to add this to my last post. Grendizer fan, let me show you one of the things which makes SRW so awesome, a little ahead of schedule.

    The Final Dynamic Special.

    EDIT: There's more.
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    The country was Philippines, and the show in question is Voltes V, not Combattler.

    Also, the Final Dynamic Special is awesome, but try not to spoil everything before we get there.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Having watched it i must conclude that at least early on the Setsuko route is more awesome. Things actually happen even in the very first few missions.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    I'd say that overall, Rand route is more fun than Setsuko route during the very early game. But we haven't reached the missions that make me think that yet.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    I can just imagine the headaches the Glory Stars had after this mission.

    Setsuko: "Sir, um.. the giant metal dragon just attacked the flying saucer with a robot head sticking out of it, using boob-lasers."

    Denzel: "Right..... Okay Glory Stars, here's the situation. We teleported into the sun, died, and this is purgatory."
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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    That wouldn't be out of tune with stuff that happens later in Setsuko's route.

    Oops, I did that again. Spoilers. Sorry about that.

    And Terra, are you not moved by the plight of Exodus? Okay, I agree - the start of Rand's route is less epic than Setsuko's. It's mostly him wandering around aimlessly and meeting up weird people that he either helps or bashes in the head with a spanner. Compared to "politics! incident! on the verge of war!" it's definitely of smaller scale.

    But hey, chainsaws.

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    Default Re: Cyber soldier fighting tonight: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars ZEEEEET!

    Another quickie chapter. I'm asking you people to decide something for me, so yes - we have audience participation now!


    Chapter 5: Moon Riders

    Intermission, and it's time to set up groups! Gunleon is solo as a plot unit, and I have to organize the rest into up to 4 squads. Garrod goes solo too, Jiron commands his Xabungle friends, and I put Gain and Gainer in charge of random Panzers and Burume's Trand11. Rand also gets the Anti-Dust Module, and I give the instruction manual to Rag because she's not a squad leader now.


    Rand: Is it time to go to school again?
    Mail: Yup!

    And then, they went to school.

    Sara: Hey, I heard some mysterious woman crashed in Gainer's room. Sounds suspicious...
    Bello: Really? Woah, lucky guy!
    Sara: Not a reaction I was hoping for!
    Rand: One mechanic, coming through!
    Bello: It's the Heat! Are you going to teach us anything?
    Rand: Actually, I was hoping...
    Mail: Darling, change of plans. We... we should get out.
    Rand: Huh? What is it now, Mail?
    Mail: No, trust me! We must get into Gunleon now!

    Rand: Okay, here we are. Happy? There's nothing here... wait! What's that noise?

    Holland: What the hell just happened?!

    Talho: The land around us is all... barren. Did we travel in time or something?

    Hap: This area isn't in Gekko-go's database! We're in unknown lands!

    Matthew: Ehh, guys. Don't want to distract you, but the Man is here too and he's gunning for us!
    UF captain: It's the Gekkostate partisans! Fire! Destroy them all!
    Rand: You were right, Mail! We have a real air battle here!
    UF pilot: That orange robot must be with Gekkostate too!
    Mail: Wow, wow, wow! They're shooting at us too!
    Rand: And we can't have that! Hey, surfing pink robot's pilot! Need a hand?
    Holland: Don't know who you are, but we can handle these guys ourselves. Still, if you want to kill some UF bastards, I won't stop you. Don't attack the orange robot, it's on our side. Eureka, got it?

    Eureka: You got it, Holland.

    Stoner: That should make an awesome picture or two for the newest ray=out issue!

    Mission start! The Skill Point goal - kill all enemies in 3 turns. Will we manage? If I don't make any stupid mistakes, yes. And I'm going to admit, I made plenty of mistakes in this chapter.

    The LFOs are masters of air warfare. They're not so cool on attacking ground targets though. Sorta reverse Walker Machines. Holland is a good squad leader, while Hilda and Matthew (and Che Guevara Stoner who caught a ride with the latter) are squad member material. Eureka and her Nirvash type Zero... they're nigh impossible to hit. To make it even better, Eureka has a rare and very powerful SP Regen ability: she gets 10 of them each round, so I can spam seishin like there's no tomorrow.

    And that was a mistake. Nirvash surfs too close to the target, making the enemies attack it outside of Eureka's range, thus no counterattacks. It'd be better to lure them in.

    UF pilot: It's the Gundam type Zero!
    Eureka: I made contact with the target. Destroying.

    Holland: Enough goofing around! I'll show them my cutback drop turn!
    Eureka: You're a good child, Nirvash.

    The Gekkostate are reefers - they have a chance (depending on their Reef skill) to automatically dodge any enemy attack by performing some kind of awesome surfing maneuver that the game doesn't show. Even Talho is a reefer, so the Gekkostate, unlike most battleships, will dodge hits from time to time.

    When I shoot down several enemies...
    Elche: Ta-dah! Iron Gear has arrived!
    Garrod: Rand! So that's where you've run off to!
    UF captain: More insurgents? Fire the missiles!
    Elche: Tch, tch. We have superior numbers, think it's such a good idea?
    Rand: That's right. Let's talk things over, how about that!

    Gidget: Wow, there's a lot of new funny robots down there!
    Talho: Gidget! Back to communications... or whatever you're doing.
    UF captain: Fine. Let's re-evaluate the situation... what's that?
    Missile fired by an unknown target: Bang!
    UF captain: Treason! I knew it was just a trick! Kill everyone!
    Jiron: It... wasn't us!

    So yeah. Because of an unknown assailant, any chances for a peaceful solution went down the drain. At least I have my reinforcements to make the job easier. Unfortunately, not only are they far away from the actual battle, all of them except for King Gainer and X Divider are pretty terrible at anti-air combat. Any port in a storm...

    As for the distance problem, I have a solution to that too. Everyone get on board! Fatman is fast, so Iron Gear gets accel and speeds towards the enemy. I will deploy my guys during the next turn, now that they're in range.

    Rand: Argh, now I'm angry! Chainsaw time, airborne edition!
    Mail: Darling, are you joking?
    Holland: These amateurs want to down my Terminus? Watch carefully, maybe you'll learn a thing or two!

    Rand: Wow, that was a cool maneuver that girl just did. Nice job there.
    Holland: Don't waste your breath. Eureka will ignore you anyway. She's good at talking to her LFO, not people.
    Rand: Really?
    Eureka: I won't get hit. *does that again*

    Rand: We're running short on time. Bad at anti-air, huh? Gunleon will overcome the difference with sheer power!

    Ken-Goh: Trajectory is good. Firing all cannons!
    Talho: Damn the UF! We won't be hit so easily!

    I can't possibly finish everyone off in just my round, so I'm setting it up so that enemies attack stupidly and finish themselves off on counterattacks. Remember the rule hostiles follow on this stage: when in doubt, attack the Nirvash!

    Holland: Eureka isn't the only one with fancy-looking attacks. Take this!

    Elche: Iron Gear will attack them outside of their range! Wait, we missed? How dare you!
    Gain: Charging in! Don't think I can't see you from down here.

    Jiron: My chance to shine! I used Gallia's full power attack twice already, but the RNG was against me and I missed! Third time's a charm. Let's go - Walker Gallia is a MAN!

    All units moved. In hindsight, boarding Iron Gear was a mistake too. You usually do it to move the battleship twice and then deploying everything inside, thus giving your units an extra turn of speed of sorts.
    But it doesn't matter, because the AI is suicidal and attacks just like I hoped it to.

    Rand: We trashed their machines. So, new guys... want to come with us? The Exodus could use your help, but we can help you too!
    Holland: You stupid? I'll pass. Gekkostate got it's own business to take care of.

    Rand: Gwuuh?
    Mail: That was a harsh reply... oh no! Another dimensional storm!

    They come and go quite often nowadays. All my people get caught and disappear.

    Holland: And now they're gune, huh? Problem solved.

    On the continent of Ameria:

    Loran: Ahahahaha! The Earth really is a wonderful place! Everyone! Come down! Return to Earth, it's a great place to live! ... What was that shaking noise?

    Loran: Aaaaaaah! I almost got crashed by this huge... thing?

    Intermission! No new items or units (because Holland is a massive jerk), but here's what I want your feedback for:
    We must set up 4 squads for the next mission, and there are no extra plot squads for it so we're in a bit of a pinch. There are 5 people good enough to be squad leaders (Rand, Garrod, Gainer, Gain and Jiron), so we must make a choice and keep one as a sidekick for this mission. Tell me how you'd like me to organize the squads! Take in mind the following:
    -Gainer and Gain have weaker units, so they're the ones most likely for the sidekicking job. BUT, they also have awesome (and post-movement) TRI attacks, and TRI attacks work only if there's three units in a squad, so I want them able to use theirs.
    -Only Garrod and Gainer have flying units. Flight is good, but if you want to make a squad of only two of them, see above about TRI attacks.
    -Gunleon and the Panzers can repair, Trands can resupply. Having a unit with such ability in a squad gives 10% HP/EN regeneration per turn to everyone in a squad. The bonus is not cumulative, so more than one won't help.
    -I like to keep squads within the bounds of one mecha series, with as little overlap as possible. But I'm just stupid like that.

    Looking forward to your input!

    Next chapter: The White Doll awakens! Will a young pacifist be able to keep peace between two races, both of whom he admires?


    Chapter 5: Day of Awakening

    Not much to do in the intermission menu. The Anti-Dust Module goes to Toby, since he doesn't have a part yet.


    Heizaemon: The excavation proceeds as planned. King Bael should be recovered soon.
    Kappei's mom: That's a relief! We're going to need it soon, aren't we? The Gaizock...

    Kappei's grandma: The Gaizock will be in for a nasty surprise. Okay, break time's over. Let's go, double time now.
    Heizaemon: We were preparing for this day for many generations. Let's hope we are prepared well enough.

    Kouji: Damn! We got thrown in prison!
    Federation officer: This is not a prison, it's an interrogation room. Now stay quiet!

    Duke Fleed: Why do you deprive us and the Glory Stars of our freedom? The interrogation is finished, so let us be on our way.
    Denzel: We already told you everything we know.
    Setsuko: Yes. Umm... please?
    Federation officer: This is not for me to decide.
    Maria: How dare you imprison the loyal Fleed family! Let us go at once, or face my wrath!
    Federation officer: Girl, shut up! I told you all to be quiet. Hmph. I'm outta here.
    Hikaru: Maria! Are you okay?
    Maria: What a jerk.

    Era Quinstein: The Federation needs all the resources it can get its hands on to fight the alien invasion. You must understand us, it's this path or destruction. You should cooperate and join Blue Fixer.

    Getsuei: This is the only way you would be allowed some freedom. You have experience fighting these aliens, which is something we desperately need. We have equipment, but that is not enough.
    Kouji: Become a Federation lackey? You must be kidding!
    Toby: After how everyone treated us, you want us to join you? Think again.

    Oliver: You should listen to doctor Quinstein. No matter how you feel about the Federation, Blue Fixer will save lives. You should put your grudges aside and help us.

    Raita: Yeah, or maybe you'd rather the aliens kill us all?! Tell that to survivors, that you didn't want to fight because of hurt pride or somethin' like that.
    Kouji: We can fight aliens without joining your little group!
    Quinstein: Alone? What about support and supplies?
    Federation soldier: Alarm! The enemy is coming!
    Oliver: We'll talk later. We must sortie now!
    Raita: I'll show you what Blue Fixer is capable of!

    At the same time, Kappei was fighting with a local bully... using anchors! Okay, really small anchors. Super-strength is not his power.

    Kappei: Hehe. Both of us face grave injury but this is fun!

    Kozuki: What! Didn't you fight me because of a grudge or something?
    Kappei: Grudge? I forgot...

    Kozuki's friend: Isn't that awesome...
    Kappei: Ah yeah, I remember now! Stop picking on Aki, you...
    Chonishiki: Woof!
    Kappei: Huh, what is it boy? Hey, look, the aliens are back!
    Oliver: Keep the formation, Raita. Getsuei's machines are strong enough to deal with that many foes.
    Raita: Got it!
    Federation machines: *explode*
    Oliver: Change of plans. We're outta here!
    Kappei: Uh oh. Aki, Michi, get out of here! I'll defend you!
    Aki: What, on foot?
    Ichitaroh: Kappei, can you hear me? Go to the cliff! King Bael will pick you up!

    Heizaemon: Kappei, listen. We, the Jin family, are not from Earth. We are descendants of the Bael people, whose planet was destroyed by Gaizock. The Gaizock are back on Earth, and you are the only one who can stop them. You were sleep-trained since young age to be the pilot of Zambo Ace.
    Kappei: You mean... you want me to kill alien robots in a giant robot of my own?
    Heizaemon: More or less.
    Kappei: Awesome! Let's go!

    Mission start
    Heizaemon: You have subconscious knowledge on how to pilot the Zambo Ace, Kappei. Just don't forget that it can transform.
    Kappei: Chonishiki will help me. Let's go! I'll take you down, Gaizock bastards!
    Ichitaroh: King Bael doesn't have weapons installed, so... we're out of here. Good luck, Kappei!

    Zambo Ace is a pretty bad unit. It can take hits somewhat well, but is a bad dodger, and its attacks are weak. Don't worry, Kappei gets a much better unit soon. And at least the theme is pretty cool.

    Kappei: You bastard, die!

    As always in this game, it's all about counterattacks.

    Kappei: Grandpa will kill me if I lose. Zambo Magnum! Hehe, that was the last one. Aki, Michi, look! I have a giant robot!
    Aki: Don't get close! You want to squish us? It's dangerous!
    Michi: Umm...
    Kozuki: What the heck, Kappei! These robots are dead, but the town is destroyed!
    Kappei: It's not my fault!
    Kozuki: It totally is. Be more careful, idiot!

    Setsuko: Please, let us go. You said we should join Blue Fixer because it's better than doing nothing... but isn't acting on our own better than doing nothing too? People will die, but we can help prevent that!
    Quinstein: That's true, but do you expect a single argument to sway our minds?
    Duke Fleed: No, we expect justice to do that. You want to save people, so you are men and women of justice. Then you must realize that keeping us here against our will... is not right at all!
    Quinstein: ... There was a small blackout, and everyone ran away. I saw nothing. My back was turned.
    Setsuko: Thank you!
    Kouji: We're outta here. Come with us! Serving the Federation doesn't suit you!
    Getsuei: No, thank you. Blue Fixer still needs us.

    Kappei: Hey, look! Two new Gaizock. I can take 'em!
    Even more Gaizock appear.
    Kappei: Crap! Aki, Michi, get out of here!
    Mysterious pineapple: Don't worry, Kappei. Help is on its way.
    Kappei: Huh, who are you?

    Toby: Hey, kid! Need a helping hand?
    Kappei: It's the people from before! Handle the parrots in the city, okay?
    Duke Fleed: We will not let them destroy anything else!
    Denzel: Right. Glory Stars, engage the enemy!

    The Skill Point condition on this map is to destroy all enemies within 3 turns of their arrival. Well, just 2 turns now. The only problem are the two Gaizock by Kappei. I can't let them stay in water - they must be lured in, attack, and get mortally counterattacked in return.

    This should do it. Let's take care of others.

    Toby: The knight in the shining armor is here! Watch as I slay the monsters, my lady!
    Setsuko: Lady? Who would that be?
    Toby: It's a secret! Let's try out the new land combat module!
    Duke Fleed: I'm going forward. Maria, Kouji - take the right flank!
    Maria: Got it, brother! Drill Attack!

    The enemy phase comes, and mechaboosts act like I planned them to.
    Kappei: Uwaah! Firing my rifle! Jerks!
    Setsuko: Jack Carver, set! Umm, calling out attack names is infective...
    Duke Fleed: It shows how full of spirit your attack is. For the green Earth - SPACE THUNDER!

    Like it often happens, whether or not I receive the Skill Point depends on enemy actions during their phase. Gaizock Mechaboosts are not known for inventive, unpredictable tactics, so...

    And now we can see how the Grendizer/Marine Spazer looks like, too.

    Federation pilot: The town is burning! And the prisoners have escaped! It's their fault!
    Setsuko: Prisoners?! Ah, they're shooting at us!

    Heizaemon: Kappei, Kappei's friends - get out of there! Board the King Bael!
    Kappei: Alright, Grandpa. Let's go guys!
    Kouji: Don't mind if I do!
    Denzel: Glory Stars, follow me!
    Mysterious pineapple: Well, it seems things turned out well without my direct intervention. I'll stay in the background for now...

    Toby: Everyone on Earth is after our asses. What do we do now?
    Heizaemon: The people of Bael aren't that welcome too, it seems. We must find an ally... who has nothing but well-being of Earth as his goal, and is powerful enough that Federation does not dare touch him.
    Setsuko: Is there such a person?
    Heizaemon: Oh yes, there is...
    Kappei: That was great! Nothing like adrenaline for my pre-adolescent veins!

    Unfortunately for our heroes, they weren't the only ones on lookout for allies...

    Barettar: Sir, the king of Vega is here.

    King Vega: Let's work together. We have a common goal - taking over the Earth.
    Killer the Butcher: No, no. I want to KILL Humans.
    King Vega: Then you do that and I'll take the planet. Works for me.
    Killer: Excellent! Buahahaha!

    Intermission time. Kappei and his Zambo Ace joined the ranks, but that's all.

    Kappei: What the hell do you mean, "that's all"?!

    Next chapter: We have a group of archetypical teens to pilot our giant robot! What do we miss now?


    Cubey's notes:
    Sorry for forgetting Loran's picture. I'll fix that when I update the character roster, which will be later today.
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