I had this up before, but as a base class. I've reworked it as a Prestige class, mainly to see if it flows better.

The Kinetic Monk


Ki Strike

Concentration 5
Knowledge (arcana) 5

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Kinetic Monk:
{table]Level| Special
1st| Imbue Self, Bonus feat, Bonus feat
2nd|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat
3rd|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat
4th|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat
5th|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat
6th|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat
7th|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat
8th|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat
9th|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat
10th|Bonus Feat, Bonus feat

Kinetic Monks are specifically trained to tap into the energy of The Elemental Planes of Air, Fire, Water, and Electricity. Levels in Kinetic Monk stack with Levels in Monk or Chaos Monk; Taking a level in Kinetic Monk replaces the level that would have been taken in Monk or Chaos Monk (For example, a 4th level Monk who decides to take Kinetic Monk upon leveling up is not granted Purity of Body, but will gain 2 bonus feats from the Kinetic Monk list instead. Everything else (BAB, Flurry of Blows Attack Bonus, Slow Fall, Saves, AC bonus, etc.) progresses as normal.

Imbue Self
Upon waking, the monk is granted access to the power of any single plane he chooses. Once his initial plane is chosen, the Monk may meditate for an hour to access the energy of a different plane of energy. Doing so, he will be unable to access the previous plane until he sleeps for eight hours. If this meditation is interrupted, one of two things will happen:
1: If the interruption occurs during the first half-hour, the monk can still access the plane he was before the attempt, but not the plane he was trying to access until he sleeps for eight hours.
2: If the interruption comes in the second half-hour, he will be unable to access the power of either plane, and become a normal Monk until he completes an hour of meditation, or sleeps for eight hours.
If the Monk makes a DC 15 Concentration Check vs. distraction, he is not considered interrupted. If a creature attempts to interrupt the Kinetic Monk's Meditation, the creature's CHA modifier is added to the DC.

Depending on which Elemental plane the Kinetic Monk draws from, additional effects are granted in and out of battle:

Water|WIS+4, Breathe Water, +4 to grapple checks
Air|DEX +4, Slow Fall Any Distance Without Walls
Fire|COM +4, Fire Shield
Electricity|INT+4, Land Speed + 30ft.
Earth| STR +4 [/table]

Kinetic Monk Bonus Feats:
All Kinetic Monk Bonus feats stack with themselves.

Improved Imbue Self
Increase the Ability score bonuses by 2.

The Kinetic Monk can cast spells whose descriptor matches the Plane from which the Monk is receiving energy. The Monk's Spell Level for this purpose is The Monk's WIS score -10

Elemental Strike
The Kinetic Monk's unarmed strikes are empowered by Energy from whichever plane the monk is using and inflict an extra 1d8 damage. Furthermore, beginning at 12th level, the monk may choose, as a free action, decided before declaring an attack, to take a -4 to his attack roll to impart an effect on the target of his attack. The attacked creature must make a Fortitude Saving Throw with a DC of (Monk's WIS score +10) or suffer an effect based on the plane the Kinetic Monk is channeling. If the attack fails, the effect is not granted. The effect ends prematurely on a successful FORT save.

Water|1d6 freezing damage/round (1)
Air|Blown Away (1d6x10 ft, take 1d6 Damage/10 ft.)
Fire|1d6 burning damage/round(1)
Electricity|1d6 Electric Damage/Round (1)
Earth| Stunned for 1d6 rounds (1)
[/table](1):The effect ends in 5 rounds.

Stacking this feat allows two of the following effects: Increase the number of die; Increase the DC by 5; Decrease Monk's the Attack Roll Penalty by (Cannot be used to grant an Attack Roll Bonus)

Kinetic Guard
A Kinetic Monk resists the first 10 points of damage from attacks that draw on the energy that they themselves draw on. Stacking this feat increases this resistance by 5.