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    Default Restoring Ability Drain

    How does one do it? I didnt see any spell short of limited wish that could do it. restoration and heal only get rid of temporary ability damage. What is a cheap way to get back 2 Wis drained?

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    Default Re: Restoring Ability Drain

    As far as I know, there isn't one. Restoration is the cheapest, but as a 4th-level spell with a 100 gp component, it still isn't easy to come by at low levels. It's also cleric-only, so if the party healer is a druid, you're out of luck.
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    Post Re: Restoring Ability Drain

    Grater Restoration is a 7th level Clerc spell that heals all damage, undoes inasnity ability damage/drain and pretty much all other negative effcets for 500 xp a pop.
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    Default Re: Restoring Ability Drain

    Psionic Restoration is the other option (if your campaign uses psionics). It's egoist only, though, and Lv 6 so it is likely easier and cheaper to hire a cleric to cast Restoration.
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