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    Default Divine Assassin base class please evaluate

    1- Holy armor, Blades of the Zealot, Creed of the Order, Sneak attack 1d6
    2- Evasion, Trapfinding
    3- Zealous heart, Bound in Blood
    4- Spells
    5- Divine Power, Sneak attack 2d6
    6- Death attack, poison use
    8- Divine intervention 1/day
    10- Sneak attack 3d6
    12- Hide in plain sight
    15- sneak attack 4d6
    16- Divine intervention 2/day
    18- Death's call
    20- Purge blasphemy, sneak attack 5d6

    BAB- as rogue
    Saves- as cleric
    Skills- as black flame zealot
    Skill points- (5+int)x4 @ 1st lvl
    5+int every lvl after
    Spell progression- as paladin
    Spell list- all assassin spells + healing domain spells


    Weapons and armor proficiency
    cannot use armor, with all simple ranged weapons, hand crossbow, blades of the zealot (see below).

    Holy armor- When unarmored and unencumbered, add Wisdom
    bonus (if any) to AC. In addition, a monk gains a +1 bonus to AC
    at 5th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every five levels
    thereafter (+2 at 10th, +3 at 15th, and +4 at 20th level). as the monk

    Blades of the Zealot- every divine assassin receives 2 blades upon initiation. treat these blades as hidden sleeve blades which are light weapons, 1d6 18-20 x2. Treat these blades as masterwork for purposes of allowing weapon enchantment. the divine assassin is treated as having the two weapon fighting feat when fighting with both Blades of the Zealot. A divine assassin will never use any other weapon in melee combat as he sees this as blasphemy he would rather die then do so.

    Creed of the Order- this is a code of conduct every assassin must follow. 1- vow of poverty, 2- never compromise the order, 3- never kill innocent, 4- it is you divine duty to annihilate all infidels (members of other churches).

    Sneak Attack- as the rogue ability

    Evasion- as the rogue ability

    Trapfinding- as the rogue ability

    Zealous heart- immunity to all fear

    Bound in Blood- if a divine assassin should find himself with out his blades for what ever reason he must spend an hour in deep prayer and give up 1/4 of his current hit points (per blade) to materialize a new one.

    Spells- Wis based divine spells. Spell list is the same as assassin plus healing domain.

    divine power- add Wis bonus if any to damage

    Death attack- as assassin but the DC is 10+1/2 divine assassin lvl + WIS modifier.

    Poison use- as assassin

    Divine intervention- ad Wis modifier to one save as an immediate action

    Death's Call- able to sneak attack undead for 1/2 damage. roll the damage of the sneak attack and divide it by 2 (round down)

    Purge blasphemy- if a divine assassin slays his target with a death attack or sneak attack he may choose to shoot divine fire from his victim in a 30 ft radius, dealing 5d6 damage to everyone(except himself), reflex save for 1/2 DC- 10+1/2 divine assassin lvl+ wis modifier.
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    Default Re: Divine Assassin base class please evaluate

    Consider putting [PEACH] after your title to attract people.

    Also consider using a guide to learn how to things in tables here.

    Maybe consider consolidating the Death's Call to override Sneak Attack, making it viable only against nongood creatures including undead, or strictly undead. There's no need to cut it in half.

    Also, this seems to be a very specialized class - and should probably be a prestige class. Essentially, you just made an assassin, only a super-sayan four version for good-aligned characters. The vows are a bit much for somebody working in the shadows for their God.

    Your last ability doesn't make much sense, and blades coming out of nowhere after praying for an hour? This class seems to be everywhere and needs a bit of (read, HEAVY) revision.
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    Default Re: Divine Assassin base class please evaluate

    The classes abilities are needlessly restrictive and contradictory; they have a vow of poverty, but are forced to use weapons that break that vow, and they have to kill everybody who doesn't agree with them, which is hardly a good act.

    Anyway, this should be a PrC, and is also T6 level weak; you can't use weapons, you can't use any kind of magical gear, you have bad BAB, bad sneak attack, bad spellcasting (but something, so that might make it T5? I dunno), and no real benefits. It needs some serious buffage and needs to remove the pointless restrictions on it.

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    Default Re: Divine Assassin base class please evaluate

    Thanks for the input. I was wondering if anyone had ideas on what specifically to change/add, maybe ill take the vows out or maybe make them less restrictive. Any other inputs are welcome. Thank you

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    Default Re: Divine Assassin base class please evaluate

    Drop the Vow of Poverty. No base class should be built around using this feat.

    Why do they have to use those specific blades? Is only for a god of those specific blades? Why is it blasphemy to not be using them? If someone disarms them, do they then have to spend an hour and a quarter of their hitpoints getting them back rather than just picking them up?

    Death's Call is a pretty weak ability to be getting at level 18.

    Purge Blasphemy is a very weak ability to be getting as a capstone. 5d6 damage at level 20, including to allies?

    I can't find mention of a Hit Die size anywhere. I'd guess d8.

    Can I advise looking at the Shadowbane Inquisitor and Shadowbane Stalker from the Complete Adventurer? These prestige classes sort of do the things you're looking for, so you could either try and expand them into a full class or, if they meet your needs as is, just use them. The idea does seem to be a better fit for a prestige class, anway.
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