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    Default looking for Truename variants

    Im looking for any truenamer variants that anyone may have either found or made and would like to get your feedback

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    Default Re: looking for Truename variants

    I like Kyeudo's fix ( because it uses almost the same mechanics as the original (which I like), except they work.

    There's also Kellus' one which is uber popular, but I'm not familiar with it.
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    Default Re: looking for Truename variants


    Kellus's Truenaming functions similarly to the Power Word spells (which makes sense from a fluff perspective) - they can only affect creatures with HP less than your Absolute Limit, which is a stat you gain as you take Truenaming class levels (it's kind of like skill points, but you don't spend them). Utterances are generally Move actions to activate, which is rather interesting, IMO.

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